Christmas, A Launch Party and Work

Yikes…I haven’t posted in way too long. Sorry about that:(

Turns out I’ve been a bit of a headless chicken as of late…reasons being:

1. I’m working on a top secret Christmas related tour of sorts that I’ll tell you all about soon soon. For now, here’s a peek at some business I’ve been pulling together…

christmas christine dovey hand sharpied ornmanents

christmas christine dovey

2. Last week was spent getting ready for the Toronto launch party of Citizen Atelier. As you know, I ADORE this site and was thrilled when the owner asked me to help style all the gorgeous art at another of my favourites, Black Rooster Decor.  Here’s a peek at that…


citizen atelier rebeca cygnus styling christine dovey

citizen atelier styling christine dovey art zena holloway black rooster

citizen atelier art wall black rooster styling christine dovey

Not only did I get to work with some seriously stunning art and decor, but I also got to spend 3 days with some of the most inspiring/gorgeously awesome woman there are…

joanna christine dovey ashley woodson bailey alessandra citizen atelier ashley capp hollie cooper nina black rooster decor

From left…Joanna (my client aka #projectgreenbay…more on that in a minute), moi, Ashley Woodson Bailey (floral photographer extraordinaire), Alessandra Salituri (owner Citizen Atelier), Ashley Capp (photographer), Hollie Cooper (designer/pillow-draper making genius), Nina Ber-Donkor (owner Black Rooster Decor).

Sitting at this table with these woman = beaucoup luckiness.

I was sooooo happy to meet Ashely Bailey who is PS, my sister from another US mister and just in case you didn’t put two and two together from my little bracket mention above re: the pretty lady on the left…Joanna is #projectgreenbay!!!! Yup…she jumped on a jet plane from Chicago and surprised me by showing up in Toronto and when she walked into the party, I squealed like a 5 year old getting her first Cabbage Patch Kid on Christmas morning- BEST SURPRISE EVER!

3. Speaking of Joanna/Greenbay……lots has been happening there…most noteably…curtains (thanks to the amazing Hollie Cooper)…

project greenbay christine dovey style hollie cooper curtains schumacher hollyhock

project greenbay christine dovey style hollie cooper curtains


And along with curtains, we just got these photos of our custom dining chairs…

project greenbay dining chairs carrocel

…and canopies (pair)…

project greenbay canopy chairs carrocel

…that we had made by the amazing people at Carrocel…could not be happier and can’t wait to see them installed.

And also on the work front…I just received this sneak peek of the dining room at #projectbrownstone…

christine dovey style project brownstone

And I’m loving it…here’s a shot of the joining living room, which is mid-install…

project brownstone settee

And…I think that’s all I have for now.

Because of the little secret business I spoke about above, posts here will probably be few and far between for at least the next two weeks…sorry in advance about that and please stay tuned…I promise tons to come after that finishes up.  I’ll be in Chicago early December so some real life action shots of #projectgreenbay will be coming:)


My Master Bedroom – Before the One Room Challenge Hit

Since my master bedroom has been sort of destroyed post #oneroomchallenge, I thought it might be a fitting/funny time to show you the reveal of how it appeared hours before demo began on the ensuite.   I’m hoping I’ll be able to put humpty back together again in the coming weeks, which will bring to a close ALL RENOS/MAKEOVERS on this house…yup…I said it. With the bathroom and this room done, my house is completo, which is music to husbands ears let me tell you. I’ve promised him that nothing more will be done and hopefully, when we list it for sale next year, people will respond to this project of mine that has taken 9 years to finish, and pay up as it were;)

The master bedroom was the last room touched in my place…for a long time, it remained a white box with shifting furniture, piles of toys, cast offs from other room etc.  About 3 years ago, I made the decision to add moulding to the walls and when I decided to finally tackle this room, I knew I wanted the walls black so that the matched furniture set would be concealed. On the long wall opposite the door, there are a set of odd windows that are off-center and weirdly sized…the wall to wall curtains were selected to mask the irregularity of the windows…Hollie Cooper hand painted them for me and sewed together IKEA panels to create a custom look.  The other main feature in the room is the ceiling…I worked with Metrie to create an interesting graphic that complimented the wall moulding and again, served to add more drama/interest to the space. My Super Allen installed the design and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.  Other than that, most of the makeover involved finishing details like art, accessories, rug and bedding.  I shopped my house for a lot of what’s there…you ‘ll probably recognize the settee from the living room…I prefer it in the bedroom and that’s where she’ll live permanently in the new house. The long mirrors were stolen from the foyer, as were some of the art pieces that you can see in the Style at Home shoot…for some reason, I didn’t get a single good shot of the wall opposite the bed with my TV and dresser…nor did I get one of the guitars/Nicole Cohen art…both are in the magazine shoot though.  As for new stuff, I added in the Ashley Woodson Bailey floral photograph, that I had Super Allen frame in plexi. The IKEA side table lamps are new, as is the vintage overdye rug from Elte…bedding/blankets were also added.  And finally, my graphic pillows from Alexandra D. Foster are my favourite…adore the graphic hit they bring to the space.

