Blogger Ladies Whose Work is Rocking My Casbah #4 – Nicole Cohen

You know those moments when you see someone come up with something that’s so brilliant, you wish you had thought of it and made that mind blowing shiz happen yourself, well…bingo on that front when I first heard and laid eyes on Nicole Cohen’s lastest piece of genius, her #absurdistsummer tear out print book

nicole cohen absurdist summer coffee table book close up of book on chair

The cover allows makes my heart race but when you realize that inside is a carefully curated collection of 30/9×12 prints that you can literally tear along the dotted line to remove and then frame up…well…it’s just a little too much for me to take.

BRILLIANCE in my favourite form…art.

Here’s the skinny on this most perfect idea from Nicole herself…

“… I know I’ve torn photos out of coffee table books and framed them, many, many times and I truly believe that “art” should be easy, fun, affordable, interactive, and yes, even disposable. I wanted to make something like a book, that would let me evolve over time. A Tear Out Print books is something I could make on my own, whenever I feel like it, and whenever I have a new theme, I could churn those babies out! I’ve already had other artists ask me to help them make some too. Also, I’ve been collecting self-published art books since we came up with this idea, and they are my new favorite thing, I’m telling ya! 

So I decided to start with #absurdistsummer, it’s a fun wacky theme that I’ve been hashtagging all summer. The concept behind it is just accepting absurdity in every day life + summer, of course. The photos are random, bright and fun. 

Here’s how the book works: It’s 30 pages, single sided, so you never have to choose between two images. They are all perforated. Each print is 9″ x 12.” I don’t assume everyone will tear out every photo, although I do think a huge gallery wall of a ton of them would be rad! Each person might tear out about 2-4 photos, and still have a book in tact for coffee table use. ( I think it’s a pretty sexy coffee table piece, no?) You can just pop the prints into 9″ x 12″ frames, with no mat, and use the existing borders. You could also put them in behind standard or custom mats in a range of sizes, that works too. 

There are only 200 #absurdistsummer books. THAT’S IT! And they will all be signed and numbered. Once they are gone, there will be NO MORE. I really wanted a way to make my work affordable and fun and accessible, and I think this is it!…”

And because I know you want to see a little snipped of what the book is about, here’s that…

nicole cohen absurdist summer coffee table book

DSC_8547nicole cohen absurdist summer coffee table book top photo framed

nicole cohen absurdist summer coffee table book on chair

nicole cohen absurdist summer coffee table book life preserver print no exit print framed on wall

nicole cohen absurdist summer coffee table book prints lined up on chairs

nicole cohen absurdist summer coffee table book top print on wall

nicole cohen absurdist summer coffee table book life preserver and no exit print on wall

nicole cohen absurdist summer coffee table book cover on chair with shoes

I don’t know about you, but I’m chomping at the bit for one of these and the fact that there’s only 200 of them to be had and then gonzo she wrote, means I’m going to be getting my spending on immediately.

You can purchase your own copy HERE …and wait for it, the pricetag is a very kind $75. Yup…that’s 30 prints for 75 bones, which works out to $2.50/print. I mean have you ever? !?!?

Seeing friends do amazing things, is just that, amazing and I couldn’t be prouder of Nicole. If you’re one of the lucky people who gets to know her like I do, you know that she’s one of the most supportive/kind/inspirational/all around awesome ones there is so she deserves all the success/support/glory there is.

So go buy your very own copy of #absurdist summer now and while you’re at it, leave some comments and/or post on social media channels etc. to let Nicole know that she and her book are making your sugar plum fairy art dreams come true.


One Room Challenge – Week Two

Oh man this week was a doozy.

I’m starting the actual writing of this post at 8 pm on Tuesday…tomorrow at 4 am, my husband will abandon me for a 24 hour business trip to Vancouver, which means finishing off this diddy in the early hours is no beuno…3 kids…early risers…getting ready for school…single parent…you get the idea. Husband will show back up here at around 7 am Thursday morning, which will very hopefully be just in time for me to fly out the door so as to arrive at CBC for 8:45 the next morning to shoot my next segment for the Steven and Chris Show…before that happens, I have to load about 30 pieces of art in my car to take with me, get myself looking half way presentable for national TV…feed the kids…get them to school…think about my segment and about what needs to be covered/said etc…you get the idea here I think.

