A Christmas DIY

I’m back!

After a whirlwind week (that I’ll tell you all about tomorrow,) I’m settling back into some semblance of a normal schedule, which means it’s most definitely time for a blog post or two.

For today, I promised a few Instagram peeps that I’d tell you all about this little DIY marquee sign I did…

diy marquee sign christine dovey style

I got the inspiration from Homey Oh My’s version….

homey oh my marquee sign

…that I first saw in Merry Mag

merry mag

…which is PS, a fabulous homemade holiday idea guide.

To start, and this was probably the hardest part, I went looking for paper mache letters. I could have ordered them from JoAnn but needed them super fast so looked around locally until finally finding an option that worked at an art supply store called DeSerres.

For the lights, I used small gold balls from Canadian Tire

diy marquee sign christine dovey styl

diy marquee sign christine dovey style

diy marquee sign christine dovey style

The trick was to make sure the gold balls: 1. looked like lights 2. were the same width as the letters.

Once the materials were home and ready, the first step was to cut the top off the letters, using an exacto knife…

diy marquee sign christine dovey style

Next, I laid out the balls just to make sure they fit in nicely…

diy marquee sign christine dovey style

Because I wanted the letters to look like the real deal metal ones, I decided to spray them matte black…I didn’t get a picture of me doing that part but here’s them after painting…

diy marquee sign christine dovey style

And since I suck at DIY turotials, I also didn’t take a photo of the last step, which is using a hot glue gun to secure the letters.

Basically, you just take off the hanging part of the ornament and glue the sucker in- easy peasy.

And when you’re done, they look like this…

diy marquee sign christine dovey style

Super fun.


One Room Challenge – Week 4

It’s been a super busy week around the piano room (to catch up on what’s been happening if you’ve missed previous posts, read all about week 1, week 2 and week 3) in a ‘feels like not much happened but when I write this post, I realize that tons has’ sort of way.  All in all, it was sort of a ‘un-glamorous work’ week…all the structural/foundation stuff was finished and though not as exciting as the pretty exciting business, it had to get done.

So let’s get to the…

one room challenge

…fun shall we.

To start with, my Mr Allen did ALOT this week…and by alot, I mean an insane amount of work.  My client’s husband was also rather busy busy and after much labour, this is what was took place…

1.  Moulding was applied below our chair rail…




2.  The central vac, along with all the wall switches, outlets and return air ducts were moved so as to not interfere with the moulding…and a coat of primer was applied to the walls…




3. A skim coat of concrete was put on the floor to level it out in anticipation of our tiles going down…



4. And in his spare time, Allen Sir Amazealot managed to construct our:

Fireplace mantle….



…and steel console table…



one room challenge console

As for my part if all of this, I stressed out ALOT over shipping and schedule business…and by alot, I again mean an ‘insane/god grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change’ sort of amount

After many messages back and forth, it turns out that our sconces weren’t in the boat they needed to be in to make our deadline so likely won’t be here in time for the reveal…insert a soundtrack of me crying huge crocodile/ I hate the world tears here. Thankfully, Nina over at Black Rooster is coming to my rescue and supplying me with one showroom sample sconce in the meantime so we can all at least get the idea of what they’re going to look like…hopefully I can do some clever photography and convince you all in some magical unicorn way that there’s actually two there;)

I also almost morphed into a stress eating strawberry jelly roll over the fireplace brick decision making…turns out off white relatively smooth brick of this vein…

herringbone fireplace brick one room challenge

…is mucho difficulto to nail down so after reviewing many many samples that just didn’t make the cut, we’re going old school and buying up some brick veneer that we’ll DIY with a coat of white paint.

And the finally, there was the tiling.  As you may remember from last week’s post, I promised that this was the week our version of this Viceroy Hotel (PS…in narrowly related news…I’m going to Miami on Friday, which after all of the above noted stress deserves a major wooooooot wooooooottt…perhaps I’ll visit this KW piece of heaven and snap some of my own inspo shots;)  nirvana would happen….

viceroy hotel

…and as I noted above, the foundation work to make this happen did get finished…unfortunately, after a bit of a scheduling snafu yesterday, the tile hadn’t arrived when the worker bees did so they left…and of course, wouldn’t you know it, the tile showed up a few minutes later…which = an entire day of floor magic waiting to happen wasted….


So though there aren’t yet photos of the triangles of marble/granite love, we can enjoy them in their ‘purest/sitting piled up on the floor’ instagram form…


…with giant promises that next week will be one heck of a post;)

Now because I always like to end things on a ‘by the grace of the gods the sun WILL come out tomorrow’ note, two majorly awesome things happened this week in the form of ORC sponsor fabulosity….

