Project Updates and a My Favourite Art Sources

My husband has to be in the city all day today for meetings so it’s going to be one of those days where I sit on the stairs with my laptop trying to get some work done as my 14 month old practices his climbing skills- good times;)

Hubs is out dropping the kids at school and picking me up a large black coffee so I’ve got about 1 hour to whip this post together.

So…right to it as it were.

To start, I think you all know I love art…it’s absolutely my favourite thing to source for any project and what I think really makes a space come to life.  Shitty art = shitty room in my opinion…the same goes for lighting. You can make any room look pretty swell if you have good lights and good art.

Anyhoo…since I’m a work from homer, I source most everything online, including art.

I pulled together my top 5 places to find painting, photography, and sculptural fantastica for the June issue of the Happy Space Project…

happy space project

To read all about why I chose them and what my current must have art wish list includes, hop over HERE.

The June installment of HS, features 5 bloggers and their art selection tips/faves, along with a fabulous article on how to frame/display on a budget.  It’s a great read so make sure to check that business out.

Next up…my giant Project Greenbay home is moving right along.

Over the weekend, we played around with the kid’s mainfloor powder room and decided to go bolder with a red vanity, pink ceiling, and vintage brass/lucite fixture…

project greenbay kids powder

We also debated mirrrors for the master ensuite…


project greenbay mirror choices

…and have settled on the one on the right. Though I almost always prefer vintage when it comes to lighting and mirrors, in this case, the new one from Black Rooster just works better…the  warm golds pick up on the brass fixtures and the blues are perfect against our silver blue Flat Vernacular wallpaper. I also love how the shape is less expected and almost floral…again, it picks up on the paper really well.

Aside from that goodness, we’ve also wrapped up some beuno shopping:

1. We made perhaps the score of the century thanks to some good old fashion ebay hunting…please meet 4 of the soon to be swankiest brass swivel bar stools that you ever did see…

project greenbay bar stools

…we stole the set for $375 and will make them even more fabulous when we re-upholster them in black Schumacher faux snakeskin.

2. Thanks to the aces money saving on the kitchen island stools,  my client did me a solid and agreed to purchase perhaps one of my fave light fixtures of all time….

project greenbay foyer light

…which we’ll hang in the foyer, alongside a custom console that Super Allen will make for us…along these lines…

project greenbay foyer plan


3. And on the topic of lighting, we nailed down the plan for the little boy’s room…this was a tricky one to sort out because there’s a bedroom with Hague walls, which obviously necessitates brass fixtures…and then there’s a pass-through room to the bathroom done in FB Lulworth, which suits polished nickel better…and this room leads to bathroom, which has polished nickel fixtures/hardware and a silver wallpaper on the ceiling.  Somehow we had to transition from the brass of one, to the nickel of the other. So…vintage lighting of course did the trick.  For the bedroom, I found this fabulous brass fixture that hangs super close to the ceiling but spans a good chunk of the ceiling.  For the pass- though, I jumped up and down when I first laid eyes on this goodie on the right that mixes the metals…

project greenbay vintage lighting

And when put together with all the fixtures in all the rooms, makes this all happen…

project greenbay son room

4. And still on lighting…we played musical chairs with some fixtures after I made the stupid mistake of posting a photo of a Murano flower ceiling fixture on the blog last week before we officially purchased it…my client went to buy and it was sold…I don’t know for sure that this is how things went down of course but the seller said it was weird in that she hadn’t had much interest in it and then that day, quite a few inquiries:( So no Murano flower for us.  As often happens though, this forced us to play around with the plans some more and I think the changes have actually made things better.  To start, we’ve taken the vintage pink wedding cake fixture we had allocated for the little girls’ room and moved it to the big girls one…like her brother’s space, she also has a pass-through room and a bathroom…along with a walk in closet and a hallway…we needed many fixtures for her little corner of the world so as of now, this is what we’re looking at…

project greenbay daughter room vintage lighting

The palm frond on the left is for the closet…pink wedding cake for bedroom with lucite ribbon for hall. In the bathroom, we’ll do a flush mount Venini and sconces, which will layer along with the Elie Cashman floral wallpaper.  It’s sort of ridiculous in its prettiness really. I’m obsessed with every fixture on this board and am highly jealous that they’re not all mine…especially the pink one…I mean stop it with that one.

