Art Fair Fridays – Liz Wolfe

Wohoooo…it’s Friday, which means it’s time for my favourite segment of the week!

Bijou & Boheme and Heirloom & Knot are both excited to share with you our second instalment in our collaborative Art Fair Fridays series, where we combine our shared love of art, fashion, literature and design into exclusive interviews and trend pages featuring the talented artists that inspire our creativity daily.

This week’s inspiration comes from the talented Liz Wolfe, whose eerily mesmerizing photographs are a juxtaposition between creatures and confections. Where vibrant candy-coated colours meet the inexplicable and your understanding of beauty in nature is re-evaluated. Liz is an expert in not only creating arresting imagery but of layering her subjects so that you are forced to look past surface beauty and into the bright bizarre.

Art Fair Fridays - Liz Wolfe

Liz Wolfe

How long have you been a professional photographer? About 10 years.

What is your biggest career highlight to date? Exhibiting my ice cream cone landscapes in sculptural format at the Architecture + Design Museum in Los Angeles and Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel was an amazing experience. It was my first time displaying the contents of my photographs in three-dimensional spaces – so much fun!

How would you define your signature style? Playful, colourful, sometimes grotesque.

Where do you find your greatest creative inspiration? Everyday life, the people I love, the observations of children. Also, plastic.

Where do you draw the line with pushing the envelope in art? Or do you? Honestly, it’s not something I’ve ever thought about. It’s hard to imagine what the world on the other side of that line looks like. There are definitely things I wouldn’t shoot, but it’s a challenge to articulate what they are – I think it’s a “you know it when you see it” situation ;)

Of all the delectable shoots you’ve done, what satisfies your sugar craving the most?

I love working with icing and sugar paste.

What would surprise people to know about food styling and photography? Creating an organza bridal veil for a Marshmallow Peep is not as simple as it sounds. Sugar gets everywhere. Altering a gingerbread house recipe involves a complex calculation best determined by a structural engineer.

How long does it take to set up a single shot? It depends on how elaborate the shot is and how many people are on set with me. When I’m doing my own styling in a low-pressure environment, three hours to style and shoot one image would be typical.

If you were one candy what would you be and why? A liquorice allsort with nonpareils! Because tiny things can be constantly falling off you and people are still okay with you as a concept.

Featured Product:

No. 1 Studio Mucci  – Misty Pink Tassel Garland – $45.00

No. 2 Net-a-Porter – Edie Parker Jean Diagonals Striped Acrylic Box Clutch – $2,024.65

No. 3 Indigo – Large Bunny Jar – $15.00

No. 4 Royal Doulton –  Set of 41815 Bright Colors Dinner Plate – $80.00

No. 5 Christian Louboutin – Pigalle Follies Strass – $3,945.00

No. 6 The Evolution Store – Rabbit Skeleton – $129.00

No. 7 Tom Binns – Yellow Bracelet With Orange & Purple Round Stones – $590.00

No. 8 Kathy Kuo Home – Red Pink Beaded Coastal Beach 3 Light Chandelier – $5,240.00

No. 9 J. Crew – Crystal Foliage Earrings – $90.00

No. 10 Anthropologie – Crown-Feather Taper Holder – $148.00


Isn’t Liz’s work divine? I’m so in love with how she balance sweetness and whimsy.

In addition to the amazing bunny piece, I’ve also got a few other of her pieces on my art acquisition wish list.  And in looking through her portfolio, I was thinking that as part of this series, I’d love to showcase with you my top 3 pics from each artist’s works, just so you get to see a little more of the fantastica they create.

So for this week, here are the Liz Wolfe pieces that in addition to Mr Bunny above, have me breathless…

liz wolf

liz wolfe cat

liz wolfe unicorn

Heaven in sugary confectionary art form.


Wednesday Wallpaper – Area Enivornments

You know what I miss talking about?  Wallpaper. I freaking love the stuff and I used to get a great kick out of hunting for the new most amazing new line or prints to talk about here on the old blogski.

Well…I’m bringing said searches back into regular rotation with an old favourite weekly edition called Wallpaper Wednesdays.

