My Christmas Decor – with Veronneau

Hi all!

It’s been forever since I checked in so wanted to sign in and share some goodness.

Today, I’m super happy to be able to show you how we’ve decorated this year for Christmas. It’s actually the first one we’re going to be spending at our new/old house so I really wanted to make it special. My parents and sister/her family will be joining us, so definitely had to make the place festive.

This year, the scheme started with my newly found obsession with pink babys breath. I worked with the incredibly talented Coyote Flowers on an Christmas install we did for a local hotel, and was convinced then and there that I wanted a version of that install, in my own house. The pink was to be the foundation of the colour story, with some burgundy layered in for a contrast. And of course, I wanted a decidedly romantic feel with a touch of decadence because why not right?!?!

So with the concept in place, I set to work compiling all the pieces of the puzzle.

To start, of course we needed a tree. When we were renovating this house, the chaos of the construction and moving resulted in our existing Christmas tree being somehow lost…cue tears and a lot of cursing. Though we have bought real ones in the past, I wanted to have decorations up for all of December so decided an artificial one was again the way to go. I looked around a bunch and then got super excited when Veronneau reached out to me. For those who may not know, Veronneau is a fabulous decor store based in Quebec. They offer furniture, accessories, seasonal decor, artificial plants, design services and holiday rentals. After looking through their site to find potential tree candidates, I very happily landed on this 7.5′ beauty

I LOVE the thick flocking and the size works perfectly in our space.

Next, I needed some decorations so in keeping with the colour story, I ordered up some of these…

Pink Glass

White fur balls

And copper picks

And that was the base for what was going to happen with the tree.

In terms of the rest of the decor, I knew I wanted beautiful stockings, garlands and a large wreath for the front door.

For the later, I chose this loveliness

My order came super quickly and I was even more in love with everything once I saw it in person.

And once all was put in place our house is now holiday ready…

So yes…I’m not mad about how it all came together at all and would highly recommend Veronneau to all those who might be in the market for some holiday decor…they offer beautiful things, great prices and most importantly, exceptional service.

I’ll be sharing the second part of this reveal, the family shots, early next week so stay tuned for that and a HUGE thank you to the amazing Kieran Darcy in the meantime for capturing things, as she always does, in the absolute prettiest of lights.


Furniture Maison

I’m really excited to introduce you to one of my favourite new online retailers, Furniture Maison

Furniture Maison is a Canadian company whose mission is to showcase a curated collection of beautifully crafted furnishings items, all available at a reasonable price point. In their words, “We share a humble vision as connoisseurs of craftsmanship and composition to make top quality home furnishings more accessible and uniquely affordable. That’s why we are eliminating the middleman and sharing the savings with you…Where some see a home, we see a sanctuary, a place to escape the stresses and strains of today. Through clean design, and a simple aesthetic, we seek to inspire a calm and comfortable environment. One of intimate sophistication and culture that is completely unique to you.”

Their selection of chairs, tables, casegoods, sofas reflects a modern aesthetic where pieces are sculptural, well made, and beautiful in their simplicty.

Of the current inventory, I was probably most drawn to their concrete pieces and was so happy to receive this beautiful Vega Cube

Here she is sitting pretty in my lounge room…

I love how the clean lines of the table juxtipose with the traditional settee and wall mouldings. This table is the perfect little modern addition to any space, in my humble opinion:)

To see more of Furniture Maison’s beautiful collection, click HERE. Oh and quick bonus fyi…free shipping is offered within Canada and the US…happy, happy days!


Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Link

My household is feeling pretty fresh as a daisy lately because we’re the lucky new owners of the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link .

This multi-functional product first and foremost, works as a three-in-one machine…it’s a personal cool fan in the warm months, heater in the cool ones and on top of all that, an all-year air purifier that captures gases and removes 99.97% of allergens and pollutants. Before having the Dyson, I  had no idea that our indoor air can be 5X worse than the outdoor quality and with a pile of kids, a total lack of a green thumb (i.e. very few living plants in the house,) and a new puppy in the mix, I’m pretty sure ours was probably even more terrible. Thankfully, the Dyson has come to the rescue and with its beautifully sleek and modern design, has also become a stylish addition to our space.

Here she is doing a little tour of the main floor, just so you can see how well she fits in the mix…

Clearly she’s not lacking on the form side of things and in terms of function, there are some key features I’d feel remise if I didn’t review…

1. 360˚ Glass HEPA filter: captures gases and removes 99.97% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.3 microns, including pollen, bacteria and pet dander, trapping them in the filter and eliminating them from the air you breathe.

2. Intelligently purifies, heats and cools you: fast even room heating in winter, powerful personal cooling in summer and intelligent purification all year round.

3. Automatically monitors, reacts and purifies: automatically purifies the pollutants it detects in your home, while simultaneously reporting the live indoor and outdoor air quality to the Dyson Link App.