And then there was the 6 days that led up to this one and which have culminated in the post I’m writing as we speak.

Let’s start there I guess.

Wednesday Oct. 1st.  First ORC post goes live. I can’t remember much else after that re: Wednesday.

Thursday Oct. 2nd.  I spend the day madly prepping for my field shoot for Steven and Chris…I don’t want to give away the farm but for now, let’s just say that my shoot has something to do with my master bedroom, that’s PS, connected to our one and the same ORC ensuite.  After plenty of hours moving furniture, styling and styling some more, this sort of jazz is happening in the boudoir…

christine dovey style master bedroom one room challenge fiori flowers target style dish

christine dovey style master bedroom one room challenge louboutin book black and white bowl rose crystal

christine dovey style master bedroom one room challenge  master bedroom settee fur pouf elte second life rug fashion illustration styling with shoes

Zhushing probably finishes at around 5 pm, which works out well because Super Allen has just shown up to dis-connect bathroom vanity so I can drop it off at painters on the weekend…

christine dovey style one room challenge bathroom makeover allen dawson

christine dovey style one room challenge bathroom makeover allen dawson

While leisurely speaking with Allen, my brand new computer that I’ve had for 3 days at this point decides to completely implode and won’t stop re-starting over and over and over and over and over and over again…I have my old computer but the keyboard doesn’t work, which means I can read things but not respond…my cell phone is out of battery and husband has left to go fetch dinner, with my charger in the car…I casually read an email from my TV producer, which involves a few changes to the filming planski for the next day but wouldn’t  you know it, I can’t respond IN ANY BLEEPING WAY because I quite literally, don’t have a single mode of communication that BLEEPING works. So…Allen continues with his business while I implode much in the same fashion as my aforementioned computer. Allen leaves. Husband finally returns home…I make a few phone calls…do some re- jigging/pondering/thinking…etc.  And I drink wine.

Friday Oct. 3rd. It’s shoot day!!!! I close the bathroom door, make sure the bedroom is as perfect as I can make it, frantically vacuum up any evidence of the vanity disconnect, clean the house top to bottom and get my myself looking half way presentable…and then put my face in front of a camera for the rest of the day…this lasts until dinner time.  And just because I have you here and whose kidding who, it’s a great opportunity for a promo…my next episode of Steven and Chris will be airing October 30th and will feature more than just one of my spaces, so tune into CBC at 2pm (my US friends can watch at a later date on the Live Well Network ).

Saturday Oct. 4th.  Hum…this one is foggy.  I’ll skip for now and come back to it..I’m drawing a blank. Editing…I got to the second blub for Sunday and it all came flooding back…now that I remember what I did on Saturday, the reason for the brain fog is not that difficult to fathom…I start the day with a good old fashioned visit to my new hommies, the Geeks at Best Buy…

christine dovey one room challenge best buy

…which leads back to a few hours of my life I’ll never be able to regain apres shoot on Friday from about 7pm- 9pm…so rewinding a bit …Friday evening…I call the Geek line since I paid for the super gusto laptop warranty and spend the next two hours being talked through every trick that should get my laptop working but just totally doesn’t because the computer is a total and complete lemon ball.  Mr Geek named Anthony tells me to take the thing back and get a new one handed to me asap so forward again to Saturday…Best Buy…new laptop…an hour or so later, I’m set up with a new one but leave it there so that all my data from the 3 day old one (which was a surprising amount considering the time frame…yes I like to hoard inspo photos) can be transferred over and my new anti-viral goodness can be installed.  Next, the fam jam and I head downtown for some ORC sourcing. First I hit up a mirror store in the city looking for a huge piece for behind the vanity…I’m not sure if I spelled that out really clearly in the plan but basically, I’m hoping to make a powder coated black frame that will be inset into the marble so that it lies flush against it. The mirror will run about 7′ tall and go completely behind the vanity…it will also be about 3″ wider on both sides…this was my original inspo that…

