There’s Quite a Few Reasons Why I’ve Been a Shit Blogger the Past Few Weeks – A Secret Shoot, IDS Toronto, Canadian Tire and Steven and Chris

The past few weeks have been biz-to-the-izzy.

For one, I’ve been working a lot on some new local projects, which involve tons of shopping/meeting etc…there’s also been a pretty exciting top secret shoot.

Also, I’ve been lucky enough to attend some fabulous preview events.

For example, I spent one morning last week previewing Canadian Tire’s new goodies for spring…

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

So many good things. My kids need those doodle bikes and play structure…hubs needs one of the schmance BBQ’s…I wouldn’t mind some of the tent with real bed business..and the pretty outdoor equipments/lawnmowers/hoses might make doing all that stuff also more of a possibility around here;)

And speaking of good stuff…I reconnected with some of my favourite design/blogging friends at the gala for the Interior Design Show here in Toronto. I was admittedly pretty focussed on catching up with everyone…




…so didn’t see as much of the show as I would have liked but I did get a chance to pant over some pretty incredible IKEA kitchens…more on those in separate posts.

As for work itself, I’ve been sourcing my brains out lately…Elte and I have become very, very good friends…I think I’ve been there 6 times in the past two weeks alone…








The trips are always worth it of course…if you follow on Instagram, you’ve seen that all this sourcing is making these sorts of things happen at #projectgreenbay and #projectbraecrest…

project braecrest living room christine dovey style

project braecrest mirror christine dovey style

project braecrest pillows christine dovey style

project greenbay foyer chandelier christine dovey style

Ps…the incredible mirror and blue velvet chair are from one of my new favourite shops…Love The Design – so good.

As for secret shoot…well it’s a secret so sorry about not being able to give you much on that front…here’s a few wee peeks…

citizen atelier ashley woodson bailey art christine dovey style

flowers fiori oakville christine dovey style

mokuba light christine dovey style

sketch 42 photographs made into wrapping paper

these fine walls paper hat wall and deco wallpaper christine dovey style

wrapping christine dovey style mokuba ribbon sketch 42 paper

(Flowers- Fiori Oakville; photographs that I turned into wrapping paper- Nicole Cohen; Ribbon- Mokuba; Lamp- Morba; ‘Paper Hat’ photograph- These Fine Walls; Floral Artwork- Citizen Atelier)

Jasper joined in on this fun too…


jasper photo shoot christine dovey

And speaking of kids…in between of all of this work fun, I had ‘littles’ stuff of course too…Scarlett did some modelling business, including a fashion show on Canada AM

scarlett modelling canada am

scarlett modelling

…and I spent a day with Malcolm in his classroom doing science stuff..




…while this one of course…


christine dovey



…required some pretty constant attention as well:)))

What else…oh yes…I’ve been working on a little kitchen re-fresh at my parent’s house…we travelled to London (Ontario that is:) last weekend and installed the custom drapery made by Hollie Cooper…

christine dovey hollyhock drapery


We painted the walls Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter and had subway tile added as a backsplash…

christine dovey subway tile

…a few small changes made a huge difference so pleased as punch there.

And finally, though I taped this before Christmas, my latest episode of Steven and Chris aired this past Monday…

christine dovey steven and chris

…you can watch that HERE.

So yup…it’s been a whirlwind few weeks…thankfully, my little dude is starting 1/2 day school on Monday and I’m working my way through some pretty amazing resumes re: the assistant position I’m hoping to hire for.  Those two things in combo are hopefully going to mean way more time to blog etc.

Crossing fingers.

As always, thanks for checking in and sticking by this feed, even when I don’t post nearly as much as I should.


New Work, a Small Bathroom Remodel, Wallpaper and a Video

I’ve got some newbie projects starting and I’m pretty excited that quite a few of them are local ones.

In person business gives me the opportunity to really get my hands in there…touch stuff…style stuff etc.

One of my newest clients is someone I met while visiting one of my fave shops, Black Rooster Decor...we were discussing mirrors and our conversation moved to the one she had seen of mine in the Style at Home reveal of my basement.  That convo quickly moved to whether I offered design services, which led to emails, which led to me getting to work on her insanely gorgeous home.

