Holiday Reveals and a Giveaway and a Sale and Some Art

Since I took the whole holiday week off, I’ve got a rather large post for today…a bag of Santa goodies if you will.
And speaking of the big guy, the kids met with him…
…and told spoke of all their wish list hopes…he listened well and the kids were pretty excited on the big day…there’s just nothing like watching your littles on Christmas morning- so worth all the stress and work to get things ready.
Happy kid faces = joy.
The husband and I decided to go a little low key with each other this year so I asked for one thing and he obliged…a bottle of Olfactive Studio perfume…
…I got this one…
…which smells SO good.
The branding of this stuff is brilliant- each is matched to a photograph that is meant to encompass the feel of the scent- I’m framing that goodness up asap.
Unfortunately, two days after Christmas, I somehow managed to knock the entire bottle off my bathroom counter….100mL is now down to about 10 and pretty bottle is no more….not that I feel sorry for myself or anything:(((((
Anyhoo…love love the smell and hoping to try out the other ones come birthday time etc.
And speaking of prezzies, the teenager got this…
…which PS, is a party in a box.
We played on Christmas night with the grown ups and holy shite…everyone was crying from laughter…so so fun.
Pretty sure my NY’s eve will comprise of copious amounts of wine, hopefully some friends and a few/many rounds of this game brilliance…lame perhaps but I’m so OK with it;)
Moving on.
I thought since we’re still in the holiday season, I could show you another reveal…
Untitled #78
This time, here’s a little boy’s room I did for my local client a la #projectwholehouse…aka the brother of #projectlittlemiss…
This was a mini-makeover of sorts since every piece of furniture was already in place and staying…my clients purchased a matched set of bedroom furniture and though really great quality, not something that they really still loved so, my mandate was to try and hide the furniture if possible…make it look a little less matchy matchy etc.
One of the pieces was a rather large desk with bookcase above…in an effort to open up the room a bit and conceal this guy a little, we blew out 1/2 the closet wall, which created a little nook just the right size for the desk to tuck in…this made it way less visible in the room and gave us a lot more space to work with overall.  
We also replaced the closet doors with stock ones that we had Allen apply moulding to in an effort to fancy them up a bit.
As far as the decorating part went, wallpaper, window treatments, bedding, a new rug, lighting and some great art was added to give the room a little personality…and when all was said and done, this is where we ended up…

We still have a few things to finish up and since these photos are a little grainy, I’m going to re-shoot and will post the final final ones come new website time…and speaking of that, things are happening and I literally can’t WAIT for it to launch.
For now, here’s a very little sneak peek of my new logo and what’s coming at
Christine Dovey
Very much hoping that the site will be up come New Years…stay tuned!
And finally for today, a few reminders.
1. My current East & Coco giveaway for this amazing vintage G. Clark Sealy etching is still running…I’ve decided to extend it until Friday since it started over Christmas vaca…
Gorgeous Framed Vintage G.Clark Sealy Etchings of Toucan & Cockatoo
Click HERE to enter.
2. Black Rooster’s Flash Sale is still happening so if you want 20-40% off this sort of goodness…
Pictures of Black Marble Top Folding Table
Pictures of Black Grasscloth Coffee Table
Pictures of Ball and Chain Pendant
Pictures of Trolley
Pictures of Blanket - Granite Fox
Pictures of Mid Century 3-Arm Ceiling Light - Black
Pictures of Black and White Patchwork Pillow
Pictures of Walnut Tea Table
…click HERE.
3. My 20% off sale for December is coming to an end, so if you are looking some affordable original art along these lines…
Abstract Painting- 'Bathing Hippos'
Abstract Painting - 'Masquerade Ball'
Abstract Painting - 'Alter Egos'
Abstract Painting - 'Intuition'
…click HERE.
Happy almost 2014 friends…I don’t know about you but I’m VERY ready for this new blank slate to start.


