Haute Hause- Copper Blush

Seeing Through Rose Coloured Glasses?
Well…you might be, or you could be taking in this season’s pretty palette of blush copper. With pops of pink and layers of sepia copper, this nostalgic colour combination has me feeling like I’m walking around in a beautiful memory. Whether you believe yourself to be a ‘pink person’ or not, this versatile duo can be converted to suit just about anyone’s taste. Depending on the shade of pink and the finish of copper, this pair can add edge or softness to any outfit, interior, or accessory.
Though I must admit I have very little self control when it comes to using the colour pink, the products below are easy to embrace in any (or every!) aspect of your daily life!
haute house blush #1 christine dovey style
1) If ever there was a perfect ‘I like where this is going’ gift to give at the beginning of a new relationship, this would be it. Just looking at this sweet, $48 Kate Spade Make Me Blush Idoim Bangle gives me butterflies! http://www.katespade.com/make-me-blush-idiom-bangle/WBRU9703,en_US,pd.html?dwvar_WBRU9703_color=704&cgid=ks-jewelry-bracelets#start=21&cgid=ks-jewelry-bracelets
2) For the perfect host/hostess gift, try Charbonnel Pink Marc De Champagne Truffles, or if you don’t have anywhere to go, treat yourself for $31.39 http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524446454628
3) If you’re bored with your everyday look, mix it up with Ally Capellino’s SS15 collection and add some blush to your blonde! http://minimalissimo.com/2015/03/ally-capellino-ss15/
4) This elegant Scoop Table Lamp from West Elm is a subtle way to add some glamour to your office or bedside table, and add a metallic layer to the room. For just $69 http://www.westelm.com/products/scoop-table-lamp-w1357/?pkey=e%7Ccopper%7C14%7Cbest%7C0%7C1%7C24%7C%7C11&group=1&sku=2753267&cm_src=PRODUCTSEARCH||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules
haute house copper blush #2 christine dovey style
5) Though Michael Kors is famous for a number of different pieces, his collection of rose gold watches are ones to remember. My favourite being this Kerry Pave Rose Gold-Tone Watch for $275 http://www.michaelkors.com/kerry-pavé-rose-gold-tone-watch/_/R-US_MK3313?No=13&color=0622
6) Need a reason to drink champagne? I mean, celebrate? What better way than with this limited edition Pink label from Lanson? http://www.lanson.com/en/edition-limite/
7) To add a touch of whimsy to your room, shop Kate Sylvester online store for this Swan by Douglas & Bec for $120(USD) http://shop.katesylvester.com/estore/style/ksdb-301.aspx?c=6
haute house copper blush #3 christine dovey style
9) To make every morning sparkle, try sipping your coffee or tea from these Solid Copper Moscow Mule mugs by Paykoc for $22.50 (each) at http://www.paykocimports.com/13-5oz-solid-copper-moscow-mule-mug-by-paykoc/
10) A pop of pink never goes unnoticed, and this Blush Chair from Black Rooster Decor can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the surroundings for $492 http://blackroosterdecor.com/collections/seating/products/blush-chair
11) For a subtle way to slip into this trend, try a pair of these Zara high heel sandals for $59.90 (USD) http://www.zara.com/us/en/woman/shoes/view-all/trf-high-heel-sandals-c719531p2389026.html
12) Last but certainly not least, get your daily dose of romance from this piece entitled Jack’s Cat by Artist, Amy Friend which can be found at Citizen Atelier for $695 http://citizenatelier.com/product/jacks-cat/
Rosy blush…it’s just always so perfectly perfect.

The Business of Design- Project Deloraine

You know those times when you walk in a prospective client’s home and you get all giddy because what they already have is so freaking good that you sort of just walk around with your jaw open thinking, ‘wow…why the F isn’t this my house?!?!?’  And then after that happy wave passes, it’s very quickly replaced with a giant tsunami of ‘holy crap, how on earth is little old me supposed to improve on this excellence?’

Well um…meet my newest clients, Project Deloraine…and by meet, I mean have a glimpse at the ‘before shots’ of their ridiculously awesome home…that they PS, designed and built from scratchies…

project deloraine living room

project deloraine dining room

project deloraine kitchen light

project deloraine rotunda

project deloraine stair bench

project deloraine stairway

project deloraine eating nook

project deloraine office

So you see my dilemma no?  It’s going to be mighty Tricky McTrickersons improving on this business.