Behold the ‘befores…

projectlores great room before shots christine dovey style

projectlores hallway before shots christine dovey style

projectlores kitchen before shots christine dovey style

And by before, I obviously mean one already very STUNNING home.

An architect and designer were brought it to bring the house to where it is now and what I’ll be doing is furniture, art, window treatments, rug and lighting selections, along with a healthy dose of styling.

Fun, fun, fun.

To get things rolling, I sent these vintage Pace blue leather dining chairs over as a rather heavenly option…

pace dining chairs christine dovey style vern and vera

Crossing fingers on that one.

Stay tuned for more on developments on this fun, which will henceforth be known as #projectbraecrest.

As for new stuff, I also spent some time this weekend doing some quick wallpaper/lighting/mirror/flooring concepts for a powder room consult…the directive I was given was bold, bold and bolder so with that in mind, I sent these 4 scenarios over…

powder bath design concepts christine dovey style

(Art from Eleanors, Lumas and Citizen Atelier, floor from The Cement Tile Shop, Wallpaper from Flat Vernacular, Mirrors from Black Rooster and lighting from a combo of 219 and BR)

I’m not sure which one selection I’m hoping for most but super excited to see some of that happen.

And speaking things I want to exist, while searching for the above situations, I found some wallpaper that I’m considering for quite a few things, not the least of which is #projectdreamhouse…Cole and Son never gets it wrong…

wallpaper options from cole and son christine dovey style

…the combo of the black wisteria top left and the modern black/white geometric top middle is making my brain hurt from the combo possibility fantasies.  Same with the black and white weird floral and that geometric.  Or the bottom row far right two…they play well in the schoolyard too.

And on the topic of playing well together, but on a totally different note, I’ll leave you with the most recent holiday music video from my 4 smallish humans.

Happy Thanksgiving Canadian friends.


Holiday Decorating, Kids and Some New Paintings

Happy new week.
Can you effing believe Christmas is only 9 days away???
I sure as hell can’t.
Thanks to earpocolypse, I have count them…two gifts purchased.
We’re definitely doing a scaled down Christmas this year but even with the idea of buying less, I still have a lot of shopping to do.
Thankfully, a giant snowfall over the weekend gave me some time to get the decorating done.
I’m not sure if I mentioned but somehow in the course of basement renovations, our rather large stash of holiday decorations went gonzo.
I spent the better part of 5 hours tearing the house, garage and POD apart to absolutely no avail.
And because budget is tight this year, I really couldn’t run out and buy a whole bunch of new stuff.
So, I got a little crafty and did the place up with live greens, ribbon, candles, gold chandelier chain and pine cones.
And now, it’s looking like this around here…
I’m pretty pleased with it actually.
I have a little more to do in the hallway and basement so will show you some pics of that all finished later in the week.
What else?
I took the kids out yesterday to give hubster some much deserved quite time…he pretty much ran the roust while my ears were ruining my life so he was definitely deserving of a little aloneness as it were.
As part of our afternoon out, Mac got his locks cut off a la a little undercut action…
Jasper enjoyed watching the fun from the comfort of his sweet ride…

…while Scarlett, on the other hand, was too engrossed in US magazine to pay much attention…
Thankfully, she did tear herself away long enough to give her brother an approving hug apres magazine…
And thankfully, Mac loves his new do…

I’m pretty in love with it myself- so fun to actually be able to see his face sans hair mop;)
And while on the topic of my sweet brood, my littlest man is 9 months old today…
…which is so awesome and so sad all at once.
I love this age…he’s moving and trying to talk and cuddly and awesome…BUT…the time is slipping by so damn fast…I just know I’m going to blink and he’ll be in kindergarten and then it’s sayonara…University before you know it.
Moving on from the mommy mush….
I’ve added a few new paintings to the shop

20% off until the end of the month friends.
And finally, it’s your last day to enter the Vivian & Beverly giveaway…draw happens tomorrow so get those entries in!


Round Here….Halloween, The Laundry Room, The Daughter’s Room and the Foyer

I missed out on posting yesterday…again…sorry about that…just insanely busy it would seem.
In an effort to make up for my low post ratio this week, I’ll be adding one in tomorrow so check back.
For now, a look at Halloween in these parts and some peeks of newbie stuff around the abode…
First the kidlets…
Meet Mr Lion, Mr Ninja and Ms Monster High Twyla….

