My New KitchenAid Black Stainless Steel Appliances

I think most people would agree that one of the most exciting things about a house build and/or a kitchen renovation, is the possibility of brand spanking new appliances. We’ve been working on our place for over a year so to now live in the space, with the best suite of appliances we have ever had the fortune of owning, is well…pure bliss.

The road to this point has been long but so so worth it…in big part because of our new kitchen.  When deciding on the design for the space, I went back and forth on a few elements but the one constant I knew was that I wanted was black flat panel cabinets. I also knew that I didn’t want the appliances to really jump out in the banks of cupboards…instead, I envisioned appliances that integrated seamlessly with what was going on around them.

Que, KitchenAid‘s new line of Black Stainless Steel appliances.

First off, they are visually STUNNING. I absolutely love their sleek design and modern aesthetic. And then on top of that, they’re incredibly well made and are loaded with so many features that make function as high a priority as looks. I’m a form over function sort of girl so having appliances that are packed full of both, is a pretty amazing thing.

In terms of what I love specifically about each piece, there’s a lot.

Let’s start with the oven.

Though I’m not the full time cook of the family, having a great range is just something I think everyone wants and though, we haven’t actually cooked anything in this beaut yet (having only moved in a few weeks ago,) I know she’ll be amaze.

For now, her looks are enough to make me happy like Christmas morning…


ktichenaid black stainless wall oven christine dovey

kitchenaid black stainless christine dovey

kitchenaid christine dovey black stainless

I can’t imagine not having a gas top and though I was a little nervous about not doing a freestanding model, I have to say, I’m a total convert. The KitchenAid gas cooktop is just so sleek.  The large grills lift up super easily, which makes cleaning a breeze and having five large burners is business…

kitchenaid gas cooktop christine dovey

kitchenaid christine dovey black stainless

And though I was slightly worried that the stainless top might not blend in with all the black stainless steel, it so does because of the heavy black iron grills…

kitchenaid christine dovey

kitchenaid black stainless christine dovey

Our 5 door fridge is probably my favourite of the bunch…it just has SO much storage. I love the double wide main compartment and am finding this configuration so much more accessible than a side by side. On top of that, the middle two drawers can be set to function in so many different ways…from defrost, to produce etc. Amazing.  And then there’s the freezer…it’s ginormous and has pull out trays that make for double the storage…

kitchenaid black stainless fridge christine dovey

Also, it’s grey inside and that’s well, awesome…

kitchenaid black stainless fridge interior christine dovey


kitcheniad black stainless close up fingerprint resistent christine dovey

Though dishwashers aren’t the most glamorous of the appliance family, this one is…it’s so sturdy and whoever designed the layout of the trays is some sort of dish washing genius. My plates, bowls, cups, kids plastic stuff, wine glasses and pots all seem to fit perfectly without bending the little dividers…

kitchenaid black stainless dishwasher professional christine dovey

kitchenaid black stainless dishwasher christine dovey

And the streamlined hidden top tray is all sorts of good…

kitchenaid black stainless dishwasher open professional christine dovey

Most importantly for me though, as with the other black stainless steel goodies, she’s just real purdy…




And here’s a little peak that includes my KitchenAid counter microwave. We really only use micros for one things…re-heating coffee and the odd leftover so I really wanted something small. This one works like a charm and is concealed with a cupboard door when not in use.


I’m super excited to share more about both the kitchen and my love affair with my new KitchenAid Black Stainless Steel appliances as we live with them even more. So far, I can confidently say that these black beauties are exceeding all my expectations, not the least of which is because my kids can’t seem to mark them up with fingerprints…which leads me to a quick sidenote…when KitchenAid called their black stainless steel line ‘fingerprint resistant’ in their ad campaign, I was a little doubtful…but holy bananas, they really are and if you’ve every owned stainless appliances before, you know this feature is a really big deal.

Anyhoo…I’m feeling super duper lucky in the kitchen/appliances category and can’t wait to share a full reveal of the space with you very soon.


Art Fair Fridays – Hayley Mitchell

Friday has once again come around and both Bijou & Boheme and Heirloom & Knot are thrilled to share with you our latest instalment in our ongoing Art Fair Fridays series where we bring you weekly design inspiration and exclusive interviews with the talented artists that inspire our creativity on a daily basis.

