National Laundry Day GIVEAWAY with GE’s Designer Line

In honour of National Laundry Day coming up on April 15th, I thought it might be fun to share my thoughts and tips on how to design the perfect space for doing the job I think most of us would rather avoid if we could. As with any design plan, creating an environment that feels ‘you’ and reflective of your personal style is what makes a house feel like a home…the laundry room is definitely no different and should speak to the aesthetic of the rest of your space, but is also an area that (because often separated a bit from the more open spaces,) can showcase a slightly bolder and more playful approach.

When putting together a design scheme for the laundry room:

– Pick colours and finishes that work with the rest of your home but are potentially bolder or more saturated…you want to feel happy and energized in your laundry room so pick a shades you love for the main elements in the room.
– Don’t be afraid of adding a little pattern with wallpaper or backsplash.
– Select a countertop material that’s durable and resistant to heat and water.
– Choose top loader washer and dryers to improve ergonomics, functionality, and ease of 
use…they hold 17% more clothing than front loaders!
– Look for appliance finishes that are classic and won’t date…I particularly love charcoal 
grey because of how well it works with any palate.
– Modern appliances are sleek and modern in design…take advantage of their stylish 
appearance and make them a feature element in your design scheme!
– Look for an Energy Star rated washer and dryer set that will save you money on 
electricity and water consumption.
– Don’t be afraid to accessorize your laundry room like you would any other space in the 
home…art is a must!
– Laminate flooring is a great choice for durability…I’m in love with oak herringbone and 
think it adds such a beautiful elegance to any design.
– Make sure there’s a sink for convenience and select tapware that works with other 
elements in the room but don’t worry about necessarily having everything match…a brass faucet can definitely still work with appliances that have chrome or stainless finishes.
– Don’t forget about the lighting! Yes you need task fixtures for sure but a decorative/statement fixture will help your laundry space feel layered and interesting.
With these tips in mind, I put together a little inspiration board that shows must my dream laundry room of today would look like…

GE Laundry (1)

I’m loving dark mossy green so decided to put that colour on the cabinets. To bring in some warmth, I added the laminate herringbone on the floors and a graphic area rug. I also brought in some brass and bronze accents i.e. the faucet, hardware and lighting fixture to again, make the space feel cosy and inviting. I chose GE’s Designer Line top loading washer and dryer that in a dark grey finish, look beautiful against the cabinets and tie together well with the super white granite countertops. To finish the space and add some layers/texture, I accessorized with natural elements like the wicker baskets and branches. A modern artistic portrait and toy dog were little touches that added some character and whimsy to the design.

And now for the best part of this little laundry post…because I love you and pretty appliances so much, I’m thrilled to be able to offer up an incredible GIVEAWAY just in time for #nationallaundryday!! For your chance to WIN a beautiful GE Designer Line washer and dryer …

GE Designer Line Lifestyle Image (1)

…simply type the word ‘laundry’ in the comments below. I’ll draw for the winner on the big day April 15th!

Good luck and happy laundering!!! xx

One Room Challenge { Basement } – Week One

Friends…it’s the happiest time of the year!!!! And I don’t mean Christmas…though I do LOVE Christmas. But…if you’re a designer or design blogger or both, you know what I’m actually referring to in this instance. Yup people…it’s ORC time (as always, a giant thank you to Linda for organizing!) and I’m thrilled beyond all good candy unicorn things to let you know that I’m taking part this time as one of the featured designers and well, my plan is to go large and attack a space that needs a heavy dose of resuscitation…but maybe not totally fail this time lol.

christine dovey one room challenge

If you’ve followed my #oneroomchallenge past trains, you know that I’ve so far done a client’s piano room, my old ensuite bathroom and the master bedroom in my new old house…it’s the later that I bring up whenever I speak of failure because it was attempted and begun before the room even had a roof…during the construction/renovation of the home I currently live in, otherwise known as #pineavehouse. During my first crack at it, I was a featured designer and because of renovation delay after delay, there was just no way on god’s green earth that I could finish the thing by the deadline and well, that sort of murdered me. I am not a person who feels good about missing a due date…like not at all lol. Fast forward to the next ORC and I linked up when the house was actually you know…weather tight…to finally finish the space. And I did. And that was awesome.