The great chandelier migration also made the little girls’ room sort itself out but I can’t show you that one because one of the light’s hasn’t been purchased yet and you know how that might end up;)

I’ll live life on the edge though because I can’t bear to not show you this…

project greenbay scarf

It has to be framed and put in the formal powder so all this can happen…

project greenbay formal powder plan

And I think that’s all I have to share on the Project Greenbay front.

If you’re reading, don’t buy that scarf OK?!?! Thanks!!!

Moving on.

Project Bistro Chic has made a lot of progress and is actually almost finished. I am waiting on some high res shots to show you all that’s going on but for now, here’s what the master bedroom is looking like…

project bistro chic bedroom

We’re going to finish things off by hanging this fabulous photograph from Citizen Atelier above the bed…


In the kitchen, I showed you a sneak peek of the brass shelves we had installed yesterday…

project bistro chic bar

…we’re going to finish that area off by putting a pair of these underneath the counter…

black rooster new seating 4

And in the family room, we’re just waiting on some pillows and artwork to finish everything off.  My client already has an amazing pair of abstract faces and I want to compliment them with some more ‘moody’ pieces…all with dark backgrounds…along these lines (all sourced from Citizen Atelier…can you tell it’s one of my faves as per my guest post;)))…

project bistro artwork

And finally for today, I’ve got a quick update on Project Brownstone…my client has made me the happiest girl on earth by purchasing one of the prettiest daybeds I ever did see and now we’re on the hunt for a pair of chairs to sit across from it.  I’ve narrowed it down to two pretty fab options, that are PS, both quite budget friendly…I’m considering a set of these for myself, truth be told…they’re not ridiculously awful on the pocket book as it were…

project brownstone chairs

I prefer the ones on the right because I like how the roundness balances out the super straight lines of the daybed….we’ll see which my client decides on but either way, all good on that front.

My client and I have also been looking at wallpaper options for her vestibule area, which is PS, glorious…

flat vernacular wallpaper project brownstone

…and we’ve narrowed it down to these 4 from Flat Vernacular…I’m totally DEAD over all of them. I want every single one in my new house, whenever that place gets did.  I really can’t even choose a favourite and when set against her super traditional amazing architecture and black doors, arches…

project brownstone vestibuile

…well it’s going to be real real good.

And that my friends is all I have for now with this super long boat post.

I’ll probably take the day off from blogging tomorrow…I’m heading downtown with my friend Hollie to source a ton of fabric to take with me when I visit Project Greenbay in PERSON!!!! That’s right…I’m leaving on a jet-plane the weekend after next to see this magic in person and I can.not.wait. Prepare yourselves for a ridiculous number of photos here and on Insta…I’ll forewarn you that my gushing is probably going to get annoying;)


A Diatribe About What I Do…and 4 Project Updates…and Tons of Art = The Longest Post Ever

I’m still amazed when I open my inbox to see a request for my services…I feel so privileged and honoured that people seems to generally like what I’m dishing out.  As most of you know, I am not a trained designer…this business of mine has been built on the back of real hard work.  My family is not rich…we’re comfortable and we have a very happy life but as you probably know from reading this blog, like everyone, we’ve had our struggles as well.

When I started writing B&B, it was just to give myself a space that was just for me. I had worked as a homeroom and art teacher for 12 years and after the birth of my second child, going back just didn’t make sense financially…so I started to write in my free time…I also started to play around re-decorating my house.  And after a few years of doing both, a few of my projects were published, which led to more and more people requesting my design/decorating services.  And the more I did that, the more requests I got. Do I feel ashamed that I’m working and have built a business myself, without formal training…absolutely not. I have a few degrees in other areas and have quite a large background in art and art history…but not in interior design. For this reason, I don’t call myself an interior designer because technically, I’m not…I am however a designer and a stylist…I feel OK saying that because I’ve been worked at it really hard and honestly, I think I’m pretty OK at it.  Am I perfect or do I know everything about everything there is to know about design?  Of course not. But does having a degree in interior design automatically = perfection?

This has sort of turned into a bit of a soapbox post but honestly, I’ve just read a few things over the past few days that have despite my best efforts, made me upset…made me question myself.

So to those websites and people who seem to find negativity a sport, I’m going to do my best to pull up my big girl panties and not be interested.