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing the exceedingly talented Hayley Mitchell, who skillfully mixes rhythm, colour, and texture in whimsically created shape medleys. Her work feels playful and bold but also carries with it a warmth and ease that makes her portfolio approachable and inviting.

How long would you say you have been a professional artist and what has lead you to this point in your career?

I have been selling my work for about 4-5 years, so I suppose that is the length of time I have been professional. Since I was a child I wanted to be an artist. So much so my grandparents took me to Paris, France at age 9. I was absolutely enthralled with Expressionism and modern art. I attended ACU and majored in graphic design. After a lot of encouragement, I finally started sharing my work with the world.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received about your art ?
Get out of your head!

How would you describe your creative process?
I would say my process is mostly intuitive and compulsive. I write, sketch and draw ideas. I need to create like I need to breathe. I work mostly at night when I can work uninterrupted.

What is your favourite medium to work in?
Acrylic and oils. Growing up my Grandmother (also an artist) introduced me to all sorts of techniques and mediums. Her studio became my laboratory where she encouraged me to always push beyond my boundaries. I once piled so much texture medium on to a canvas it tore. She handled all my mishaps graciously.

What has been your biggest career highlight to date?
The most rewarding aspect of being a creative professional is getting feedback from your clients. I love hearing how a certain piece brightens someone’s day or has such a deep meaning to them.

How would you describe your signature style?
Bold, colorful, vibrant

Where do you find your greatest creative inspiration?
Very many things, including ancient cultures, ceremonial costumes of the Balinese, Indian, various African cultures, etc. My children.

What do you think sets your work apart from other artists?
I tend to be very self reflective and not very comparative. I hope my work speaks for itself.

Art Fair Fridays - Hayley Mitchell (1)

Hayley Mitchell

No. 1  Jonathan Adler – Rider Lounge Chair – $1,450.00

No. 2  Zinc Door – Seismograph Aqua Square Embroidered Pillow – $187.00

No. 3  Best Buy – Beats by Dr. Dre Pill 2.0 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker – $199.97

No. 4  Zara – Aviator Sunglasses – $19.90

No. 5  West Elm – Geo Shag Wool Kilim Rug – $929.00

No. 6  Black Rooster Décor – Nesting Trinket Dishes – $106.69

No. 7  Net-a-porter – Sophia Webster Heaven Tempest Orchid Sandals – $695.00

No. 8  Kelly Wearstler – Bijou Chocolate Dark Chocolate Sugar Crystals – $13.00

No. 9  Indigo – Pablo Picasso – $30.95


I love art that feels exuberant and joyful…Mitchell’s works is so that. Also, it’s got a lovely little edgy coolness about it, which certainly doesn’t hurt matters:)

Here are my 5…

art fair fridays hayley mitchell black and white

art fair fridays hayley mitchell gallery+5

art fair fridays hayley mitchell purple

art fair fridays hayley mitchell yellow

art fair fridays hayley mitchell gallery+10

The black and whites though…sublime!

And sidenote…here’s one of Hayley’s pieces in one of my most favourite One Room Challenge reveals,   created by Mimosa Lane

mimosa lane hayley mitchell

So perfect.


One Room Challenge…Version 2.0 – The REVEAL!!!

It’s week 6…

one room challenge christine dovey

…and I really can’t believe I’m finally at the part where I get to say ‘I’m done and so excited to reveal my space’. The truth is, I really am so so excited. This room has been a long dumb road to get to. One that I’m not sure I’d do again honestly…re: renovating/bulding. I jumped into the 6 week challenge way back last fall when the room didn’t even exist. I mean it did in terms of being a drawing on a floorplan but in real life/actual space form, not so much. I naively thought that I had a change of willing it together in time to reveal but the gods just seemed to hate me…mostly because we just couldn’t get a damn roof on the thing, which meant, nothing could really happen inside. After some big effort from everyone involved at that time (builder, me, husband etc.,) this is where I started…aka the befores…

…and this is a glimpse of where we were come reveal time…

So yah…not #ideal.

