One Room Challenge – Week 5

Welcome back to week 5 of the One Room Challenge

one room challenge christine dovey week five

…or what I’m starting to call…One Room Cascade of Ball Sacks.

That sounds negative.  I don’t mean it to. I LOVE this challenge to bits and pieces but holy man…in the case of this bathroom I’m working on, it’s been one problem or issue after another.

If you’ve missed progress so far, you might want to get the background with week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4 and then full circle back to now.

For today, I thought I’d start with the bollocks stuff so I could end on a super, ‘I think I can, I think I can’ note so here it goes.

Bad News:

1. My Super Allen had a rough week poor guy. On Thursday he fell and tweeked his back and couldn’t work Friday or Saturday.  He was back to business on Sunday and Monday, only to be down for the count again on Tuesday from a very nasty case of food poisoning:(((((((  If this had been any other space, hubs and I could have picked up the pieces but we’re talking about 12×24 marble tiles that need to be cut with a diamond blade…cement tile in a rather crazydoodle pattern that has to have a master’s hand to lay properly etc. etc. This sort of stuff just isn’t in our wheelhouse and really, without the tile finished, there was zero we could do in terms of actually getting the groundwork done so…as of now, we are not done tiling.  I suspect if Allen is feeling better today, the tile will be laid by Thursday and then I’ll seal the cement floor so that gouting can start Friday.  Hopefully.

2. Marble tile- this Bianco Gioia business has been a bit of a nightmare.  To start, it was a week late on the original delivery.  Once it arrived though, all was good…it was perfect…I love it…yadda yadda. But then Allen put it up on the wall and as you heard last week, we became very worried about the adhesive soaking through so work on the marble stopped for 3 days until we got some real answers about how to handle it etc.  A few days of good tiling progress happened until Allen figured out that we were likely going to be short. Because it had taken 2 weeks from the original order date to come, I was super dupes stressed that the marble was going to screw things up and well, it has.  I placed the order for 3 more boxes and was happily surprised when I was told it would be here in 3 days, which brought me to this past Saturday. And then, poof, just like that, my optimism was shattered when I was told ‘ so sorry but your marble was the only skid that wasn’t on the truck’.  Crying.  Within an hour though, I got a phone call the the marble was indeed there and we could go back and pick it up. Woot. Happy/relieved dance flips at this point.  So…hubs picked up the tile and I again began to think that I might actually be able to pull this off. But then…we Allen got to work putting the tile up and when I went up to check in a few hours later I noticed that the tile was COMPLETELY different tile to the original.  My tile is very lightly veined and the lines it does have run vertically with lots of faint faint spots. The new tile is heavily veined in a linear horizontal pattern…no beuno at all.

christine dovey one room challenge bianco gioia tile

As of now, I’m still waiting on the new boxes so regardless of Allen being here and ready to get back to business, I may not have actual tile for him to work with.

The compilation of the Allen/tile bad news has meant that the bathroom is still very much in construction mode. As of now, things are looking like this…

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom  cement tile shop tulum tile

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom  bianco gioia tile

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom  cement tile shop tulum tile

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom  cement tile shop tulum tile

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom  cement tile shop tulum tlile

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom  biano gioia tile

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom biano gioia tile

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

Now…I know there is great things to be seen in those photos.

For one, the Tulum tile is even more amazing than I had hoped. I’m obsessed with it and would sleep on that damn floor if I could. Also, I love the way the marble and the tile are playing together…they’re total love buddies.

All that Super Allen was able to do this week is genius. He’s amazing and I adore him and I feel terrible that he’s had such a crap week. Boo boo boo.

Aside from all of this, some pretty amazing things did also happen around these parts.

So…on to the good news.