And for people who out there who like what I do and are thinking about hiring, I want you to know a few things:

1. I have never turned down a project…I have had to schedule start dates a few months away but other than that, if you email me and want my help, I’m beyond thrilled to work with you- regardless of budget or scope.  I’m very lucky to have had the opportunity to work on some large budget projects and still kick myself whenever someone emails me with photos of homes I could only dream of living in.  But…I have also loved the smaller projects because they can challenge the most…in a good way- I just completed a bedroom with a total budget of $2K and for that, we had to purchase a bed, rug, floor lamp, window treatments, artwork, bedside tables, a pair of chairs and an accent table…so long story short, I can definitely work within a budget…and I love to.

2. If you want CAD drawings and renovations drawings, I am not your girl…I’m basically a decorator/furniture selector/art finder/vintage hunter/textile picker/wallpaper and moulding selector…if you want to give your space a makeover and like my ‘style’, then we’re a good fit.  I do of course provide layouts and I scale them the old fashioned way…with graph paper and a ruler…I hope to figure out a computer program way to do this better in the next little while but for now, that’s where it is.

3. I think I definitely have a signature style but that by no  means that you are pigeon holed into doing one look…with every project, I study my clients inspiration folder extensively and do my best to create exactly what they want…not what I want…what they want…and I very much take into account things like family needs/purpose of the space/livability etc. etc.

4. I will work REALLY HARD to give you what you want…and by that I mean, I won’t not answer you late at night or on the weekend or whenever you need help.  I will scour the universe to find you the perfect piece and won’t rely on a common ‘recipe’ for putting a room together.

5.  I LOVE what I do…love in a way that makes me very passionate about it and makes my laptop sort of an appendage of sorts…I work at this in every minute I have free…blog posts get written from 6-8 am, while I’m at the kitchen table trying to get my kids homework done, their lunches made and them dressed/out the door.  At 8, I drive them to school and then do 3 hours of client work each day from my car office, while the baby is sleeping in the back…I get about another hour in sitting in the middle of the staircase so that my little one can climb up and down while I type/look/research/plan…when the kids get home from school, we spend time together and I try not to work but honestly, I’m failing them a little bit and do still work…dinner is off limits because we have made it that way so we can have an hour of total together time…then it’s bedtime routine and work starts up again at about 7 and goes usually until 10ish.  I am SO not alone in this sort of schedule…us working moms all have to juggle this sort of thing and I wouldn’t have it any other way but I will say without a single reservation, that this business of mine has not been handed to me…I have worked really hard to get it to where it is today.  All this to say that I promise to love working on your project…even when I’m tired.

6. I love art more than anything and if you work with me, that’s going to likely be a big part of what I want you to purchase…that’s just how it is.

7. I can’t think of a seventh but prefer to end on a 7 rather than a 6 so there it is.

To sum it up, I think there’s room in this business for all different kinds of services and people.  I feel really lucky that I get to do something that allows me to be at home and with my family and hopefully turn a profit ( sidenote…my creatively inclined brain means that the business side of things is most definitely not my forte…working on educating myself a great deal more on that side of things)…I am excited about the future, and a bit terrified about it as well to be honest…this whole blog thing definitely does open your life and work up for speculation/criticism but I’m also very keenly aware that it’s opened doors for me that I never dreamed possible…so honestly, I welcome constructive criticism and am so very grateful for the buckets of support and kindness you my readers have shown me through the years.  Like in life, not everyone is going to love what you’re about, and I’m sure there a million things I do or say that annoy some of you out there…all I can say is that my intention everyday is to be honest and kind and myself…and I hope that’s what most of you see.

So with that large preach off my chest, here is some of what I’ve been up to lately…

1. Project Wowzers…there’s really so much to show you with this one that I have a hard time wrapping my head around where to even begin.  My amazing client has promised some high resolution photos of the progress soon but for  now, here’s a little peak at the hand painted mural in the foyer and our plans for what’s going to happen in there…

Plan A looked like this…

foyer design plan by christine dovey

And has gone through a few revisions to land at this…

foyer design plan by christine dovey

That mural you see peaking out is HAND PAINTED!!! After searching endlessly for the perfect paper, my client and I threw in the towel and thankfully, she had an amazing muralist on speed dial who with was able to take our inspiration and colour selections to town and create the loveliness above.