Holiday Decorating, Kids and Some New Paintings

Happy new week.
Can you effing believe Christmas is only 9 days away???
I sure as hell can’t.
Thanks to earpocolypse, I have count them…two gifts purchased.
We’re definitely doing a scaled down Christmas this year but even with the idea of buying less, I still have a lot of shopping to do.
Thankfully, a giant snowfall over the weekend gave me some time to get the decorating done.
I’m not sure if I mentioned but somehow in the course of basement renovations, our rather large stash of holiday decorations went gonzo.
I spent the better part of 5 hours tearing the house, garage and POD apart to absolutely no avail.
And because budget is tight this year, I really couldn’t run out and buy a whole bunch of new stuff.
So, I got a little crafty and did the place up with live greens, ribbon, candles, gold chandelier chain and pine cones.
And now, it’s looking like this around here…
I’m pretty pleased with it actually.
I have a little more to do in the hallway and basement so will show you some pics of that all finished later in the week.
What else?
I took the kids out yesterday to give hubster some much deserved quite time…he pretty much ran the roust while my ears were ruining my life so he was definitely deserving of a little aloneness as it were.
As part of our afternoon out, Mac got his locks cut off a la a little undercut action…
Jasper enjoyed watching the fun from the comfort of his sweet ride…

…while Scarlett, on the other hand, was too engrossed in US magazine to pay much attention…
Thankfully, she did tear herself away long enough to give her brother an approving hug apres magazine…
And thankfully, Mac loves his new do…

I’m pretty in love with it myself- so fun to actually be able to see his face sans hair mop;)
And while on the topic of my sweet brood, my littlest man is 9 months old today…
…which is so awesome and so sad all at once.
I love this age…he’s moving and trying to talk and cuddly and awesome…BUT…the time is slipping by so damn fast…I just know I’m going to blink and he’ll be in kindergarten and then it’s sayonara…University before you know it.
Moving on from the mommy mush….
I’ve added a few new paintings to the shop

20% off until the end of the month friends.
And finally, it’s your last day to enter the Vivian & Beverly giveaway…draw happens tomorrow so get those entries in!


Round Here….Halloween, The Laundry Room, The Daughter’s Room and the Foyer

I missed out on posting yesterday…again…sorry about that…just insanely busy it would seem.
In an effort to make up for my low post ratio this week, I’ll be adding one in tomorrow so check back.
For now, a look at Halloween in these parts and some peeks of newbie stuff around the abode…
First the kidlets…
Meet Mr Lion, Mr Ninja and Ms Monster High Twyla….

(PS- count me very annoyed by the blurry night photos)
I’m usually a costume maker but just didn’t have the time this year…also the reason we whipped up Sharpie Pumpkins rather than carving….
…that and I sort of hate carving pumpkins- mostly because I’m not an orange fan so never really like the end product…I’m such a scrooge.
The kids had super fun times so that’s what matters.
And while we were out hitting the streets, Allen the wonder carpenter was putting finishing touches on my laundry area…
 More to come on the final reveal front soonly.
As for the rest of the house, some things are coming together, while others are lagging a bit.
In the almost done category is the big girl’s room downstairs…the vintage Maitland Smith pedestals I ordered from 219 are looking pretty swell in there…
…though I still have some fiddling to do in that room- not quite there yet…close though.
And on the topic of MS goodness, my new console table has found a home in the foyer…
…and I’m sort of loving the less is more business going on now…the hallway feels boatloads wider too which is a bonus.
As for the lamps and BB desk that were there before, they’ve moved upstairs to the hallway landing in place of the old pair of bookcases.
I have to pass on a large thanks to captain hubster for lugging all the books away- not a fun job for sure…he’s proving to be a super good egg sport these days…feeling lucky.
And I think that’s all for now.
Again, check back tomorrow for some more stuff.
I’ve got a new project to show you, along with some Black Rooster sauce.
‘Til then.


