Haute House – Marble…and a New Fabric Line

Opulent Marble
This week we are talking about the luxe marble print that is both so recognizable and yet versatile. It can be layered with other prints, bold colours, or completely on its own, to give any outfit or room a sophisticated, polished look! If your style tends to be a bit edgy or modern, go for high contrasting colours with heavier line weights, and for a more subtle, elegant feel, find a print with  daintier veins in monochromatic tones.
Whichever way you want to cut it, these pieces make the perfect addition to any wardrobe, party, or household, hoping to add a little drama and a lot of luxury!

Haute house marble christine dovey style

1) This Chloe Ellie Pink Marble Cocktail Ring is a little piece of heaven, sent to make you feel like Audrey Hepburn every time you wear it. For $707.64 at http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374306616252&PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524446742182&R=3610923905442&P_name=Chlo%26%23233%3B&N=306616252&bmUID=kQ65_im
2) For something fashionable and functional, try this Marble-Print Silk Top by Balenciaga for $425 and complete with a simple pair of black leggings, or dare to go bare! http://www.thenandnowshop.com/tops/marble-print-silk-top/pd32891628.html
3) For a glamorous dinner party, or to make your everyday more glamorous, mix in this Belay Dinnerware plate for a pop of sophistication. From CB2 for just $12.95 http://www.cb2.com/all-new/new/belay-dinnerware/f10968
4) Balloons can make you feel like you’re at a child’s birthday party, however, these Knot & Bow Marbled Balloons from One King’s Lane are festive and chic! For $16 at https://www.onekingslane.com/product/52518/3882888
haute house marble 2 christine dovey style
5) Can’t touch this! Retro but also modern, these ASOS Peg Trousers in printed marble are perfect for a fun night on the dance floor, or relaxing at home with your girls. A steal at $20.10 http://www.asos.com/asos/asos-peg-trousers-in-printed-marble-scuba/prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=4279830&clr=Multi&SearchQuery=marble&pgesize=36&pge=2&totalstyles=112&gridsize=3&gridrow=3&gridcolumn=3%20%20pants
6) Gold and black marble? Stop. This Black Marble Side Table from Black Rooster Decor create the perfect temperature of warm metal and cold marble, to add prestige and allure to any room! For $684 at http://blackroosterdecor.com/collections/tables/products/black-marble-side-table
7) Like the cracked look, but still want to be able to use your iPhone? Check out these Black and White Marble cases at http://www.case-scenario.com/en/
haute house marble #3 christine dovey style
8) These marble napkins in the perfect shade of pink are so intrinsic they almost look like part of a map! To add texture and detail to your dining, try these Marble Napkins from http://www.fermliving.com/webshop/shop/new-collection/marble-napkins-1.aspx
9) Subtle enough to go with everything, but special enough to show off your love for fashion, these Charles & Keith Platform Mules athttp://thingtank.com/things/charles-keith-platform-mules are ideal!
10) Possibly the Queen of Marble, or the Queen of Luxe Modern, Kelly Wearstler’s Monolith Side Table for $1,995 is worth the splurge #amiright?
11) Lastly, for a hint of cool, sophistication try Rebecca Minkoff’s Mini Ava Zip Wallet in marble for $72 at http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/rebecca-minkoff-mini-ava-zip-wallet/3943076?origin=keywordsearch-personalizedsort&contextualcategoryid=0&fashionColor=&resultback=334wallet
Oh how I loveeeee all things marble.  I need the pants and dress asap…along with the KW sidetable of course.
And speaking of/as a quick aside, I have to take a minute re: all things marble to give a wee shout out to my friend Matthew over at Heirloom at Knot for his brand spanking new spring/summer ‘Neopolitan‘ fabric line…
heirloom and knot spring fabric collection
And I mean really…how ridiculous is this collection?!?!?!  I’m plotting where to use all of these patterns left right and center…in lust with all of them.

It’s One Room Challenge Time …. Week One- Fall 2014 Styles

I wish I could tell you that my current bathroom with its glorious Kohler Provinity vanity looks just like the ad that made me want to buy it in the first place…

kohler provinity vanity

…because lord knows I love a good pink paneled room (as evidence by my last ORC reveal,) and of course, a pretty tufted chair and fireplace in the mix don’t hurt the equation either.