1. To re-iterate, the tile that’s gone down is looking fabulous and I’m so so soooooooooo excited to see it all done.

2. Hubs and I were able to sort out my vintage lights and how to hang them dilemma. Originally, I had planned on hitting up my favourite vintage lighting store for the vintage caps to make these puppies hang but alas, the owner of the store wasn’t able to find a pair anywhere…I wasn’t that surprised…it went along with the kind of week this was but thankfully, with a little ingenuity, we we able to sort this shiz out. The solution started with a trip to IKEA (on a Sunday afternoon…ps…NOT ACES…I might have almost lost it due to a mild case of claustrophobia)…actually we went to Home Depot first but there wasn’t anything there that we could have MacGyvered so on to IKEA it was.  What we were looking for was something that could fit inside the bowl of my pendants and hold the glass. Enter the Helg pendant…

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom  ikea pendant

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom  ikea pendant

What I forgot to take a photo of at this point is the most important part…this pendant is supported by a metal grid basket that holds the wiring to the whicker shade, that then runs to the white plastic cord above and ceiling cap.

The basket was exactly what we were looking for and if you are ever in the market to do the same sort of thing, let me save you the time searching through their lighting department…the Helg is the only pendant with this sort of apparatus so the only one that will work.

Anyhoo…though it worked, I didn’t love the plastic cord so enter, this stuff…

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom  ikea pendant black and white cord

…aka Ikea’s answer to my prayers…black and white electrical cord.

All we had to do was take the cap off the original plastic one that held it to the basket and voila…

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom  ikea pendant

Now you’ll notice that the black and white cord is plug in…that’s easy peasy to fix…we’ll just cut the plug off and string it through the original ceiling cap and then use wire cutters to expose the wires so that they can be fed into the junction box above…

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom  ikea pendant vintage light

And I’ll take off the sticker too;)

Oh and as for the leftover whicker shades, Jasper has re-purposed those too…

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom  ikea pendant

3. I was able to find a super amazing electrican who could come in Super Allen’s absence to move our sconces to the ceiling and then install a plug on the opposite wall for my neon sign.

If you’re in Toronto and looking for a supremely awesome electrician, 2B Wired is your answer.

Here are my new pendant holes and though the one on the right looks really far over there, it isn’t…they’re both exactly centred on the mirror that will go in that hole and the vanity…


Sadly the vent can’t be moved…well technically it could be moved but that’s beyond the scope of this project to be sure. I’m hoping that a clean vent cover will make it way less visible.

4. We were able to pick up my toilet from the great folks over at PMF Plumbing…and though it felt like it was filled with cement and almost killed hubs and I when we were attempting to carry it from the car , we got it inside…my bathroom will have a toilet…

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom  pmf plumbing durvit toilet

5. I got a slew of pretty fantastic deliveries this week :

a) My very graphic/awesome/perfect Minted black and white photographs arrived…




b) My Jonathan Adler Canisters came from Shop 219 and they’re a black and white jelly donught with sprinkles…

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom  jonathan adler secrets glitter canisters shop 219

c) My Lux Holdups lucite/specially plated just for me chrome towel rack and toilet paper holder and well, these don’t really need anything to be said…just look…

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom  lux hold ups towel rod

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom  lux hold up lucite towel rod

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom  lux holdups lucite towel rod

6. I was also able to pick up some goodness from my super dope framer, including this stunner from Nicole Cohen

one room challenge christine dovey nicole cohen photograph

…and this pair of DIY photographs I took…

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom  diy photographs

7. I found some pretty pink soap at Whole Foods…3 for $6…

chrisitne dovey one room challenge good soaop

8. I brought home some very inexpensive accessorizing business from IKEA…

christine dovey one room challenge ikea black and white plate black and pink cups light cord

And…I think that sums up week 5.

As with all the others, there have been some definitely highs and lows and now all I can really do is cross my fingers that all will magically come together before Tuesday.

I had planned on having my favourite photographer Ashely Capp come on Saturday to shoot but I’m pretty sure there’s no way that’s going to happen so for reveal, you’ll be seeing the very amateur hour rendition of the bathroom as captured by yours truly. I’m hoping to eventually have the professional versions as well, once everything is totally finished.