If you missed that live action fun, you can catch up on my version one below…

Week One . Week Two . Week Three . Week Four . Week Five . Week Six

Fast forward to this round of the One Room Challenge and 6 weeks ago from today. Picture me sitting in a hotel room, waiting to actually move into the house that this little terror of a room I’m describing belonged to. I woke up on the day link ups were scheduled to start and though I hadn’t planned on taking part (because to be totally and brutally honest, I really didn’t need to add anything to my plate after a year long reno that almost killed me in so many ways,) I dove in at the last minute and posted pictures of the room that wasn’t…or wasn’t yet.  At the end of the day, I think I just needed some sort of closure on my failure last go around. I’m the kind of person that HATES not doing what I’ve signed up to do. Hates. So…in I jumped. In my head, it was going to be a much easier road than any of my other ORC goes. This time, there would be no construction. No relying on trades. No excuses. I had total control over getting this room done on time and the way I wanted. Or so I thought;)

If you missed this go around, see below…

Week One . Week TwoWeek Three . Week Four . Week Five

And to recap, in terms of before for this kick at the can, this is where version 2.0 started…

…or more accurately in terms of 6 weeks ago…here’s where things were…

christine dovey one room challenge master bedroom para paint metrie moudling super allen drop it modern wallpaper

I had an empty room with no furniture but happily, walls/wallpaper/millwork/paint were done.

So…all I had to do was what I love most…design, decorate, re-upholster, art/primp the heck out of the place.

It sounded real easy. But as always, it wasn’t a cake-walk.

For one, I just couldn’t nail down the right fabric for the chairs I planned on using. Also, I was feeling sort of blah about the room for a long time. I’m not really sure why in hindsight but I guess I’d just thought about and started at it for way too long. My 6 weeks was more accurately a year and what once felt new, was slowly starting to feel laboured and not like a first kiss.

Fast forward to week four when my hand painted drapery arrived courtesy of my brilliantly talented friend Hollie Cooper. When I showed her what I wanted, I almost instantly thought I might have got it wrong. Maybe the pattern would be too much…or maybe not enough etc. Thankfully, my self-doubt was stupid on this one and what happened after said curtain install was one of those moments us creative types always work for/towards. The minute the drapes went in, my love affair for this room instantly took hold. It became everything I hoped it would be…cozy, comfortable, neutral…but also bold, artistic and slightly ugly…that description might sound weird to some but it’s my favourite type of mix and the moment the curtains happened, the vision for the space became super duper clear. From then on, it was just a matter of taking my brain matter and bringing it really to life.

And in the end, the room did/does do what I wanted it to.

It’s grown up…probably more so than any space I’ve ever designed. It’s maybe a little more ‘decorated’ than I usually do but in a way that doesn’t rely on quirkiness as much as I usually like…instead, it just exists in this sort of comfortable realm of ‘it feels super good to be in’. And for me, I guess that feels like a bit of an evolution in terms of how I see design and well, that’s kind of cool I guess.

And with that giant long monologue, I should probably stop writing and just get to the reveal.

Here’s my little bedroom in professional photographer form, thanks to the incredibly talented/awesome Ashley Capp

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

one room challenge christine dovey ashley capp master bedroom

And then some i-phone ‘diy’ specials…because…as you might notice, the first set have a propped in Platner chair from my living room because my Stellar Works chairs got held up in re-upholstery thanks to my indecision on fabric…

 christine dovey one room challenge


christine dovey one room challenge master bedroom

christine dovey one room challenge master bedroom

christine dovey one room challenge master bedroom


 christine dovey one room challenge


christine dovey one room challenge

 christine dovey one room challenge

 christine dovey one room challenge

All in all, it’s been a pretty awesome experience seeing this room grow from nothing and I have a whole heck of a lot of people to thank for it getting to where it is now.  As with every round of this crazy challenge, it’s hard not to feel ridiculously grateful for the ORC journey/ Linda for dreaming the whole thing up/ amazing sponsors for making it a little easier and more beautiful/ incredible friends and trades and suppliers for bringing visions to life.

A HUGE thanks to these peeps for getting the bones of the space to where it is now…

RMS– my builders…thanks to them for making my house…truly…having this house turn into what I always dreamed it would be is something I will always be grateful for.

Super Allen/Super Jeremy- I have no words. They are my spirit animals in carpenters form…I love them for always making me feel like what I dream up isn’t out of reach or weird or not doable. They bring to life everything I ever come up with and I’m eternally grateful.

Metrie– my house would be a shell of a house without the interior finishings, millwork and doors from Metrie. This room is no exception. My love for this company and all of their fixings is real.

