Monday Moods-Modern Romance

This week I am loving the use of deep jewel tones mixed with strong metals like gold and copper to create a romantic look. Elements of blooming florals and gorgeous bouquets are enough to make me want to skip ahead to warmer times ahead.

MM8-01 1. Floral Dress from Zara

2. Roma Chandelier from Black Rooster Decor

3. Tom Dixon’s accessory line at Klaus

4. Lips patch from

5. Kaishi Chair from CB2

6. Incredible arrangement by Coyote Flowers

Happy Monday, lovelies! I hope your week is full of romance.

Haute House – A Midsummer Night’s Cocktail Party

A Midsummer Night’s Cocktail Party
Last week I spoke about Not-So-Basic Basics, and this week I will be talking about the complete opposite! With all the rich colours of the flowers blooming and the lush green foliage, there is no better setting in which to throw a luxe cocktail party in your very own backyard. If you feel you truly need an excuse  to celebrate, pick any of the following items and make any occasion a special one!
haute house summer romance club monaco dress black rooster plates kate spade rings  one kings lane gold decanter
1) Pretty enough to eat off of, these Black Rooster Decor Square Gold Mixed Plates set of 4 for $91 are versatile enough to mix and match, or memorable enough to work as a stand alone piece to make your tabletop pop!
2) This Club Monaco Melynda Dress for $229 is dying to be layered in luxe cocktail necklaces and bold red lips or for a more natural look, dewy cheeks and bare feet!
3) Speaking of cocktail jewelry, these Chloe Darcey Round Brass & Natural Stone Rings strike the perfect balance between elegant and edgy and can be worn with any outfit.
4) To add even more metallic glow, this Daphne Gold Decanter from One Kings Lane is just the thing, on sale for $39!

haute house christine dovey summer romance alice and olivia pouch fedora kelly wearstler brass tray

5) Need to keep cool and look haute at your cocktail soiree? Try this Alice and Olivia Fan Pouch for $198
7) Ultra luxurious, and somewhat surreal, this Kelly Wearstler Salone Tray in Natural Bronze is the ultimate eye candy for any of your summer shindigs! For $2, 895

haute house christine dovey summer romance fee people sweater camilla styles flowers vintage wine glasses kate spade pink earrings

8) In case the temperatures dip a little lower as the evening grows late, wrap yourself in this Free People Chunky Oversized Pullover for $131.85 in any of their selection of colours, my favourite being this one in misty pink.
9) What is a party without incredible looking flowers? For a summer look try something that’s a little wild, to learn how to make this one go to
10) The mark of a good cocktail party (besides how strong the drinks are), is the way in which the cocktail is presented and what better way than in these vintage Italian solid brassToasting Glasses (set of 4) by Antique Lifestyles for $129 at
11) Last but certainly not least, these Kate Spade Color Pop Statements Studs are perfect…in general. For $68,en_US,pd.html?dwvar_WBRUA227_color=411&cgid=ks-jewelry-earrings#start=5&cgid=ks-jewelry-earrings
I’m so into the romance of these tones lately…pink, burgundy and icy blue are just so pretty together…perfect for a summer’s eve soiree.

My Party – The Flowers

As promised, I’ve got more party details to share.

And today, I’m so so happy to showcase my beautiful flowers.

If you read yesterday’s post, you saw the inspiration photos I gave my incredible florist Tony at Fiori Oakville and what want to show you today is the result of his incredible efforts, vision and generosity.

Here are some close up shots of Fiori’s stunning florals that I took the day after my party…ones that I hope captured even a small bit of their incredible beauty.

fiori oavkille flowers

fiori oavkille flowers

fiori oavkille flowers

fiori oavkille flowers

fiori oavkille flowers

fiori oakville flowers christine dovey style

fiori oakville flowers


fiori oakville flowers

fiori oakville flowers

fiori oakville flowers

fiori oakville flowers christine dovey style

fiori oakville flowers

fiori flowers

fiori oakville

fiori oakville flowers

fiori oakville flowers

fiori oakville flowers christine dovey style elena kalis photograph

fiori oakville flowers

fiori oakville flowers

fiori oakville flowers

fiori oakville flowers christine dovey style

fiori oakville flowers

I honestly don’t have words for everything above other than to say that that annangements Tony created were quite honestly, the blooms of my garden party dreams…I adored them.

