One Room Challenge…Version 2.0 – The REVEAL!!!

It’s week 6…

one room challenge christine dovey

…and I really can’t believe I’m finally at the part where I get to say ‘I’m done and so excited to reveal my space’. The truth is, I really am so so excited. This room has been a long dumb road to get to. One that I’m not sure I’d do again honestly…re: renovating/bulding. I jumped into the 6 week challenge way back last fall when the room didn’t even exist. I mean it did in terms of being a drawing on a floorplan but in real life/actual space form, not so much. I naively thought that I had a change of willing it together in time to reveal but the gods just seemed to hate me…mostly because we just couldn’t get a damn roof on the thing, which meant, nothing could really happen inside. After some big effort from everyone involved at that time (builder, me, husband etc.,) this is where I started…aka the befores…

…and this is a glimpse of where we were come reveal time…

So yah…not #ideal.

If you missed that live action fun, you can catch up on my version one below…

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Fast forward to this round of the One Room Challenge and 6 weeks ago from today. Picture me sitting in a hotel room, waiting to actually move into the house that this little terror of a room I’m describing belonged to. I woke up on the day link ups were scheduled to start and though I hadn’t planned on taking part (because to be totally and brutally honest, I really didn’t need to add anything to my plate after a year long reno that almost killed me in so many ways,) I dove in at the last minute and posted pictures of the room that wasn’t…or wasn’t yet.  At the end of the day, I think I just needed some sort of closure on my failure last go around. I’m the kind of person that HATES not doing what I’ve signed up to do. Hates. So…in I jumped. In my head, it was going to be a much easier road than any of my other ORC goes. This time, there would be no construction. No relying on trades. No excuses. I had total control over getting this room done on time and the way I wanted. Or so I thought;)

If you missed this go around, see below…

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And to recap, in terms of before for this kick at the can, this is where version 2.0 started…

…or more accurately in terms of 6 weeks ago…here’s where things were…

christine dovey one room challenge master bedroom para paint metrie moudling super allen drop it modern wallpaper

I had an empty room with no furniture but happily, walls/wallpaper/millwork/paint were done.

So…all I had to do was what I love most…design, decorate, re-upholster, art/primp the heck out of the place.

It sounded real easy. But as always, it wasn’t a cake-walk.

For one, I just couldn’t nail down the right fabric for the chairs I planned on using. Also, I was feeling sort of blah about the room for a long time. I’m not really sure why in hindsight but I guess I’d just thought about and started at it for way too long. My 6 weeks was more accurately a year and what once felt new, was slowly starting to feel laboured and not like a first kiss.

Fast forward to week four when my hand painted drapery arrived courtesy of my brilliantly talented friend Hollie Cooper. When I showed her what I wanted, I almost instantly thought I might have got it wrong. Maybe the pattern would be too much…or maybe not enough etc. Thankfully, my self-doubt was stupid on this one and what happened after said curtain install was one of those moments us creative types always work for/towards. The minute the drapes went in, my love affair for this room instantly took hold. It became everything I hoped it would be…cozy, comfortable, neutral…but also bold, artistic and slightly ugly…that description might sound weird to some but it’s my favourite type of mix and the moment the curtains happened, the vision for the space became super duper clear. From then on, it was just a matter of taking my brain matter and bringing it really to life.

And in the end, the room did/does do what I wanted it to.

It’s grown up…probably more so than any space I’ve ever designed. It’s maybe a little more ‘decorated’ than I usually do but in a way that doesn’t rely on quirkiness as much as I usually like…instead, it just exists in this sort of comfortable realm of ‘it feels super good to be in’. And for me, I guess that feels like a bit of an evolution in terms of how I see design and well, that’s kind of cool I guess.

And with that giant long monologue, I should probably stop writing and just get to the reveal.