Para Paints– Loucks Farm for the win…love the warm, dark, taupy grey like no ones business.

Drop it Modern– always a favourite…wallpaper geniuses with the best customer service/customization options in all the land. This company has come through for me in terms of wallpaper dreams over and over again. Love x so so much.

Alexanian– my room is grounded with the white oak floors that run through the whole house and I love them in real and deep ways. So thankful to have worked with them on my whole house.

Fieldstone Windows– double hung windows that I got to paint the colour of my walls and that fulfill all my window dreams ever = happiness.

Trumeau Stones– true craftsmanship is something that’s hard not to admire and seeing my limestone fireplace(s) installed in this new house was something that made me feel so incredibly grateful. Our bedroom surround is truly the focal point of the room and I couldn’t love it more.

Hollie Cooper Interiors– no words here again…Hollie is my dear dear friend and I treasure her to the moon and back. On top of that, she’s an incredible talent who always manages to take my crazy draper/paint/pillow requests and make them real. As I mentioned earlier in the post, the drapery she made for this room (and moss green silk + Hollyhock pillows,) are my favourite.

J and J Made– upholsterer of my unicorn dreams…that’s all I have to say on that front. When you can re-do a settee and pair of chairs on one week, you’re forever A-Ok in my books. Also, the quality of the upholstery is business.

Karastan– all I have to say here is leopard in carpet form. Love.

Crystorama– I’m a vintage lighting lover so new crystal has always scared me a bit…enter Crystorama and I’m a total convert. ADORE the bedroom chandy.

DecoratorsBest– fabric nirvana…that is all. My settee is so much happier in its Pindler and Pindler black vinyl glory.

JF Fabrics– Stellar Works chairs are soooooo much more handsome with their new wool covers/moss green silk pillows.

Black Rooster Decor– I could never ever do a room without a little BR furniture/art/accessory goodness in it…ever. For this reveal, it’s all about the white vase/morrocan table/graphic art/reindeer hide/applique pillow happiness.

Druthers and Hammond– custom makers of so many good things. My nightstands had to be designed to perfectly fit in a really narrow space and they do…and the finish is sublime…and I love love love how they look.

Upper Canada Specialty Hardware– this room has the same black hardware as the rest of my house and I love it so hard. UCSH is an amazing resource with the best, best selection.

Park Blvd– I didn’t love texture in the way I do now until I discovered this pillow company. Their textiles are just beyond and I’m so happy to have some Scottish wool/ lambswool in this room…it just makes it all infinitely more cozy.

Arianna Belle– I don’t think I’ve ever worked on a project and not had one of her pillows…I finally got to use my fave Kubus in this space and lurv it.

Nicole Cohen– the most inspiring creative talent I know and someone I’m lucky to call a friend…her photography is splashed all over this room.

Society 6– art + great prices + a huge variety…so good.

Anewall– I love this store…plain and simple. I think every room of my new house has a little anewall in it. Their love and admiration for history mixed with a little edge is totally my jam.

Minted– art love again…so many beautiful pieces to select from…my fireplace car is an all time favourite.

Fiori Oakville– a room of mine would never be the same without their flowers…ever.

(And some other source goodness…Chairs- Stellar Works; Linen bedding- West Elm; Sheets, marble vase and wood ball- HomeSense; Art (not noted already)- Leigh Viner, IKEA, vintage; Throws- Elte and HomeSense; Console table- Vern and Vera; Vase and Jonathan Adler canister- Shop 219; Brass script- Gleena Ceramics; Cotton- Sheridan nurseries; Mirrors, cone, bust and wood form- vintage; Ceiling medallion- Home Depot; Platner chair- vintage; Settee- Flik and Company; Picture frames- Michaels and IKEA; Canvas wrapping- Art Printing; Book- Indigo; Candle- H&M Home; Sconces- CB2)

And with that, I think this reveal is a wrap:)))

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you venture over to see all of the incredible reveals from the featured designers

featured designers

AND…also dive in to see all that my fellow linkers have put together…so many good things to be enjoyed and inspired by.

Until next time!!!