If you’re in the market for flowers and live somewhere in the GTA, I simply must insist that you visit Fiori…I promise promise promise that you’ll get flowers that exceed your every floral sugar plum fairy dream you’ve ever had.

Up tomorrow, my string light DIY tutorial and a little announcement;)


Art Makes the World Go Ground #3- Flowers and Portraits

While walking back to the hotel after a leisurely lunch out on the birthday weekend extravaganza, I  noticed a painting in the window of this Toronto gallery

nicholas metivier gallery

…that forced me in to take a closer look…

And once inside, I was again reminded of how completely and fully I adore beautiful artwork- it’s quite literally happiness for my soul.

Since I love to share the works I’m coveting as often as possible, I figured it was time for…

art makes the world go round

And today, I’m starting with the very piece that pulled me off the rainy streets of Toronto and left me breathless for a good 10 minutes as I stood in front of it…

Meet Peony’s by James Lahey

james lahey flowers

I wish I could convey the grandeur and beauty of this piece here but that’s wholely impossible given that I can’t really showcase or give true justice to the scale, depth of colour and/or serenity this stunning painting evokes …in real life, it’s huge…like 72″ tall sort of business…it’s also framed so perfectly…a floating stainless thin edge painted a warm coral on the inside…the totality of it all was/is quite literally,  breathtaking.

I of course raced home to peruse the gallery’s website and found this other James Lahey piece…

james lahey

…that I can only wish to one day see in person.

As you know, I’m a large sucker for moody florals.  In combo with moody people, I’d say that wraps up my most beloved ‘genre’.

And speaking of the later, I also discovered the brilliance of artist Stephen Appleby-Barr, thanks to this new fave gallery…

stephen abbleby barr painting

stephen abbleby barr

…quirky portraiture in shades of pastel with a side of historical whimsy…yes thank you please.

As for my online art searches, here are the artists and their works that make up my current ‘weird portraits’ wish list file…starting with one of the pieces I showcased yesterday

1. Billy and Hells

billy and hells nadja

billy and hells painting

billy and hells

2. Andrey Yakov and Lili Aleeva


3. Bruno Dayan

bruno dayan

bruno dayan 2

bruno dayan 3

bruno dayan 4

I’ve shown that last one before…it’s a must own for me.

3.  Corinna Holthusen

corinna holthusen reflections 6

Clearly I have a thing for faces and decadent decadence these days.


Flower Multiplication

I’m a self-professed flower whore…love and spend too much money on them.
But, if I didn’t, my house would seem a shell of itself…truly.
Luckily, thanks to yesterday’s anniversary and the love muffin, my house’s floral quotient just got a large boost.
This arrived in the a.m…
…pretty, though to be honest, I’m not a large bouquet kind of girl…I much prefer smaller little posies sprinkled all over – more bang for your buck sort of thing…plus in giant bunches, I just don’t think you really appreciate the beauty of each bloom so…I like to leave them whole for about a day…that way hubster can enjoy his donation to the love fund…for some reason, he’s not so found of my flower break up routine…men….anyhoo…I woke up this morning and did the great flower distribution.
In the end, that bunch gave me…

…8 arrangements, a small pile of leftover greens and a new vase…
…not too shabby.
So how about you?
Are you a bigger is better kind of gal/gent or do you prefer to spread the wealth?


A Pretty Spring

I have a bit of a crazy today so a short spring inspired post.
It’s been sunny and pseudo warm here for three days in a row, the snow is slowly melting and I feel a hint of the sweetness to come.
Blue skies, flower buds and new beginnings.


steven meisel05 Spring in the Vogue

steven meisel08 Spring in the Vogue

Not much I love more than stunningly pretty photographs.
And ps, could you die over those hooded chairs? I could.
Oh and pss, if you happen to live in Canada, you might be able to catch a few of your favourite bloggers
{hint hint} on this morning’s episode of CityLine.
The episode was dedicated to lifestyle bloggers and we were even treated to a reception at the Ritz Carleton after taping- such a delightful morning!!!
Happy spring everyone!