Here’s my little bedroom in professional photographer form, thanks to the incredibly talented/awesome Ashley Capp

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

And then some i-phone ‘diy’ specials…because…as you might notice, the first set have a propped in Platner chair from my living room because my Stellar Works chairs got held up in re-upholstery thanks to my indecision on fabric…

 christine dovey one room challenge


christine dovey one room challenge master bedroom

christine dovey one room challenge master bedroom

christine dovey one room challenge master bedroom


 christine dovey one room challenge


christine dovey one room challenge

 christine dovey one room challenge

 christine dovey one room challenge

All in all, it’s been a pretty awesome experience seeing this room grow from nothing and I have a whole heck of a lot of people to thank for it getting to where it is now.  As with every round of this crazy challenge, it’s hard not to feel ridiculously grateful for the ORC journey/ Linda for dreaming the whole thing up/ amazing sponsors for making it a little easier and more beautiful/ incredible friends and trades and suppliers for bringing visions to life.

A HUGE thanks to these peeps for getting the bones of the space to where it is now…

RMS– my builders…thanks to them for making my house…truly…having this house turn into what I always dreamed it would be is something I will always be grateful for.

Super Allen/Super Jeremy- I have no words. They are my spirit animals in carpenters form…I love them for always making me feel like what I dream up isn’t out of reach or weird or not doable. They bring to life everything I ever come up with and I’m eternally grateful.

Metrie– my house would be a shell of a house without the interior finishings, millwork and doors from Metrie. This room is no exception. My love for this company and all of their fixings is real.

Para Paints– Loucks Farm for the win…love the warm, dark, taupy grey like no ones business.

Drop it Modern– always a favourite…wallpaper geniuses with the best customer service/customization options in all the land. This company has come through for me in terms of wallpaper dreams over and over again. Love x so so much.

Alexanian– my room is grounded with the white oak floors that run through the whole house and I love them in real and deep ways. So thankful to have worked with them on my whole house.

Fieldstone Windows– double hung windows that I got to paint the colour of my walls and that fulfill all my window dreams ever = happiness.

Trumeau Stones– true craftsmanship is something that’s hard not to admire and seeing my limestone fireplace(s) installed in this new house was something that made me feel so incredibly grateful. Our bedroom surround is truly the focal point of the room and I couldn’t love it more.

Hollie Cooper Interiors– no words here again…Hollie is my dear dear friend and I treasure her to the moon and back. On top of that, she’s an incredible talent who always manages to take my crazy draper/paint/pillow requests and make them real. As I mentioned earlier in the post, the drapery she made for this room (and moss green silk + Hollyhock pillows,) are my favourite.

J and J Made– upholsterer of my unicorn dreams…that’s all I have to say on that front. When you can re-do a settee and pair of chairs on one week, you’re forever A-Ok in my books. Also, the quality of the upholstery is business.

Karastan– all I have to say here is leopard in carpet form. Love.

Crystorama– I’m a vintage lighting lover so new crystal has always scared me a bit…enter Crystorama and I’m a total convert. ADORE the bedroom chandy.

DecoratorsBest– fabric nirvana…that is all. My settee is so much happier in its Pindler and Pindler black vinyl glory.

JF Fabrics– Stellar Works chairs are soooooo much more handsome with their new wool covers/moss green silk pillows.

Black Rooster Decor– I could never ever do a room without a little BR furniture/art/accessory goodness in it…ever. For this reveal, it’s all about the white vase/morrocan table/graphic art/reindeer hide/applique pillow happiness.

Druthers and Hammond– custom makers of so many good things. My nightstands had to be designed to perfectly fit in a really narrow space and they do…and the finish is sublime…and I love love love how they look.

Upper Canada Specialty Hardware– this room has the same black hardware as the rest of my house and I love it so hard. UCSH is an amazing resource with the best, best selection.

Park Blvd– I didn’t love texture in the way I do now until I discovered this pillow company. Their textiles are just beyond and I’m so happy to have some Scottish wool/ lambswool in this room…it just makes it all infinitely more cozy.

Arianna Belle– I don’t think I’ve ever worked on a project and not had one of her pillows…I finally got to use my fave Kubus in this space and lurv it.