(PS- count me very annoyed by the blurry night photos)
I’m usually a costume maker but just didn’t have the time this year…also the reason we whipped up Sharpie Pumpkins rather than carving….
…that and I sort of hate carving pumpkins- mostly because I’m not an orange fan so never really like the end product…I’m such a scrooge.
The kids had super fun times so that’s what matters.
And while we were out hitting the streets, Allen the wonder carpenter was putting finishing touches on my laundry area…
 More to come on the final reveal front soonly.
As for the rest of the house, some things are coming together, while others are lagging a bit.
In the almost done category is the big girl’s room downstairs…the vintage Maitland Smith pedestals I ordered from 219 are looking pretty swell in there…
…though I still have some fiddling to do in that room- not quite there yet…close though.
And on the topic of MS goodness, my new console table has found a home in the foyer…
…and I’m sort of loving the less is more business going on now…the hallway feels boatloads wider too which is a bonus.
As for the lamps and BB desk that were there before, they’ve moved upstairs to the hallway landing in place of the old pair of bookcases.
I have to pass on a large thanks to captain hubster for lugging all the books away- not a fun job for sure…he’s proving to be a super good egg sport these days…feeling lucky.
And I think that’s all for now.
Again, check back tomorrow for some more stuff.
I’ve got a new project to show you, along with some Black Rooster sauce.
‘Til then.


How to Makeover Your Bedroom- A Guest Post

Welcome to Monday friends.
I trust you all had a good couple of days….my weekend was busy but fabulous.
I spent Saturday at Blogpodium and it was so amaze…more on that tomorrow.
Sunday was devoted to meeting a new client who PS, has a house that I literally can’t wait to get my hands on…such incredible bones…more on that one later in the week.
We also did some major house de-cluttering thanks to our new dumpster friend in the driveway…have I mentioned lately that my new favourite thing is throwing shit out? LOVE.
And in other happy news, our ‘new old house’ has officially been rented out thanks in part to our little 
mini-reno…good stuff.
Perhaps the best part of my weekend though, was watching my red on TV…her show
This is Scarlett and Isaiah‘ aired on Saturday…

..and I literally could have watched the episodes over and over and over again.

The way the show manages to really capture her personality is just so ridiculously fun to watch…what you see up on that screen is EXACTLY what Scarlett is like in real life- I know I’m incredibly biased of course but her quirkiness is hilarious to watch…so so proud.

And I think that sums my very jam packed weekend up.

Thankfully, one thing I didn’t have to do over the past few days was dream up a blog post…the lovely Jessica from 4interior design sent me a note a while back offering to whip up a guest post and I of course, happily said yes…after this gorgeous post from my sweet friend Tim, I’ve kind of come around again to the joy that is someone else writing a post for you…going to look into that more;)

For today, here’s Jessica’s thoughts on the what’s what of making over a bedroom….enjoy!


7 Tips for a Bedroom Makeover 
The problem with redoing a bedroom is that it is our ‘safe place’ in the house, the one place that we can go to ‘get away’ from it all! The following tips will help you to get through your bedroom redo quickly and relatively painlessly!

Measure, Check and Measure again!
There is nothing more gutting than happily bringing home your new five-door wardrobe, readying yourself to build it then realising that it is too big for the available space! Discovering that the wardrobe is just two inches too big for the available space might be worse! Measure the available space before you buy any furniture, taking into account skirting boards and allowing for the walls to be uneven. Leaving extra space may be annoying, especially if it means smaller furniture; but being able to put the furniture easily into place is much less stressful!