Sadly, my reality is far from this fairytale version…not the least of which includes the 20something model version of myself plunked in the middle of it;)

The truth of things actually looks like this…

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom kohler vanity

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom kohler vanity hex floor tile subway tile

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom hex floor tile subway tile walls

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom subway tiles

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom subway tile

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom kohler vanity

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom glass shower door subway tile exposed shower

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom kim davies nude subway tile exposed glass shower

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom kohler vanity subway tiles

Now I think I know what you might be saying…it’s not sooo bad…a little milk toast for breakfast maybe but not terrible….she’s ripping out subway and hex tiles?…I thought she loved pink!…etc.. etc….and you know what, you’re right but the thing is, closer inspection reveals things like this…

….one lone gross circa 2005 spotlight…that’s not so pretty…

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom pot light

…a toilet that’s seen WAY happier days thanks to the year 2011 when my eldest son was being toilet trained…

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom toilet seat

…a shower lip that was installed without the proper slope, which resulted in plumtastic drainage, which in turn resulted an additional weird looking threshold having to be added, which didn’t really do the trick, which eventually led to some ugly looking grime stuff…

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom hex tiles shower lip subway tile

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom hex tiles

(PS, the subway tiles being installed vertically for some bizarro reason, doesn’t help the ‘happy with the status quo’ me barometer)

…a drain that like previously mentioned threshold, wasn’t installed properly, didn’t drain, and resulted in a rather frequent tile pop-up video…

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom shower drain hex tile

…a hard water situation that I know will still happen in post-ORC bathroom but that I might be more willing to tackle because I love my new bathroom so much…

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom perrin and rowe shower head

…a rather pesky issue with the handheld/overhead diverter valve that left the pretty exposed shower fixture with a polished nickel handle on a chrome pipe….not a huge deal I know but annoying….

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom perrin and rowe exposed shower

… a towel bar that has been broken for longer than I should admit (and why every inch of bare wall is covered in a towel bar remains yet another puzzling question) and that has driven me crazier on a daily basis than I should admit while still admitting to never fixing the damn thing…


…not to mention walls that are actually beige when not brightened via photo-editing, a weird metal cap on the subway tile that was never supposed to be there, a ceiling vent that I was quite honestly too embarrassed to even show you, grout the colour of over-cooked Trout, a weird break between the tile and the wall by the shower that makes my designer brain feel like it’s melting, and a general craptastic level of workmanship everywhere….


Most importantly though, this room remains the very last in this giant 9 year project of mine that hasn’t really been done the way that I want it to be.  And with our #projectdreamhouse gearing up/maybe actually happening, I have to get things did as it were.  I don’t want there to be any space that potential buyers might look at and feel let down by. I want this room to really be the master ensuite I know it’s capable of being…special, unique, interesting, functional, pretty…yadda, yadda.

So…what this all means is that it’s officially…

christine dovey one room challenge logo

…time (a huge thanks to Linda for organizing it all) and things are about to get real, real fast up in this bathroom of mine.

As eluded to earlier, this is actually my second ride on this ORC train…I completed a client’s piano room (seen above) last time, which allowed me to decide on a whole lot of stuff but not really get my hands too dirty.  This season will see my working on my own home, which means I’ve got 6 weeks to do a whole lot of make-overing and well, that’s exciting and exhilarating and all but also, mildly ridiculously terrifying.  I think it’s safe to say that me and one of my besties Chardonnay will be getting real tight before early November rolls around.

Now…as much as I’d like to really go to town on this mother lover, we’re moving and I’m not really going to be enjoying the bounty as it were so this little diddy is being done on an equally not so massive budget.  I have no ‘total eye of destruction’ plans  and won’t be ripping everything out…sorry in advance if that disappoints.

Instead, I’ll be working with the exisiting hardware because truth be told, I still really love it…especially the exposed shower business….

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom perrin and rowe expose shower

I’ll also be keeping/re-inventing the vanity that started it all…minus the matching mirror because what the H-E double hockey sticks was I ever thinking buying a matched set of anything is what I want to know?!?!