Nicole Cohen– the most inspiring creative talent I know and someone I’m lucky to call a friend…her photography is splashed all over this room.

Society 6– art + great prices + a huge variety…so good.

Anewall– I love this store…plain and simple. I think every room of my new house has a little anewall in it. Their love and admiration for history mixed with a little edge is totally my jam.

Minted– art love again…so many beautiful pieces to select from…my fireplace car is an all time favourite.

Fiori Oakville– a room of mine would never be the same without their flowers…ever.

(And some other source goodness…Chairs- Stellar Works; Linen bedding- West Elm; Sheets, marble vase and wood ball- HomeSense; Art (not noted already)- Leigh Viner, IKEA, vintage; Throws- Elte and HomeSense; Console table- Vern and Vera; Vase and Jonathan Adler canister- Shop 219; Brass script- Gleena Ceramics; Cotton- Sheridan nurseries; Mirrors, cone, bust and wood form- vintage; Ceiling medallion- Home Depot; Platner chair- vintage; Settee- Flik and Company; Picture frames- Michaels and IKEA; Canvas wrapping- Art Printing; Book- Indigo; Candle- H&M Home; Sconces- CB2)

And with that, I think this reveal is a wrap:)))

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you venture over to see all of the incredible reveals from the featured designers

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AND…also dive in to see all that my fellow linkers have put together…so many good things to be enjoyed and inspired by.

Until next time!!!

*** edit…for some bizarre reason, my comment box doesn’t seem to be working, which on an ORC reveal day, is a pretty large bummer. If any wordpress geniuses out there know why this might be happening, I’d so appreciate the help!!! In the meantime, you can leave a comment by replying to mine if you feel so inclined:)


The Business of Design – Project Rykert Reveal

I’m so excited to share with you the final reveal of a home I recently completed, Project Rykert.

This project was so fun for me to do for so many reasons. Firstly, the house belonged to an old friend of mine from University so being able to reconnect with him, while also getting to know his beautiful family was such a treat.

Also, as clients, they were really amazing to work with. Together, they had a very definite vision of where they wanted the house to go, which included all of my favourite things: layers of meaningful pieces, vintage mixed with new, wallpaper and colour, masculine and feminine touches etc.  Their main goal was to create a house that felt comfortable and relaxed but still elegant and thoughtful. They wanted each piece to reflect them and speak to their interests and passions.  We were after quality and comfort, but also

It was amazing working with people who love ‘the mix’ just as much as I do and who weren’t afraid to look off the beaten path for treasures.

So…with this as our starting ground…

project rykert before photos christine dovey

project rykert before photos christine dovey

project rykert before photos christine dovey

project rykert before photos christine dovey

project rykert before photos christine dovey

project rykert before photos christine dovey

…and the help of…

1. Super Allen…who created a custom fireplace surround, heart, wall mouldings and firebox (he also completely renovated their basement).

2. Mango Reclaimed and J&J Made…who gave a vintage settee a total once over.

3. Hollie Cooper…who created beautiful custom linen curtains with matte black hardware…she also supplied the stunning leopard pillows on the sofa.

4. Suppliers: Black Rooster Decor, Elte, Elte Market, Shop 219, Lamber et Fils, CasaLife, Restoration Hardware, and more vintage stores than I can count.

5. Roderick Dunn…who did some A-one wallpapering in the foyer.

…we made this all happen…




























And I couldn’t be happier with how everything came together.

Such a fabulous feeling to be a part of making someone’s house a home.


One Room Challenge – Week Four

Hi and welcome to week 4 of my kick at the…

one room challenge christine dovey maude arsenault photograph


PS…so far said can has not been hit.  I’ve been swinging a lot but no direct contact has been made lol.

If you’ve been following my ORC game through weeks one, two and three, you know I probably bit off a little more than I can chew by deciding to make over a room in my #projectflip renovation that didn’t even really exist at the start of the 6 week challenge.