I decide to skip the antique business though…just not in budget…regular mirror it is…so good, I’m able to check something off the ORC list. I get back in the car and head somewhere else…but where? Can’t remember…hum…ah well…clearly I’m presently tired.  Picking up somewhere in the fog, we head back to our neck of the woods to pick up computer and stop at the tile store. Sadly, the new computer isn’t ready and won’t be ready until the next day so I have yet another day of i-phone only client communications and work…so not awesome.  My plan to stop at the tile store goes out the window when my body decides it’s had enough and gets a 24 hour sickness bug so I go home and my super hubs takes kids somewhere for an hour. I plan to do nothing and veg out with steamed TV but oh wait, I can’t…no computer.  Instead I wait until 5 pm somewhere in the world and drink wine.

Sunday Oct. 5th. We’re up bright and early this morning because my daughter has acting class at her agency from 9:30-1:30. The whole family piles into the car and it’s to the big city again. The Mr drops me and the redhead off. I stay for an hour to go through the parent class, get picked up, drive back to Oakville and commence super fast ‘get bathroom ready for demo tomorrow’ clean-up. This involves de-constructing all the pretty stuff I set up just 2.5 days prior for the big shoot. I  feel quite ‘I’m a woman here me roar’ at this point because unbeknownst to husband, I single handedly, take out an 8×10 rug from under our king bed, carry a settee to the living room, wrap and pack a bunch of bedding, pillows and throws and generally strip the master of every ounce of personality/prettiness it has.  I also decide to remove the box full of the vanity drawer contents that we had loaded into a giant box and shoved into the bathroom just in time for the shoot…

christine dovey style one room challenge bathroom makoever

…but bad news blues on the cascading pile of toiletries…they’re all soaked because guess what? The faucet pipe has been dripping this whole time and has caused a minor flood in the bathroom and a leak in the living room ceiling below…so….I have to go through a box of 10 years worth of collected bathroom crap and throw half of it out…which is probably not a bad exercise overall but at that time, I’m so not into it…anyhoo…I finish that off just in time to load back in the car and pick up child from class.  Back home an hour or so later, I continue bathroom tidy so that it is all good and ready for the big start of demo the following day….



After that, husband and I carry the vanity down the stairs and load it up in the car so that he can drop it off at my fabulously awesome painters to get fixed up because PS, the water has warped the darn thing. While he’s driving there, I confirm paint selection, which will be…drumroll…Benjamin Moore Whickham Grey…

benjamin moore whickham grey

…exciting times.  And then I get to the regular business of emailing and more emailing re: my actual day job etc.

Monday Oct. 6th.  It’s a school day…kids are up…blog post to write…lunches to pack…kids to dress…yadda, yadda. It’s a great day though because Super Allen is showing up at 8:30 to do the big giant demo.  And like clockwork, he begins…first the wall tiles start coming down…

christine dovey style one room challenge bathroom demo

christine dovey style one room challenge bathroom demo

christine dovey style one room challenge bathroom demo

christine dovey style one room challenge bathroom demo

christine dovey style one room challenge bathroom demo

And then, the shower demo begins…

christine dovey style one room challenge bathroom demo

christine dovey style one room challenge bathroom demo

Thankfully, Super Allen is able to save my glass door…

christine dovey style one room challenge bathroom demo

…and is super fast at making good use of our brand spanking new (and by new, I mean new in the last 3 months…we’ve enjoyed many a ride on the driveway dumpster train in our almost 10 years here)…

christine dovey style one room challenge bathroom demo dumpster

…much loved dumpster!

And within 6 short hours, he manages to completely rid my ensuite of all the stuff I don’t love…





Now you’ve probably noticed that the hex tiles are still there…turns out they’re stuck down pretty well so Allen thinks it’s best to just lay the cement tiles on top…save on labour and time etc.  I sort of love the idea…partially because I can already imagine a family a decade or so down the line HATING my super awesome Tulum and ripping that goodness up and then being super duper excited to find this underneath…is it weird that I’m sort or weirdly already excited about the black and white one day coming up and some random set of strangers being super stocked about what’s underneath? Probably but whateves.