Thankfully, the direction my clients want to go is sort of exactly my favourite thing to do.

My mandate is to edge the place up some great art and special/momorable pieces.  So…with that in mind, here was my first crack at an overall design board…

christine dovey project deloraine side one concept board

christine dovey project deloraine concept board two

And to explain…

1. Wallpapering hallway in Porter Teleo Fluidity with some great art pieces to compliment…

porter teleo fluidity kelly wearstler

2. Wallpapering ceiling of Rotunda in Porter Teleo Refracted…

porter teleo refracted

…and I’m now also hoping to do the one rounded wall in Calico Petal…

calico petal wallpaper

3. In the living room, we’ll put a custom Commute Design mirror over the fireplace, with a pair of graphic black and white photographs from These Fine Walls on either side…

project deloraine fireplace these fine walls art commute home mirror

…I mean the the mirror…gah….

commute design mirror project deloraine

4. We’ll also hopefully replace the sofa with something with some real impact…I’m loving the black one I specked from Klaus…so delish.  And a floor lamp of course…something architectural.

5. In the dining room, we’re going to do a mural to fill the three moulding boxes behind the dining table…though I had originally sourced this goodie…

mural project deloraine

…my clients are looking for something more graphic so we’re thinking Area Enviornments to the rescue with a custom version of this…

DJ+Embedded+Indigo+Art project deloraine

We’ll also add a rug and sideboard to this space.  And…a huge custom neon sign from Endeavour…

endevour neon project deloraine

…like shown only in pink perhaps.

6. For the kitchen nook, we’ll be doing Pierre Frey Kubus on the upholstered bench with lots of punchy pillows in neon pink and blues…the burgundy on the original board has been nixed in favour or neon shades so that’s the direction we’ll go there. And then over the kitchen island, we’re going to do some pretty incredible lighting…contenders are pretty much everything from Apparatus Studio…

appartus triad light project deloraine

apparatus studio lighting project deloraine

And I think that’s pretty much the gist.

I can’t wait to get the install on this one rolling…with such amazing befores, it’s going to be such a fantastical challenge to try and nail…crossing fingers:)))


Art Fair Fridays – Ashley Woodson Bailey

It’s Friday again and both Bijou & Boheme and Heirloom & Knot are excited to once again share with you our latest instalment in our collaborative Art Fair Fridays series.

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing the awe-inspiring photographer Ashley Woodson Bailey.
Whose hauntingly beautiful photographs are a menagerie of hazy hues and contrasting floral arrangements. Her work, which is all captured and edited from her trusty iPhone, is inspired by the botanical life cycle of the flower from blossom to a dying stem and the deep desire to capture preserve that moment in time.

Art Fair Fridays - Ashley Woodson Bailey

Ashley Woodson Bailey
Dark Limited Editions – Shadows/Light

How long have you been a professional photographer? I started taking photos a year ago-I can not believe that I have grown so much so quickly. I guess I have always been taking pictures but it was not my profession.

What is your biggest career highlight to date? Aside from becoming friends with Christine !!! I would have to say teaching Florography with Megan Morton’s The School in Sydney, Australia.  To be flown around the world for something you never thought you would be doing was both humbling and exciting. The Aussie lifestyle and personality is what I strive for-I think I maybe was an Aussie in another life.

How would you define your signature style?
My style is hauntingly beautiful. It feels a little lonely, yet draws you in.  It is romantic and mysterious.

I think people would be surprised to learn you use your iPhone to shoot and edit your images, do you have any tips or tricks to help the average iPhone user get a better shot? Any preferred Apps? Oh I know! I am surprised that I shoot with my iPhone honestly, but it is what I prefer.  My tip if you want to print (which I encourage everyone to do) is to use Afterlight. It creates the most beautiful haziness and the filters are just dreamy. 

Where do you find your greatest creative inspiration? I am inspired by different artists in different mediums. Nicolette Camille is an amazing floral designer that I find countless inspiration. Zoe Pawlak  is a painter who uses color so well. I am also inspired by fashion. I went to college as a fashion designer, but left as an art historian. 