You’ve probably also come to the conclusion that making this decision renders me a tad nuts but to be fair, when I signed up for this challenge round a few months back, I really did believe construction would be farther along.  If things like permit delays and asbestos hadn’t gotten in the way, I’d sooooo be in a better spot.

As it stands though, I’ve been dealt a bit of a shizzly hand and started a few Wednesdays back with nothing more than some framed walls and a sheeted floor.

And after 3 tumultuous roller coaster weeks, here is where I now stand.

My incredible contractor (my favourite person on earth right now) installed a fake roof so that we could move forward on getting the room’s electrical and HVAC done…it also meant that drywall could go up this week…

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

Now because it’s October in Canada, a tarp was laid on top of the temporary roof so that we could keep the bedroom looking like this….

christine dovey one room challenge construction

…rather than like this…

christine dovey one room challenge construction

…on the ensuite side of things. Oy.

The drywall/rain/temporary roof situation was pretty aces in terms of letting us move things along but of course, not a permanent solution so when the most beautiful trusses of all time finally showed up this past Friday…

christine dovey one room challenge construction

…there was much rejoicing.

And then, as if the heavens actually opened up as if to reveal a giant warm hug, a real roof magically started to appear…

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

Which after two days of massive effort from the construction crew, brought us to last night at around 8pm and a completely trussed and sheeted roof.

All good news.

Except a giant monsoon like storm is scheduled for today (Wednesday if you’re reading later in the week) and plywood planks won’t keep that business out of dodge so once again, tarps are going up and nailed down.

So…hopefully as you read this, the tarps are holding strong and water is being kept out of my nicely drywalled room because you know…floors, moulding, wallpaper and the like is all supposed to start happening like yesterday…no biggie.

Deep breaths.

Of course, aside from construction adrenaline party, this week had other perks.

To start, Nuart Framing did a killer job on my Maude Aresenualt piece from the Print Atelier and alongside my Maja Cunningham car photo from Minted , it’s a nice little his and hers moment…

christine dovey one room challenge maude arsenault and minted photographs

Also, Hollie Cooper (my dear friend and the bestest pillow maker around) dropped off my Kelly Weartler Mineral Velvet/Robert Allen black leather pillows…

christine dovey one room challenge decoratorsbest pillows kelly wearstler velvet leather trim hollie cooper interiors

christine dovey one room challenge decoratorsbest pillows kelly wearstler velvet leather trim hollie cooper interiors

…and I’m obsessed with them…a huge thank you to DecoratorsBest on the fabric/trim front.

And while still on the topic of textiles, my Arianna Belle Pierre Frey Kubus lumbar pillow also arrived…and well, it’s delicious…

one room challenge christine dovey pierre frey kubus pillow arianna belle

Next up on the good textile news front…I made a little visit to Tonic Living headquarters to pick up my pink linen drapes.

1. The curtains are all kinds of awesome…

christine dovey one room challenge tonic living drapery

christine dovey one room challenge tonic living drapery

2. So is the store…

christine dovey one room challenge tonic living

And finally, on the gianormous plus side of ORC life, Trumeau Stones installed my hearth…

christine dovey one room challenge trumeau stones hearth

…and sent me these progress pics of my fireplace nirvana…

christine dovey one room challenge trumeau stones fireplace

christine dovey one room challenge trumeau stones fireplace

christine dovey one room challenge trumeau stones

And that alone, easily makes up for the stress of everything else.

So. In. Love.

PSA…if you’re in the market for a custom fireplace surround and live anywhere remotely close to Toronto, Trumeau Stones my friends…Trumeau Stones.

So…to summerize this week:

1. Construction continued to be a roller coaster ride of joy/terror.

2. My contractor continued to shock and amaze by pulling out every possible stop to try and make this happen for me…as of Tuesday at 8pm, he was texting me from a window store trying to find something temporary to put up so that we could seal the room and really push forward on interior stuff.  I call that DEDICATION.

3. More pretty arrived from fabulous ORC sponsors and I feel super duper grateful.

4. I still have a crapload to get done…and it’s more than just a little overwhelming…once again, the ORC has made me exceedingly happy wine exists.