*** edit…for some bizarre reason, my comment box doesn’t seem to be working, which on an ORC reveal day, is a pretty large bummer. If any wordpress geniuses out there know why this might be happening, I’d so appreciate the help!!! In the meantime, you can leave a comment by replying to mine if you feel so inclined:)


One Room Challenge – Version 2.0 Week Five

Holy bananas…it’s week 5!

one room challenge christine dovey

And I might be starting to freak out…just a little.  Even though we have until next Thursday, my amazing photographer is coming Tuesday so it’s T- 5 days and well, I’m still crossing fingers that a lot of things get done before then.

This week was a pretty fantastic one on the progress front though so business is definitely happening and I have to say, I’m starting to really love how things are coming together.

Up until a few days ago, I was worried that the room wasn’t feeling gritty enough and was entirely too serious. But then…the best best best curtains in the entire universe were made by my amazing talented Hollie Cooper and when we installed them in a sort of unconventional no pleat/two hooks on every ring sort of way, I literally started jumping up and down. I mean….I LOVE them…

christine dovey one room challenge karastan carpet hollie cooper pillows

christine dovey one room challenge karastan carpet hollie cooper pillows

christine dovey one room challenge karastan carpet hollie cooper pillows

This is one of those weird times when the photos really don’t due these things justice. The drapes have instantly made me lurv my room in a committed/ ‘I want to be your girlfriend’ sort of way;)

Also sidebar…I finally got to put down my Karastan leopard carpet in her new home and meow my friends…she’s one sexy area rug.  Love, love how the warm tones pick up my beautiuous oak floors form Alexanian!

This week was also good on the fabric delivery front. My Pindler vinyl from DecoratorsBest arrived…

And is getting put on my settee as we speak. Have I mentioned how awesome my upholsterer J and J Made is? Well she is…she’s doing my settee and the pair of pink chairs…in a week.

Speaking of pink chairs. I had a little trip to the wonderment that is JF Fabrics this week…

…where every single fabric is IN STOCK and ready THE SAME DAY! Yup…it’s like the IKEA of fabrics and it’s heaven.

I went there with a solid plan to pick up some burgundy velvet but I just couldn’t find the exact elusive rusty oxblood I had in mind.

Happily, I found something I love even more…

christine dovey one room challenge jf fabrics

…a deep mossy green silk like thing that when matched up with my new Hollyhock, made me a little giddy.

christine dovey one room challenge hollie cooper pillows jf fabrics

Speaking of the Hollyhock…Ms Cooper delivered those this week too and wowza..

one room challenge christine dovey hollyhock hand painted curtains

The combo is bam.

Back to fabric…I brought the samples home and was all set to upholster the pinks in the green until I realized that it’s almost too good a match and sort of vanishes against the wall so a quick plan B went into action, which has the chairs being done in the heather grey wool with silk green lumbar pillows layering on top…

christine dovey one room challenge jf fabrics

Sidenote…in combo with a rust Maharam mohair I’m planning on using in the den and the burgundy Gretchen Bellinger that will go somewhere in my house, these bunch of colours are my new favourite all time palate…

christine dovey one room challenge jf fabrics

It’s just so luxe no!?!?!

Moving on.

So upholstery check.

As for art, I mentioned last week that I had ordered up a bunch of goodies. I got the bad news yesterday that the shipping estimate hadn’t taken into account the international bit of me being in Canada so the new stuff isn’t going to get here in time. So…I’m sort of back to square one on that. I did frame up my Nicole Cohen tear out prints and also whipped up a little DIY painting of my own…

one room challenge christine dovey

one room challenge christine dovey minted art nicole cohen

…so all is not lost. I’m also hoping my anewall lady gets here and have plans for some little nic-nack antique walls things as well so all good I think.

And to finish things off, this is what has to happen in the next 5 days for me to finish:

  1. hang all art (scared of this because of how many pieces there are and how many holes that means for the wallpaper.
  2. make bed with new bedding I bought for the challenge last time (grey linen).
  3. re-hang chandelier…we just installed a ceiling medallion so it had to come down- going back up today.
  4. pick-up settee and chairs from upholsterer and get them in place
  5. style side tables and console table
  6. hang set of floor mirrors on either side of fireplace
  7. pray to the gods it all gets done

Easy peasy:)

Until then, make sure you check in with the featured designer’s progress…

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Crossing fingers that all of use make it across the finish line:)


One Room Challenge – Version 2.0 Week Four

Hey there and welcome back to my ongoing master bedroom One Room Challenge saga…

one room challenge christine dovey

So far, despite a few little setbacks, this version (weeks onetwo and three) has definitely been been smoother than my previous go around…things are happening and coming together and though I’ve been debating selections all damn week, I do think the room will actually be finished on time.