This week’s entry (a day late I know) has my blogging friend Alison Giese to thank since she directed me to the magic that is Area Enivornments.

area environments banner

Here’s a little blurb about who they are and what they do, taken directly from their site…

“Area is a creative studio that curates original work from contemporary artists and produces unique wallpapers and large scale murals. Our designer wallpapers are not mass market oriented but rather personal, distinctive, and on the cutting edge of contemporary trends. We bring a combination of taste, quality, and sophistication to the world of wall decor.

Area was founded in 2011 by Owner Jamie Reich and Creative Director Kathryn Korb, with the desire to merge Fine Art with the world of wallcovering.

Working with international artists allows Area to stay on top of current trends while remaining anchored to some of the oldest traditions in Fine Art. The eclectic mix of styles and artistic methods provides a wide variety of murals and patterns. Area offers the latest in wallpaper designs and contemporary decorating ideas.”

The idea of wallpapers merging with fine art makes my heart go all fluttery like.

I pulled some of my favourites and am VERY sure that some of my clients will be seeing these patterns pop up on their design boards asap…

area environments wallpaper

And just so you can see some of these in situ…here’s that…

area environments annex christine dovey

area enivornemnts close+up peonies christine dovey

area environments Tracks+room christine dovey

area environments Feathers+room christine dovey

area enivornments christine dovey swirls

area environments Moonlight+Interior christine dovey

area environments kelp christine dovey

area enivornments Brasil+room christine dovey

area environments Nightshade+Interior christine dovey

area enviornments Mountain christine dovey

area enivornments CL+Leaves+Interior christine dovey

area environments big city

area environments Pink+Interior peonies christine dovey

area environments Zenith+Interior christine dovey

area enivornments utopia palace christine dovey

area environments utopia Garden+room christine dovey

area enviornments christine dovey

area environments chilled

area environments DJ+Embedded+Gold+Interior christine dovey

area environments look book

area environments LS+Delft+Interior christine dovey

area environments DJ+Embedded+Indigo+Interior christine dovey

area enivornments mc red christine dovey

Ridiculously beautiful.

See more here.


Art Fair Fridays

Morning friends.

I’m writing you from the amazing city of Montreal right now and am presently lounging in one of the most beautiful rooms of all time at the Gault Hotel, after a night out with some incredibly talented/beautiful/inspirational woman so feeling breezy like Sunday morning all around.

And on the same happiness vein, I’m thrilled to introduce you to a brand spanking new series here on B&B that’s going to be brought to you every Friday by one of my new most favouritist people, Matthew from Heirloom and Knot.  If you’re an art and beautiful things lover, this is going to be something you are most definitely not going to want to miss each week so without further ado, here is instalment number one…


Dear readers and design enthusiasts,

I am excited to be able to announce today our latest collaborative series Art Fair Fridays with the talented team at Heirloom & Knot. We will using the Bijou & Boheme blog as a platform to bring you weekly design inspiration in the form of exclusive interviews with the talented artists that inspire our creativity on a daily basis. Filtered through the lens of a seasoned designer’s eye, we will be showcasing trend edits that exemplifies the feeling behind the work we feature. Using the artist’s signature style to inspire all aspects of a beautifully curated life – Combining our shared love of art, fashion, literature and design into a shared and inviting visual experience that we hope readers will enjoy.

In our first instalment we had the pleasure of interviewing the insanely talented Stephanie Vovas. Whose 70’s infused photography not only inspires, it transports you to a bygone era of free love and hyper-femininity. Where the California sun’s hazy hues kiss the often bare breast of her subjects and sexuality is elevated to the level of fine art.

stephanie vovas art fair fridays christine dovey heirloom and knot

Stephanie Vovas

How long have you been a professional photographer? I have been a professional photographer for about 5-6 years but I have been making pictures for most of my life.

What is your biggest career highlight to date? Shooting the cover of Playboy magazine, and also doing a commissioned fine art shoot for The Land of Nod, both done last fall. Both were two very big companies taking a chance on me, and believing in my work, which is a feeling of incredible bliss, and extreme nervousness. Also, I never thought I’d go from shooting children in a camp in Wisconsin to shooting a Guess model in a Beverly Hills mansion for Playboy. Definitely the highlight so far.

How do you differentiate been commercial photography and fine art? The feelings it gives you. But I think I get work specifically for my style, so I don’t feel that I have to compromise much, if at all, for commercial work.