How long do you typically take to set up a single shot? 
It takes me a while if I am doing an arrangement. I usually take a few hours to do that, then I find the right light. I change the location quite bit when shooting to make sure the flowers are lit the way I like.

If you had to pick one flower that exemplifies your work, what would it be and why?
Oh gosh-not sure this is fair. All florists love a certain flower in different seasons. But today I would pick the poppy. It has such life that no other flower has. 

If you were creating a floral arrangement for your own home, what would it include?
Poppies, garden roses, peonies, frittalaria, hybrid delphinium, magnolia, camellias, blooming jasmine, hellebores, ranunculus, clematis, and a tiny bit of Lily of the Valley.

What about growing up in Texas has influenced your work?
Texas is in my blood. In my children’s blood. It runs deep. So everything I do I guess is always a little bit Texan.  I think I inherited my strength and my gusto from the Texas women in my life. I think my work is strong yet still feminine-and that pretty much defines a Texas woman.

Featured Product:

No. 1  Hermes – Les Maisons Enchantées Tart Platter – $355.00


No. 2  Oscar de la Renta – New York Botanical Garden Magnolia Brass Paperweight – $98.00

No. 3  Dolce & Gabbana – Embellished Cat Eye Acetate Sunglasses – $1,549.45

No. 4  Zinc Door – Noir Paris Vessel – $821.00

No. 5  Ashley Woodson Bailey – The Dutch Love iPhone 6 Case – $49.00

No. 6  Liberty London – Gold Decorative Datura  – £150.00

No. 7  Chanel – Lambskin & Calfskin Embellished Camellias Flap Bag – Price Upon Request

No. 8  Trove Wallpaper – Custom Printed Suichuka Wallpaper – Price Upon Request

No. 9  Marc Jacobs – Daisy Eau de Toilette – $140.00

I can’t adequately express my feelings towards AWB. I decided within minutes of meeting that we were sisters from another mister and from there, I’ve been lucky enough to really become true friends with this amazing woman…I feel so ridiculously blessed to know her.
Ashley’s description of her work is exactly why I love it so much…it’s beautiful but also haunting and somewhat melancholy….in the most romantic way possible. Her stunning images strike such a perfect balance between moody/ethereal and just plain pretty.  I can’t recall a time I haven’t included at least one of her works in my designs…I love them that much.
Though one of my top 5 pieces is actually on the main board up there, here are the other faves of mine from Ashley’s sublime collection…
ashely woodson baily ruffle tulip art fair fridays christine dovey heirloom and knot
ashely woodson bailey fair fridays christine dovey heirloom and knot cait
art fair fridays ashely woodson bailey the dance christine dovey heirloom and knot
art fair fridays ashleyw woodsone bailey christine dovey heirloom and knot
ashely woodson baily art fair fridays christine dovey heirloom and knot out the staircase
Just. So. Damn, Perfect.
And on the topic of perfect art…make sure you go back and see the edited versions of AFF Stephanie Vovas and AFF Liz Wolfe…both now have my collection of favourite pieces included in the post.
Have a very happy Easter everyone!

Art Fair Fridays – Liz Wolfe

Wohoooo…it’s Friday, which means it’s time for my favourite segment of the week!

Bijou & Boheme and Heirloom & Knot are both excited to share with you our second instalment in our collaborative Art Fair Fridays series, where we combine our shared love of art, fashion, literature and design into exclusive interviews and trend pages featuring the talented artists that inspire our creativity daily.

This week’s inspiration comes from the talented Liz Wolfe, whose eerily mesmerizing photographs are a juxtaposition between creatures and confections. Where vibrant candy-coated colours meet the inexplicable and your understanding of beauty in nature is re-evaluated. Liz is an expert in not only creating arresting imagery but of layering her subjects so that you are forced to look past surface beauty and into the bright bizarre.

Art Fair Fridays - Liz Wolfe

Liz Wolfe


How long have you been a professional photographer? About 10 years.

What is your biggest career highlight to date? Exhibiting my ice cream cone landscapes in sculptural format at the Architecture + Design Museum in Los Angeles and Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel was an amazing experience. It was my first time displaying the contents of my photographs in three-dimensional spaces – so much fun!