Moving on.

I’m not sure what else happened on my end re: Monday…other than work, work and more work.  While Allen is destructing, I’m plotting and picturing etc.

Tuesday Oct. 7th. TODAY!  Today is busy.  Wake up, get kids ready, make lunches…you’re by now recognizing a theme…only I’m sort of lying because the Mr makes the lunches but anyhoo…I do a lot of design work today…a lot. I also sit down with my computer and revel in some One Room Challenge accessory selecting/narrowing down.  I’m feeling pretty lucky to have Wayfair sponsoring this whole thing and have poured over their selection of goodies for weeks.  I’ve filled, emptied and re-filled my basket more than once ten times and have almost pressed the trigger on all of this…

christine dovey wayfair statue dwell studio towels bathroom accessories set jonathan adler dolls jar ferm living basket upholstered bench

…until remembering that I’ve already ordered the art I spoke of in last week’s post and well, two sets of Grecian boobs in one small bathroom is probably too much…

christine dovey one room challenge nicole cohen art wayfair sculpture bathroom

…though maybe I can get away with it? I REALLY want both up in there.

But..the budget is over for the basket…big surprise there…so I have to cull the lot no matter what and commit to just some of what’s in there. So I slash the goodie bag and pull the trigger on the must haves.

And speaking of buying commitments, after many many trips to the tile store, I go back today and at 4pm EST, officially say ‘I do’ to her loveliness, Ms. Bianco Gioia…

christine dovey style one room challenge bianco giaoa

…and then promptly go to the car and panic that she is going to be too busy with the floor.

And then I eat dinner and have a glass of wine instead of exercising…for not he first time this week.

Which…brings me to 9:47 pm EST. AKA…right this minute.

Things are happening as they say…as evidenced by the current un- prettiness of the master…

christine dovey style one room challenge bathroom demo

christine dovey style one room challenge bathroom demo

christine dovey style one room challenge bathroom demo

When it comes to this round of the ORC, I think all is on track for now. I think.

Which brings us to tomorrow and what will inevitably be the start of another round of this pile of insanity that is my life, that PS, I wouldn’t change for anything. I’m very hopeful that my 3 little beans will sleep in at least until at least 6am so I can start my day off on the right foot with some good old fashioned interweb surfing, and catch up on what all my fellow very fabulous ORC’ers…

Abby M. Interiors

Because It’s Awesome

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The Decorista

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The Design Daredevil

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Mimosa Lane

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The Pink Pagoda

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The Zhush

Trademarked by Calling it Home

…aka these pretty people…

one room challenge participant list christine dovey style

…have all been up to this week…before husband leaves on a jet plane…4 am…

Edit…it’s now Wednesday, and my miniest bean has woken up at 4:50 am…



Computer Woes, Project Plans, Lots of Art and an Announcement or Two

As you might have gathered from this post’s title, things are a bit all over the place so this will be a round-up sort of post.