1. The two framed pieces of artwork I ordered up from Minted arrived…


…and they are even more perfect than I imagined when I ordered them up…we opted for the museum quality paper and the combo of such beautiful images on such professional paper is stunning…I literally couldn’t be happier with these…and PS, they shipped to my door in a grand total of 3 days…and I’m in Canada…that NEVER happens.  Delighted to say the least.

2. I placed a little surprise order for my clients from Lamps Plus, who will see this whole thing for the first time when reading this post this morning!!! SURPRISE A & M!!!!!

From the HUGE selection of furnishings, lighting and accessories over at Lamps Plus, I selected a pair of these ottomans, that with the help of my very talented fabric painting friend Hollie, will be re-upholstered in some gorgeous graphic linen along these lines…

one room challenge

I’m debating painting the base as well…will figure that out once they arrive.  They’re so lovely as they are but for our room, we need a little hit of the modern graphic to balance out the frilly pink walls. And heck, what would any project of mine be without a little re-invent fun;)

I have to admit that I sort of want this art and bench business for myself… a little jealz that it’s not all coming to my house! Heck…since the customer service at Minted and Lamps Plus is so amazing, I might just take advantage and order a little package of my own;)

And with that, I believe I’m done for this week…make sure you check out what the rest of my ORC friendlies have been up to…

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…and I’ll see you back here next Wednesday with large sugar plum fairy promises of floors and pink walls.


my name

Wish List Wednesday…Always on Thursday;)

I’ve got some goodies to share a la…
Blog Series- Wish List Wednesday
Again, a day late.
I’m not sure why I always have these on Thursday…just seems to work out that way all the time.
For this week, these goodies have caught my eye…
Neon Pink & Gold Cuckoo Clock. Working Condition
Neon cuckoo clocks…so fun!
Vintage Pink Porter Hooded Chair Hollywood Regency French Club Lounge Palm Beach Paris Bubble Boudoir Glamour Vanity Seat
Despite my efforts to man-up my space, I just can’t resist a pink silk porter chair– ever!
A Moment in Love 13x19 Prints
Erin Featherson 2010 Collection 8in X 11in Art Print
One of these pieces from artist Danny Roberts…I’d die to have that first one giant size.
And speaking of art, I’ve had this photographer saved in the favourites for a while and just spotted them on The Aestate, which reminded me again of their insane goodness…
Black and White Photography Art / Mannequin Photo / Sepia CELEBRATING THE ODD
Black and White Fine Art Photograph / Eye / Male / Mannequin / Abstract / Sepia I AM WATCHING YOU
Black and white photograph of female and male mannequin / Portrait / Couple / Sepia YOU AND ME
I NEED a few of these in my life- again with the faces;))))
And speaking of these photo pretties, The Aestate, and things I want…get a load of Jessica’s new closet….and yes I said closet…
the aestate closet black white gallery wall 1-1
And while still on the art/Aestate topic, I want the KW like marble print on the left from her shop
Moving on…
I’ve got big eyes for these fur pillows as of late…
B&W Feather Fur Pillow
…and would die a thousand deaths to have this Lee Boom mirror I spied on The Pink Zipper
And finally, but still on the topic of my talented friend Hollie (aka The Pink Zipper,) I want a set of these plates she made for her holiday table…
…and yes I said MADE!
Wish I had thought of that business…brilliant!
I might have to DIY a version of my own- using a black sharpie of course;)
Happy Thursday peeps.


I Love, I Bought and I Want

Let’s see…what to tell you about today.
1. The graduation ceremony last night was beautiful and well…intense.  My preggers hormones forced me to start tearing up the moment we sat down…they also made it seemingly impossible to get one decent photo of the festivities…OK…I did get one…
 The same hormonal imbalance also made me want to punch the woman in front of me straight face down…she turned around and shushed my sweet 4 year old boy after he had managed to defy all toddler laws by sitting quietly for 2 hours with absolutely no toys, food or electronics…I swear I wanted to put daggers through her eyes…anyhoo…the night was one I’ll always remember…these kids of ours, they turn into amazing people who you just know will change the world somehow, so so quickly…it’s amazingly sad and amazingly glorious all at once.
2. #projectlittlemiss got a major boost yesterday…my fabulous client gave me the A-OK and wad of cash necessary to secure these two big goodies from my favourite antique mecca, Petits et Jolis

