My Black Bathroom…in Progress

As promised yesterday, a few snapshots of my newly blackened bathroom.

First, in Instagram…

And then the regular shots…

In my perfect world, it would be wallpapered instead of painted but for now, the black is making me happy.
I still have a few little things to do/buy…a little rug is first on the list…would LOVE a pinkish Persian.
I also want to remove the towel bar above the toilet so I can plant a fabulous piece of art there…priorities;)
And I MUST replace the really ugly light that’s presently above the mirror…in a perfect world, I’ll have a pair of sconces on either side of the mirror.
Oh and I need new hardware on the vanity…the ones that are there now don’t have long enough posts so they actually completely don’t work.
So yes…still a little bucket list of things to do but for now, it’s black and I like it.
Painting bathrooms in noir goodness is a perfect way to try out dark walls, if you’re a little chicken to do it elsewhere…they’re small rooms and easy to paint over if you don’t like.
For some added inspiration, a few gorgeous blackened bathrooms from the interwebs…
Pinned Image

I love all the layering in each of these spaces and I’d love to plaster some b/w photography all over the walls of mine.
Add it to the list…the VERY long list;)
Happy weekend lovers.


Black Windows

I am currently finding myself in the middle of a torrid love affair with black windows…of course the bigger, the better.

I think they’re so incredible dramatic.
I want some…in the kitchen.
Every interior door in my house is already black so question…should I paint out the kitchen windows so that they look like these pretties…
Mar/Apr 2011

When giving me the yes or no to getting out the old paint brush, please keep in mind that cabinets will be white, island will be grey, hardware is going to be gold and accents will be mostly blush.
Oh and my windows aren’t the fancy paned/double hung/rounded ones like above…they’re more like these…

{photos via my Pinterest board}

So what say you?

Oh and PS, don’t forget to enter my Ravel Giveaway because I know you want one of these pretties to call your own.

I’ll be drawing for the winner on Saturday.


Black and Gold Bliss

I am presently smack dab in the middle of a MAJOR obsession with black and gold…seriously can not get enough.
I’ve been ‘favouriting’ things on Etsy for the new kitchen and aside from some pretty milk glass and the like, everything seems to be gold.
So on that happy note, here’s a little peek at my inspiration folder and want bag…with a little room board for good measure.

{all photos via Pinterest, items via Etsy (pinned),1st Dibs and Ebay…if you’re interested in anything let me know and I’ll forward the link}

So how about you…do you share my penchant for all things gold and black these days?


Black and White

I put together a little fashion meets decor, meets art, meets words…black and white styles.
Nothing quite like the graphic beauty of these two love birds all tied up in one big chic ball of pretty.
There’s just something about this graphic combination that feels sexy and seductive.


Wednesday Wallpaper – Black and White

There’s something about the new year that makes everyone want a fresh start…that and a little glamour.
For whatever reason, black and white represents both for me.
Always chic, the juxtaposition of the two opposites breathes a sense of drama and renewal into a space.
In keeping with wallpaper day, here’s a little mixed bag of sexy black and white.
{with some wallpaper favourites}

Florance Broadhurst- co020

Florance Broadhurst- Stampede
Flavor Paper- Fishnets

Tres Tintas- Alemendro
Timorous Beasties- McGegan Rose

Cole and Son- Malabar

Flavor Paper- Hibiscus
Florance Broadhurst- bo84
Flavor Paper- Sassy Toile
Florance Broadhurst- fl18

Sum- Femme Fatale
Cole and Son- Pompeian

Osborne and Little- Palmyra

Neisha Crosland- Maze

Designer’s Guild- 488-33
Timorous Beasties- Black Gloss Demask


 And with that, I’ll leave you with a few words fitting for the end of a year and the beginning of a new one….

Black, Gold and Biko

As promised, a closer look at Biko jewelry.
To me the line is a little rock and roll.
 Here it is mixed with some black and gold edge.




The Marion House Book, Vanessa Jackman, Sketch 42, Design Lovefest, Lune Vintage, Anouk UK, Pinterest, We Heart It}

Biko jewelry.

Hard, soft, vintage, modern…Biko has an “irregular beauty which can be small and precious, or bold and freeform.”

{PS, don’t forget to enter the giveaway for your chance to win a pair of Biko leafdrop earrings- the black crystal ones have found their way to the top of my Christmas wish list this year and it’s a long list}