Blogger Ladies Whose Work is Rocking My Casbah This Week #3…and My Cards

There’s some work floating around the webs that just HAS to be shared.

1. I’ll start things off on a personal note….my graphic designer/brand maker extraordinaire Erika Brechtel proved her genius, thanks to delivery of these babies…

christine dovey business cards close up

christine dovey business cards

Needless to say, I’m pseudo obsessed and am going to be slutting them around to whoever will take one:)

 Erika Brechtel Brand Stylist = amazing.  Czar Press Print Shop= amazing.

(Also, a huge thanks to Citizen Atelier for the referral to the print shop!)

2. Numero uno leads me to dos…

When I opened up my box of cards, there was one of someone else’s included…the printer wanted to show me an edge option so sent it along…imagine my great happiness when I looked at the beautiful card belonging to J. Marx Atelier and then linked over to her stunning portfolio to find a whole lot of this kind of thing…

jmarxatelier bakery

jmarxatelier office 2

jmarxatelier living room 2

jmarxatelier office

jmarxatelier living room

jmarxatelier sitting area

Consider my house rocked Ms. Marx.

3. Did you see Alex’s feature in Style Me Pretty Living? Hellloooo bold fabulousity…

alex kaehler dining room

alex kaehler design office

alex kaehler bathroom and bedroom

That office makes me want a small room with wall to wall bookcases and paneling everywhere in a large and in charge way.

4. And finally, I know you all were blown out of the water and all the way to Egypt with the reveal of Fieldstone Hill’s nursery…I mean stop it with this layered, eclectic prettiness…





That Georgia Lu is one lucky little lady!

5. And finally, full circle and back to moi with this post. I rocked my own world by FINALLY making some progress on my master bedroom.

I’ve literally never shown pictures of this part of my house before becuase honestly, our bedroom has always been a total and complete tip…my good friend Hollie can attest to this…she’s seen the horror in person.

Anyhoo…a few things have got my ass in gear on this front, which I’ll tell you more about later…but for now, here’s a sneaky peeky of what I’ve accomplished in the past little bit, in the form of de-cluttering, painting, art situating and bed fluffing…

christine dovey master bedroom

There’s lots more to get done but it’s a start;))))

And that my friends, is some good blogging business for this week.

Happy almost weekend…I’m off to the Christie Antique Show tomorrow and literally can. not. wait.  Be sure to follow along my Insta feed for the many many ‘god I want to buy this’ moments.


Blogger Ladies Whose Work is Rocking My Casbah This Week

As per Monday’s post, I’ve been soaking up much blog friend amazingness as of late.  Some standouts for me:

1. Amber just revealed this bathroom and I’m DEAD over it…


I’ve literally NEVER seen a wallpaper that I love more than that floral by Ellie Cashman


…and along with the marble and brass (which is PS, a Restoration Hardware vanity that Amber had plated- sooooo brilliant,) well let’s just say I very much wish that little jewel-box of a bathroom was mine.

When the #projectdreamhouse happens, this paper will go somewhere.  For suresies.

2. I’ve been following along with the renovation of Angela’s home over at the Painted House/via her Instagram feed and holy moly, she’s literally created my dream house in a nutshell…every single detail is perfection…











3.  And speaking of perfectly perfect things, behold the ridiculously Parisian chic home of Jessie aka The Design Daredevil





Lord knows I LOVE a girl who embraces black, gold and architectural splendor…oh and busts…adore my fellow cement people lovers.

4.  Some #getpublished magic over the past few weeks with:

a) Alex and Liz’s office in the Glitter Guide




b) Erika’s feature on The Everygirl…




Seeing that last image just made the mental image of Erika working away to create my new site, totally come to life…so so grateful to her and ridiculously inspired by her Everygirl interview.

PS on that front, I was thinking that I might do a little behind the scenes of how my website came to be in terms of development and design…of interest?

5. If I had thought of this post/potential series earlier in the week, my dear friend Nicole would have been noted here for her amazing new photographic genius on UPLO (PS, if you haven’t spent hours diving through all the incredible work on this site, do so now…I time sucked a good 5 hours last night) but since I just came up with it, she’s getting two mentions this week and deservedly so…in addition to the goodness I posted on Monday, check out her Lego Slim Aaron brilliance that I just realized was hers, thank to Erin’s post from yesterday…



So delightful…how much do I want one of these to be the centerpiece for my little dude’s room in the new house? That would be very much.

