Holiday Reveals and a Giveaway and a Sale and Some Art

Since I took the whole holiday week off, I’ve got a rather large post for today…a bag of Santa goodies if you will.
And speaking of the big guy, the kids met with him…
…and told spoke of all their wish list hopes…he listened well and the kids were pretty excited on the big day…there’s just nothing like watching your littles on Christmas morning- so worth all the stress and work to get things ready.
Happy kid faces = joy.
The husband and I decided to go a little low key with each other this year so I asked for one thing and he obliged…a bottle of Olfactive Studio perfume…
…I got this one…
…which smells SO good.
The branding of this stuff is brilliant- each is matched to a photograph that is meant to encompass the feel of the scent- I’m framing that goodness up asap.
Unfortunately, two days after Christmas, I somehow managed to knock the entire bottle off my bathroom counter….100mL is now down to about 10 and pretty bottle is no more….not that I feel sorry for myself or anything:(((((
Anyhoo…love love the smell and hoping to try out the other ones come birthday time etc.
And speaking of prezzies, the teenager got this…
…which PS, is a party in a box.
We played on Christmas night with the grown ups and holy shite…everyone was crying from laughter…so so fun.
Pretty sure my NY’s eve will comprise of copious amounts of wine, hopefully some friends and a few/many rounds of this game brilliance…lame perhaps but I’m so OK with it;)
Moving on.
I thought since we’re still in the holiday season, I could show you another reveal…
Untitled #78
This time, here’s a little boy’s room I did for my local client a la #projectwholehouse…aka the brother of #projectlittlemiss…
This was a mini-makeover of sorts since every piece of furniture was already in place and staying…my clients purchased a matched set of bedroom furniture and though really great quality, not something that they really still loved so, my mandate was to try and hide the furniture if possible…make it look a little less matchy matchy etc.
One of the pieces was a rather large desk with bookcase above…in an effort to open up the room a bit and conceal this guy a little, we blew out 1/2 the closet wall, which created a little nook just the right size for the desk to tuck in…this made it way less visible in the room and gave us a lot more space to work with overall.  
We also replaced the closet doors with stock ones that we had Allen apply moulding to in an effort to fancy them up a bit.
As far as the decorating part went, wallpaper, window treatments, bedding, a new rug, lighting and some great art was added to give the room a little personality…and when all was said and done, this is where we ended up…

We still have a few things to finish up and since these photos are a little grainy, I’m going to re-shoot and will post the final final ones come new website time…and speaking of that, things are happening and I literally can’t WAIT for it to launch.
For now, here’s a very little sneak peek of my new logo and what’s coming at
Christine Dovey
Very much hoping that the site will be up come New Years…stay tuned!
And finally for today, a few reminders.
1. My current East & Coco giveaway for this amazing vintage G. Clark Sealy etching is still running…I’ve decided to extend it until Friday since it started over Christmas vaca…
Gorgeous Framed Vintage G.Clark Sealy Etchings of Toucan & Cockatoo
Click HERE to enter.
2. Black Rooster’s Flash Sale is still happening so if you want 20-40% off this sort of goodness…
Pictures of Black Marble Top Folding Table
Pictures of Black Grasscloth Coffee Table
Pictures of Ball and Chain Pendant
Pictures of Trolley
Pictures of Blanket - Granite Fox
Pictures of Mid Century 3-Arm Ceiling Light - Black
Pictures of Black and White Patchwork Pillow
Pictures of Walnut Tea Table
…click HERE.
3. My 20% off sale for December is coming to an end, so if you are looking some affordable original art along these lines…
Abstract Painting- 'Bathing Hippos'
Abstract Painting - 'Masquerade Ball'
Abstract Painting - 'Alter Egos'
Abstract Painting - 'Intuition'
…click HERE.
Happy almost 2014 friends…I don’t know about you but I’m VERY ready for this new blank slate to start.


Holiday Reveals- Upstairs Bathroom

I was busy yesterday with a Steven and Chris shoot so my apologies for the lack of post.
For today, I thought I’d show you a space in my house…
Untitled #78
…that doesn’t get much attention…i.e. the upstairs bathroom.
It’s one of those rooms that we made over on the cheap but is never really done as it were.  In my ideal world, I’d rip out the tub fitter like bath, swap the builder grade vanity for something infinitely more custom, and replace the lighting with something much more exciting.
Unfortunately, none of that is going to happen…now or maybe ever.
So in the meantime, I decided to spruce it up a bit by taking all the art that’s currently for sale in my shop, and slapping it up on the walls…
My plan is to cover every inch of wall space and just keep rotating things out as they sell and are made etc.
Happy days.
Also, on the art page, I’ve been experimenting with this new process that sort of lacquers my gesso board paintings…I’ve only got one done so far but am about to embark on doing many of these guys.
For now, here’s ‘midnight carousel
Me liking the gloss.
And that’s all for today…short and sweet as it were.