Along with a foyer plan, we’ve also nailed down the scheme for her son’s room…


…which really centers on the CF Carnival (which will be the headboard,) some amazing fabrics for windows and a bench and most importantly, the ART…a few Citizen Atelier Animaly goodies, along with that amazing Henning Bock piece on the left.

And speaking of art, we’ve nailed down some of that business…

art choices project wowzers

The bottom two are by artist Kim Keever…I just discovered her work thanks to UPLO and their fabulous blog, which I’ve now devouring daily.

You’ll also recognize works from Jenny Andrews Anderson and Nicole Cohen…two of my absolute most favourites.

And a quick side note, a recent blog post from UPLO led me led me to artist Jasmina Cibec…love x a lot…

Jasmina Cibic

…thinking one of her pieces should probably happen in a client’s home…or 5.

I do love furniture too though…with this project, we’ve also made a few official selections on that front…

furniture choices project wowzers

Stay tuned for some actual house progress shots next week.

2. Project Feminine Injection is moving along…my client has officially purchased these chairs and is going to be covering them in….

ashley wing back chairs kubus fabric

Pierre Frey Kubus!!!!!!! Be still my designer/decorators/whatever the hell you want to call me ‘s heart.

As for the rest of the room, we’re still hammering out final art selections…debating between injecting some pink with this scenario, courtesy of Citizen Atelier

citizen atelier art

Or going more gold, edgy feminine with this lot from Nicole Cohen and Stephanie Vovas

stephanie vovas and nicole cohen

That right there is one heck of a tough call on my end…that pile of art constitutes some of my absolute all time favourite pieces.

3. I have a brand spanking new project from a local client to introduce…not sure what to call it yet…Project Close to Home perhaps…this client literally lives minutes from me but we’re doing the design work as traditional e-design.  My mandate with this one is centered on hourly consultation to help my client find a few key pieces for the living room and dining room in her new house…she wanted a palate of grey with maybe a hint of another colour and asked me to source: a dining table, overhead fixture, rug, pillows, coffee table  and island stools…

The plan really started after we sat anxiously waiting for two days to officially find out that these vintage chairs were indeed still available (they were on hold but thank the stars, that buyer ended up not taking them)…

vintage chairs

And with those in hand, this is what I came up with for the rest…

project closet to home boa

The good news continued with my client was able to score the blue rug for a whopping 70% off…it’s like 12′ x 10′ and I think it was $400ish bones…good stuff.

4. I have another new project to introduce…this one is a studio apartment in NYC…not sure what to call it yet either…these project names are getting hard…thinking I’ll stick to street names going forward…probably more professional and such;)  Anyhoo…these are the befores…

nancy apartment 1

nancy apartment 2

nancy apartment 3

…and I have to admit that the pink walls almost instantly make me feel like they should be the afters;)

In any case, my client wanted add some architectural detail and lots femininity, using some of the pieces she had but also wanted it not to read too girly.

nancy design board

The plan really centers around adding in the moulding for interest and painting everything out in a pale grey…the long wall of windows will be totally draped in ripple fold curtains that match the wall colour and two zones will hold both a loungy type dining area and a living room for entertaining.  And hopefully, if there’s room, I’d love to give the room a real focal point with an antique marble fireplace surround…it would be non-functioning but would give the room a real sense of weight etc.

So that’s where I am right now on the project /super long spiel front.

I’ll be back when I have some other goodness to share…I’d generally rather only post these days when I have something meaningful to say or show you so until then…many thanks for being out there…and reading…and to most of you, for being awesome;)


Citizen Atelier and an Art Giveaway!

I’m so excited to tell you all about one of my newest favourite art resources, Citizen Atelier

citizen atelier logo citizen atelier- styling and interiors by christine dovey

Founded by Montreal PR consultant and art dealer Alessandra Salituri, the site represents a collection of carefully curated works from amazingly talented artisans hailing from all corners of the world.

Taking the guesswork out of selecting artwork, this fabulous online shop allows experts and layman alike to bathe their walls in stunningly beautiful paintings, photographs and prints.

