My Project Greenbay Dropbox Got Some Action…and Fabric Plans

It was like Christmas morning around these parts thanks to my #projectgreenbay shared Dropbox folder.

My fabulous clients got picture snapping and sent me some amazing progress shots.

And of course, after seeing said sneaks, my thoughts on the overall schemes for some rooms really came together.

Here’s a little preview on what’s been happening since I was there a few weeks ago.

1. The kitchen mirror and glass has gone in…as have one set of our marble/brass shelves on either side of the stove…as has our amazing vintage chandeliers.  I need to preface these photos by saying that I did not design this kitchen in terms of layout, cabinets etc…I came in and finished the thing off really…I designed the shelving, mirror, pantry glass, lighting and paint etc…and furnishings of course, which will be coming in soon.  I can definitely not take any credit for the actual cabinet design…which is PS, spectacular…

christine dovey style project greenbay kitchen 1

christine dovey style project greenbay kitchen 2

christine dovey style project greenbay kitchen 3

2. Dining room…ceiling is still to be painted…the white is too white…

christine dovey style dining room project greenbay

3. Playroom…our boat house wallpaper is still to go up…

christine dovey style project greenbay playroom 1

…and I’ve put together the official fabric scheme for this room together…

projproject greenbay playroom plan christine dovey style

…thanks mostly to this incredible Dedar  fabric…


dedar about flowers project greenbay playroom christine dovey style

4. Speaking of Dedar…which is PS, quickly becoming my all time fave fabric line…the guest room plan has also mushed together in loveliness…here’s the room now…

christine dovey style project greenbay guestroom

(note our master mirrors sitting there)

…and thanks to this silk heaven…

dedar funky stripes project greenbay guest room christine dovey style

…and some Designer’s Guild black floral greatness, this is what I hope to throw together in this room and it’s adjoining ensuite…

project greenbay guest room plan christine dovey style

Again with the Dedar…could you die over this silk?!?!….

mademoiselle satin project greenbay guest room

5.  The master, ensuite and closet…again, I can’t take any credit for cabinetry, tile or layout…just the finishing business…

christine dovey style project greenbay master bedroom 1

christine dovey style project greenbay master bath 1

christine dovey style project greenbay master bath 2

christine dovey style project greenbay master bath 3

christine dovey style project greenbay master closet 1

…just wait until you see the chandy and balloon drapery that’s going in that closet right there…so pretty…and in the bathroom, our mirrors are going up tout suite.

6. Kid’s bedrooms…

christine dovey style project greenbay girl's bedroom 1

christine dovey style project greenbay girl's ensuite 1

christine dovey style project greenbay son's bedroom 1

christine dovey style project greenbay son's bedroom 2


christine dovey style project greenbay girl's bedroom 2

christine dovey style project greenbay girl's ensuite 2

christine dovey style project greenbay girl's ensuite 4

…the later of which is going to see this happening in terms of fabric…stripes as balloon curtains with tassel balls in pink…headboards in Schumacher lace…benches in gold and pillows in the Tilton Fenwick…

project greenbay girls' room plan christine dovey style

And I think that’s where we are now.

I’ll leave off by saying that in my fabric searches for the above project, I discovered some new to me beauties that are just waiting for some new client’s space…if you have a room that wants some of this action…

new fabric love christine dovey style

…let me know:)


West Elm and Nicole Cohen/Patrick Cline are Killing It and Some Goodies

Is it just me or is West Elm KILLING it lately in the design department?

I mean just look at some of their new goodness…

west elm chandeliers

west elm lamps

west elm stools table and glasses

west elm utensils

I’m seriously in awe of how beautiful these pieces are.

So much so, that I’m incorporating both chandeliers in #projectgreenbay…we’ve changed our foyer plan and are going to use the WE on on the ceiling, alongside these stunning vintage sconces…

west elm chandelier and dibs sconces project greenbay

As well, we’re going to buy up some of those counter stools and re-upholster then in some blush velvet action.

Another client of mine is actually considering the stools as well and is the one who led me in their direction in the first place…thankful to say the least.