Scrub, Paint, Dust and Clean!
Try to arrange different sleeping arrangements for a couple of nights as the bedroom decoration is ongoing. Remove the old furniture that is being scrapped, move everything that is being kept into another room, and set to work cleaning hidden spills, dust, webby corners and getting the floor and walls as clean as possible. Paint and wallpaper should be applied, leaving enough time for both to completely dry before any work is done in the room. This is very tiring but the whole room will look amazing and fresh once everything is complete. Be prepared to sweep or mop again after the new furniture is built and ready as there will inevitably be small cardboard scraps, a light scattering of sawdust and so on. 
Think ahead
While in the planning stage, think about the future of the room. Your little girl may be seven and sweetly in love with everything pink, but in three short years she may well morph into the complete tomboy and hate pink and frills! Choose basic colours that will not age in this way, and let the soft furnishings add the thematic touches – they can be changed very easily, without too much expense! 
Soft Furnishings to Suit 
Use your soft furnishings, curtains, rugs, cushions and bedding, to describe the theme and tone of the room. There are a wealth of fabulous bedding options, in a wide variety of fabrics, colours and styles, just begging to be allowed to transform your bedroom! Have a look and you are sure to find the perfect bedding that will make your bedroom a perfect and comfortable haven; one of my favourite places to shop for this happens to me my aunt’s store Yorkshire Linen Co :)))
Save Space and Go Up!

In children’s rooms you can opt for loft beds or high sleepers. These innovative beds effectively give you back the space taken up by a regular bed, space that can be used to hold a chest of drawers, desk, or even a play frame. As children usually end up with the smallest bedroom, making the best use of space is a must.
This one is obvious! Having taken everything out of the bedroom, make sure that you only put back everything that you want to keep.

Bedrooms should have a bright overhead light – or pair of lights to soften shadows, but should also boast a couple of softer, warmer lamps, usually, but not always, bedside lamps. Uplighters work well in bedrooms as they make the room bright enough to see comfortably, without dazzling your eyes.

Aim to finish the room so that you are not too disrupted by the work but do work carefully; poor workmanship makes itself apparent in a surprisingly short time.  Most of all, enjoy making your bedroom into the perfect haven that you crave.
A big thanks to Jessica for this super duper post and a happy week to you love fritters.

If You Want It, Black Rooster It #17, #projectwholehouse Updates and My Saturday

Wohoo…Friday has come…thank gawd!
I’ve had one heck of a busy week and happy to think about tomorrow coming…more on that towards the end of this post;)
Up now though…
It’s exciting times around Black Rooster because the store has just introduced beds to their line of furniture fantastica…so in honour of that, I’ve put together a BR version of this bedroom oasis…
Pretty sure that one day I’ll need a mirrored headboard-love the antiquing on this BR beauty…accessorized with some solid black and/or graphic pillows and a soft rabbit throw, you have the makings for one heavenly bed.  At the foot of the bed, this lacquered desk/console is perfection…especially when accompanied by this grey column lamp and soft velvet stool. Alongside the desk, the
  French inspired chair makes for the perfect bedroom seating area…especially when placed atop BR’s plush Dutch Berber rugs.  And of course, what master would be complete without a little nude sketch action…though I’m usually opt for ‘feminine’ nakedness when it comes to art, this dude is indeed rather fetching.
In other news, #projectwholehouse got some real purdy goodies this past week.
For one, the Currey and Co Bevilacqua chandelier arrived, courtesy of the uber fabulous/I’d be a shell of a decorator without them 219

…and I have to say, she’s bloody perfection.
 Speaking of things that are damn near religious…behold Stark’s Leopard AX in silver…

…let’s just say she was worth the wait.
These two most lovely additions mark the almost completion of the foyer…we have some accessorizing to do and then she’ll be ready for her official ‘after’ reveal…stay tuned on that front.
And finally, I have to brag a wee bit about the super amazing Saturday I’m about to have.
For one, I can’t wait to spend the day here…
…catching up with my long lost blogging buds and learning a thing or two while I’m at it…good times
And after that, I’ll be zipping home to get ready for the official launch of my daughter’s show…
For everyone in Canada, the show will be premiering with 4 episodes…

*** Tomorrow at 7pm on Treehouse ***
In the meantime, you can watch a clip and the intro HERE…or play their brand spaking new video games HERE.
To say we can’t wait would be one ginormous understatement…so so excited.
So with that, I’ll wish you all a super duper great weekend…oh and don’t forget to enter my current giveaway to win your choice of prints from Fall into London
…draw happens Sunday.
PS…thanks to my cute little friend here…
…this post took 2.5 hours to finish- good times;)