Here’s a look at some my favourite pieces, from the 8 artists currently represented on the site…

citizen atelier amanda stone talley

citizen atelier antonio mora 2

citizen atelier amy friend

citizen atelier ashley woodson bailey

citizen atelier eduardo mata icaza


citizen atelier magnus gjoen

citizen atelier vanessa paxton

I was beyond honoured when founder Alessandra asked me to do the styling for her site and was even more excited when she decided to do the location shots in spaces designed by yours truly.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of my styling and design work for the site (spaces can be seen in my portfolio for Pine Residence and Barringham,) as captured by the ridiculously talented Ashley Capp

citizen atelier - styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - styling by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - piano room - room designed and styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - entryway styled and designed by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - piano room console designed and styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - room designed and styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - console styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - piano room designed and styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

Please pay extra special attention to the last image above because I have some pretty fabulous news on that front.

To celebrate the launch of the site, Citizen Atelier has decided to offer up a piece from artist Vanessa Paxton’s stunning ‘Ballerina’ collection.

Yes that’s right…you my friends have the chance to win YOUR CHOICE of one of these insanely beautiful pieces…







To enter:

1. Leave a comment below…easy peasy…you will get one official entry just for saying hello:)))

For extra entries:  And remember that the extra entries only count if you leave a separate comment for each one because the winner is chosen my a random number generator…

1. Visit Citizen Atelier and tell me which piece in their current inventory is your favourite

2. Like Citizen Atelier on Facebook

3. Follow Citizen Atelier on Instagram

4. Pin one of the giveaway Vanessa Paxton pieces above with hashtag #giveaway and include the link to your pin in your comment

5. Tweet the giveaway {enter to win a stunning photograph on @bijouandboheme from @vananamoo and #citizenatelier}

6. Post your favourite Vanessa Paxton piece to Instagram {include @bijouandboheme @citizenatelier @vanessapaxton}

So there you have it- 7 chances to win!!!!

I’ll draw for the lucky duck on Saturday May 17th.

In the meantime, be sure to visit Citizen Atelier to get your art buying on…sooooooo  much loveliness to choose from.


The Busiest Five Days of My Life…

It’s the start of a new week and let me tell you, the last one nearly did me in…it was amazing on all possible work fronts but holy Hannah…it was BIZ-EEEEEE.

Let’s rewind to Wednesday…I packed up some new paintings…

christine dovey paintings

…and spent the evening at the new retail location for Black Rooster Decor, merchandising the shizzle out of everything so that all would be ready for the grand opening party on Thursday.

black rooster decor

black rooster decor









black rooster decor

black rooster decor

And then Thursday rolled around…I spent that day working on my One Room Challenge space…

I put together this lamp…

one room challenge christine dovey lamp

…and unpacked some glorious art…including this Elena Kalis materpiece (that I’m PS, am really hoping will eventually be mine)…

elena kalis

…and this Nicole Cohen/Patrick Cline/UPLO goodness…

nicole cohen art


nicole cohen photograph

(there was actually two more pieces in my UPLO delivery and after a small framing mess-up, which I can’t really get into because the mere thought of the crazy that took place on that front might throw this post into way too much of a whine fest, they have  been found s really pretty new home  in the piano room…more on that towards the end of the post.)

I also packed up a whole bunch of styling stuff and hauled it over to the #pianoroom so all would be ready come set up time.

And then Thursday evening rolled around and it was time for the Black Rooster grand opening party.

Because my life is so insane at the moment,  trying to get out the door was a nightmare…husband and I were supposed to go together but little Jasper wasn’t co-operating so I ended up leaving ahead of him and he met me at the party once babes went to sleep.  My dear friend Hollie came along with me and the night was soooooo amazing.

My sweeter than sweet friend Lindsay bought one of my paintings…


I got to chat with so many fabulous peeps…

black rooster opening party

And of course, was able to buy up plenty of Black Rooster fabulous for my #oneroomchallenge space…


But most of all, I got to be really proud of Nina for putting together a stunningly perfect store…

black rooster

I only wish I took more damn photos of the whole thing while I was there…too busy reveling I guess…and speaking of that, I drank about 50 glasses of champagne, which meant that I had to leave my car at the store and take a cab home…and this meant, that I had to drive into the city the next morning at 9 am with a crashing headache, to collect the car and as well, pick up the last few pieces of furniture I had ordered from BR for my #oneroomchallenge room. And because traffic was a total bitch, I sat in a very packed car for 2 hours…and since I literally had a PACKED day of work on the docket, I had to resort to this situation…


…and let me just say, that thing was a freaking god send.