As for this week itself, most of my time has been spent debating fabrics, art and colour palates…though I’m pretty clear on what the overall scheme is now going to be, for some reason, this room has been harder for me to nail down in terms of vibe. I’m working with a lot of pattern with the Karastan leopard rug and Drop it Modern wallpaper so this room isn’t one that’s ever going to read as minimal or sleek. I also have some existing photographs from Maude Arsenault and Minted that have sort of driven my art story. I spent a lot of time this week trying to find one piece to go over my bed…one that would compliment the other works and still seem interesting and a little gritty…this room needs that.  The more I looked though, the more I couldn’t find that special one. Art is usually easy for me so getting a little stuck in this arena has been weird. Anyhow, after some thinking and looking and looking some more, I did two things: 1. I went down to my basement and started looking through art that I already have. 2. I hit Pinterest for some good old fashioned inspo. And after doing both those things and playing around a bit with the idea, I finally figured out the problem I’d been having. Though I’m usually a large statement art kind of girl, it seems as though this room just isn’t that. It’s screaming for cozy and layered and rich and layered. So…I’m thinking of layering all the walls with piles and piles of art. I have a lot of walls…it’s a room with nooks and bends so there is a ton of opportunity to layer. I also think the art will help break up the expanses of paper a bit so the more the think about it, the more I like the idea.

So far, I’ve been moving these trying things out with these guys…

christine dovey one room challenge bedroom

christine dovey one room challenge bedroom

FullSizeRender (49)christine dovey one room challenge bedroom

And I like all the earthiness and the big mixology business.  The large car will still go over the fireplace but as for the rest, this upcomming week will be all about placement and where to put what. I’m also adding a few new prints to the mix just to make the walls as full as possible. To start, I was lucky enough to get a copy of Nicole Cohen’s Absurdist Summer while I was visiting NY so I hit that bad-boy up and tore out some goodies…

I’m also getting this lovely from her…

nicole cohen versailles

…because it’s obvs moody and pretty and ugly, which is my favourite.

And then I visited some of my fave art and decor websites to find other pieces to compliment…here’s what I’m looking at so far…


…a little Society 6 (landscape, red dress, man tat, lipsAnewall and Black Rooster all mixed with my already owned business.

I’m also highly motivated to get that Bonjour Light sign from Bxx Lght. I discovered them thanks to Waiting on Martha and am very much hoping I can get that sucker on time.

So that’s art…I think:) Lord pray it all gets here on time and I figure out how to hang it all. This much art placement is not for the faint of heart my friends.

Besides art, I also squared away fabrics. For the settee, I selected a black Pindler and Pindler Vaquero vinyl from DecoratorsBest.  For the chairs, a Kravet velvet in burgundy and then I also bit the bullet and ordered a new set of pillows from Arianna Belle at the 18th hour…I’ve loved Hollyhock forever and a day and think the extra little bit of pattern will be swell. Here’s the whole official textile story…


So to recap, art and fabric…check.

On the ‘not still decided’ front, lighting. I bit the bullet this week and bought a pair of sconces from CB2 since by fluke, they actually had two in stock. Though I really like them, I’m just not totally sold…they’re big and I already have a large in and in charge Crystormama chandelier  and I’m a bit worried it’s just a bit too much and that maybe the giant sconces and giant chandy aren’t playing well in the schoolyard.

I’m going to sit on them a bit…until my curtains come…and then decide. My back-up is something like these dudes…

tizio desk lamp

We’ll see.

As for the chandelier itself…she went up when I was out and the medallion wasn’t installed so…this week will also be the week when I take down all those crystals and then hang them back up once the ceiling is at it should be.  While down, I might try to tarnish up the chrome cap a bit…she’s just reading a bit too new in this room that’s going to try and look all oldy-worldy like. I might also paint the sleeves to dirty them up a bit…if I’m feeling super brave and energetic:)

So to recap…I installed sconces that I may or may not keep, ordered fabric and am going to try to create the lovechild of these three spaces on my walls…

lonny art wall




God speed to me.

Also to the 20 fabulous featured participants who I know are killing their spaces…

featured designers

And to the linking peeps who are doing the same.