My Christmas Decor – with Veronneau

Hi all!

It’s been forever since I checked in so wanted to sign in and share some goodness.

Today, I’m super happy to be able to show you how we’ve decorated this year for Christmas. It’s actually the first one we’re going to be spending at our new/old house so I really wanted to make it special. My parents and sister/her family will be joining us, so definitely had to make the place festive.

This year, the scheme started with my newly found obsession with pink babys breath. I worked with the incredibly talented Coyote Flowers on an Christmas install we did for a local hotel, and was convinced then and there that I wanted a version of that install, in my own house. The pink was to be the foundation of the colour story, with some burgundy layered in for a contrast. And of course, I wanted a decidedly romantic feel with a touch of decadence because why not right?!?!

So with the concept in place, I set to work compiling all the pieces of the puzzle.

To start, of course we needed a tree. When we were renovating this house, the chaos of the construction and moving resulted in our existing Christmas tree being somehow lost…cue tears and a lot of cursing. Though we have bought real ones in the past, I wanted to have decorations up for all of December so decided an artificial one was again the way to go. I looked around a bunch and then got super excited when Veronneau reached out to me. For those who may not know, Veronneau is a fabulous decor store based in Quebec. They offer furniture, accessories, seasonal decor, artificial plants, design services and holiday rentals. After looking through their site to find potential tree candidates, I very happily landed on this 7.5′ beauty

I LOVE the thick flocking and the size works perfectly in our space.

Next, I needed some decorations so in keeping with the colour story, I ordered up some of these…

Pink Glass

White fur balls

And copper picks

And that was the base for what was going to happen with the tree.

In terms of the rest of the decor, I knew I wanted beautiful stockings, garlands and a large wreath for the front door.

For the later, I chose this loveliness

My order came super quickly and I was even more in love with everything once I saw it in person.

And once all was put in place our house is now holiday ready…

So yes…I’m not mad about how it all came together at all and would highly recommend Veronneau to all those who might be in the market for some holiday decor…they offer beautiful things, great prices and most importantly, exceptional service.

I’ll be sharing the second part of this reveal, the family shots, early next week so stay tuned for that and a HUGE thank you to the amazing Kieran Darcy in the meantime for capturing things, as she always does, in the absolute prettiest of lights.


Canadian Tire Full Reveal!

As mentioned in my previous post, I had the pleasure of working with the fantastic team at Canadian Tire to create a tailored elegant holiday space using the CANVAS Home & Dining collection. Though I usually tend to gravitate towards pink, burgundy and metallics for Christmas, I loved coming up with a design using Canadian Tire’s colour of the year, Spiced Plum! This colour is so elegant and luxurious, while also being cozy and inviting. When used with golds and traditional green, it feels almost nostalgic, but also unexpected and modern.

When I started coming up with a design plan for the space, I really honed in on creating something layered, rich and full of detail. I wanted to the design to feel whimsical, ethereal, and artistic…

canadian tire spiced plum christine dovey moodboard christmas

…which is reflected both in the moodboard above, and the Canadian Tire Spiced Plum Pinterest board the team and I have been busily pinning away to…as you can see from all the clips, the design scheme was largely led by the colour story. It was really exciting for me to create something in a palate I’ve never really used before and I’m now a total plum convert:)

And aside from the colour scheme, what I love how the CANVAS Christmas Collection is how it incorporates piece that range from whimsical and ethereal to elegant and refined. There are items that feel one of a kind, as well as ornament staples like metallic springs and beautifully coloured balls. The CANVAS Christmas Collection makes creating a beautifully styled holiday, a one stop shop affair.

And with that, here’s ‘Spiced Plum Regalia‘ a la Canadian Tire’s CANVAS Christmas Collection and yours truly…

I like holiday decorating that doesn’t feel too contrived and enjoy layering natural elements, along with decor pieces that make the holiday vision feel relaxed and elegant, but still playful and natural. I love a little glamour but not so much that the aesthetic feels forced. And as with all my design work, Christmas needs decor a good hit of whimsy/irreverence…the Canadian Tire CANVAS Christmas Collection makes creating this kind of look easy and so much fun. It’s inspired me in so many ways in terms of how I want to decorate my own home this year. And if you are as well , here are my tips for creating your own ‘Spiced Plum Regalia‘ holiday look at home, using the CANVAS collection…