I went straight from BR, to the piano room and helped un-pack the chairs that arrived thanks to the amazing 219, who worked her but off to ensure they arrived on time…

219 jonathan adler chair

…they’re amazing…and SO heavy- hauling just one of them from the garage almost did me in.

After leaving the #oneroomchallenge room, I went home to work on my DIY Lamps Plus benches…first order of business was re-upholstering the tops…

diy benches christine dovey

…the fabric Hollie Cooper painted made that job surprisingly enjoyable (though still hard,)…

hollie cooper fabric

And then I got to work on the bases…because these were for my clients, I took WAY more care with the painting than I would for something for myself…I sanded the bases twice, with a wash in between each round…sprayed with primer and then applied about 10 coats of the black matt top coat…

diy benches hollie cooper fabric christine dovey

And I have to say, the final result made me pretty happy…

christine dovey benches

…especially when I first saw them in the actual room…

christine dovey one room challenge

After the benches were done and delivered, I had the most fun of my day when I got to deliver a giant piece of art to my client…to make a long story short, her husband wanted to surprise her with her favourite photograph as an anniversary gift so we worked in secret to get the piece and have it framed…and when I dropped it off Friday night and he told her it was hers…well, let’s just say that was a beuno movement all around….no pictures of that right now though…you’ll have to wait for Wednesday and the very exciting One Room Challenge reveal:)

After this final delivery and visit to the piano room, it was about 5pm…from there, I raced over to the train station to meet up with an artist named Vanessa Paxton so that I could collect some of her beautiful wares…

vanessa paxton

..and from there, headed to my local flower shop and came home with this sort of business…


…and piled it up with some pretty styling goodness…all of which brings me almost to Saturday.

Before turning in for the night though, I had to clean and style most of my house, which again brings me to the next day and how I spent the rest of my weekend.

I haven’t told you all about this fabulous little project I’ve been working on behind the scenes so here goes that.

A while back I was contacted by someone I now consider such a fabulous friend and inspiration…to make a long story short on that one, I was asked if I’d be interested in doing styling work for a new site in the works…called Citizen Atelier, the shop will be an online destination for a curated collection of amazing art.  Knowing me as you do, I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was by the mere concept of the site…and to be able to be a part of it…well, let’s just say I was just a tad thrilled.

After many discussions, we decided that a few spaces in my house and the piano room I’ve been working on for the One Room Challenge, would be the perfect backdrops to showcase some of Citizen Atelier’s art in actual rooms…so, again, long story short, I spent the entire weekend with the site’s creator and the amazingly talented photographer Ashley Capp and her assistant (who is an amazing photographer in her own right) Claire Foster, styling, propping and shooting beautiful artwork in beautiful spaces.

christine dovey design citizen atelier art

christine dovey design citizen atelier art

christine dovey design citizen atelier art

ashley capp christine dovey claire foster citizen atelier

The shoot was at my house on Saturday and the piano room on Sunday…and yes, this meant that my ORC space actually had a deadline of 4 days earlier than the actual reveal…and because painting and final construction was just completed on Saturday, I arrived at my client’s house at 7:30am to finish off the space before the cameras arrived.  It was hectic to say the least but I have to tell you, walking into the piano room early morning on Sunday and seeing the foundation of the space all done…it literally made me cry.

And after a few hours of final zhuzhing and some art placing of many pieces, including those two other Nicole Cohen masterpieces I was telling you about…

nicole cohen art christine dovey one room challenge

nicole cohen art christine dovey one room challenge

…the room was done just in time for it to be taken all apart again for the Citizen Atelier shoot:)

It was so amazing to see so much beautiful art change the room with each piece…and at the end of the day, my client’s decided on a final piece from CA to complete there room and I can now say, that with the exception of one thing we’re waiting on delivery wise, the room is officially done!  My only regret is that I didn’t have the foresight to have the actual room professionally photographed as well…I was so focussed on the CA site shoot, that I sort of forgot about my own photos…so, come tomorrow, I’ll be at the piano room again shooting away and hoping I can capture at least some of what has happened in there.

