One Room Challenge – Week 4

Am I the only one who can’t freaking believe that it’s already Wednesday AGAIN?!?!?

one room challenge christine dovey week four

Like all the weeks before this one, I’ve had 7 days of ups and downs to be sure..

This little nugget’s face pretty much tells the tale…

one room challenge christine dovey endeavour neon sign ferm living basket upholstered bench wayfair

…as in “oh holy balls…this renovating a bathroom in 6 short weeks and actually finishing by Nov. 5th is going to be dicy pants.”

If you’ve been following along, you know that I’m working on transforming my master bathroom in just 6 short weeks as part of this thing we call the One Room Challenge…aka the brainchild of Linda over at Calling it Home.

With my last kick at the ORC can, I completed a client’s piano room, which involved major construction, millwork, tiling, ordering etc. etc.

When I began this round, I honestly thought my bathroom was going to be a walk in the proverbial park but well…such has not exactly been the case.

I think I’m pretty behind and by pretty, I mean really.

Most of the lag has to do with the delay of my wall tiles…they were delivered exactly a week after the expected date.

Thankfully, the magic marble truck arrived this past Friday and things were looking way up in my books but after just 6 tiles going up on the wall, all work stopped because of panic over the adhesive seeping through the porous marble…and to be honest, there hasn’t really been a resolution to this issue, even after discussions with many a tiler.  We’re very much hoping that eventually, the darn things will dry out and all dark/wet spots will magically disappear. Fingers and toes and all appendages are officially crossed.

Anyhoo…we didn’t resume tiling until yesterday so well, the walls aren’t exactly finished.  As he always does though, super Allen has banged out a ton in two days and will hopefully have the walls done tomorrow, so that we can start on the floor by the weekend.

And speaking of floor, my glorious Cement Tile Shop Tulum tiles arrived Saturday, thanks to my husband the cross border courier and well…that delivery was sort of akin to grown up Christmas morning with a large extra bubbly mimosa in hand.

I admittedly did have a small 24 hour freak out after first opening the tiles because they’re not really black and white as I had planned, but in fact more black and taupey/beige. Against subway tiles, they read pretty white but when put beside my very white marble, the cement tiles look pretty beige and my marble looks sort of bluey.  So yup…a momentary panic ensued on that front…thankfully cooler brain waves prevailed after sleeping on it and I’m not embracing the cool/warm mix. You know me…I always like a bit of tension so this extra bit of contrast can’t hurt.

What else?

Oh yes…as with past weeks, I shopped a bit on the weekend because unlike a regular room where I can really do stuff every day, waiting on the tiles has left me with not much to do on the labour front so…to ease ‘my hands are tied and I can’t do anything pain’ I got my retail therapy on. A quick visit to one of my faves, the Drake General Store landed me some pretty little bathroom accessories because heck…if I couldn’t have tile at that point, a pink toothbrush sure as heck was in order.

Along with the new bag of goodies, some delivery trucks swung by my hood.

My bust photograph from Nicole Cohen (speaking of Ms. NC, if you missed my post from yesterday link over and then link over again to buy a copy of her new book #absurdistsummer) arrived and is heaven in print form.

Along with that, my Wayfair prezzies arrived, including: my ferm living pink basket which is maybe the best such thing I’ve ever seen but admittedly a tad (and by tad I mean way) larger than I anticipated so might quite possibly not fit in the bathroom but will likely get forced in against its will because it’s that awesome; the upholstered bench I momentarily thought about recovering because it was actually beige and not white until the instant the cement tile arrived and it very obviously became the Sonny to my tile Cher.

And finally for this week, my furniture transformation guru, Tim Welsby of Beresford Inc. finished painting my vanity and whoa Nelly she looks purdy.

So…again…as with week one, two and three, this one was a cacophony of ups and downs, all of which I’d like to show you in a semi-artistic way that will hopefully, tell the tale of the week that was…the good mixed with the bad…the pretty ‘what the bathroom will eventually be’ mixed with the ‘broken but partially put back together Humpty’ it is now…and PS, putting this little collage together has prompted a DIY art idea that might result in a little gallery wall of sorts…stay tuned.

For now, ORC bathroom week 4 in pictures…



























one room challenge christine dovey bathroom vanity kohler tim welsby beresford inc


And there you have it.

