My Canadian Tire Canvas Collaboration Reveal!

I am so excited to finally be able to fill you in on the latest project I have been working on! I had the most amazing opportunity to collaborate with Canadian Tire and create a Tailored Elegant space using their CANVAS Home & Dining collection.


I am so thankful to the incredible team who worked with me to bring my ideas to reality! To see more of how I used the beautiful CANVAS collection to create a curated space that feels personal, memorable, and full of personality, check out this link!


Project Greenbay – the Living Room Design

After sharing the fabric schemes on for #projectgreenbay, I thought it might be fun to go through my plans room by room…say one/week sort of thing.

And to start, why not begin with the largest/most influential of spaces…the living room.

Here again is our fabric story for the room…


And a peak of the space itself…

living room fireplace christine dovey style project greenbay

living room christine dovey style project greenbay

Since these shots were taken, we painted out the fireplace in black and hung a pair of Flemish chandeliers that were specked before I came on the scene for the kitchen…I suggested moving them in here pretty early on so that we’d end up with this sort of ‘look’…

windsor smith living room

I’ve long been in love with this Windsor Smith space so it’s definitely serving as inspiration.

As for our room, as you saw from the fabric post, all is really stemming from Schumacher’s Hollyhock…

Schumacher Charcoal Rose

We’ll use this fabric to make curtain panels to frame out the french doors and big main bow window that line the main long wall that leads out to the backyard.

In addition, I’d love to bring in this Pierre Frey Vicose/Cotton blend called Portofino..

pierre frey portofino

….and use it to re-upholster our vintage sofa…

219 vintage sofa for project greenbay christine dovey style

The Schmacher Pretwick wool satin in blush…

schumacher prestwick

…will be used for our thin framed brass chairs…

lawson fenning brass chairs

The tiger print will come in as pillows from 219 and the Gretchen Bellinger burgundy velvet (which is PS, my new most favourite velvet line) will be used for a pair of chairs in the bar area…

gretchen bellinger velvet

And lest not we forget the black faux leather…that will be taken care of thanks to this guy…

carved settee

All of which will mush together with some fabulous art and additional furniture to make this sort of business come to life…

project greenbay living room design board christine dovey style

I hope:)))

Stay tuned for progress shots and purchases etc.


Holiday Reveals – My Living Room…and Some New Art

Morning friends.
I thought it was probably time for another installment of…
…and for today, I’m showcasing my new’ish’ living room.
As you know, I’ve been wanting to scale down all the stuff I had going on in there.
I also decided to change the seating arrangement so that the room had one large area, rather than two smaller ones.
In addition, I wanted to add some more masculine elements and take away a little of the pink.
So, I started by painting the walls in Para Snowfall…aka…one of my all time favourite whites.
Then, I moved things around, added in some new chairs and most importantly, a couple of pieces of large scale art in place of the artwall I had previously.
And here is how the room looks now…

Now as you know (from this post,) the white chairs were borrowed on approval and they’ve gone back…pretty sure they’ll be coming back in the new year though- if I have anything to say about it that is.
Overall, I’m really pleased with how it’s all turned out.
Mostly because of the art- I literally die a little every time I walk in the room because of my:
1.  Jen Mann large pink Jesus, as my husband refers to him…I literally could not love him more- I think I actually fall harder each and every day.
2. Stephanie Vovas photograph over the fireplace…my husband had some old work buddies over for a little party of sorts at our place on Saturday and I swear we collectively talked about my lady friend for at least an hour- she’s captivating to say the least.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…if you’re going to spend money on stuff, spend it on original art…makes ALL the difference to a space.
I’m pretty sure my room could have nothing it in but those two pieces and that would be enough.
And since we’re on that topic, I’ve added some more abstracts to my shop
…which can be purchased on their own or framed…

…and have decided to keep the festive cheer going with a 20% coupon code for the whole month of December…I’ll be trying to add new work every day until Christmas so if you’re looking for that special something to give someone for the holidays, consider the gift of art:))))
Use code:
…to redeem the 20%.
And with that, I’m off to get the kids out the door to school- I’ve got my kindergarten dude’s parent observation this morning and so looking forward to it- seeing your kid at school, interacting with their friends and teacher is always so much fun…it’s almost like you get to see a glimpse of the person they are becoming in real life as it were- tres neat.


Living Room Plans

I mentioned yesterday that I was making a few changes in the living room.
Right now, things look like this…

And by Thursday, I somehow want to take this textile/art plan…
…and make it happen.
I’m still deciding on what’s going on what.
For now, I’m pretty sure the embossed crocodile leather is going to find itself on my pair of peach chairs…
As you know, these dudes have had a few previous incarnations…they went all girly in the poodle era…
…and are now getting tougher with the leather…
…excited for that to happen.
Apparently, I need 3 of these half cows to make it wurk..
Sorry cows.
The tiger will go on the charcoal sofa in the form of pillows.
The Alky chairs might get pillows and if they do, it will be the KW Faux Bois or Feline- the later works so well in the scheme but I adore the former…wish I had a way to use both!
The burgundy Schumacher velvet is going on on my Platner chair…
…and the blush is just to represent what’s already in there pink wise.
As for things that are moving out, the tufted ottoman, chioiserie display case, TV and art wall are all gonzo (don’t freak out…the ottoman will find a new home in my dressing room and the cabinet is going in Scarlett’s bathroom a la new house- I’m reusing and recycling people:)
Walls are going my new very favourite white, Para Snowfall…it’s like BM Cloud White only slightly cooler…wanting to crisp things up in there.
As for art, the Jen Mann piece arrived yesterday, thanks to the Neubacher Shor Contemporary (so nice meeting you Anya and Manny,) and I literally am speechless about it….
…absolutely IN LOVE!
I actually haven’t purchased him as of yet- renting it for a few months to see how he works with my other stuff, which is PS, a fabulous thing to do if you’re considering investing in an art piece…sort of gives you the chance to see if it really is true love as it were…I’m pretty sure I’ll be just as enamoured with ‘Sway‘ dude come rental end…I worked it out perfectly…purchase time should hit right around Christmas;))))
It’s going over the credenza, though which credenza is the question.
I have to choose between the long rosewood one that’s been there foreves and the new guy I bought for the new house…
I love love the new one but have a soft spot for the old lady as well so we’ll see.
In any case, giant art is going there.
The gold mirror that used to be part of the artwall is going over the fireplace and my Jenny original will go where the chinoiserie unit used to be.
So that’s the plan.
I’ve got two days to pull it off before shoots start happening.
Pray for me please.