1. To begin…my less than stellar posting as of late has a lot to do with just being sort of crazy busy but it also has to do with my NEVER-ENDING DAMN COMPUTER CURSE.  I swear to the almighty that I have a pox when it comes to the machines that allow me to do what I do.  I think my average span with any new laptop is about 3 months.  My last system was a refurbished Dell – hubs and I thought that since my last purchase was a $1K ‘ all star’ laptop that kicked it in after 2 months, this go around we’d go for a cheap option and see how it faired. I got a good 8-10 months out of that one, until my young infant friend knocked coffee on the keyboard…being a bit of a stalwart of a computer, it survived, though the keyboard did not…easy fix on that one…hubs gave me an extra keyboard he had lying around so I plugged that in and voila…it wasn’t ideal because I’d have to use the track pad of the laptop and keys of the extra board but it worked…for a while.  And then one day, it didn’t…the keys on the extra board just stopped registering. I held on for about a month of having to sub in extra letters and then backspace to erase them, before finally the damn thing didn’t work at all and all I was left with was the ability to surf the web but not actually type anything. I had to use the on-screen keyboard with point and click cursor just to log on…not ideal to say the least soooooooo….I finally gave in and bought myself a shiny new laptop, again.  The new one was purchased on Thursday of last week.  When the salesperson actually admitted to me that the average lifespan of today’s laptops are anywhere between 14 days to 1 year, I first threw a bit of an internal ‘I effing hate computer manufacturers for doing this to us’ fit and then gave in an purchased a $24.95/month warranty that will allow me 2 years of care free computering…I spill on the keyboard, I get a new one…I get some Trojans…they clean it…you get the idea.  So basically, my $699 computer will actually cost me $1200 over the course of the 2 years but hell…I would have probably purchased 4 computers in that timeframe so I think it makes sense.  And to prove my theory, my new laptop opened it’s doors to 295 malware infections and a giant virus within 72 hours of purchase, and with an anvti-viral program already loaded…yup…I couldn’t use my new laptop at all by Saturday.  So as far as the bell curve on a laptops life goes, as often happens, I brought the average down a bit with my record turning 72 hours.  Thankfully, my giant warranty won and all I had to do was press a button installed on my toolbar, that instantly connected me to the computer wizard that then took over my dashboard, installed optimization stuff to make things run faster, took off my old anti-viral and installed a cloud based one that works with what my habits are (namely streaming TV…and yes I  know that’s what opens me up to all this shit but I will never give that up so thankfully they’ve invenvted anti-viral programs that can deal with that business) and cleaned all the garbage out.  And…by 7 pm last night my new laptop was new again. Glory hallelujah.  I did have a quick Chardonnay spill in there too but lady Bix as I know calling her, held her own on that tumble and is doing just fine:)

So….I’m back ladies and gentlemen and lady Bix and I feel really great about each other knowing that we’re protected and all…safe in each other’s arms as it were.

2.  While still managing between my old laptop that couldn’t type and my new one that was completely taken over with a pop-up virus on Saturday, I somehow managed to get a bunch of business for #projectgreenbay sorted.  After some debating back and fort on the what we wanted to do in the playroom as far as drapery was concerned, we sadly decided that with the 40 yards of fabric that’s going to be necessary, some of our options just weren’t going to be feasible. So…I hit the interwebs and found a bevie of options that were a little friendlier on the pocket book and sent those over…one of them was this guy, which I actually quite love…

project greenbay playroom floral and stripes fabric option

But unfortunately, none were just right…though as an aside, I have to tell you that in my searching I found some pretty incredible fabrics on Spoonflower specifically that are soooooo $$$ friendly and really quite fabulous…4 of my faves…

martha steward living 05 board winged hawk martha stewart living swirl 2

peacoquettedesigns springtime in the butterflies

peacoquettedesigns lemon botanical

Glorious right? I’ve already come up with a scheme for a new room involving that last one.

Anyhoo…back to project work…

As sometimes happens, I went back to something that I knew would work and suggested we have my drapery making/painting wizard friend Hollie Cooper quote us some custom painted numbers and wouldn’t you know it, just like that we had a plan. With this decision in place, I was able to come up with the scheme for the whole room and let me tell you, I lurv it…

project greenbay playroom concept board 3

The combo of the burgundy velvet sofa and teal hex table makes my heart shine.

This board will be coming to life but we did make a few small changes…for one, I convinced my client that the playtable could also function as a desk so we’ve eliminated the need for that.  As well, I wanted to show a few more accent chair options so sent over 1 or 20 of those and when my client saw these guys, that was that…

project greenbay playroom board pink chairs burgundy sofa hex table

The addition of the pink actually helps tie this room to the adjoining living room. In the later, we’re sticking entirely to a scheme of black, white, animal print, blush and burgundy…good stuff…having the burgundy and pink in the playroom means both rooms will play aces together.  And I mean really…that sofa and that coffee table don’t really need much else to be all kinds of fantastica.

