Sneak Peek: American Standard Fixtures

Anyone who has been reading about #projectflip knows that I have been neck deep in renovations for what seems like forever! At times construction can be crazy hectic, but I have sincerely loved being able to pick and choose every element and fixture that goes into our new home. Though I am a big believer of high impact, investment pieces such as art and statement furniture, I also feel like the little details are what take the quality of the design to the next level.

As such, today I am giving a sneak peek of my favourite American Standard pieces that I’ve used in my #pineave bathrooms. Below are 3 completely different looks for 3 completely different rooms.

Product List

Ensuite Toilet

Ensuite Sink x2

Enusite bathtub

Powder faucet

Kids’ faucet x 2

Kids’ shower


Project Flip- Foundation, Windows, Fixtures and Counters

It been HUGE few weeks for #project flip.

project flip logo

To start…I was down in the dumpster last week thinking about budget for the flip in relation to the fact our house hasn’t sold yet. Saturday morning, after handing over a giant cheque to my builder the day before and having too much wine after said cheque was handed over and thus being just a little hung over the next morning, was a low point. Thankfully, I decided to get my sorry but to the gym to work off some stress and ended up running into an old friend who suggested saging my house so of course, I did like 5 minutes later because if you know me at all, you know I don’t mess with any sort of bad energy business and will jump on good energy business like kids on Christmas morning. So…I smoked every last corner and I shit you not, things have been roses, butterflies and virtual unicorns ever since.

The lowdown….which PS, has ALL been possible thanks to my incredibly awesome builder, RMS!!! LOVE them x so many millions.

1. A giant hole appeared in the backyard where our crappy overgrown weedbowl of a backyard used to be…

project flip excavation

project flip excavation

project flip excavation christine dovey

project flip excavation christine dovey

christine dovey project flip excavation

project flip excavation christine dovey

2. After said hole appeared, big guys in big trucks showed up and formed things up in preperation for concrete…

project flip cement truck

project flip forms

project flip cement forms

project flip cement forms

project flip forms

3. And then on the very next day, the concrete iteslf happened…


project flip forms for foundation

…and voila, we now have the beginnigs of a basement!

project flip foundation

project flip foundation

4. While all this was happening, I had a super fantastical meeting with gembots Ken and Franco from Fieldstone Windows


….and went through a million options for windows.

To be perfectly honest here, I find windows SOOOOOOO hard. I know what I like when I see them but when it comes to figuring out what I want, it’s like mensa level business to my brain. There are just so many options and even when you think you understand which option you like best, someone says something that makes you think the option in your head isn’t what is actually happening in real life.  Thankfully, Fieldstone Windows seemed to know right off the bat that I have the window dumbs and they made me a not one, but four videos of different options.  And then after that, they even put together still comparison shots. AMAZING customer service!!!!

So…after watching the videos, we’re down to two solid contenders…

Option 1…4 box double hungs…

project flip double hungs fieldstone windows

And option two…6 box casements…

casements project flip fieldstone windows

Any stong feels either way?

Here’s the side by sides…

casements or double hungs project flip

The urban farmhouse side of me thinks double-hungs but the KW/london townhouse girl in me like the casements so…dilemma. Also, I’ll be painting some of these suckers on the interior and casements are better for that but…I don’t know. Stuck. I’d love your opinions.

Oh and just a note…that little weird dormer isn’t going to exist so pretent it’s not there…also the stoop will be different…and the roof is going to be a pale grey. Not sure if any of that might affect the window selection but just so you have all the info:)

5. Aside from windows, I also did some shopping for other goodness…namely bathrooms….but also for the kitchen and mudroom.

Thanks to an incredible source that I have to keep secret just until I’ve actually paid for these items, these goodies will be happening…

a. powder room…

cast iron wall sink christine dovey project flip

b. kids’ bath…

christine dovey project flip trough sink

PS…the trough wll be painted black.

So in love with both.

Also, thanks to American Standard, I came home last week to some pretty fabulous packagesand will be enjoying this aces bathroom business in the new house…

Quentin shower set for the kid’s bathroom, along with a Studio Activate toilet, Boulevard double sinks and a Loft freestanding tub for the master…

american standard studio activate toilet boulevard sink loft tub quentin shower project flip

And while still on the bathroom front, I had a great meeting at the beautiful Watermarks showroom here in the GTA and picked out some other fixtures…

a. For the powderoom, this rather frilly looking Kohler Portrait toilet…

kohler portrait toilet project flip

…is hopefully going to play nicely with the vintage cast iron sink…though on the matching front, all will not be on this train my friends…some rather interesting points of departure will be happening in there to be sure:)

b. A Kohler boulevard toilet will go in the kids’ bath…

kohler bancroft toilet project flip

c. Matte black Brizo fixtures will be a feature in the master ensuite…

brizo odin shower faucet christine dovey project flip

brizo odin wall faucet projecr flip

d. My all time favourite most favourite faucet, the Kohler Karbon, is going in the kitchen…

kohler karbon faucet project flip christine dovey

…with the matching wall mount pot filler…hopefully…I heart pot fillers large…my bank account might not though.

e. For the mudroom…hopefully this Aquabrass faucet…

aquabrass masterchef faucet brushed gold christine dovey style project flip

And I think that’s all re: kitchen and bathroom fixures.

On a similar vein though, kitchen/bath counters have also been selected and I’m thrilled beyond measure to be working with Cosentino Surfaces.

a. For the kitchen, I’ll be doing Silestone Lagoon in a matte.suede finish…

silestone lagoon project flip christine dovey

…with the most beauitful integrated sink ever in my opinion…

silestone integrity sink project flip

silestone integrity sinks project flip

b. The mudroom is going black (cabinets will be grey) with Dekton Sirius in a matte finish…

dekton sirius project flip

c. And for the master, I’m very much hoping to use my new favourite counter/wall surface of all time, Dekton Aura for both the walls and vanity counter…

dekton aura project flip ensuite walls and counter

As for the rest of the weeks decisions, I firmed up paint, wallpaper and moulding but this post is getting supers long so perhaps I’ll split that up and save the rest for another day.

So full circling it back to the beginning of the post…lots has happened these past few weeks on both the construction and selection front and I can’t wait to fill you in on what’s next!!! Much more to come!