As for the rest, I’m buying up a bunch of those gold glasses to use as votive holders and though I already have a set of vintage gold flatware and more sets than I probably need, my new house (more on that subject Monday) is going to get a brand spanking new set of the WE loveliness.

High fives to WE all around.

And speaking of well dones, have you seen the latest photography collaboration between Nicole Cohen and Patrick Cline called Deuce? I mean STOP IT!

nicole cohen and patrick client deuce 2

nicole cohen and patrick client  deuce 3

nicole cohen and patrick client  deuce

nicole cohen and patrick cline deuce

OBSESSED with these in very large in change way.  Must own.

What else?

Oh yes…a very special package arrived for me this morning from the amazingly talented Ashley Woodson Bailey…these moody beautiful flowers be mine…

ashley woodson bailey without wax

ashley woodson bailey osaba

So gorgeous.

And finally, a little sneak peek of something else that’s sure a lot of pretty…coming soon to #projectgreenbay ‘s little girls’ room thanks to the amazing Liven-Up Design…alongside Nina Campbell’s Paradiso paper that is…

project greenbay liven up design benches and wallpaper

So pretty. I’m actually considering using that same fabric on the windows…mulling on it.

And finally, my bedroom ceiling is about to get a whole lot prettier thanks to the brilliance that is Metrie…layout lines are drawn…

my house ceiling metrie

…and the real business will go up tomorrow- keep close to Instagram for updates:)

Happy almost weekend:)


Introducing a New Project

I’ve got a few brand spanking new projects in the works and I wanted to start sharing some of the goodness so for today, please meet this living room goodie that shall henceforth be known as #projectrollingrock.

I’m pretty darn excited about this cookie because my client is a fabric lover…and the cherry on the fabric sunday is that she loves Kelly Wearstler almost as much as I do…and that my friends, I thought impossible seeing as KW is about my largest idol girl crush in the history of histories.

So…..this is our plan…

carrie living room look board

I’m sorry for the small pics of the furniture pieces…all I have…if you look closely, this is what’s happening…

a. Wing chairs in KW Bloom

b. Brass framed chairs in KW Agate

c. Parsons stools in Osborne and Little Gator

d. Versailles settee and striped coffee table from Black Rooster

e. Curtains in Domesticate’s charcoal dots

f. Second hand rug of some variety…this would be my very first choice but she’s not for the faint of heart in the $$ dept.

g. Modern sofa in charcoal velvet

As well…all walls will be painted in a warm white…the windows also have shudders that have been painted out in black…same goes for the interior doors.

I should also mention that this is a living room…with lots of windows so the dotty fabric will be everywhere.

What else…accent fabrics will be KW Feline and Mineral…those will be pillows.

So basically, the room will be made up of this fabric loveliness…


farbic story

And to top it off, there will of course be art…my fabo client has already purchased the Magnus Gjoen beetle and the Ashley Woodson Bailey piece is being added toute suite styles…

ashley woodson bailey rest and magnus gjoen \\

I’m sort of dying over how much I love those two pieces together.

As for accessories and the rest of the furniture, there’s more to come and I promise to share progress pics etc.

For now, I’m signing off so I can enjoy a little time with hubby…it’s our anniversary today.

9 years ago today he held an umbrella over my head as it poured rain and he’s been protecting, encouraging and loving me ever since…I’m a lucky lucky girl:)

my wedding


Progress with Project Greenbay and Project Bistro Chic

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend…mine was good…worked a lot but also enjoyed lots of family time…the highlight of which was seeing hubs help the kids learn to ride their bikes…it hasn’t been an easy road on that front so watching both of them finally glide on their own yesterday was VERY happy times.

On the work front, I got some business done for #projectgreenbay…

For one, my amazingly talented friend Hollie and I sorted out hardware for all the drapery we are having made…stay tuned for plenty of brass and lucite goodness on that front.