Though…I feel that the art deserves a little mention of it’s own so on to numero 3…

3. While scouring for client goodies over the weekend, I honed in some pretty amazing art, starting with the goddess that’s on the playroom board…the piece is by artist Isabelle Menin and I’m OBSESSED with it…I mean really and truly in love…


Also about to find their way into #projectgreenbay are:

a) This Michael Corleone photo of Al Pacino that will hang in the library…

showimg_eve francis ford coppola

b) A few Ballerinas by Gerard Uferas for the big girl’s bedroom…

gerard uferas ballet projectgreenbay

c) A striking image by Rebecca Cygnus for our mint green office…

rebecca cygnus the horse whisperer projectgreenbay

d) An Ashley Woodson Bailey floral for our lavender and black guest room…because let’s face it, I can no longer ever design a house without at least one of her pieces…

ashley woodson bailey alex projectgreenbay

e) A Jelena Kostic bit of whimsy for our kid’s powder…

jelena kostic rose petals projectgreenbay

f) And finally, this totally captivating image from photographer Zena Holloway

zena holloway angel 4

…she’ll hang in our newly planned black, white, cream family room, alongside this brand spanking new Nicole Cohen masterpiece, that PS, I’ve just also ordered for myself…because I mean really, knowing me and my love for anything black and white and busts in general, how could I not?

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

So yup…art is getting up in there and I couldn’t be happier.

And this leads me to my accouncements, which we’ll count as number 4…


a) I adore hunting for art…more than anything I do actually in terms of work so as such, I’ve decided to harness this into a little ‘consulting’ sort of situation.  Basically, if you’d like my services in terms of finding art, I’d be THRILLED to do so for you. I’m going to be adding a section to my webpage in the next few days that will outline this service but for now I’ll just say it’s basically an art conceirge sort of deal…you tell me what you need, what you’re looking for, where you want it, how much you want to spend etc. etc. and I’ll very hopefully find you the most perfect piece there is:)  I’m truly excited about this…already dreaming of late nights surfing the web-sphere for art, art and more art…like this stuff for example…aka a brand new bit of heaven from one of my absolute most loved artists, Ashley Woodson Bailey…aptlycalled #girlseries, it features other people’s daughters and well, I want one? Is that weird?

ashely woodson bailey girl with posy

ashley woodson bailey little girl image the girl with roses in her hair

Just so ridiculously beautiful.

So yes, if you want me to find stuff like this for you, email me and we’ll get to it.

b) You might have already seen this via Facebook and Instagram but I’m about to dive knee deep into this ORC business again…

one room challenge christine dovey style logo

Along with an amazingly talented list of other designers/bloggers, I’m going to gut and put a room back together in only 6 very short week so make sure you set your calendars for the fun…it all starts this Wednesday so I’ll be outlining the space I’m doing and who all is playing along with me by 8am EST.  The button on my right toolbar will link you to each week’s posts as it all rolls along.

Oh and the most fun part…even if you’re not one of the participants, YOU my friends can still join in with the ORC Linking Party…read all about that here and here.

I’ll tell you that as of now, I’m still debating my plan/scheme so things are about to get real interesting up in here.

And with that, I think this long rambling Monday post is finito.


West Elm and Nicole Cohen/Patrick Cline are Killing It and Some Goodies

Is it just me or is West Elm KILLING it lately in the design department?

I mean just look at some of their new goodness…

west elm chandeliers

west elm lamps

west elm stools table and glasses

west elm utensils

I’m seriously in awe of how beautiful these pieces are.

So much so, that I’m incorporating both chandeliers in #projectgreenbay…we’ve changed our foyer plan and are going to use the WE on on the ceiling, alongside these stunning vintage sconces…

west elm chandelier and dibs sconces project greenbay

As well, we’re going to buy up some of those counter stools and re-upholster then in some blush velvet action.

Another client of mine is actually considering the stools as well and is the one who led me in their direction in the first place…thankful to say the least.

As for the rest, I’m buying up a bunch of those gold glasses to use as votive holders and though I already have a set of vintage gold flatware and more sets than I probably need, my new house (more on that subject Monday) is going to get a brand spanking new set of the WE loveliness.

High fives to WE all around.