In the meantime, check back tomorrow for the Friedasophie giveaway winner…I was supposed to draw on Saturday but as you can probably tell form this post, there just wasn’t time and though I thought about doing it today, this post is already ridiculously long…so tomorrow it is on that front.  That’s good news for you because you still have another day to enter;)

And then, that will bring us to Wednesday…I’m  SOOOO happy to tell that when I reveal my less than professional ORC shots, the amazing Citizen Atelier will also be launching! I know you are going to fall madly in love with this site…so much  art that’s been so carefully chosen and so beautifully photographed!  So Wednesday = a big day all around…art site and  my One Room Challenge REVEAL!!!! Me = excited on all fronts.


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One Room Challenge – Week 4

It’s been a super busy week around the piano room (to catch up on what’s been happening if you’ve missed previous posts, read all about week 1, week 2 and week 3) in a ‘feels like not much happened but when I write this post, I realize that tons has’ sort of way.  All in all, it was sort of a ‘un-glamorous work’ week…all the structural/foundation stuff was finished and though not as exciting as the pretty exciting business, it had to get done.

So let’s get to the…

one room challenge

…fun shall we.

To start with, my Mr Allen did ALOT this week…and by alot, I mean an insane amount of work.  My client’s husband was also rather busy busy and after much labour, this is what was took place…

1.  Moulding was applied below our chair rail…




2.  The central vac, along with all the wall switches, outlets and return air ducts were moved so as to not interfere with the moulding…and a coat of primer was applied to the walls…




3. A skim coat of concrete was put on the floor to level it out in anticipation of our tiles going down…



4. And in his spare time, Allen Sir Amazealot managed to construct our:

Fireplace mantle….



…and steel console table…



one room challenge console

As for my part if all of this, I stressed out ALOT over shipping and schedule business…and by alot, I again mean an ‘insane/god grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change’ sort of amount

After many messages back and forth, it turns out that our sconces weren’t in the boat they needed to be in to make our deadline so likely won’t be here in time for the reveal…insert a soundtrack of me crying huge crocodile/ I hate the world tears here. Thankfully, Nina over at Black Rooster is coming to my rescue and supplying me with one showroom sample sconce in the meantime so we can all at least get the idea of what they’re going to look like…hopefully I can do some clever photography and convince you all in some magical unicorn way that there’s actually two there;)

I also almost morphed into a stress eating strawberry jelly roll over the fireplace brick decision making…turns out off white relatively smooth brick of this vein…

herringbone fireplace brick one room challenge

…is mucho difficulto to nail down so after reviewing many many samples that just didn’t make the cut, we’re going old school and buying up some brick veneer that we’ll DIY with a coat of white paint.

And the finally, there was the tiling.  As you may remember from last week’s post, I promised that this was the week our version of this Viceroy Hotel (PS…in narrowly related news…I’m going to Miami on Friday, which after all of the above noted stress deserves a major wooooooot wooooooottt…perhaps I’ll visit this KW piece of heaven and snap some of my own inspo shots;)  nirvana would happen….

viceroy hotel

…and as I noted above, the foundation work to make this happen did get finished…unfortunately, after a bit of a scheduling snafu yesterday, the tile hadn’t arrived when the worker bees did so they left…and of course, wouldn’t you know it, the tile showed up a few minutes later…which = an entire day of floor magic waiting to happen wasted….


So though there aren’t yet photos of the triangles of marble/granite love, we can enjoy them in their ‘purest/sitting piled up on the floor’ instagram form…


…with giant promises that next week will be one heck of a post;)

Now because I always like to end things on a ‘by the grace of the gods the sun WILL come out tomorrow’ note, two majorly awesome things happened this week in the form of ORC sponsor fabulosity….

1. The two framed pieces of artwork I ordered up from Minted arrived…


…and they are even more perfect than I imagined when I ordered them up…we opted for the museum quality paper and the combo of such beautiful images on such professional paper is stunning…I literally couldn’t be happier with these…and PS, they shipped to my door in a grand total of 3 days…and I’m in Canada…that NEVER happens.  Delighted to say the least.

2. I placed a little surprise order for my clients from Lamps Plus, who will see this whole thing for the first time when reading this post this morning!!! SURPRISE A & M!!!!!