What is it about 1970’s culture that captivates you? People seemed to be experimenting with everything in life: social standards for men and women, sexuality, style, ideas, drugs, all while wearing wacky clothing and listening to Led Zeppelin and going to the disco. The interior design of that time is so delicious, as well as the incredible films and music. I find that very captivating, as well as visually in-spiring.

What would surprise someone to know about shooting for Playboy? That it seems normal. It does to me anyway. I like that there is so much incredible history and misconceptions around it. It pushes buttons I guess even after all this time. But it’s just a really wonderful job with wonderful people, who let me make groovy photos.

What advice would you give your younger self? Believe in yourself. Recognize what is happening around you. It saves time. Wear bikinis more. Please get smarter about money and business, or make friends with people who are.

Where do you find your greatest creative inspiration? Daydreaming. Relationship stories. Hotels. Wine. Movies and shows like Mad Men, where you go deep into a person’s character while in the most beautiful settings. Music. Memories of my childhood. Talks with Tom. Talks with my wonderful team, Stephen (makeup artist) & Courtenay (wardrobe stylist).

How would you define your signature style? I asked my boyfriend this question and he said: Exploring honey golden collar bones dripping with sweat. He was tipsy but I love that description, haha. My signature style I would say is: 70s tinted film still dreams.

If you could photograph anyone living or dead, who would it be and why? Matthew McConaughey, because of his work in True Detective. He’s mesmerizing! Also, may I please add: Sophia Loren, Roman Polanski & Sharon Tate together, and Jackie O. Thank you!

Featured Product

No. 1 House of Hackney – Tarovine Large Linen Cushion White Ochre – £148.00

No. 2 Milly – Dylan Top Zip Crossbody – $162.99

No. 3 Net-a-Porter – Gianvito Rossi Color-block suede and cork mules – $619.07

No. 4 Black Rooster Décor – Rattan Dome Chair – $1,271.00

No. 5 Dior – Diorskin Nude Air Tan Powder – $58.00–24

No. 6 Kelly Wearstler – Bust Pendant Necklace – $195.00
No. 7 Net-a-Porter – L’Agent by Agent Provocateur – $69.99

No. 8 Playboy Store – 60th Anniversary Shot Glass – $10.00

No. 9 Hermes – Sellier Porcelain Change Tray – $660.00

No. 10 Vanity Mirror Co. – Lorie Gold Baroque Mirror – $ 645.00

No. 11 Amazon – Lovelace Blu-ray – $23.99


Beyond honoured to have had insights from one of my all time favourite photographers and so hoping you check back next week for yet another ridiculously inspiring artist/interview/pretty stuff extravaganza.


New Project- Glenwood

Morning friends.

I’m excited to share the beginnings of a newish project, along with a brand spanking new moodboard format, that I’ve drawn up since a fabulous meeting I had the other day with Matthew of Heirloom and Knot.  If you don’t already read this one’s blog, you should…it’s dope.

Post meeting, I came home inspired and super ready to dive back into blogging.  My bum hand means that I can’t really be full force at anything involving a keyboard as of yet but it’s getting there and I’m chuffed to share new work so here she goes.

Project Glenwood.  For this one, I’ve been hired to do the living, dining, foyer, basement rec room, laundry, and office…with some finishing touches needed in a few other areas. The home is a two story brick traditional in Toronto and has amazingly pretty bones.  And my client…well the first thing she showed me was a Hermes print wallpaper that she wanted to coat the whole foyer in so I had a good feeling right from the start as it were.

Coming off of #projectbraecrest (after photos coming very soon on that one,) I’ve still be loving up on a palate of oxblood, deep indigo and black. I’m into it in a hard and fast way so…I’ve been playing with it all over the place, hoping that it would catch with another client.  And well…it has on this one…and well…I couldn’t be more thrilled.

So…the plans.