For now, please pray for me and also send the the positive ‘get ‘er done’ vibes to my fellow participants…

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And I’ll see you back here next week for the big REVEAL…come hell or high water, I promise there will be something here to show you:)


My Master Makeover- IKEA Quick & Easy

I’m sooooo excited to share with you the beginnings of what I hope will finally (after 8 years of living in this house,) be a completed master bedroom.

Recently, the fabulous folks over at IKEA challenged me and some other bloggers to transform a space using mostly textiles, as part of their Quick and Easy textile campaign.

As many of you know from seeing the reveal of Scarlett’s room

christine dovey pine girls room 9 pom pom curtains gold hygge and west floral wallpaper

…I have LONG been a fan of using IKEA curtain panels for my drapery projects.

In case you didn’t know this trick, buying IKEA  panels is a super fantastic way to get custom curtains for less…in fact, it’s far cheaper than even starting from scratch/buying the fabric etc.  Essentially, you purhcase the panels and then have a seamstress (or yourself if you’re handy like that,) cut off the top, add pleats, attach a liner, sew the panels together and finish off with a nice large hem.  As with Scarlett’s, you can then do fun things like attach ball fringe or if you happen to know someone amazingly talented like my friend Hollie Cooper, you can actually have the fabric itself painted so that it ends up looking like my daughter’s curtains…

christine dovey pine teeanger room roses leigh viner artwork pink ceramic parrot brass candlestick hand painted curtains polka dot bedding

…OR like my brand spanking new master bedroom ones!!!

christine dovey style ikea curtains

Before I show you what these gems look like in the room, I really wish I could post some before shots but I honestly don’t have a single one because my master was THAT BAD.

It’s the one room in my house that has literally received zero love since we moved in and the fact that it’s now almost actually pretty, is making me so infinitely happy.

Anyhoo…back to the reveal.

For the challenge, I was given $350 to spend and this is what I purchased:

1. 4 packages of IKEA Lenda curtain panels…I chose these because they came in 108″ length. My ceilings on the second floor are only 8′ but I needed enough length to be able to cut the top tabs off and do a nice big hem at the bottom so these were the winners. Each package was $39.99 CDN.

2. 2 king sized pillows…we’ve had one pair of king sizers on my bed foreves but were in desperate need of another pair so this was a no brainer.  I bought the Gosa Pinje because I’m actually not a fan of real feathers and these are designed for side sleepers like moi so perfect…they were each $24.99.

3.  A set of king sheets in their almost highest thread count- I would have bought the highest ones but they were all sold out…I’m super duper delighted to have a nice soft set of white sheets that the baby dude hasn’t been able to wreck yet. These were $39.99

4.  A pair of bedside table lamps…I decided on the Tisdag because I wanted white and simple…sort of sculptural if you will.  These were my big ticket item at $69.99 each.

So…with all that in my shopping cart, I brought it all home, with the exception of the curtain panels that I dropped off at my friend’s/fabric painting genius’ house.

And after just a few days, my IKEA curtains came back all painted up and sewn together…and when I hung them, alongside my new lamps and my newly dressed bed, this is what happened to my once very sad bedroom…





christine dovey master bedroom alexandra foster pillows ikea lamp crane and canopy bedding hollie cooper intereiors hand painted curtains IKEA

christine dovey master bedroom hollie cooper intereiors hand painted curtains IKEA


When it comes to making big transformations with some simple little changes, a little IKEA goes a long way…and of course, some personaliztion/experimentation in the mix, just increases the end result.

To see more ‘quick and easy’ transformations, make sure to visit IKEA’s campaign website and also, follow along on Twitter with hashtag #IKEAMakeover.

And as for my bedroom, I still have a few more things to throw in to really finish it off.

