Style at Home- My Basement Reveal

I’m so excited to share with you my latest feature in Style at Home magazine.

As many of you know, we renovated our basement last year, just in time for the birth of our little Jasper.  The space was gutted and re-built in hopes of creating: some much needed new space for a TV/family/play room; a new bedroom for our eldest daughter Natasha; a full bathroom since we don’t have a powder room on the mainfloor; a functioning laundry area; and most importantly, STORAGE.

With the help of my amazing team (wjb designs, Allen Dawson, Peter Fejzaj,) I was able to create a space that has truly transformed the functionality of our home.  And to see the whole thing featured so beautifully in Style at Home ‘s October 2014 issue…

style at home october cover

…is more than just a little icing on the cake…it’s a total unicorns are real moment for yours truly.

Here she is…

OCt 14 Dovey Basement_2

OCt 14 Dovey Basement_1

OCt 14 Dovey Basement_3

OCt 14 Dovey Basement_4

OCt 14 Dovey Basement_5

OCt 14 Dovey Basement_6

OCt 14 Dovey Basement_7

OCt 14 Dovey Basement_8

A huge thanks to the whole team at Style at Home…I always feel SO lucky to work with you all.



If You Want It, Black Rooster It #19, Some Link Love and Project Decorate

Happy for Friday…especially since it’s a long weekend here…excited for family and turkey and Thanksgiving.
And speaking of the later, a holiday means one for the blog too so I’ll be back Tuesday.
For now though, I’m happy to give you a little…
…thanks to Polyvore and another fabulous site I found called Homestyler (basically a bank of empty rooms you can create 3-D fun with.)

Thanks to both, I was able to put this action together…with a LOT of help from the fabulousity that is
Black Rooster Decor

And if you want some of these goodies for your very own, here’s your shopping list…left to rightish…

Poseidon bust
Faux malachite bar cart
Studded brass box (NEED)
Royal dome chair
Tufted leather sofa
Cubism pillow
Reindeer hide
Quirky console table (WANT)
Bauhaus table lamps (WANT)
Mid century 6 arm ceiling light
Spiky starburst mirror
Spikes mirror
Pentagonal tables
Spotlight Fortuny lamp (getting this)

PS, Black Rooster is KILLING it with their inventory lately- love so so many things.

And before I go, I wanted to link you over to a few wonderfully kind posts about yours truly this week..

1. A massive thanks to Erin over at Elements of Style for posting about Jasper’s nursery

…such an honour!!!!
2. My sweet friend and photographer extraordinaire Jodi Renee posted my maternity and newborn sessions on her blog…beyond touched by her post…
You can click HERE to see all of the photos ::whispers, there’s more of Jasper’s room::
 Jodi is incredibly talented and I feel so so lucky to have had her capture such an amazingly special time.
And with that, I’ll sign off for now…with one quick reminder…don’t forget that you have 3 days left to enter my Polyvore #edgyglamour #projectdecorate contest.
Make up a board (or ten;) that competes with these stunners…
Project Decorate: Edgy Glamour

And now I’ll say bye…for realz this time.
A very Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadiana friends.
Turkey it up buttercups.


My Living Room is on the Freaing COVER and #projectdining

I was minding my own business on Twitter yesterday when my friend Vanessa up and posted a sneak peek of the January issue of Style at Home…and then I proceeded to drop dead…
I mean I seriously almost had a heart attack.
That’s my living room on the cover!!!!!
Holy shit.
I knew something was going to be on the there but for some reason, I just assumed it would be the kitchen.
To think that something I designed completely on my own was cover worthy…well, it just all makes me so incredibly grateful/humbled/ecstatic….so so honoured and amazingly happy.
A HUGE thank you to the amazing team at Style at Home who put my feature together…truly, this all means the world to me.
The issue is due to hit shelves on the 10th of December and comes complete with a pretty generous spread of my living room, foyer and yes…#pkg…there’s also a little DIY feature on my poodle chairs and a hardware story of some kind.
So…if you are in the US and want to see it, click here to subscribe– I think it’s about 25 bones for the year and definitely so so worth it…the magazine is absolutely my favourite shelter mag…not that I’m biased or anything;)
In other news…
Work continues on #projectdining.
I sent off the first official design board to my client yesterday…
…which included a modern/clean sort of look in shades of grey, white and black…with a little lilac thrown if as an accent.
Take note of the grey and brass chair on the top left…we scored a set of 4 of them on Etsy…
…for an incredible price…je suis in love.
Along with the chairs, we’re thinking of a settee, modern lighting combo of some sort and I reeeeallly want the corner of the space to house that amazing Oly Studio bust, which is PS available for purchase over at Shop 219 and is PSS, at the VERY top of my Christmas 2012 with list…I mean I need that sucker in my house… bad.
I’d also love to see all three window walls completely covered in sheers…and a bar cart of course…every space needs one of those.
After sending the board off and apres a few email exchanges, we sorted out that the space wasn’t big enough for an oval table, even though it was our first choice so instead, we’re considering re-finishing an antique one my client already owns…I’m envisioning a raw wood finish like the one in the board below…we’re also considering some other lighting plans…I’d love an antique chandy over the table and modern pendants in the kitchen.
Something like this…
…or this…

We shall see.
After putting this one together, I sort of want it all for myself.
For all you seasoned designer peeps, does that always happen?
Is being jealous of other people’s plans a constant job hazard?
Thinking this gig could be dangerous for my pocket book;)
And with that, I’ll say ta for now.
Don’t forget to enter my Charles Emerson giveaway if you haven’t already…I know you want in on some of this action…

Draw happens tomorrow.


Ivy & Piper and Some Judging

I’m THRILLED to be featured in this month’s issue of Ivy & Piper and couldn’t help but clip the pages with my mug…


…and top 10 wish list…
You can read the entire issue HERE…believe me when I tell you, it’s packed full of greatness.
In other fun news, I’ve been asked to be a judge in a fashion/styling competition that’s taking place on Facebook…one of my favourite fashion haunts, Shopgirls, is holding a ‘Style This‘ contest…
Here are the deets…
 “Become a fashion stylist by putting together your favourite ‘Business Babe’ look with carefully curated pieces from our shop. Browse the other entries by clicking the Gallery tab. Deadline for business babe looks is September 18th, 2012. The winner will be chosen by Christine from the lifestyle blog Bijou & Boheme. Stay tuned for the a new style category next week for a chance at another $100 gift card.”
So…CREATE your very own bitchen business look like this one…

…and I’ll help you win;)
Oh and speaking of coming out on top, please make sure you cast a vote HERE for your most beloved Habitat for Humanity/Home Show DIY masterpiece…my fellow participants all love and thank you kindly.

Happy almost weekend kindreds.