Holiday Reveals- Beverly Hills Dining Room

Sorry for the no postarino yesterday…I was busy all day with this sort of action…
…photoshoots a plenty these past few weeks.
Stay tuned for some reveal action and some gorgeous photos, thanks to the ridiculously talented 
In the meantime, I thought I’d showcase another recent project reveal as part of this series…
You might recall that I did some work for a client in Beverly Hills, that we called…go figure…#projectbeverlyhills.
You can see the before shots and moodboard plans HERE.
Well, things have come together and my client snapped some pictures to show how things are looking now…

[If you’re interested in finding out some source goodness, email away]
I’m pretty pleased as punch with how everything turned out, though I’d give my left arm to fly to BH just so I could have some time to put the ‘finishing touches’ on the room as it were.
Fellow e-designers, don’t you find that’s the hard part about designing in far away locals?
There comes a point when everything is all said and done that you just NEED to get your hands on a place for the last little zhush…it’s hard not being able to enjoy that last layer for yourself.
Anyhoo…so happy with how this space came together and ecstatic that client is happy.
Getting paid to do this sort of thing is just SO delightful.
As is catching your baby crawl for the first time on tape
You can here me gasp at the end…mommy happiness right there.


Holiday Reveals- Sunshine and Roses and Seattle

First off, a very huge thank you to everyone who emailed me or left comments after yesterday’s post…the feedback was ridiculously appreciated…so nice to know you’re not alone out there as it were.
And on that note, here’s some sunshine…
[in the form of a glowing orb of a light sculpture that is P.S., not going anywhere…so happy that it gets to stay and so grateful to Patina for literally being the only store that husband and I adore equally…it makes for a much easier ‘we must own this’ sell;]
…and roses…
[I’m officially obsessed with pink fluffy roses after buying this lot…thinking I’ll need to allocate some weekly dineors for a steady supply of these beauties…though flowers aren’t free, the certainly do add something special to a room]
…to start the day.
And to continue things, I thought I’d give you another dose of…
…in the form of #projectalreadyfabulous…which you may recall, started off with some pretty great ‘before’s….
As for the ‘after’s, here are those…coming all the way to you from Seattle, by way of Toronto…

 There are plans to add a mirror in between that pair of the most fabulous lamps I’ve perhaps ever seen, but aside from that, she’s done and I couldn’t be happier with the result…a bit traditional with a modern flare…and a dash of pretty glamour of course.
And with that, I’ll sign off for now with another big thank you for being my unicorn lovers…as I said before… love you mucho for it.


Holiday Reveals – Ava’s Room / #projectlittlemiss

Because I’m putting together a totally new site, I’ve had to get my act together and take some photos of completed projects, which means…

I’ve got some exciting stuff to share, and since the holidays are upon us, I’ve decided to give you lovelies the gift of reveals every week until the big day arrives…

Untitled #78
And to kick the fun off, I thought I’d show you one of my all time favourite projects…a little girl’s room I designed for a friend of mine and her daughter Ava…I called this one #projectlittlemiss

The pictures…

And some of the details…
Wallpaper – Nina Campbell Perroquet
Bed- Homeowners 
Desk- Custom painted in FB Pink Ground and Pitch Black – Petits et Jolis
Birdcage- Custom painted in FB Pink Ground – Black Rooster Decor
Curtains- Custom made by client’s mom (amazing seamstress)- Fabric is Schumacher’s Lace- purchased from the Designer’s Attic
Ceramic Dog- Circa Who
Moroccan Wedding Blanket- Beyond Marrakech
Bedding – sheets/Kate Spade, pink solid pillows/IKEA, gold floral pillow/Pillotopia, ruffle pillow/HomeSense
rug- RugsUSA
Chandelier- Custom painted – Etsy
End Table- purchased from me (used to be in Scarlett’s room)
Dresser in closet- Petits et Jolis
Mirror- Horchow
Settee pillow- Pillotopia
Artwork- heart/Kol Kid, antique girl/Petits et Jolis, girl by desk/ The Black Apple

Gold chair- Pillotopia
Closet Carpentry- Allen Dawson
Custom Painting- Tim Welsby

You can read some more about how this project started, a few herehere and here, and some Instagram reveals here and here.

I’m pretty in love with the whole thing- it’s totally a little jewel box of a room for a little jewel of a girl.
And the most important part, she loves it too so happy kid, happy designer.
And with that, I’m off to get ready for a little TV shoot action…heading down to CBC today to film a little Steven and Chris…let the nervous excitement commence.
More reveals coming soonly!