christine dovey master bedroom louboutin book

christine dovey master bedroom wayland gregory dish elte flowers fiori

christine dovey style master bedroom alexandra foster pillows

christine dovey master bedroom settee

christine dovey style master bedroom

christine dovey style master bedroom target dish

christine dovey style master bedroom alexandra d foster pillows ashley woodson bailey art

christine dovey master bedroom louboutin book

christine dovey style master bedroom elte rug

christine dovey master bedroom ceramic zebra

christine dovey style master bedroom ikea lamps

christine dovey master bedroom settee

christine dovey style master bedroom

christine dovey master bedroom cherry blossoms

christine dovey style master bedroom alexandra foster pillows

christine dovey style master bedroom metrie ceiling


christine dovey style master bedroom alexandra foster pillows

christine dovey style master bedroom

{Furniture- The Art Shoppe . Rug- Elte . Settee- Les Bohemiennes . Mirrors – Aberfoyle Antique Market . Black and Gold Table – Nate Berkus for Target . Gold Dish- Nate Berkus for Target . Pouf - Elte . Table Lamps- IKEA . Floral Artwork – Ashley Woodson Bailey / Citizen Atelier . Bedding – Elte . Graphic Pillows – Alexandra D. Foster . Ceiling Moulding – Metrie . Curtains- IKEA/ Customized by Hollie Cooper Interiors . Chandelier- Schonbek . Flowers and Faux Cherry Blossoms . Fiori }

To see more of the room, make sure to check out the ‘Makeovers with Style’ issue of Style at Home. And….a TV preview of the room in 360 view styles will be coming up on Steven and Chris Nov. 25th at 2pm EST, so stay tuned for that as well.


Winners and Some ‘If You Want It, Black Rooster It’ Goodness

Morning friends.

I’m je suis tired. Like really tired.

After the tear to get my One Room Challenge done, I left on a jet plane for London and basically didn’t sleep for 5 days…like at all…more on that later in the week.

For now, I know you are all anxious to hear the winners of my Gray Malin/Citizen Atelier and 219/Jonathan Adler giveaways so let’s get to that right away.

First up, the winner of a $250 gift card to spend on any Citizen Atelier/Gray Malin photograph is…

gray malin citizen atelier winner


winner gray malin citizen atelier

Next up…the winner of 2 Jonathan Adler canisters from 219 is…



winner 219 jonathan adler

Please both email so we can get your prizes on their way.

And finally for today, it’s been forever since I showed you some new goodness over at Black Rooster so since we’re on the topic of sponsor love, here’s what’s new over there…

if you want it black rooster it

…stating with these Natural Curiosities prints that I’m DYING over…

black rooster natural curiosites art floral

black rooster natural curiosites artwork pair

black rooster natural curiosites dark floral

black rooster natural curiosites floral

black rooster natural curiosites neutral and green pair

black rooster natural curiosites neutral floral

black rooster natural curiosities artwork 1

Just tooooo good!

And then there’s all of this…


black rooster andirons


black rooster black golve sofa

black rooster chalet dining table

black rooster cowhide bench

black rooster diamond side table

black rooster french console

black rooster gold ball mirror

black rooster honeycomb accent table

black rooster ice bucket

black rooster mirrored coffee table

black rooster marble striped serving bowl

black rooster octagonal shell mirror

black rooster svelte chandelier

black rooster solar flare dresser

black rooster tiered glass sconce

black rooster tufted daybed

black rooster tumbling cubes pendant

black rooster urchin table lamp

black rooster ultra cool coffee table

Check out the amazing selection of accessories, seating, tables, lighting, artwork, storage, beds, rugs, kids and seasonal decor for more.

And for today, that’s all I’ve got.

Check back this week for my full ORC source post, as well as a reveal of my master bedroom:)


One Room Challenge – The Reveal!!!

I’m writing this post the day before the official reveal because as you read this, I’m on a plane over the Atlantic heading for London and the Amara Blog Awards…cue MAJOR excitement!!!

I really can’t believe I’m sitting here hours before the car picks me up for the airport, actually ready to showcase my One Room Challenge bathroom.

For those of you have been following along, you already know that this reno has not been smooth sailing for me at all.  If you haven’t been reading these past few weeks, you can catch up with week one, two, three, four and five…after reading, you’ll understand why I’m more than just a little happy to be able to share this reveal with you on deadline.

Thanks to: 1. my amazing Super Allen who demoed the original space and started the groundwork for what was going to be the finished product 2. my husband for always always always helping…not matter what…all the time…he did picks ups/delivery, drove me around most weekends to source goodies, helped me with cleaning/scrubbing/gluing/scraping/hanging etc. etc. He’s pretty swell and I’m pretty lucky. 3. Jamie the Magnificent…aka…the contractor who swept in like a construction white knight and within 4 days was able to take a bathroom that was essentially half done and to one that’s ready for its spotlight 4. My electrician Ben from 2B Wired for again, swooping in last minute and getting all of that business done. 5. Peter the Painter who always, always comes when I need him…he’s a gem among gems who I can always, always count on. 6. Me…I’ve worked really, really hard on this bathroom- probably harder than on any space I’ve done before…the stress of the ups and downs and fear of not finishing, combined with the days and weeks of sourcing, overseeing, painting, cleaning, scrubbing, installing and cleaning some more, were hard….but so so worth it.