4.Captures smells: an activated carbon layer in the filter captures odours and potentially harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), like paint fumes.

Seeing as I paint walls/rooms more often then I probably should and because of our sweet puppy isn’t quite trained yet, the Dyson’s ability to capture odors is a feature we’re definitely very happy to have. And with allergy season wrapping up, I can attest to how much Benadryl this machine saved me from taking. The personal cooling feature has saved us from having to turn on the air-conditioning during the past few weeks of summer in fall and we’re sure the same will be true when things cool down and we’re able to take advantage of the Dyson’s fast room heating.

All in all, the Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Link is a clearly a super pretty machine, that also packs a whole lot of function…a definite winner in my books.


When You Discover that a Shed is Your Most Favourite Thing in the Universe

This is ridiculously embarrassing to admit but up until very recently, we’ve been been paying 200ish dollars/month for a POD storage container. We first rented the thing when we began renovating this house and trying to sell our other…we needed it then. Once our house was sold, and we moved into this one, we brought the POD out of storage and parked it in our driveway…and it sat there for a year. At one point, we emptied everything and got ready to finally cart the thing away but then the One Room Challenge rolled around and I decided I needed to renovate the basement. So then, all that we had literally just unpacked, got loaded back into the POD.


I’m sure my neighbours legit hated us. POD’s are not pretty. Not at all.

I’m not sure why a permanent storage solution hadn’t occurred to use earlier but when the lightbulb finally went off, when went an bought ourselves a backyard shed and…we finally got to say goodbye to Mr POD…

At 10×10, the shed comfortably holds all of our extra stuff. The furniture that I like but that doesn’t fit in this house, the extra backyard toys, the boxes we’ll probably never unpack, lawn equipment etc. etc.

We purchased the shed in a raw unfinished form and selected the model we thought best matched our house in terms of shape and roofline etc.

And then went about painting the little pretty to match our house. We went to our local Canadian Tire and picked out the perfect crisp white from their Premier Infinity Exterior line…in a shade called Polar Bear.

And after a two coats, this was our little shed…

We’re still playing with the flower situation to see what colour we prefer…

But regardless, she’s a pretty little shed that fits in so well with our house…and holds EVERYTHING!

After finishing off the shed, we also decided to build a pergola over our dining area. Our contractor Andrew Burke put the baby up in a couple of hours and then painted it in the same Premier Infinity colour…

We couldn’t be happier with how it’s all come together. Having this storage shed to hold all the stuff that doesn’t fit in the house is pure and total Bliss. And the paint has made it all so perfectly blend with the house. Happy days!


I Need a Dining Table and Fast

Ok friends…I’m coming here asking for some help because my current workload is making it next to impossible for me to make a decision on anything related to my own house…brain dead as it were.

I have a shoot coming up that requires me to finish off some spaces in my house that are almost there but not quite. In my kitchen area, I have an attached dining room that has now seen three tables come and go. The first was the white tulip table from my old house.

(photo Donna Griffith)

I like the shape but it was making the whole space way too white and black…as well, though the oval works great functionally, it just wasn’t large enough for the space. So…I decided to sell that one off and really wanted something that brought some warmth in…enter wood. I had a harvest long narrow table custom made and was super excited for that situation…but…the finish on it just wasn’t what I had expected and was actually quite grey and in a weird way, didn’t actually look like wood. With this one, the shape and size was perfect, but it just wasn’t aesthetically what I was looking for.

So…I sold that one off and to make due until a decision on something new was made, I brought up the walnut Tulip table from my newly renovated basement…all well and good but now the basement is without a table and as with the white earlier version, it just doesn’t maximize the space. I also find the finish difficult to manage with the kids and their endless spills.

(photo Stephani Buchman)

As you can see, the walls are white, the chairs and cabinet are black.

The attached kitchen has more of the same (subway tiles, black cabinets, marble like counter) with a little brass and raw oak thrown in.

So what do I do for a table?!?!?!

My first thought was something old and made of wood.

But then I browsed this huge collection of designer dining tables and saw this beauty…

…which reminded me of my current favourite coffee table from West Elm that I’m more than a little obsessed with…

And I think the glass could actually be super nice in there. The brass detailing would also pick up on my island. Also, glass is easy to wipe up and clean, though when it’s dirty, looks dirty lol.

It’s a definite contender.

Others on my top five consideration list…

1. A stunning reproduction Refractory table

2. The oval version (two legs) of this beautiful Juno table

3. The most ridiculously fantastical antique table I’ve ever seen that I spied at an outdoor market, and then tracked down to a store in Toronto…

…but is easily 3x my budget.

4. Something super simple and raw like this vintage oak number…

5. The Restoration Hardware raw oak loveliness that we used at Project Brownstone

(photo Nicole Cohen)

I’d love love your thoughts on this. Pick a favourite and let me know pretty please!