What wasn’t awesome though in general was this house…the backstory on that in general is that we bought it with every intention of putting say $200k into it and selling it for a profit…but then problem after problem after problem popped up and that $200k tripled and well, that mean we needed to sell something to pay for it…and that meant, my old house went on the market and this house became ours.

The summed up version of that decision is that I love that the road brought us here…it’s a quirky little abode with its share of flaws…but it’s also super fun and weird and special…and it’s ours and we are growing to really love the place. If it had land, we’d love it even more, but again, that’s a story for another time.

For now, and for these purposes, what you need to know is that we love most of the house…most of it.

What we REALLY DON’T love is the basement…like not at all…like in any way. It’s a dumb, dumb, dumb space. It’s the part of the house that reminds of us daily of all the issues with this place in general..the uneven floors…the low ceilings…the cut corners…the lack of usable space…the lack of storage…I could go on.

We basically pretend it doesn’t exist. Trouble is, there’s no door.


One Room Challenge.



Before and After.



Which brings us to today…the first post for the One Room Challenge…almost exactly a year from the date we moved into this house…actually about 10 months because we were supposed to move in but then the house wasn’t ready so then we lived in a hotel for a month or so (which was actually sort of awesome and I realized then that I might and could live in a very small house and save a whole bunch of money that I could then use to travel with my family…but that’s another story,)…but for the sake of this story, we’ve been here about that long.

And in case you haven’t guessed, I will indeed be taking on the hardest/weirdest space I promise you’ve seen in a while…the #pineavehouse basement…dun, dun, dun…

Here she is of today…partially finished in ways I don’t actually like and crying out for a LOT of attention…

Stairs…notice how awesomely even and level they are…also, those drywall jogs are so fantastic…


Hallway…this is in the old part of the house so the ceiling is lowwwwww…the channel in the concrete was made so people can actually walk in this section…even with the recess, I think we’re topping out at a whopping 6’5″…also please note that incredible duct…the one that jets out and carries into the family room area…I bet you wish you had one of those ::sideye::

christine dovey one room challenge basement
christine dovey one room challenge basementE648683

Now on to the ‘main’ room…this is the new basement that sits under out kitchen/dining room. Thankfully, this area has a really luxurious 8′ of ceiling height. The other good news is that the floors are polished concrete so large plus there. The bad news is that the windows are tinsy and our back porch pretty much eats up light from 2 of them…the house in very close proximity to the west eats up the other four so yup…not a lot of natural light down here…there’s also the issue of the giant decluttering that I swear we do ALL THE TIME but somehow, never seems to make a darn bit of difference.

5christine dovey one room challenge basement
christine dovey one room challenge basement
christine dovey one room challenge basement

Then, there’s the little odd space that was supposed to just be a crawl room but when we saw it had 7′ of clearance, turned into an extra room…there’s a little hiccup on this once, that we just discovered, so I’ll fill you in on that next week but for now, imagine bedroom/office combo…for small people…


And that my friends, grainy depressing photos and all, is the official before…minus one secret project/space that I’ll reveal in posts to come:)

For now, I’ll leave you with my very mixed bag of inspiration shots…

inspiration christine dovey orc
inspiration orc lottaagaton blogspot
orc inspiration
orc inspiration christine dovey pinterest
orc inspiration elle decor
orc inspiration
orc inspiration home edit
orc inspiration
orc inspiration
orc inspiration lark and linen
orc inspiration my
orc inspiration off some design
orc inspiration
orc inspiration Visit

…that actually did manage to lead the direction of the design, once I decided to merge the cozy and modern vibes together…and add a dash of colour…

orc inspiration the peak of chic
orc inspiration style

…this image from Bailey McCarthy especially sealed the direction…

orc inspiration house beautiful gallery-bailey-mccarthy-living-room-1

So, if you take this stuff and my little ORC widget mini-board and mush them into a ball of basement happiness, what you’ve got is a space built around a lot of creamy white and brown…with a little hit here and there of neon yellow, mossy green and bright, saturated blue.