Thinking About 7 – #10

We haven’t done a 7s post in a while and since I have a few things/links I want to direct you to, now’s the time as it were.
1. Just in time for Canada Day weekend, Style at Home has a fabulous feature running right now,  showcasing 11 amazing Canuck designers…
…and their most beloved spaces.
This dining room created by Samantha Sacks has me particularly breathless (those doors make me crazypants)…
…and trust me, there’s SO many other pretty spaces to peruse.
Click HERE to see the one space each designer is particularly proud of.
2. Speaking of some of my Canadian favourites, if you’re looking for statement lighting and decor, you simply must check out Mod Pieces…my friend Lia re-invents vintage lighting to make beauties like these…
…and has also added a brand spanking new line of pillows.
I’m quite obsessed with their graphic goodness…
…and am pretty sure that the b/w ink blot and confetti numbers will have to find a place in the new house.
The extra good news is that for this weekend only, and in celebration of Canada Day, Mod Pieces is offering up 25% off EVERYTHING in the shop…
…so if you’re in the market for some gorgeous pillows and lamps, shop away my friends.
3. Still on the Canadian bent, but in a completely different direction, I really want to direct all of you our there to an event being held by an old work friend of my husbands.
A few years back, this friend and his family were given the devastating news that their precious daughter Danielle had cancer of the brain…this diagnosis came a mere two weeks after the birth of their second child Leah.
Thankfully, sweet Danielle is now cancer free!!!
Her family has since set up a foundation and in their own words….
First, thank you for your interest in Danielle’s Dream!!
Danielle’s Dream Foundation was created to support organizations caring for families fighting pediatric cancer.
On March 17th, 2010 our daughter Danielle was diagnosed with brain cancer. This diagnosis came just two weeks after the birth of our daughter Leah.  As you can imagine, the stress of facing the challenge before us was staggering.
Thankfully we had help, and lots of it. Organizations like McMaster Children’s Hospital, The Ronald McDonald of Hamilton, The Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO), Sick Kids Hospital, The Ronald McDonald House of Toronto, Canadian Cancer Society, The Children’s Wish Foundation, Help a Child Smile, Children’s Miracle Network as well as numerous private donors and fundraisers that aided us in immeasurable ways.  We were and are blessed.
Now that we are on the other side of our journey, with two healthy children and the world to be thankful for, it is our turn to pay it forward, hence the creation of the foundation.
Within the umbrella of the foundation there will be numerous events in the years to come to support each of the aforementioned groups in their efforts to help others win their fight.

We learned that when we focus our energies and efforts, Impossible is Nothing. Please help us make a difference in the world for friends, families, and the futures of our fellow Canadians facing the trials and tribulations of pediatric cancer.
All proceeds from our events will go straight to those that need it most, and we will be creating multiple events with specific organizations in mind. We would never think of doing this any differently, nor would we take anything for what we do as we truly love paying forward the support that we received.
We thank you for your help making a difference in the world!

So…in an effort to help spread the word about this gorgeous family and their amazing foundation, I’d love to tell you about their current fundraising event.

Two events will be running in July that you can either attend or sponsor…the first is…

…a golf tourney being held at Piper’s Heath on July 25th…you can click HERE to sponsor or register this event.
The second is…
…which is being held on July 27th at Otellos in Oakville…you can click HERE to register or sponsor this event.
Though, I’m not one to usually ask for monetary help on this blog, I’m making an exception today because this is such a beautiful family and such an amazing cause…I’d be forever grateful if you could help out.
4. I was so excited when I opened my inbox yesterday to see a note from one of my absolute favourite  wallpaper companies, Porter Teleo.
I’ve been a humungous jimbo fan of their patterns and am absolutely insisting that I get some of this…
…action in #projectdreamhouse…thinking the big girl’s bedroom for either of the first two patterns, and the classic tangled goodness for either the foyer or playroom.
On top of all of this pattern heaven, PT has just released some new wallpapers, inspired by artists  Mark Rothko and Claude Monet respectively…

…and it’s all VERY VERY GOOD.
5.  Speaking of Porter Teleo, I spied this shot on Pinterest this morning…
Porter Teleo Tangled on cabinet doors conceal a television and become art. Architectural Digest. Photo: Nikolas Koenig
…and am so inspired by how their wallpaper was used to disguise a TV…the application has turned an ugly boob toob into a gorgeous work of art…love, love, love.
I actually found lots to adore this morning on our favourite picture banking site.
Also inspired by the idea of…
A dining room that can double as a library and work room…
Apartment in Sicily by Jerry Maggi & Mehall Griffey Interiors - ELLE DECOR, photo by photography by Gianni Franchellucci
…metal shelving in the kitchen…
fab bar by Kelly Wearstler,  photo by Grey Crawford/ brass upper cabinets and stools
House Beautiful 2012 Kitchen of the Year by Mick De Giulio/ metal shelving
…massive conservatories….
sun room
…black Nero marble…
Gil Schafer, classic marble bath
Cafe Zanzibar....İ mable
…and aside from literally EVERYTHING Kelly Wearstler does, this idea of a wall of antique mirror…
Bel Air Home by Kelly Wearstler/ wall of antique mirrors
6.  I’ve added a few more furniture pieces to my #projectdreamhouse wish list.
…and would look smashing with some modern chairs around it…thinking numbers like these would be gorge in combination…
Leather and brass chairs, 1970s
I’m also majorly lusting after these stools for the kitchen…
BV stool with back for kitchen - the seat is available in a variety of fabrics
Apparently I have a thing for black leather when it’s combined with brass.
7. This post is already WAAAAY too long so I’m going to sign off for now and wish you all here in Canada, a very happy long holiday weekend…
To everyone else, happy normal weekend;)
I’ll see you all back here on Tuesday the 2nd.