1. Use springs and artificial flowers with natural bows and pine cones to fill in create
garlands, tabletop and mantle.
2. Mix whimsical forest inspired elements like tree stumps and woodland creatures,
with more refined ornaments, vases and decor.
3. Incorporate shades of spiced plum (ranging from lilac to almost black,) silver and
natural greenery to make an enchanted regalia scene come to life.
4. Make a loose garland out of natural greenery for the center of the dining table.
Fill with faux blooms to co-ordinate with fireplace. Stack dishes casually at one end
of table and use cake plates, silverware and linens to fill in the tablescape. Wood
cutting boards and/or platters can mix with crystal, china and antique brass
candlesticks to make for a relaxed and elegant table.
5. Place clusters of white pillar candles around the foot of staircases and around
fireplace. Use tapered candles in vintage candlesticks on the dining table.
6. Use velvet and satin ribbon in shades of plum and violet, along with sprigs and
foliage to wrap presents papered in brown craft or metallic paper.
And then when you’re done, share your beautiful design on social media using the hashtag #mycanvasstyle!!!
As always, a huge thank you to Canadian Tire for giving me the opportunity to help showcase their beautiful collection.  With 6 colour stories to choose from, there truly is a holiday look to suit every style with the CANVAS Christmas Collection!

Art Fair Fridays – Gabryel Harrison

It’s Friday once again, which means both Heirloom & Knot and I are very happy to share with you the latest instalment in our ongoing Art Fair Fridays series, where we bring you weekly design inspiration and exclusive interviews with the talented artists that inspire our creativity on a daily basis.

Today, we’re so excited to share with you the incredible oil works of Gabryel Harrison. His romantic florals are both joyful and melancholy and speak to the artist’s love for both once what was and what will be. Harrison’s paintings are feminine, ethereal and laced with a touch of sadness. They’re pretty but not at all saccharine…strong in their hauntingly perfect moodiness.

How long would you say you have been a professional artist and what has lead you to this point in your career?

I have been a professional artist for 15 years.I have been led by an unremitting flame, sometimes small and wavering, often assailed by inner winds of doubt, at other times burning bright and steady with a clarity that guides and illumines my choice. Commitment to the practice of painting is like any singular devotion, I am brought closer and closer to a felt inner knowing of my place in the world, all the while polishing off the extraneous edges. Crafting a career has been much like the unfolding of a painting. Each mark I lay down causes a resonance to occur throughout the field of the work. The mark may be a failure, yet each succeeding mark is a responsive act that leads eventually to the resolution of greatest harmony, where all the elements sing.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received about your art ?

Many years ago when my deepest engagement with art-making was in the effort to write poems, I met a well known writer who simply said “keep writing”. One can study philosophy, read others, look at the great painters of our time or of history, but in the end to paint well, one must paint. The necessity is long hours of solitary work in the

studio, brush in hand. Before art making, if there was such a time for me, I still hear the words of my parents. Do what you believe in. Do the best you can.

How would you describe your creative process?

My creative process is fumbling in the dark, listening to dreams, meandering yet simultaneously disciplined. I enter the studio every day with an intention to risk, to open to the unknown. I study the testimony of others who have gone before me, their writings, their paintings, the evidence of their investigations. I walk in the world with eyes wide open. I study my own heart. I meditate. Ideas live here, unfettered by our defence mechanisms. Morandi looked at the same bottles all his life, I try and look as he did, to be startled by the flowers before me into something fresh, something beyond the arrangement of petals, in the process of looking and painting to touch a fragment of the new.

What is your favourite medium to work in?

My favourite medium to work in is oil paint. I love the smell, the viscosity, the buttery richness of textures and color, the endless ability to glaze and form transparencies, to drip and fling, caress and scrape oil paint.

What has been your biggest career highlight to date?

I can think of more than one career highlight that illustrate very different feelings of encouragement along the way. Firstly, I am in the gratitude that the sale of my paintings have been able to contribute funds to various worthy charity auctions. In one such event my painting was highly contested in a bidding war that caused great excitement in the room, going well above all expectations and raising much money for the cause. This led to an interview with a well known Vancouver television personality. I have also had the pleasure of attending another such auction where i was able to benefit the renowned Canadian men’s choir Chor Leoni and to hear their special guest soprano Laura Widgett singing arias from Verdi and Puccini barely an arms length away.
On another note entirely, I was once commissioned to create a painting that contained a portion of the ashes of my client’s mother. In a very ceremonial way i mixed, at his request, these traces of her body into the paint that became the embodiment of her favourite roses. This task entrusted to me felt like a sacred act, an honouring of life that was a great gift, a definite pinnacle in my journey.