From the HUGE selection of furnishings, lighting and accessories over at Lamps Plus, I selected a pair of these ottomans, that with the help of my very talented fabric painting friend Hollie, will be re-upholstered in some gorgeous graphic linen along these lines…

one room challenge

I’m debating painting the base as well…will figure that out once they arrive.  They’re so lovely as they are but for our room, we need a little hit of the modern graphic to balance out the frilly pink walls. And heck, what would any project of mine be without a little re-invent fun;)

I have to admit that I sort of want this art and bench business for myself… a little jealz that it’s not all coming to my house! Heck…since the customer service at Minted and Lamps Plus is so amazing, I might just take advantage and order a little package of my own;)

And with that, I believe I’m done for this week…make sure you check out what the rest of my ORC friendlies have been up to…

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…and I’ll see you back here next Wednesday with large sugar plum fairy promises of floors and pink walls.


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Many, Many Project Updates

I promised some updates on the project front so here she goes.

1. #projectfeminineinjection

Things are moving right along…windows have been painted out in black…


…a new b/w stripe rug has been layered on top of the existing grey solid…


…and various and sundry fabrics have been tested out…


…for a pair this pair of chairs that will be added in toute suite…


But…instead of those little swatches you see, this (PS…MY FAVE FABRIC OF ALL TIME) will be covering them…


Yup…a pair of French wingbacks in Pierre Frey Kubus…could be dead on that one.

As for the wall behind the sofa, we’re still debating between wallpapering in Black Crow pink brushtrokes…



…or instead, leaving the wall as is and doing the pink graffiti like pattern on curtain panels (like in my kitchen.)

I’ll keep you posted on that front.

The art will be one of the mannequins above alongside the Gray Malin pink umbrellas.

Love, love.

2. #projectbistrochic

There have been big goings on in this project because my clients just moved in and are busily unpacking all the goodness we ordered up.

The Black Rooster trestle table we ordered has arrived and has found its home in the kitchen…so so happy with it.  On the flip side, the chairs we ordered in NOVEMBER from Ballard Designs are not here and have officially constituted the largest and most annoying screw up in terms of ordering I’ve ever gone through.  I don’t really want to go down the path of negativity with this one but let’s just say the order has now been cancelled and after 5 months of waiting for these god foresaken chairs, we’ve decided to cut our losses and have them down locally…


And let’s just say, I’m one very happy designer…I literally couldn’t bear one more phone call with BD.

On a happier note, we’ve also nailed down plans for the kitchen bar area…we’ve decided to tile the wall in subway and add in some floating brass trimmed shelves…


…a pretty bench under the counter to sort of mask the radiator will complete that area.

As for the rest of the mainfloor, the family room furniture has started to arrive…


…with these Lawson Fenning chairs hopefully coming any day now…

lawson fenning chairs

As for upstairs, pieces have started to arrive in the master…


…and all is looking so pretty:)

3. #projectmykind

Some fabric decisions have been made…

Quadrille Lascaux will be covering the gold gilt settee…


…and this stunning B&F floral will be going on the console benches…


So in love with both choices.

My client also had some furniture arrive:

a. A vintage  burl coffee table…



b. a Maitland Smith brass table for the dining room…


c. and my fave of them all, these burgundy leather scoop chairs…


The living room is completely and utterly shaping up to be my sort nirvana…adore the mix of pattern, colour and old/new.

Stay tuned…I so can’t wait to see the whole thing come together:)))


I don’t even know really where to start with this one because there is just sooooo much going on.

Of particular note, the son’s bedroom has been completely covered in Hague Blue and it’s magic…

#projectwowzers hague blue

My client loved it so much that she’s decided to switch out plan for the family room to the Hague as well- only this time, we’re going to glass lacquer that business and add in all of this…


And on the board/blue front, I also put together the planksi for the playroom, which looks like this…


And to finish things off, I thought I’d show you what’s happening in their foyer…prepare yourselves with this one…you’re about to get real jealz…





Yup…that would be a hand painted mural in shades of Farrow and Ball black, white and grey.

Oh and to add to the beauty, this overhead chandelier and a pair of fab vintage sconces…



…and yes, that is a different chandy than originally selected…the search for this fixture has been a loooong one…turns out 1st Dibs sellers can forget to list things as sold etc. so we’ve seen a few dream purchases crushed in their wakes but thankfully, this one is a go and everyone is happy, happy.

There’s SO much more to let you in on with this project but this post has already turned mammoth styles so I’ll leave it here for now.

Check back tomorrow for mucho progress on my One Room Challenge space…I’m talking floors tomorrow people:))))


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