All in all, these ladies have given us a major case of inspiration overload no?!?!  And how about a giant high five to these talented woman for making shit go and happen in such a ridiculously fabulous way.

I’m actually thinking now that I’ve typed out the title of this post,  I’m going to turn this into a series…I need a good image board- stay tuned.


my name


Friends with Talent Leads to a Master For Me and a Design Scheme for a New Project

You know those times when you get really behind on blog reading and sort of get in this rut of just not doing it enough…so then spend some time trying to catch up only to re-discover the amazing joy that is finding things on blogs that literally BLOW YOUR MIND…well yeah, that just happened to me over the weekend, thanks to my dear friend Nicole over at Sketch 42.

I clicked over to her blog on Friday only to find literally the ‘modern/graphic/edgy/bold/still pretty/not faces because I already have enough of those’ art work I’ve been scouring the web for for what seems like forever.

Behold Nicole’s new collection of photographic nirvana…








And just so you see how they look all framed up and gorgeous like…here’s a few shots from her showcase at Intermix…

image 17

image 11 (1)

image 16

I mean come on…they’re all just too good and are so brilliantly reflective of how Nicole is able to see the beauty in shapes and line and colour…truly inspiring.

Nicole is one of those people who quite often causes me to feel less than worthy…she’s just so darn talented in so many ways.

She wrote a post a few weeks ago about my place and described me as the female yin to her masculine yang and honestly, it might have made my life because I feel so the same way.  We love the same things and find joy in similar sorts of edgy goodness but just end up putting it together with a slightly different end game in sight.  And when I see her work, I always end up feeling more than a little inspired…she’s definitely one of those people who influences how I look at the world creatively and most certainly has had an effect on how my aesthetic has evolved over time.

These photographs alone (specifically the last 4) have already created a bunch of potential design plans/schemes…

1. My master bedroom…I honestly hadn’t considered doing a thing to this room until I saw these photographs, but when I did, a vision popped almost instantly into my head and I decided that all the walls have to go black so that all my furniture will almost disappear…that way, the whole room will come to life because of these images. I quite literally emailed Nicole 5 minutes after reading the post to figure out how I could acquire all 4 shots.  It’s going to happen my friends and with it, finally some type of design for my currently ridiculously gross bedroom.

2.  I’ve started work on a new place in Chicago and let me tell you, it’s the sort of project that makes me more than just a little excited because: a) the structure itself is pretty much my dreamhouse…aka…a large townhouse style home with 14 ft ceilings, giant rooms and buckets of natural light…

chicago living room

…and b) my client loves all the same kinds of things I do (love when that happens:)))…

The inspiration mandate: “COZY–not just feels cozy, but looks cozy and inviting; a little boho/organic maybe with some woods/tribal prints/leather, quirky young/irreverent/fun art, and a touch of fancy (e.g., brass, leopard (?), hollywood regency), and KID-FRIENDLY–want them to be able to knock around (no white couches).  Do not want it to be too precious…also was thinking blush walls, Beni rugs, large comfy velvet sofa, Mouille like fixtures, and graphic art.”

When I read the bit about blush and then the last part about the graphic art, I just knew Nicole’s photos were going to lead the design charge…so, I got to business with the board…

moodboard 1 katie

…and I have to say, it’s one of my all time favourite schemes.

Now, because I don’t yet have measurements of the space but can tell based on the photo that it’s pretty huge, I’ve also came up with a second plan that centers around two large vintage sofas and  a slightly different colour scheme…


…and I very much enjoy it as well.

PS on that front, I’d give my soul for an Elda chair…like really…I want one baaaaddd….


So to sum it all up:

1. Nicole is a genius and her new photographs make my heart sing…you can see/purchase them for yourself at UPLO.

2. My master bedroom is going to get did.

3. My new project that will henceforth be known as #projectgraphicmodern, is amazingly fun and will prove that when it comes to great design, original artwork is a MUST…as is vintage furniture.

