I’m Entering a Contest a la Polyvore and Modcloth

As you know, I’ve been loving up the Polyvore lately…mostly for its new home app that takes moodboard making to a whole new ‘I’m addicted like crack’ level (and yes, I currently reside in a city whose mayor admits to smoking the aforementioned stuff…I have no words or whitty remarks on that insanity front…please pray for us is all I can say there)…
Untitled #73

Black Fire White Ice

Sexy Glm

Sexy Glam Contest

we wear the pants

Untitled #70


And though I’m waaaay more a decor person than a fashion person, I do also enjoy Polyvore’s clotheshorse arm…especially when there’s a contest going on.

Hence, this little diddy I just put together for Modcloth


Apparently, I can win something like for creating/posting this wee ensemble so please help out an old friend by liking my ‘set’.

Merci many buckets in advance.



If You Want It, Black Rooster It #19, Some Link Love and Project Decorate

Happy for Friday…especially since it’s a long weekend here…excited for family and turkey and Thanksgiving.
And speaking of the later, a holiday means one for the blog too so I’ll be back Tuesday.
For now though, I’m happy to give you a little…
…thanks to Polyvore and another fabulous site I found called Homestyler (basically a bank of empty rooms you can create 3-D fun with.)

Thanks to both, I was able to put this action together…with a LOT of help from the fabulousity that is
Black Rooster Decor

And if you want some of these goodies for your very own, here’s your shopping list…left to rightish…

Poseidon bust
Faux malachite bar cart
Studded brass box (NEED)
Royal dome chair
Tufted leather sofa
Cubism pillow
Reindeer hide
Quirky console table (WANT)
Bauhaus table lamps (WANT)
Mid century 6 arm ceiling light
Spiky starburst mirror
Spikes mirror
Pentagonal tables
Spotlight Fortuny lamp (getting this)

PS, Black Rooster is KILLING it with their inventory lately- love so so many things.

And before I go, I wanted to link you over to a few wonderfully kind posts about yours truly this week..

1. A massive thanks to Erin over at Elements of Style for posting about Jasper’s nursery

…such an honour!!!!
2. My sweet friend and photographer extraordinaire Jodi Renee posted my maternity and newborn sessions on her blog…beyond touched by her post…
You can click HERE to see all of the photos ::whispers, there’s more of Jasper’s room::
 Jodi is incredibly talented and I feel so so lucky to have had her capture such an amazingly special time.
And with that, I’ll sign off for now…with one quick reminder…don’t forget that you have 3 days left to enter my Polyvore #edgyglamour #projectdecorate contest.
Make up a board (or ten;) that competes with these stunners…
Project Decorate: Edgy Glamour

And now I’ll say bye…for realz this time.
A very Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadiana friends.
Turkey it up buttercups.


Polyvore Contest Collaboration- #projectdecorate

Here goes post #2 for today (haven’t done that in a while)…if you missed #1, here scroll down or click here🙂
For now, I’m THRILLED to tell you that I, along some other blogging/decorating friends, am honoured to be a part taking part in Polyvore’s Project Decorate.
Home decor

[clipped to polyvore.com]

And what’s this all about you ask?
Basically, it’s a super duper exciting initiative from the brilliant peeps over at Polyvore, created to help promote their new ‘home’ application.

For my part, I was asked to do a few funboat things.

First, I had to define my style with a little moodboard action.

Here’s what I came up with for that…

Personal Style

Next, I was to dream up my own little contest.

Step one…think of a theme.

For that, I put together something that definitely reflects my own personal style and the kind of aesthetic I’m most drawn to…

Wild Rose

Called ‘wild rose’ it’s all about femininity mixed with a little spunk…edgy glamour as it were.

Step Two…pull together a collection of 20-30 items that reflect the theme.

Here’s that…

Step three…decide on a store that works with what I’m doing and offer up a $500 gift card to said shop…this one was easy peasy…you all know my love for/girl worship of…

And finally, share the contest across the interwebs.

Now that all is in place, the fun can officially begin.

So…if you like my ‘style bag’…

Project Decorate: Edgy Glamour With Christine Dovey

…and want to win $500 to spend at Kelly Wearstler


…and put together your own ‘Edgy Glamour’ board using Polyvore’s amazingly easy/fun/addictive home app.

If you need some inspiration/ideas on what to create , just look at the entries already in…

…so fun to see how differently each person interprets the theme:)

My ‘edgy glamour’/ #projectdecorate contest…

Edgy Glamour

…will run for 5 days only and then 2 lucky ducky winners will be selected.

A huge, huge thanks to Polyvore and the #projectdecorate team for asking me to take part…so honoured/excited.

Good luck my friends and enter away…can’t wait to see what you all come up with!!!!



Ivy & Piper and Some Judging

I’m THRILLED to be featured in this month’s issue of Ivy & Piper and couldn’t help but clip the pages with my mug…


…and top 10 wish list…
You can read the entire issue HERE…believe me when I tell you, it’s packed full of greatness.
In other fun news, I’ve been asked to be a judge in a fashion/styling competition that’s taking place on Facebook…one of my favourite fashion haunts, Shopgirls, is holding a ‘Style This‘ contest…
Here are the deets…
 “Become a fashion stylist by putting together your favourite ‘Business Babe’ look with carefully curated pieces from our shop. Browse the other entries by clicking the Gallery tab. Deadline for business babe looks is September 18th, 2012. The winner will be chosen by Christine from the lifestyle blog Bijou & Boheme. Stay tuned for the a new style category next week for a chance at another $100 gift card.”
So…CREATE your very own bitchen business look like this one…

…and I’ll help you win;)
Oh and speaking of coming out on top, please make sure you cast a vote HERE for your most beloved Habitat for Humanity/Home Show DIY masterpiece…my fellow participants all love and thank you kindly.

Happy almost weekend kindreds.


Design Refuge: This is Me!

Just under the wire, I am posting my entry to the Design Refuge October Contest.  Here is my ‘design style’ in a nutshell, or in 3 pictures as the case may be:)

First, my living room- nothing defines my personal style more than my own home- it is my place of bliss.

Next, the first room in a magazine that I truly fell in love with; it encapsulates everything I love about decor.  The room is energetic but restrained, modern but lived in.  And on a purely superficial level, the artwork and yellow chairs make my heart sing.

And finally, this space…modern, vintage, new, reused, bold, subtle, white, colourful- all of it gorgeous and exactly how I define my style.