Lamenting…a LONG POST!

Morning friends.
I trust you’re all planning on spending your day at some mall…god help me, I’ll be at one ALL day.
I spent most of yesterday doing the same, hence the lack of blog post.
I’ve been feeling lately like Baby J might fall actually fall out…hope that doesn’t sound crass but it’s true.
I’ve had perhaps the busiest two months of my life and it’s catching up with me.
Busy Busy Busy!
For one, I’m presently in the middle of 4 e-design projects…SO excited about this and beyond thrilled to be actually working on real design work- absolutely a dream come true and really, there’s not much more I love in terms of work.
{PS…on that front, I’ll be accepting new clients in February if you have a room that needs zhushing…check my right toolbar for rates/info etc.}
Also, I’ve been doing some more taping for Steven and Chris…again, feel like I’m living in some sort of peacock/angel fantasy world…
I Dream of a World of Couture
…can’t really wrap my head around the fact that I’m on TV for realz…so excitingQ
And speaking of TV, my daughter has been doing a little something something…mums the word on that front but we’ve just completed an epic run of shooting so again, ridiculous amazing/slightly exhausting.
Of course, there’s also the whole Christmas thing and my kids going to school and my house stuff…oh and a few commissions for Wink of Pink,
Valencia - original painting
{Don’t forget that the 25% sale in my shop ends Christmas Day}
 articles for Style at Home, a few little pieces for other blogs/online sites etc….and B&B blog of course.
Really…it just adds up to a lot of business/busyness up in here.
I’m INCREDIBLE grateful for all of it but I’m also SOOOO TIRED.
I found out Wednesday that I’ve got IGT…which translates to Impaired Glucose Tolerance…which translates to a mild version of Gestational Diabetes.
Total and complete suckage.
Who finds out they can’t eat sugar a few days before Christmas?
I spent yesterday morning at a 3 hour nutrition, blood monitoring class and was sent home with a kit of stuff so I could prick my finger 4x a day and see what’s what.
I know this is NOT the end of the world and I feel beyond blessed to be at the point I am in this pregnancy…but…
I also feel a little down in the dumpages.
My other pregnancies were a walk in the park…this one hasn’t been.
Early on, I lost my angel Baby B twin.
Then weeks later, I was told my little trooper Baby A might have some issues…the anatomy scan showed large ventricles in the brain…which I was told, could mean Spina Bifida or Hydrocephalus.
4 ultrasounds later, the ventricles shrunk a bit and fell within normal range so the according to multiple doctors, sweet boy is at no greater risk for the above than any other baby.
Thanking god.
I had a few weeks of relative pregnancy peace after that, but have been feeling really tired and my belly is enormous- a full 5″ bigger than it was with either of my other kids so when I took the Glucose Tolerance Test, I sort of knew in my gut I was going to fail…and well, I did.
Even though I know this isn’t the end of the world, this whole pregnancy has just sort of made me realize that I’m aging…for real.
Dazed Digital | The Age of Iris
{PS…please god let me at least 1/10th as cool/glorious as Ms. Iris when I get to be her age.}
Things just aren’t working as efficiently as they used to…being pregnant now is harder and that makes me sad.
Realizing that in 12 weeks, this part of my life will be over forever…that’s hard too.
I’m one of those people who dreamt about having kids since I was about 5 and never really thought past that point…knowing that stage is coming to an end and having my body tell me the same, well…it just makes me a little teary.
And speaking of teary…
…coming home last night and turning on the TV to hear this NRA maniac show no remourse/accountability for Newtown and say that more guns/armed guards was the answer to mass shootings in schools…
…well this makes me saddest of all.
So…life is amazingly good right now in SO many ways but I’m also feeling very tired and just a tinsy winsy bit sad.
Mostly, I’m INCREDIBLY grateful for everything…work, life and most of all my sweet, sweet family.
I can’t wait to spend a few days away and disconnected so I can re-charge with those I love most.
I’m also very thankful for you  my dear, dear readers.
I treasure this blog – as you can tell from this post, it’s totally my little diary of sorts and I’m really can’t imagine my life without it.
Yesterday, I came home after a very long day to find these goodies waiting for me from amazing people I’ve met here…
First…I opened up these treasures from Nina over at Black Rooster
BEYOND grateful.
I mean books for every member in my family…can’t imagine a more thoughtful gift…and the vintage coasters/glasses…so pretty!
And speaking of beautiful things….have a look at the numbered print that the insanely talented Zoe Pawlak sent me…
Framing this beauty up and putting her in the kitchen as soon as humanely possible!!!
And last but not least, sweet Erin from Charles Emerson Design sent me this stunning necklace…
And it’s literally the perfect accessory…I already know I’ll be sporting it like all the time.
I also received one more very special prezzie from RugsUSA but I’ll tell you all about that next week…involves #projectbaby so a full post will be coming.
For now….I should probably sign off.
This has turned into one very long Saturday post…please excuse.
Oh but wait..please don’t forget to enter to M Kaltenbach giveaway– because I heart you all, I’ve decided to extend the time to enter and will draw for the winner on the 27th… you know you NEED this one of a kind necklace in your life…
So…this will be my last post until the 27th…my crazy family and I are driving down to Ohio to spend Christmas at Great Wolf Lodge…please pray for me…a pregnant lady and water slides…good times;)
Merry Christmas dear hearts…
Hope this dude treats you all well…
Merry christmas!  :)
Love and kisses and very warm holiday wishes.