How would you define your signature style? Playful, colourful, sometimes grotesque.

Where do you find your greatest creative inspiration? Everyday life, the people I love, the observations of children. Also, plastic.

Where do you draw the line with pushing the envelope in art? Or do you? Honestly, it’s not something I’ve ever thought about. It’s hard to imagine what the world on the other side of that line looks like. There are definitely things I wouldn’t shoot, but it’s a challenge to articulate what they are – I think it’s a “you know it when you see it” situation 😉

Of all the delectable shoots you’ve done, what satisfies your sugar craving the most?

I love working with icing and sugar paste.

What would surprise people to know about food styling and photography? Creating an organza bridal veil for a Marshmallow Peep is not as simple as it sounds. Sugar gets everywhere. Altering a gingerbread house recipe involves a complex calculation best determined by a structural engineer.

How long does it take to set up a single shot? It depends on how elaborate the shot is and how many people are on set with me. When I’m doing my own styling in a low-pressure environment, three hours to style and shoot one image would be typical.

If you were one candy what would you be and why? A liquorice allsort with nonpareils! Because tiny things can be constantly falling off you and people are still okay with you as a concept.

Featured Product:

No. 1 Studio Mucci  – Misty Pink Tassel Garland – $45.00

No. 2 Net-a-Porter – Edie Parker Jean Diagonals Striped Acrylic Box Clutch – $2,024.65


No. 3 Indigo – Large Bunny Jar – $15.00

No. 4 Royal Doulton –  Set of 41815 Bright Colors Dinner Plate – $80.00

No. 5 Christian Louboutin – Pigalle Follies Strass – $3,945.00

No. 6 The Evolution Store – Rabbit Skeleton – $129.00

No. 7 Tom Binns – Yellow Bracelet With Orange & Purple Round Stones – $590.00

No. 8 Kathy Kuo Home – Red Pink Beaded Coastal Beach 3 Light Chandelier – $5,240.00

No. 9 J. Crew – Crystal Foliage Earrings – $90.00

No. 10 Anthropologie – Crown-Feather Taper Holder – $148.00


Isn’t Liz’s work divine? I’m so in love with how she balance sweetness and whimsy.

In addition to the amazing bunny piece, I’ve also got a few other of her pieces on my art acquisition wish list.  And in looking through her portfolio, I was thinking that as part of this series, I’d love to showcase with you my top 5 pics from each artist’s works, just so you get to see a little more of the fantastica they create.

So for this week, here are the Liz Wolfe pieces that in addition to Mr Bunny above, have me breathless…

liz wolf

liz wolfe unicorn

liz wolfe cat

art fair fridays liz wolfe christine dovey heirloom and knot donught

art fair fridays liz wolfe ice cream cones christine dovey heirloom and knot

Heaven in sugary confectionary art form.


New Project- Glenwood

Morning friends.

I’m excited to share the beginnings of a newish project, along with a brand spanking new moodboard format, that I’ve drawn up since a fabulous meeting I had the other day with Matthew of Heirloom and Knot.  If you don’t already read this one’s blog, you should…it’s dope.

Post meeting, I came home inspired and super ready to dive back into blogging.  My bum hand means that I can’t really be full force at anything involving a keyboard as of yet but it’s getting there and I’m chuffed to share new work so here she goes.

Project Glenwood.  For this one, I’ve been hired to do the living, dining, foyer, basement rec room, laundry, and office…with some finishing touches needed in a few other areas. The home is a two story brick traditional in Toronto and has amazingly pretty bones.  And my client…well the first thing she showed me was a Hermes print wallpaper that she wanted to coat the whole foyer in so I had a good feeling right from the start as it were.

Coming off of #projectbraecrest (after photos coming very soon on that one,) I’ve still be loving up on a palate of oxblood, deep indigo and black. I’m into it in a hard and fast way so…I’ve been playing with it all over the place, hoping that it would catch with another client.  And well…it has on this one…and well…I couldn’t be more thrilled.

So…the plans.