Note my blurry photo issue…also take notice of the amazing feet that PS, are on the back as well…this puppy will be the centerpiece of the closet that won’t really be a closet when we’re done with it.
This vanity also happened…
It’s going to get a coat of blusy soft pink on the outside and a hit of magenta on the inside…yum.
A stunning little French lamp, complete with porcelain floral finial and a magical light box with 4 dancing ballerinas also got bought.
So good.
Oh and to cap my client shopping day off just right, I happened on Pink Wallpaper while blog reading and discovered that Shannon had a bundle of Schumacher’s Lace in aqua for sale…
…and then…I…a) gasped b) emailed my client while simultaneously contacting Shannon to see if it was all sold c) emailed my designer friend Hollie to make sure my yardage calculations were correct…PS I’m an amateur d) prayed to the gods that the 12 yards we needed were still unaccounted for.
As luck would have it, WE GOT IT!
So happy…$38/yard for fabric that retails for 3x times that amount.
It’s going to make some reeeeel purdy curtain panels and one rather delightful balloon valance…just you wait.
And while we’re still on the topic of #projectlittlemiss and great luck, I’m crossing fingers that these Etsy finds will also happen…
Italian Tole Chandelier
REDUCED-Large White Owl Couture Lamps
God I love vintage lighting.
3. I thankfully got confirmation that my beloved #projectscarlett wardrobe will indeed fit up my stairs…had a little scare yesterday when the mover phoned and sounded concerned…watch Instagram (@bijouandboheme) later tonight for sneaks of the install…I literally can not farking wait to see this in my house…
4. I’m totally on the ‘It’s a girl’ nursery train and not sure how I’ll get off it if the news goes the other way…don’t get me wrong, I’d LOVE to have another boy…my decorating self though wants a girl just so I can buy things like those
lavender lamps I showcased…and these divine little numbers…
White laquered swans peacocks over the crib…HELL YES.
5.  I was reading an old issue of Lonny this morning and realized I want to completely copy ‘flatter these designers by relicating their idea’…
West elm mirrored table + painted bust = haven.

Pottery barn silk drapes with added ruffle trim that pool on the floor = girl nursery curtain plan.
Hum…after finishing this post, I’m thinking I might make a series out of this one…
Love, Bought, Want…like how that sounds.
Happy Friday all…it’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Can-a-da so I’ll be:
1. Eating copious amounts of turkey
2. Finishing the mad push to get #projectscarlett done
…not at the same time;)
Happy, happy, good, good.


A Birthday, an Auction and a Few Paintings

Today is a special day around casa Bijou…it’s my sweet little dude’s birthday…
4 years ago today I held him in my arms for the very first time, scared to death that he was a boy and unsure what the hell I was supposed to do with a kid that had a weiner…but, of course, filled to the brim with total love.
Since I’m preggers at the moment, I can’t get too mushy with this or tears will literally start streaming down my face… sufficed to say that any fears I had of boydom have been so amazingly erased…this little guy completely and utterly makes me melt…he’s the most loving, mushy child and so hilarious…he’s emotional and sensitive…basically me in 4 year old boy form…he holds my hand every chance he can and starts every single day with a croaky ‘I love you mommy’ – I feel so very blessed to be him mama and thank the gods they didn’t listen to me when I said ‘no boys allowed’…how completely and utterly wrong I was…couldn’t imagine our home without him.
Damn hormones.
On a less emotional note, our Upcycle Challenge items are now up for sale on ebay…
…so my bench totally could be yours…click HERE to bid…all proceeds will be going to Habitat for Humanity so yes, a very good cause…all of the projects are fabulous so yes, buy them up!
And if you haven’t already cast your vote for the upcycle you love most, please click HERE.
In other news, I’ve just finished a few paintings…
…and Araminta (30×40)…she’ll be up in the shop later today…

Hope you like;)
Just before I go, make sure you check back tomorrow…I’m reviving my ‘Style in 7’ series with a post you won’t want to miss…I’ve decided to focus the next batch on new blog faces so introductions are a comin…which reminds me, if you have a relatively new blog and would like to get the word out on who you are and what you’re about, please shoot me an email…I’d love to feature your 7!
Happy days.

Ivy & Piper and Some Judging

I’m THRILLED to be featured in this month’s issue of Ivy & Piper and couldn’t help but clip the pages with my mug…


…and top 10 wish list…
You can read the entire issue HERE…believe me when I tell you, it’s packed full of greatness.
In other fun news, I’ve been asked to be a judge in a fashion/styling competition that’s taking place on Facebook…one of my favourite fashion haunts, Shopgirls, is holding a ‘Style This‘ contest…
Here are the deets…
 “Become a fashion stylist by putting together your favourite ‘Business Babe’ look with carefully curated pieces from our shop. Browse the other entries by clicking the Gallery tab. Deadline for business babe looks is September 18th, 2012. The winner will be chosen by Christine from the lifestyle blog Bijou & Boheme. Stay tuned for the a new style category next week for a chance at another $100 gift card.”
So…CREATE your very own bitchen business look like this one…

…and I’ll help you win;)
Oh and speaking of coming out on top, please make sure you cast a vote HERE for your most beloved Habitat for Humanity/Home Show DIY masterpiece…my fellow participants all love and thank you kindly.

Happy almost weekend kindreds.