How would you describe your signature style?

Emotional, lush and darkly evocative, romantic with traces of melancholy.

Where do you find your greatest creative inspiration?

Nature. Nature and all the myriad ways others have made art from nature. I am inspired by the beautifully realized visions of other painters, writers, poets, the renderers of architecture, forms of fashion, the melancholy of autumn, the way plants always find the light and the inevitable dying of the day.

What do you think sets your work apart from other artists?

I think what sets my work apart from other artists is the sense of the past, a felt echo of vanitas painters brought forward in a contemporary way. I like to show the flowers in all stages of their life cycle, not just in their prime but in the beauty and integrity of each passage of life. I think somewhere perhaps we might all feel a bit between worlds, caught between ancestral memory and the present moving so rapidly we are almost foreigners in our own time.

Art Fair Fridays - Gabryel Harrison

Gabryel Harrison

Product Information:

No. 1  Top Shop – Colourblock Faux Fur Stole –  £32.00

No. 2   Dolce & Gabbana – Metallic Textured Leather-Trimmed Wood Clutch – $8,071.00

No. 3  One Kings Lane – Harper Linen Bergère, Cerise – $1,649.00

No. 4  Kate Spade – Stripes Ornament – $30.00

No. 5  Saks Fifth Avenue –  Diamond-Pattern Glitter Glass Ornament – $42.57


No. 6  Bergdorf Goodman – Sapin Scented Candle – $70.00

No. 7  Pier One – Velvet Amaryllis Wreath – $69.95—22%22/2970719,default,pd.html?cgid=christmas-wreaths#icid=cat_christmas-subcat_christmas_floral-subcat_tile_christmas_wreaths&nav=tile&start=1

No. 8  H&M Home – Velvet cushion cover – $12.99


Romance with a dash of haunting sadness is maybe my favourite art tone of all and Harrison captures it every so perfectly. I’m obsessed.

Here are my 5…

art fair fridays gabryel floral 2 christine dovey heirloom and knot

bryel harrison christine dovey heirloom and knot 14_of_human_sorrow

bryel harrison christine dovey heirloom and knot french kiss

art fair fridays gabryel harrison christine dovey heirloom and knot all_their_flame

bryel harrison christine dovey heirloom and knot light_must_make_its_way

The deep burgundy mixed with flashes of neon pink…be still my heart.


Holiday Decorating, Kids and Some New Paintings

Happy new week.
Can you effing believe Christmas is only 9 days away???
I sure as hell can’t.
Thanks to earpocolypse, I have count them…two gifts purchased.
We’re definitely doing a scaled down Christmas this year but even with the idea of buying less, I still have a lot of shopping to do.
Thankfully, a giant snowfall over the weekend gave me some time to get the decorating done.
I’m not sure if I mentioned but somehow in the course of basement renovations, our rather large stash of holiday decorations went gonzo.
I spent the better part of 5 hours tearing the house, garage and POD apart to absolutely no avail.
And because budget is tight this year, I really couldn’t run out and buy a whole bunch of new stuff.
So, I got a little crafty and did the place up with live greens, ribbon, candles, gold chandelier chain and pine cones.
And now, it’s looking like this around here…
I’m pretty pleased with it actually.
I have a little more to do in the hallway and basement so will show you some pics of that all finished later in the week.
What else?
I took the kids out yesterday to give hubster some much deserved quite time…he pretty much ran the roust while my ears were ruining my life so he was definitely deserving of a little aloneness as it were.
As part of our afternoon out, Mac got his locks cut off a la a little undercut action…
Jasper enjoyed watching the fun from the comfort of his sweet ride…

…while Scarlett, on the other hand, was too engrossed in US magazine to pay much attention…
Thankfully, she did tear herself away long enough to give her brother an approving hug apres magazine…
And thankfully, Mac loves his new do…

I’m pretty in love with it myself- so fun to actually be able to see his face sans hair mop;)
And while on the topic of my sweet brood, my littlest man is 9 months old today…
…which is so awesome and so sad all at once.
I love this age…he’s moving and trying to talk and cuddly and awesome…BUT…the time is slipping by so damn fast…I just know I’m going to blink and he’ll be in kindergarten and then it’s sayonara…University before you know it.
Moving on from the mommy mush….
I’ve added a few new paintings to the shop

20% off until the end of the month friends.
And finally, it’s your last day to enter the Vivian & Beverly giveaway…draw happens tomorrow so get those entries in!