And speaking of well dones, have you seen the latest photography collaboration between Nicole Cohen and Patrick Cline called Deuce? I mean STOP IT!

nicole cohen and patrick client deuce 2

nicole cohen and patrick client  deuce 3

nicole cohen and patrick client  deuce

nicole cohen and patrick cline deuce

OBSESSED with these in very large in change way.  Must own.

What else?

Oh yes…a very special package arrived for me this morning from the amazingly talented Ashley Woodson Bailey…these moody beautiful flowers be mine…

ashley woodson bailey without wax

ashley woodson bailey osaba

So gorgeous.

And finally, a little sneak peek of something else that’s sure a lot of pretty…coming soon to #projectgreenbay ‘s little girls’ room thanks to the amazing Liven-Up Design…alongside Nina Campbell’s Paradiso paper that is…

project greenbay liven up design benches and wallpaper

So pretty. I’m actually considering using that same fabric on the windows…mulling on it.

And finally, my bedroom ceiling is about to get a whole lot prettier thanks to the brilliance that is Metrie…layout lines are drawn…

my house ceiling metrie

…and the real business will go up tomorrow- keep close to Instagram for updates:)

Happy almost weekend:)


Art Makes the World Go Ground #3- Flowers and Portraits

While walking back to the hotel after a leisurely lunch out on the birthday weekend extravaganza, I  noticed a painting in the window of this Toronto gallery

nicholas metivier gallery

…that forced me in to take a closer look…

And once inside, I was again reminded of how completely and fully I adore beautiful artwork- it’s quite literally happiness for my soul.

Since I love to share the works I’m coveting as often as possible, I figured it was time for…

art makes the world go round

And today, I’m starting with the very piece that pulled me off the rainy streets of Toronto and left me breathless for a good 10 minutes as I stood in front of it…

Meet Peony’s by James Lahey

james lahey flowers

I wish I could convey the grandeur and beauty of this piece here but that’s wholely impossible given that I can’t really showcase or give true justice to the scale, depth of colour and/or serenity this stunning painting evokes …in real life, it’s huge…like 72″ tall sort of business…it’s also framed so perfectly…a floating stainless thin edge painted a warm coral on the inside…the totality of it all was/is quite literally,  breathtaking.

I of course raced home to peruse the gallery’s website and found this other James Lahey piece…

james lahey

…that I can only wish to one day see in person.

As you know, I’m a large sucker for moody florals.  In combo with moody people, I’d say that wraps up my most beloved ‘genre’.

And speaking of the later, I also discovered the brilliance of artist Stephen Appleby-Barr, thanks to this new fave gallery…

stephen abbleby barr painting

stephen abbleby barr

…quirky portraiture in shades of pastel with a side of historical whimsy…yes thank you please.

As for my online art searches, here are the artists and their works that make up my current ‘weird portraits’ wish list file…starting with one of the pieces I showcased yesterday

1. Billy and Hells

billy and hells nadja

billy and hells painting

billy and hells

2. Andrey Yakov and Lili Aleeva


3. Bruno Dayan

bruno dayan

bruno dayan 2

bruno dayan 3

bruno dayan 4

I’ve shown that last one before…it’s a must own for me.

3.  Corinna Holthusen

corinna holthusen reflections 6

Clearly I have a thing for faces and decadent decadence these days.


Birthday, Party Planning, Work

I’ve been not an aces blogger as of late.  Apologies.

This past week, I’ve been pre-occupied with the impending doom that was my birthday this past Monday…I’ve been dreading it for years in fact…something about the sound of 40 that just really rubbed me the wrong way.


In the lead up to the big day, I turned a little crazy trying to figure out how the heck I wanted to ring in this new decade and I’m pretty sure I caused hubs more than a little stress…it felt sort of like New Years when I was 25…wanted something special but not sure what that was and deathly afraid of having it pass without any real fanfair or acknowledgment of the massive event in my head it was/is.  To me, 40 represents this sort of shift…almost like you’re officially not a ‘young person’ anymore…I loved turning 30 because to me, that was the decade that was going to give me all those things I dreamed of as a little girl…a husband, children, a career etc. etc. And you know what, that’s exactly what happened and to feel that newness and unraveling of life all unraveled, just felt/feels sort of big.