For the dining room, we’re looking to crate a fun mix of texture, style and colour, starting with an aged harvest table and then layering in some more modern elements in the chairs and lighting.  We’ll be building a custom bar area and above it will go what I hope will be a pretty stellar art wall.  On the board, I showed drapery options in both blue and oxblood so my client could see which option she preferred but in the end, we’re nixing drapes altogether and doing oxblood on the head chairs…either in a stripe or solid velvet…

briar project glenwood christine dovey style dining room

For the living room, Super Allen is going to build floor to ceiling shelving on either side of the fireplace in a really crisp, sort of edgy style as below.  We’ll then layer in lots of texture with the rug and use my favourite Jim Thompson Ermania fabric for romans on the bay windows.  The sofa has already been purchased from Elte and was one of those deal of the centuries sort of situations. There was quite literally almost a bidding war with other customers wanting to buy the damn thing but we snuck in pretty stealthily and within minutes of starting our search, an $8000 sofa was had for a mere fraction of the original price….sooooo satisfying…

briar living room concept one

For the foyer, we’re going to plaster all the walls in this amazing Eden Rock wallpaper and then add a sisal runner after the stairs are painted out…

briar foyer

I’m pretty jazzed about the whole thing….especially the art wall actually. For the past little while, I’ve sort of been off those but I’m feeling sort of in love with them again…as long as they’re super balanced and a little restrained and not all willy-nilly like.

I’ve been playing around with some of my favourite pieces from Nicole Cohen, These Fine Walls, Citizen Atelier, Jenny Andrews Anderson, Natural Curiosities and Dwell Studio and have come up with these two versions of a wall that I super hope will happen somewhere…

lores art wall

lores art wall 2 christine dovey style

Black, oxblood and indigo = officially my favourite palate of all time…for now.

Stay tuned:)


GIVEAWAY!!! Gray Malin for Citizen Atelier

I think you all know how much I lust for great art and though I don’t discriminate between genres/mediums and adore all manners of things, my one true love has always been, and always will be, photography…it’s my jam on peanut butter toast.

You also probably know that roladexing fantabulous resources for said types artworks is happiness in a cup for yours truly.

And of course, you simply must know about how my love for the two things above brought me to the gloriousness that is…

citizen atelier logo

Well…taking all of the above into account, I’m sure you’ll cheer right along with me when you hear Citizen Atelier’s latest Santa sack of great news.

1. You may now purchase gift cards

citizen atelier gift cards

…so that you can give the best present in the world to someone you love…

amanda talley citizen atelier

amy friend citizen atelier

antonio mora citizen atelier

Ashok Sinha citizen atelier

ashley woodson bailey citizen atelier

Boughton Walden citizen atelier

eduardo icaza citizen atlier

jelena kostic citizen atelier

jenny andrews anderson citizen atelier

georgianna lane citizen atelier

Maroubra-Bay-Swimmers-gray malin citizen atelier



magnus gjoen citizen atelier

michael wou citizen atelier

rebeca cygnus citizen atelier

sean-gallagher citizen atelier

vanessa paxton citizen atelier

Yigal Pardo citizen atelier

zena holloway citizen atelier

2. One of the most highly regarded photographers of our time, Gray Malin is now being represented!

gray malin for citizen atelier

Back flips much?

I’ve been doing them.

Now…though I know this news alone has the makings of goodness, I can’t sign off on this post without giving you the two biggest kahunas of it all…

Dear readers who share in my love for art…as of right now, you have:



…which means any of this could be yours for free (if you win the giveaway) or a pretty aces discount no matter what…

Cinque-Terre gray malin citizen atelier

gray malin st tropez light blue beach citizen atelier

gray malin citizen atelier

gray malin citizen atelier la dolce vita collection

gray malin citizen atelier

Manly-Beach-Sunbathers-gray malin citizen atelier

So…to re-iterate: a) you get 20% of Gray Malin prints in the next 48 hours no matter what b) you can enter to win a $250 gift card to buy any Gray Malin piece you want from CA’s amazing inventory!!!

For the giveaway…all you have to do is leave a comment and you will automatically be entered.

Simple, simple.

I’ll draw for the winner next Monday, Nov. 3rd.

Bon chance.

And in the meantime, please remember to always always love up on great art…it’s important to my happiness;)

If you need help in that regard, I can help. Email me for some art concierge business and I’ll send you emails chalk full of fantastica.