So with all that being said, my ORC bathroom dreams will very hopefully culminate in a version of this mood board rendering (sadly minus Valentino rockstuds)…

one room challenge christine dovey style master bathroom makeover concept board

…which in real life will include: Bianco Gioia honed marble 12×24 tiles on all the walls and inside the shower….

bianco gioia marble christine dovey style master bathroom one room challenge close up

…and this glorious cement divinity on the floors….

cement tile shop tulum christine dovey style one room challenge

cement tile shop tulum tile christine dovey style one room challenge master bathroom

Sidenote on that one…I’ve been saving this tile in my fave files for maybe ever and sort of hesitated about using it on this room because I really really want it in the new place but then I decided, I’m going to do it in both…I love that much….so please don’t get bored when I reveal a bathroom in 2016/2017/hopefully ever that looks eerily similar to this one;)

Moving on…

I’ll also be doing a new mirror (duh,) painting the vanity,trim and window, adding a shiny new toilet…because lord knows there’s no way mine deserves anything more than a gross split second of fame it already got…and maybe just maybe purchasing a tub….this clean, simple dude is on super sale for $400 and well, that just seems sort of worth it…

bathtub one room challenge christine dovey style

Oh and I’ll be wiring/installing my new/old vintage lights, purchased circa 2010 at a local antique market for next to nothing…

one room challenge christine dovey style master bathroom vintage pendant lights

So there you have it…my ORC Fall 2014 prologue.

To recap, my/Super Allen/hubsters job list includes:

1. Demolishing bathroom

2. Taking vanity to painter and having it sprayed…which means I first have to empty it…that really deserves a number all to itself but anyhooo…

3. Renting a dumpster

4. Moving toilet plumbing a little to the left so vanity can center a bit better

5. Installing new floor and wall tile

6. Installing a new mirror into to fit flush with marble wall tile

7. Building some built in shelves for storage and prettifying purposes

8. Styling, styling and styling some more

9. Adding art- always art

10. Reporting to you each week by 8am Wednesday morning about all that’s been going on etc.

11. Oh and almost forgot…CLR’ing the crap out of hardware/fixtures

And at the end of it, my hope is that the wee 9×5 bathroom will be more in keeping with its big panties neighbour, the master…

one room challenge christine dovey style master ensuite hollie cooop

Easy peasy lemon squeezy…not…just ask my favourite counterparts….

one room challenge participant list christine dovey style

…i.e….this EXTREMELY talented/awesome/generally fantastical list of people…

Abby M. Interiors

Because It’s Awesome

Chinoiserie Chic

The Decorista

Design Chic

The Design Daredevil

Design Darling

Design Indulgence

Design Manifest

House of Turquoise

Jana Bek Design

Jill Sorensen

Maddie G. Designs

Mimosa Lane

A Piece of Toast

The Pink Pagoda

Stone Textile

Waiting on Martha

The Zhush

Trademarked by Calling it Home

…who you should definitely be following because it’s a given that their transformations are going to rock till the sun drops.

And speaking of transformations, there are also YOURS to look forward to if, if you’re bravely taking part in the ORC linking event…that fun starts tomorrow and I’ll so be following!!

As for me, stay tuned…demo for all is coming to you live next Wednesday at 8am EST.


The Dream House Diaires #10…The Dark Side

I hadn’t intended to make this a…

…but it’s morphed into that as I write so for the second time this week, I seem to be thinking of goodness I’d love to use in the new house.

Today, I’m talking marble.

I’ve long time been a fan of the stuff..have some gorgeous white stone in my kitchen and wouldn’t consider any other surface for #projectdreamhouse.

Lately though, my thoughts of Carrara or Calacatta have been one upped by dreams of this…
Austral Gold Black Marble from Australia | Natural Stone
…aka Austral Gold.
Also lusting after the more common but equally gorgeous…
…Nero Marquina.
Though I’ll probably stick to something blanco in the kitchen, I’m most definitely going to plaster some of this dark goodness in a bathroom and perhaps on a fireplace or two…LOVING it in a honed finish.
I find it so strikingly dramatic and modern…
black marble wall mounted sink.
Those columns... Darryl Carter,fireplace
black marble splashback
black marble bath
black marble bath with antique fixtures designed by Michael Graydon
Black marble in the kitchen

Of course, there’s always the black and white marble mix for the floors to also consider…I’m thinking something like this MUST happen in the foyer…

Raw wood, deep black velvet, black marble / Jo Malone headquarters in London

VILLA BISONO: April 2011

Kelly Wearstler Home Beverly HIlls CA Marble Floored Entry Gallery

…but in a space more like this…


And on a smaller scale, I’d love to incorporate this table pretty…

…and pretty much every KW marble accessory…

…and if the gods really love me, this guy…

{all pictures via}

…for the dining room…holy hell I love that table.

And you?

Are you all about the softer marble varieties or have you also fallen a bit for their darker cousins?