4. I need the furniture gods to deliver me an Joe Colombo Elda chair stat.


my name

Talented Friends and Some Wallpaper/Fabric Decision Making

If you’re like me, you like to wake up and find pretty shit to buy online…purchasing whilst still in bed, and coffee in hand…well, that’s good stuff.
Lucky for your, there’s blogging ladies out there that are making said buying, SO easy for you.
My sweet and talented friend Alex just put together perhaps the prettiest Joss and Main collection I’ve ever seen…
Alexandra Berlin Design
…some of my favourites…
…helllllooooooo gorgeous.
Trust me when I say, the prettiness above would make one hell of a delish room/space- girly glam at it’s best.
And PS, her sister did that amazing artwork- can we say talented family much?
You can see the rest of Alex’s fantastica collection HERE…and quick on it…there’s sold out items already and the sale is only on for 3 days.
In other news, I’m sure you already know this but the lovely Chassity has opened up an art shop on Etsy…
…and well…it’s good…REAL GOOD.
I’m dying for this piece…
…like in a supercalafragalistic sort of way…also love, love this beaut…
Raw Pink
…talent, talent, talent.
You can see more of Chassity’s art awesomeness HERE.
And last, but not least…and PS, prepare to loose your shit…there’s this girl glam project reveal from Ms Naomi…aka RIDIC TALENTED DESIGNER…
…I might have just died.
Thanks to Naomi, I’m now totally convinced that the swans NEED a place in my house…and ::whispers:: I know the perfect room…more on that to come…teasers;)
And speaking of Naomi .I was over on Design Crisis (it was Ms. Naomi who linked over to this AH-MAAZING blog that had somehow slipped off my daily reading list, and holy shit, have I been missing out because it’s soooooo good…can’t.stop.reading) the other day and spied this…
…can someone PLEASE tell me what that fabric is?
I seriously want to copy the shit out of that couch…want it in a large heart aching sort of way.
And speaking of heart swelling, while over at DC, I also spotted this Little Green Paint Co. wallpaper…
..and proceed to have a small angina attack.
Holy farksticks it’s good.
An inky blue bathroom in this paper perfection has me dreaming in technicolour.
My wallpaper obsession is actually back in full swing…as you know, I’ve been dreaming about a studio for my little painting adventure, but since space is very limited in my abode, I’m thinking one of the rooms in the basement will probably be the best bet.

It’s a dark, small room so it will need some jazz hands to make it come to life.

As of now, my fave contenders are:

…one of my loooong time faves…DG Padgett…I love it’s geometric badass self.
After spying angles over at Furbish

…it became a top love favourite and I think it would be perfectly flashy but still neutral in the studio.
And finally, there’s Tibault’s Tanzania…

…when Meredith did up that sublime office of hers, I immediately had sugar plum visions of my walls covered in that spotted divinity, with my collection of unsold paintings carefully hung on top;)

I love all three because they’re bold but will still let the artwork take center stage.

This room will triple threat it as a studio, guest room and office so yeah…it needs to be good:)



Any other ideas?


Real Jealz

You know what irks me?
That the big man or woman or gods upstairs didn’t bless me with the one superpower I want above ALL others.
Big G was apparently very happy to grant this gift to a few fellow bloggers who PS, were already super duper talented in a bunch of other ways…
Our dear friend Chassity is exhibit A- did you see her unveiling yesterday?
Holy shitsticks….
What the what?
She wakes up one day, decides to paint and then knocks it out of the park?
Count me ‘jeal’ to the ‘us’.
And then there’s exhibit B…Kerry Steele.
You might have spied one of her pieces in my moodboard yesterday….well it turns out that on top of being an interior designer and blogging beast, she can also paint…

…and PS, by paint I mean she can knock the balls off of nudes and abstracts…which PS, are my FAVOURITE!
Double jealz.
And of course, there’s exhibit C…our dear hilariously fabulous friend Jenny, who makes things like this happen…

How does a girl wake up one day and think hum…maybe I’ll paint something and then produce those pieces of greatness?
And of course, there’s also the bevie of artists who blog on the side…the Nicoles, Jessicas, and Kims of the world..yup…I’m talking bout you…you know the whole envy is apparently a sin thing? Well count this girl as a giant fail in that department.
Oh how I wish I was granted this one particular gift fantastica.
When I try such things, I’m lucky enough to end up with a canvas that hasn’t morphed into a big glob of shit brown.
Ah well…onwards and upwards as they say…I have my own gifts…yadda, yadda…blech.