Here’s the schedule of what still has to happen before reveal…if the construction photos weren’t clue enough lol…

Wednesday- inspections and install of a temporary window until the real one is delivered early December

Thursday- more inspections and installation of temperature control measures so that we can lay our wood floor; ceiling drywall

Friday- wood floor goes in…as does the fireplace; more inspections and hopefully the all clear to soldier on

Saturday- Monday- wall moulding install a la #superallen

Tuesday- painting

Wednesday-Thursday- wallpaper install

Friday- lighting and drapery install and the furniture moving from my house 3 doors down to this one

Saturday- more furniture install and styling

Sunday- photo shoot

Are you laughing yet? I am…it’s all I can do so as to not completely loose my mind. 10 days my friends…10 days. Glug, Glug, Glug.

Oh and my husband just left on a 9 day business trip…cue whatever song screams woe is me please.

Here’s hoping this talented lot is fairing slightly better…

One Room Challenge Fall 2015 Participants

…with all kinds of pretty non-construction photos to share with you this week:)
Oh…speaking of pictures..check back later if you feel up to it…because work finished after dark last night, I wasn’t able to take some snaps of the sheeted roof in place…I’ll do that after I drop the kidlets off at school and upload them to this post…I might even get super fancy and do a little Periscope action…we shall see.

Updates on Project Greenbay and a Bathroom Design

It’s been a while since I last updated you on #projectgreenbay so here’s some tidbits on that front…

For one, we’ve really cemented our plan for the son’s room, in terms of fabrics, bedding and rug…it looks like this…

projectgreenbay son bedroom fabric bedding rug plan christine dovey style

We went back and forth on rugs and the RugsUSA one above won out…though we did have a momentary laps when I discovered this newbie from Anthro…

anthropologie rug

The blue and green are all sorts of perfect for our room.

Thankfully, Anthro solved the debate for us by only offering this lovliness in 5×7 so…we’re going to do both!

That’s right…the large dark number will go in the bedroom and this Beni like thing will go in the pass-through space that leads to the ensuite…like this…

project greenbay sons bedroom and pass through room anthropologie rug rugs usa rug cb2 sofa manuel canovas fabric biscuit bedding

Happy days.

What else this week??

Oh yes… the girls’ bedroom…it’s about to get a whole lot of pretty come curtain time thanks to a last minute brainwave on the drapes…which really came from a last minute Pinterest inspiration find.

The new plan will involve this business…

project greenbay daughter bedroom nina campbell paradiso wallpaper fringe trim antique settee

Those House Beautiful curtains made my head sort of pop off when I first saw them so yup…we’re making our own version with the tassel fringe bottom left. Also…the sofa…I don’t really need to explain that…though I should tell you that we-re going to re-upholster in that pink leather right there.

And for the big girl, we’ve nailed down her bed. It’s real purdy…

project greenbay daughter bedroom designers guild peacock fabric gilt bed

Next up…main floor.

The dining/kitchen area has had a big kick in the pants when it comes to decision making.

Thanks to the amazing Jessica Waks, we were able to find a custom furniture maker here in Toronto called Carrocel.

Let me just say that they have been a JOY to work with and are able to do the sort of custom pieces that I’ve been dying to make.

For #projectgreenbay they’re making these things for us as we speak…

a. A pair of canopy chairs that will sit in front of the kitchen bar…we’re having them upholstered in Schumacher’s Gainsborough velvet…

project greenbay canopy chairs carrocel christine dovey style schumacher gainsborough velvet blush

b) Using Jessica’s dining chairs below as inspiration, we’re doing a set of Louis chairs in O&L blue/black Snake Charmer, with white and gold frames that will sit around a rather massive Saarninen tulip table…

project greenbay dining chairs carrocel osborne and little snake charmer jessica waks carrocel chairs christine dovey style

I just got a progress shot of how it’s all coming along and look!

carrocel custom chairs project greenbay christine dovey style

carrocel custom chairs for project greenbay christine dovey style

…so many pretty chairs!