Excited for the pretty stuff…and PS, very grateful to the amazing sponsors, who are legit the reason this space is getting finished…

All Modern | Annie Selke | Arianna Belle | ATG Stores | Bellacor | Canadian Tire | Citizen Atelier | Bouclair | Crystorama | Drop it Modern | Dimplex | Emtek | Fabricut | Farrow & Ball | Framebridge | Fringe Market | GRASS | Haiku Fans | Hapi Art | Home Depot Canada | J & J Made | Jill Rosenwald | Karastan | Lamps Plus | Lazzaro Leather | Metrie | Mimosa Lane | Minted | Mohawk Home | NewWall | Parima Studio | Rove Concepts | The Shade Store | Varaluz

Along with these amazing sponsors and my amazing team, I’ve got a LOT to do so that before May 10th, I can:

Renovate and bring to life a:

1. cool looking hallway with a #$@&# ton of storage
2. little study nook behind the stairs
3. family/TV room
4. bedroom/office combo
5. secret little space that’s going to be sooooo fun.

Yup…it’s pretty much 5 rooms (long with some awesome people who are already making so so grateful to have such a great team by my side…more on them next week.)

God speed to me as it were.

Also many good wishes and happy thoughts to my fellow ORC designers…

ORC Spring 2017 Featured Designers Centsational Girl | Chris Loves Julia | Christine Dovey | Dwell With Dignity | The English Room | Glitter Guide | House of Brinson | House Updated  | J+J Design Group | Lark & Linen | Abby Manchesky | Nesting Place | Old Brand New | Old Home Love | The Pink Pagoda | Rambling Renovators | Erica Reitman | Sketch 42 | Suburban B’s | Erin Williamson  | Media Partner House Beautiful | TM by CIH

…BEYOND excited to see the goodness they come up with!!!

See you back here next week for the design plan grande reveal.


Monday Moods

In honour of this week officially turning into spring, I thought I would pull together a board of poppy-fresh colours to celebrate the upcoming season. No surprise that I am inspired by bright pinks, metallic accents and anything neon.

1. We are Stardust neon sign by Neon Dive Bar on Etsy

2. Jenny Packham Spring 2017

3. 118, 2012 by Chad Wys

4. Azalea Chandelier from CB2

5. NGRS Recruiting Company HQ by Crosby Studios via Yellow Tracer

6. Double Zero Settee by David Adjaye from Moroso

7. Beautiful flower arrangement by Coyote Flowers

Happy Monday, lovelies! xx

March Break Wanderlusting with Air Transat

With the recent weather conditions and having my littles home for March break, I am feeling nostalgic for my Air Transat experience at the Azul Fives Resort. Having had the best time with my family there, I thought I would highlight my top three dream destinations so that those of us who aren’t escaping the last of winter can live vicariously and for those who are planning a little get away, can look no further! Being that I am a mama of 4, I chose from the Kids Promotion Collection of resorts where the littles in your family eat and stay for free. I am not sure how such an amazing opportunity could exist, all I DO know is that if something like this had been available sooner, I would be heading out of town every time the temperature dipped below 10 degrees.

air transat, march break, travel

All so beautiful and all, soooooo calling my name!!!

Monday Moods

This week I’m dreaming about the day I can wear my leather jacket again so…inspired by all my favourite details that add a little edge. Graphic wallpaper, charcoal couches and skull glasses are all things I can’t get enough of. With an impending snow storm on the horizon, it’s best to look on the bright side and think warm thoughts.

Untitled-1-01 1. Crystalline Wallpaper from Drop it Modern

2. ‘Bubblegum’ by Nastia Cloutier Ignatiev from Citizen Atelier

3. Leather jacket from ASOS

4. Black Skull Tumbler from BYOB Cocktail Emporium

5. Rochos Caglio Slide

6. Holt Sofa from Black Rooster Decor

7. Chill Pills keychain from

8. Spring Street Residence by Kelly Wearstler

Happy Monday, lovelies!