I’m very much hoping to have this Ashley Woodson Bailey piece hung above my bed…

wihtout wax ashley woodson bailey

…and a rug…I need a rug.

I’ll be back with a full reveal when it’s all said and done.

In the meantime though, check back very soon for yet another post about this room…I want to tell you all about the pretty Crane and Canopy bedding, those fabulous silk pillows and the art of course:)


IKEA Nails it at IDS14 and #projectbistrochic Almost Stumped Me…an Update

Hello my friends.
I’m sorry for the short supply of posts last week.
I had a crazy busy end of week…mostly because of workload…I’m currently in the middle of 10 projects and 4 painting commissions…it’s a little insane…in the best possible way though:)
Also, I was out Thursday at this year’s Interior Design Show, which because I’m old, meant Friday was a right off/recovery day…PS, being old sucks horse nuts.
What doesn’t suck though is this…but let’s back up a minute first…
As you know, we’re re-doing the kitchen in #projectbistrochic and using IKEA Lidingo cabinets to do it.
And in case you had any doubts as to the magic that can be created from using IKEA cabinets in a kitchen renovation, behold their IDS14 booth, featuring our friend the Lidingo…
Is it just me or did IKEA go and create my dream home right before my eyes?
I mean holy hell…it’s perfect.
And while I’m on them, look at the dressing room/bathroom areas they also whipped up…
SO freaking good.
Remind me come #projectdreamhouse time that a wall to wall glossy PAX built into the wall, is a must…also, not that I had any doubt, but slab marble as a backsplash…and large factory like windows…which brings me to those gold muttons…so next level pretty.
Inspiring to say the least.
After seeing this, I’m even more excited to see #projectbistrochic come to life.
And on that front, I’ve got a family room update of sorts.
To be honest, this room has been a real challenge…there were moments when I actually felt stumped…which is a craptastic feeling by the way.
The reason is that there are pieces my client really loves and wants to use, and though all stunningly beautiful in their own right, they’re not necessarily easy things to make a cohesive scheme out of…mostly because of colour…basically, the palate is a gent I like to call, Tricky McTrickersons.
A quick summary…cobalt blue, black, orange and green in the artwork; a deep almost blood red Persian rug with accents or dark (almost black) blue; walls in F&B Hague Blue, sofa in grey, chairs  and coffee table in black.
The conundrum has been how the heck to tie it all together…and by that I mean, what to upholster these bad boys in…
…along with what to put on the sofa in terms of pillows.
My client also wants to ensure that whatever we decide on, lightens the whole space up…so no dark blue backgrounds etc…oh and like me, she loves pink/lilac so wants that pulled in too.
You see my dilemma I suppose…a lot of colours that magically need to mold together….while still maintaining brightness…and prettiness.
No easy task my friends.
Without changing out the red rug, I was beginning to feel like I might not find the answer…and let me tell you, that felt VERY wrong…so the hunt continued.
You know how that goes…you just keep looking and looking knowing that somewhere out there, the perfect fabric or piece of furniture (that by the grace of the gods, makes everything gel together) is out there and by Holy Mother Mary, it’s your place on this green earth of ours to find it.
Well, the good news my friends is that late last night, I finally found what I think is the answer by way of too divinely pretty Quadrille fabrics…
Exhibit A:
Le Notre Toile in Blue Rose…
{Bengal Bazaar and Riad pillows via}
Exhibit B:
Quadrille Macao 11…
China Seas Macao II Lilac Pillow Cover
{showing this one as pillows because the cropped version of the pattern on the chairs just didn’t reflect the pattern very well…imagine it as upholstery)
…which as evidenced by this room…
…also makes all of our colours work so beautifully.
So…to sum things up, I’m elated.
Like jumping up and down happy.
We now have two options that I think do just what I wanted them too…pull all the prettiness together into one chic and cohesive space.
Happy days my friends, happy days.
Now before I leave you…I’m curious…which one would you choose????