For the dining room, we’re looking to crate a fun mix of texture, style and colour, starting with an aged harvest table and then layering in some more modern elements in the chairs and lighting.  We’ll be building a custom bar area and above it will go what I hope will be a pretty stellar art wall.  On the board, I showed drapery options in both blue and oxblood so my client could see which option she preferred but in the end, we’re nixing drapes altogether and doing oxblood on the head chairs…either in a stripe or solid velvet…

briar project glenwood christine dovey style dining room

For the living room, Super Allen is going to build floor to ceiling shelving on either side of the fireplace in a really crisp, sort of edgy style as below.  We’ll then layer in lots of texture with the rug and use my favourite Jim Thompson Ermania fabric for romans on the bay windows.  The sofa has already been purchased from Elte and was one of those deal of the centuries sort of situations. There was quite literally almost a bidding war with other customers wanting to buy the damn thing but we snuck in pretty stealthily and within minutes of starting our search, an $8000 sofa was had for a mere fraction of the original price….sooooo satisfying…

briar living room concept one

For the foyer, we’re going to plaster all the walls in this amazing Eden Rock wallpaper and then add a sisal runner after the stairs are painted out…

briar foyer

I’m pretty jazzed about the whole thing….especially the art wall actually. For the past little while, I’ve sort of been off those but I’m feeling sort of in love with them again…as long as they’re super balanced and a little restrained and not all willy-nilly like.

I’ve been playing around with some of my favourite pieces from Nicole Cohen, These Fine Walls, Citizen Atelier, Jenny Andrews Anderson, Natural Curiosities and Dwell Studio and have come up with these two versions of a wall that I super hope will happen somewhere…

lores art wall

lores art wall 2 christine dovey style

Black, oxblood and indigo = officially my favourite palate of all time…for now.

Stay tuned:)


I Designed a Clutch with Brave Leather!!!!! Giveaway!!

You know those things that make you excited like a 5 year old on Christmas morning or a sweaty palmed teenager at her first video dance?  Well my friends, what I’m about to show you is one of those very things for this lady business.

Let’s start with the backstory….

A few months ago I was approached by Brave Leather to take part in a blogger initiative they were working on that would see me (along with two others) dream up and design a bag that they would then produce, market and sell.  Of course, I jumped like an Olympic high jumper at the opportunity because well…a little secret…I want products and stuff MORE.THAN.ANYTHING.  And if you know me at all, you know that there’s few things I love more than a good bag so….I most happily said yes and headed down to the Brave Leather headquarters and presented my ideas. After some discussion, hatching/plotting, leather looking and much skipping like a schoolgirl, my dream clutch was envisioned and the wheels set into gear to make it happen.

And then, just a short time later, right before I was headed to bed for the night, a courier knocked on my door and delivered this…

christine dovey  clutch brave leather

christine dovey leather clutch inside fabric brave leather

And I proceeded to run around my house in pure unadulterated glee.

That right there my friends is MY BAG. Yup…I designed it and the amazing people at Brave Leather made my clutch dreams come to life.

brave leather blogger ad christine dovey

To make things even better, this full grain Italian leather outer with a hand pleated cummerbund inspired front panel lined and graphic hand silk screened lining treatment, can be purchased!

I have more good news on that front in a jiffy but first, I want to show you the creations of the two other bloggers who took part in this fun.

First up, the always amazingly fabulous Gaby Burger

brave leather ad gaby burger

white cabana purse brave leather

I mean STOP. IT with this bag. In detail FYI, hers is a full grain vegetable tanned outer leather lined with the same full grain leather, the hair on front panel is Italian leather made front bovine (cow leather ) not pony as often assumed, and the chain is a solid brass detectable detail.  All of it is ridiculous in the best possible way.

Next up, the uber fashionable Gracie Carroll came up with this genius…

brave leather ad gracie carroll

gracie carroll bag brave leather

i.e….an Italian nappa soft outer leather and full lined with FULL grain natural veg.  The edges and seams are not folded but hand polished and painted for a old world quality finish detail with a decidedly modern style.  This bag = heaven in a the most delicious shade of blue I ever did see.

And now the super good news…

1. All of these bags are available for purchase and can be bought HERE

brave leather ad gaby burger gracie carroll christine dovey

2. For the next week, you have the chance to win all of them by entering GIVEAWAYS on each of our blogs!!!!!

Sooo…to win my clutch…

christine dovey clutch brave leather

christine dovey clutch brave leather

christine dovey clutch brave leather

christine dovey clutch brave leather

christine dovey clutch brave leather

…follow the instructions below to enter up to 5 times…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway will run for one week, and a winner will be drawn on Monday March 2nd.

Good luck and a huge, huge thanks again to Brave Leather for making this girl’s product dreams come to life!