I also finished off the big girl’s room board and can’t wait to see all of this come to life…

project greenbay design board christine dovey style

And thanks to Instgram, I happily discovered a new furniture line called Katie Kime, which has answered our chair prayers and given us the perfect porter blank canvas chair in which we can do this too…

project greenbay porter chair katie kime christine dovey style

…i.e…we’ll be upholstering it in Manuel Canovas Pagoda…and it will find a home in the stair room alongside some fabo Stark leopard…tres delightful.

As far as house progress glimpses, here are the shots I got over the weekend of the formal powder and kitchen…

project greenbay kitchen progress christine dovey style

When I came on to the scene, the kitchen layout had already been determined so I consulted on finishes etc.  The antique mirror turned out exactly as I envisioned and I’m obsessed with the grey cabinets…they have me re-thinking what I want to do in our next house…the marble shelves on either side of the hood were something we mulled over for a while and I’m thrilled with how they came together- those Urban Archeology brackets are everything….and the hood…don’t even get me started on that one.  And though I adore ever inch of that kitchen so far, I have to say that the formal powder room really has my heart…pink panelled walls in my all time fave, Farrow and Ball Pink Ground…marble mosaic floor…and pretty much the most fantastical vanity I ever did see. Good, good, good.  And just wait until you see the curtain and stool magic that’s going in there as well- this one is going to be mucho beuno.

In other project news, something VERY large happened over the weekend at #projectbistrochic…after literally 8 months of waiting, our kitchen dining chairs arrived.  And if you’re wondering why the damn things took so long, let me just say that I won’t be ordering chairs from a certain US chain in the EVER AGAIN…after months of mess ups on that front, my client made the very wise decision to jump ship and get a refund, which allowed us to have a set custom made locally, which was SO MUCH BETTER. I mean just look at them!

project bistro chic striped chairs christine dovey style

project bistro chic striped black and white chairs christine dovey style

I promise a full before and after reveal of this whole project VERY SOON! We’re just waiting on a mirror for the kitchen and some artwork in the family room and then done, done, done.  I plan on visiting to take some photos in the next few weeks so stay tuned.

And with that, I’ll sign off for now.

I’ve got bike camp to get the littles too:)


Art Makes the World Go Ground #3- Flowers and Portraits

While walking back to the hotel after a leisurely lunch out on the birthday weekend extravaganza, I  noticed a painting in the window of this Toronto gallery

nicholas metivier gallery

…that forced me in to take a closer look…

And once inside, I was again reminded of how completely and fully I adore beautiful artwork- it’s quite literally happiness for my soul.

Since I love to share the works I’m coveting as often as possible, I figured it was time for…

art makes the world go round

And today, I’m starting with the very piece that pulled me off the rainy streets of Toronto and left me breathless for a good 10 minutes as I stood in front of it…

Meet Peony’s by James Lahey

james lahey flowers

I wish I could convey the grandeur and beauty of this piece here but that’s wholely impossible given that I can’t really showcase or give true justice to the scale, depth of colour and/or serenity this stunning painting evokes …in real life, it’s huge…like 72″ tall sort of business…it’s also framed so perfectly…a floating stainless thin edge painted a warm coral on the inside…the totality of it all was/is quite literally,  breathtaking.

I of course raced home to peruse the gallery’s website and found this other James Lahey piece…

james lahey

…that I can only wish to one day see in person.

As you know, I’m a large sucker for moody florals.  In combo with moody people, I’d say that wraps up my most beloved ‘genre’.

And speaking of the later, I also discovered the brilliance of artist Stephen Appleby-Barr, thanks to this new fave gallery…

stephen abbleby barr painting

stephen abbleby barr

…quirky portraiture in shades of pastel with a side of historical whimsy…yes thank you please.

As for my online art searches, here are the artists and their works that make up my current ‘weird portraits’ wish list file…starting with one of the pieces I showcased yesterday

1. Billy and Hells

billy and hells nadja

billy and hells painting

billy and hells

2. Andrey Yakov and Lili Aleeva


3. Bruno Dayan

bruno dayan

bruno dayan 2

bruno dayan 3

bruno dayan 4

I’ve shown that last one before…it’s a must own for me.

3.  Corinna Holthusen

corinna holthusen reflections 6

Clearly I have a thing for faces and decadent decadence these days.