Along with the Carrocel greatness, we’ve also ordered 6 of these beauties from Lawson Fenning...they’ll be finished in O&L faux white ostrich…

project greenbay lawson fenning stools osborne and little ostrich christine dovey style

And while on the topic of Lawson Fenning, a pair of these in Kravet Versailles Emerald velvet were ordered for the library…

project greenbay library kravet versailles velvet lawson fenning trousdale chair christine dovey style

…as was this set of thin framed brass chairs, which we’re doing in maybe the prettiest fabric of all time, Schumacher’s Prestwick Wool Satin…

project greenbay lawson thin framed brass chairs schumacher prestwick wool in pink christine dovey style chairs

And yes, I’m very much living vicariously through the joy that is this house.

Now…I don’t want you all to think that all projects that I work on are this epic in scope.

Sometimes people hire me on an hourly consulting basis to help them decide on finishes, fixtures, furniture etc. etc.

Such was the case with a bathroom remodel that we’ll call #projectbritney.

I was asked to help with the selection of mirrors, tile, grout, lighting and accessories.

Well, as some of you might have seen yesterday on Instagram, I just got some progress shots and holy moly…it’s definitely one of my favourite bathrooms to date and it’s not even finished yet…I’m sort of dying over the combo of the wall to wall subway, black paint, globe lights and Venetian mirrors…

project britney new christine dovey style subway tile venetian mirrors globe lights

project britney bathroom christine dovey style globe lights subway tile dark grout venetian mirrors marble counters

Stay tuned for a final reveal of that shortly.

And with that, I think we’re finito for today.

Super Allen is here working on my #oneroomchallenge bathroom because guess what?!?! After a week of delays, my tile is arriving this afternoon! Thank the gods. Here’s hoping I have beaucoup progress to show you next Wednesday.


Curtain Call

You know what the old downside is to having a new fabulously pretty space (i.e. #PKG)? Turns out it shines a glaring light on the little imperfections in the rest of house…I woke up a few days ago thinking that there are certain things about my home that now, apres kitchen gorgeous, look like a monkey’s armpit.
For one, the kitchen is tres sparkly…I can’t show you this now but you can imagine…tons of reflective marble combined with 3 chandeliers and brand new pot lights means light…lots of light…and PS, it’s glamorous light…my living room on the other hand, in a weird twist of design fate, is looking kind of dull…it needs a little sparkle of its own…don’t get me wrong, I still love it and nothing at all major is going to happen in there…it just needs a few small sparkle tweaks.
And the big one is going to involve this area….
You see those curtains…well they kind of hold a little DIY dirty secret…when I bought them a few years back I had no effing idea how to plaster them up there…I didn’t know Meredith back then you see…custom curtain rods…had no idea how/where to go about that and because it’s a 25 foot or so span of windows, there was no finding a store bought rod…so…cover your eyes if you’re squeemish…I did the only thing a girl in my position could do…this…
I bought some u-hooks and cut down wood dowel and managed to get them up…sort of…yes they hang there and they skim the floor nicely BUT ideally, and in a pretty/good world, they’d go to the ceiling and I’d have a rod that spanned the whole wall.
Well boys and girls, I believe in thinking positively (most of the time) and I want a damn rod…a pretty one.
It could be brass…

or white or chrome/nickel…
{and PS on the above, those kelly green curtains make me weak…divine}
or black…

{that dining room on the right is one of my favourite spaces EVER!!}

{all pictures via HERE}
or…best of all perhaps…it could be LUCITE!!!
Hello yumminess from The Paris Apartment…don’t you just adore everything from there?
And then there’s this recent heavenly discovery….

Gretchen Everett Hardware….I heart you in a laaaarge way.

What do you think would be the best choice pour moi?
And just to help you narrow it down, I won’t be choosing white, black or chrome…so that leaves you two to pick from:)

Happy Monday beauties.