Like I said earlier, finishing this bathroom in time for reveal day was really touch and go with this one. As of this past Friday, I had pretty much thrown in the towel thinking there was no hope but the gods shone down on me and miraculously, though all is not completely finito, the bathroom is ready to show you what it’s made of.

So, here she goes….my master ensuite, Fall 2014 One Room Challenge styles…

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom taryn st michelle artwork

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom endeavour neaon sign

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom wayfair bench

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

christine dovey one room challenge tray with perfume



one room challenge christine dovey bathroom




So there you have it:)

I wish I had better photos because honestly, these don’t do the space justice at all. It’s a super hard room to shoot because of the huge mirror and narrow dimensions…I can’t wait to have it captured professionally.

For now though, these will give you an idea of what the place looks like…minus a shower door…we’re still waiting on that so the professional shots will showcase it as well:)

In any case, I’m so thankful I took the leap again and took part in this round of the One Room Challenge…they don’t call it a challenge for nothing but when all is said and done, it’s a process/trip I’d never not want to take.

It feels pretty fantastic to have a vision for a room….

one room challenge christine dovey style master bathroom makeover concept board

…and see it come to life.

A huge thanks to my fellow ORCers for brining the shiz to this round and for being so awesome/inspirational…

ORC-Participant Fall 2014

Abby M. Interiors . Because It’s Awesome . Chinoiserie Chic . The Decorista . Design Chic . The Design Daredevil . Design Darling . Design Indulgence . Design Manifest . House of Turquoise . Jana Bek Design . Jill Sorensen . Maddie G. Designs . Mimosa Lane . A Piece of Toast . The Pink Pagoda . Stone Textile . Waiting on Martha . The Zhush

Trademarked by Calling it Home

And of course to Linda for organzing this whole thing.

I’ll be back after my trip to do a whole behind the scenes on the bathroom to show you the work that went into getting it ready to show you this past week.  I’ll also of course, go through all my sources.

For now, thanks as always for reading and stopping by. I’ll be away until Saturday so will draw for the winners of both my giveaways (CA/art and 219) then (sorry about the delay on the Gray Malin/Citizen Atelier one…just not enough hours in the day).

Oh and though I won’t be here, I’ll be posting all about my London adventures on Insta so make sure to have a peek over there.


Giveaway !!!! Jonathan Adler Canisters from 219

First, I have to tell you that I think my One Room Challenge bathroom might actually be done in time to photograph before I leave for London tomorrow night.  A HUGE amount of work got completed this weekend thanks to a brand spanking new contractor who was willing to come in last minute and pick up where Super Allen (many of you have sent well wishes to my Allen so please know I’ve passed them on to him…he’s resting up and feeling much better after some time off:) left off. We’ll call my newbie Jamie the Magnificent because that’s what he is…he’s seriously taken me from ‘no chance lance’ on the finishing to totally in the realm of maybe completing this sucker on time. I’ve spent the last three days scraping silicon of shower glass, CLR’ing the crap out of hardware and fixtures and spray painting every piece of trim and window sill there is so stay tuned my friends. I’m VERY hopeful that I might just be able to pull out a reveal on Wednesday yet. And since so much of the construction work has happened in the last week, I’ll do a full behind the scenes progress post after the big reveal one just so I can show you all that separately for the pretty after shots:)

For today though, I’ve got some very exciting news to share, thanks to my amazing sponsor 219

219 logo

As most of you know, this shop is one of my absolute go-tos for fabulous decor, furniture and lighting.

Carrying lines like Bernhardt, Visual Comfort, Oly Studio, Jonathan Adler, Century Furniture…

abbot dining table 219

knuckle mirror 219


blackandwhiteabstract 219

dorwin chair 219

wendy bench 219

green vintage chairs 219

drew skirted sofa 219

italian chair 219


busts 219

…well, it’s full of good, let’s just say that.

You might also know that 219 is actually a sponsor for this round of the ORC, which is PS…pure awesomeness.

Knowing that they carry Jonathan Adler, I quickly decided on a pair of these black and white puppies for my bathroom…

jonathan adler glitter canisters 219 giveaway

jonathan adler secrets canister shop 219 giveaway

…and I have to say, I really lurv them a whole heck of a lot.


And because I love you too, I’m thrilled like Sunday morning to be able to offer you a GIVEAWAY…. for….


That’s right, these two beauties could be yours.

To enter:

Just leave a comment below

And if you want extra entries:

1. Follow 219 on Facebook

2. Follow 219 on Pinterest

3. Follow 219 on Instagram

That gives you a grand total of 4 possible entries. And like always, please leave a separate comment for each so that the random number generator can pick you.

Bon chance friends.

I’ll draw for the winner when I get back from England on Sunday.

Oh and don’t forget…you have today only to get your entries in for my Citizen Atelier/Gray Malin art giveaway. I’ll be drawing for the winner of that tonight!