So long story short, I tied up a lot of meaning into this birthday in my head and wanted to ring it in right.

After MUCH discussion, hubs and I settled on a party for my nearest and dearest in the fall since so many are away in the summer. He preemptively booked a rib truck for the food so the catering is done.  And because he knows I’m a total control freak, he’s letting me at least have a say in what the party actually ends up looking like. I’ve of course put together a little moodboard that brings together some of the key elements…

party board

I haven’t hosted a real party party in a while so tres excited to throw something delightful together.

And as  for the actual real birthday day, husband organized a night away for just the two of us in the city, after a little family party the day before.  And being the good egg that he is, he arranged many little surprises at the hotel with signs of the big day plastered everywhere…a little embarrassing yes but sweeter than sweet.  I had spa goodness for most of the day and then a brilliant night out, sans kids…which PS, is the second time in 6 years hubs and I have been away so yeah…it was enjoyed.

me and ian

So…I have to say that as of 3 days in, 40 isn’t all that bad.

I’m so lucky to have the most amazing family and what’s more, incredible friends.  I got so many amazingly sweet emails, FB messages and even blog posts on my birthday.  A special thanks to Erika for this entry about our work together and my sweet friend Lindsey for this amazingly kind post.

Again, I’m feeling very very blessed.

Of course, as all this birthday hoopla was going on (which is now officially being spread out from April with my trip to Miami all the way to September with the party…that’s a good long 5 month b-day celebration;) work was still getting did.

I’ve just begun three new projects, that I’ll outline tomorrow but for now, here’s a few peaks at some new stuff that’s been happening with existing ones.

#projectgraphicmodern just sent me photos of our her newly upholstered settee and wowzers it’s good…

settee refinished

My fabulous client sourced that fabric and I gotta say, we’re in true love territory here…how could I not be when it’s a graphic made up of black, white, blush and gold!

Finishing touches are happening in that room and I’m hoping for a full reveal in the next few weeks.

As for #projectgreenbay, we’re in the middle of a curtain making frenzy.  My amazingly talented friend Hollie just sent me this preview pick of the custom romans we had made for the son’s room…

christine dovey style project greenbay roman blinds

Stay tuned to see the drapery fabric nirvana that unfolds in the library, master, girl’s bedrooms, master and office…all should be done and installed within the month.

In #projectbistrochic news, we are so so close to being done.  Our Hermes scarf got all framed up and I can’t wait to see it installed…I’m sort of dying over how well it plays with the Quadrille pillows we had made…

project bistro chic framed scarf and pillows

…again, I’ve got Hollie to thank for making them and 219 for ordering up the fabric for us.

And speaking of fabric, just wait until you read tomorrow’s post and see all the Kelly Wearstler textile magic that’s going to be loaded into one of the new projects I  mentioned…be still my heart is what I’ll say on that note for now.

And finally for today, a little peak at what’s going on with #projectfeminineinjection…and I have to preface this with I did NONE of this…my client is 100% responsible for this entire room…I’ve given an enthusiastic thumbs up on a few things but other than that, this is all her…

project feminine injection living room

project feminine injection living room and dining

As you know, I’ve been working on the family room in this stunning house and am SO excited that my client (who is PS, CLEARLY a major talent in her own right,) has asked me to also consult on her master bedroom, nursery and upstairs hallway…wohoo!!!!

And in the meantime, I’ve been asked to source a piece of art for that void to the left of the fireplace…so far, my top contenders are these moody ladies…

billy and hells nadja

oliver rossi joelle 2

zena holloway angels

The last one is a brand new artist to Citizen Atelier, Zena Holloway…this collection entitled ‘angels’ is just so incredibly beautiful.

Let’s throw this one out to you…which of the three do you like best in that stunning room?

Advice is as always, much appreciated.

And for now, I think that wraps it up.

Again, a giant huge warm hugs thanks to everyone for all your sweet b-day messages…they truly meant the world to me. I know I say it often but I’m constantly so amazed and humbled by the amazingly close connections I’ve made with people via this little blog…it’s truly so uplifting and heartwarming…cheezy perhaps but infinitely true.