Apartment Therapy, Bangs and Christmification

Good Monday people.
A few things of interest to share today.
1. So excited to see a feature on Malcolm’s ‘Fit for a Gentlemen‘ room in Apartment Therapy over the weekend…
{and PS, that was the one and only time the kid’s hair looked quite like Edward Scissorhands got hold of it…a silly attempt at shortening his locks, which will not be repeated again;}
I did this room on a budget and am mostly very happy with the way it turned out.
The dresser above is an IKEA hack, as is the painting.
Everything else in there is either re-used from another space in our house or an antique/vintage find.
I plan on hanging some Paul Loebach Yee-haw wallpaper up in there, just to finish it off but for now, ’tis done;)
To see more of the tour, clickski HERE.
And PS, thank you over here for always being the most positive commenters ever…it seems as though some AT readers aren’t always so kind…there were a couple of people over there who apparently thought the blown up poster of him was narcissistic I put it there as some kind of platitude shrine…stupid, stupid/missing the point entirely but whateves…you can’t please everyone as they say:)
Anyhoo…a HUGE thank you to my friend Elisabeth over at  
You Can’t Call It “It” for putting this story together…looooooveeed it!
2. I got bangs over the weekend- needed a change…also toned down the fuchsia  ends and chopped about 4″ off…the result is this…
a. sidenote – yes, my belly is HUGE…I checked back at my previous baby books and this little dude is making my stomach a full 4″ larger than it was at this time with either of my other pregnancies…not quite sure what the heck it’s going to look like in 14 weeks- yikes.
b. bangs+a few hightlights+pink tone-down=bottom is now a subtle pinky/lilac…overall, it sort of resembles this…
Pink tips
…only the bottom is sort of a mix between the above and this colour…
lilac tips
VERY happy…feeling much less like a 10 year old who dipped her hair in Kook-Aid.
3. I spent the day yesterday injecting some Christmas spirit into the house.
The story for this year is little hits of yuletide fun in tones of pink, gold and black…
I still have the kitchen, mantle and staircase to get done, along with helping the kids get their upstairs tree finito so lots more to come.
And with that, I’ll sign off for now.
We were out late last night at a bowling party with the kids and I’m running off again this early this morning for a shoot with the redhead so busy, busy.
Make sure you check back tomorrow though…the holiday giveaways continue and I’ve got a fabulouso one starting up.