To recap…hidden within those photos is the realization that I managed to cross a grand total of three things of last week’s list:

1. Tile walls, shower and built in shelves

2. Drive to NY state to pick up floor tiles

3. Tile floors

4. Order custom piece of mirror to sit behind vanity

5. Frame vanity mirror in black metal and install

6. Frame shower class in black metal and install

7. Purchase caps and cords for pendant lights

8. Move electrical and hang pendants

9. Frame any art that needs framing

10. Hang neon sign and art

12. Clean

13. Style

14. Pick up toilet

15. Install toilet

16. Shop for accessories

But here’s hoping that by next Wednesday, I’ll be making out large with the strikethrough button and crossing off a bunch more (including some I forgot to add to the list, which I’ve edited now and put on there.)

Positive thoughts, positive thoughts.

In the meantime, I’m blocking off baby’s nap time this morning to visit all of my fellow ORC friends to see how they’ve made out this week…

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And I think you should do that too:)

See you back here in a week, with that I’m hoping will be a completely tiled bathroom.


Blogger Ladies Whose Work is Rocking My Casbah #4 – Nicole Cohen

You know those moments when you see someone come up with something that’s so brilliant, you wish you had thought of it and made that mind blowing shiz happen yourself, well…bingo on that front when I first heard and laid eyes on Nicole Cohen’s lastest piece of genius, her #absurdistsummer tear out print book

nicole cohen absurdist summer coffee table book close up of book on chair

The cover allows makes my heart race but when you realize that inside is a carefully curated collection of 30/9×12 prints that you can literally tear along the dotted line to remove and then frame up…well…it’s just a little too much for me to take.

BRILLIANCE in my favourite form…art.

Here’s the skinny on this most perfect idea from Nicole herself…

“… I know I’ve torn photos out of coffee table books and framed them, many, many times and I truly believe that “art” should be easy, fun, affordable, interactive, and yes, even disposable. I wanted to make something like a book, that would let me evolve over time. A Tear Out Print books is something I could make on my own, whenever I feel like it, and whenever I have a new theme, I could churn those babies out! I’ve already had other artists ask me to help them make some too. Also, I’ve been collecting self-published art books since we came up with this idea, and they are my new favorite thing, I’m telling ya! 

So I decided to start with #absurdistsummer, it’s a fun wacky theme that I’ve been hashtagging all summer. The concept behind it is just accepting absurdity in every day life + summer, of course. The photos are random, bright and fun. 

Here’s how the book works: It’s 30 pages, single sided, so you never have to choose between two images. They are all perforated. Each print is 9″ x 12.” I don’t assume everyone will tear out every photo, although I do think a huge gallery wall of a ton of them would be rad! Each person might tear out about 2-4 photos, and still have a book in tact for coffee table use. ( I think it’s a pretty sexy coffee table piece, no?) You can just pop the prints into 9″ x 12″ frames, with no mat, and use the existing borders. You could also put them in behind standard or custom mats in a range of sizes, that works too. 

There are only 200 #absurdistsummer books. THAT’S IT! And they will all be signed and numbered. Once they are gone, there will be NO MORE. I really wanted a way to make my work affordable and fun and accessible, and I think this is it!…”

And because I know you want to see a little snipped of what the book is about, here’s that…

nicole cohen absurdist summer coffee table book

DSC_8547nicole cohen absurdist summer coffee table book top photo framed

nicole cohen absurdist summer coffee table book on chair

nicole cohen absurdist summer coffee table book life preserver print no exit print framed on wall

nicole cohen absurdist summer coffee table book prints lined up on chairs

nicole cohen absurdist summer coffee table book top print on wall

nicole cohen absurdist summer coffee table book life preserver and no exit print on wall

nicole cohen absurdist summer coffee table book cover on chair with shoes

I don’t know about you, but I’m chomping at the bit for one of these and the fact that there’s only 200 of them to be had and then gonzo she wrote, means I’m going to be getting my spending on immediately.

You can purchase your own copy HERE …and wait for it, the pricetag is a very kind $75. Yup…that’s 30 prints for 75 bones, which works out to $2.50/print. I mean have you ever? !?!?

Seeing friends do amazing things, is just that, amazing and I couldn’t be prouder of Nicole. If you’re one of the lucky people who gets to know her like I do, you know that she’s one of the most supportive/kind/inspirational/all around awesome ones there is so she deserves all the success/support/glory there is.

So go buy your very own copy of #absurdist summer now and while you’re at it, leave some comments and/or post on social media channels etc. to let Nicole know that she and her book are making your sugar plum fairy art dreams come true.


Updates on Project Greenbay and a Bathroom Design

It’s been a while since I last updated you on #projectgreenbay so here’s some tidbits on that front…

For one, we’ve really cemented our plan for the son’s room, in terms of fabrics, bedding and rug…it looks like this…

projectgreenbay son bedroom fabric bedding rug plan christine dovey style

We went back and forth on rugs and the RugsUSA one above won out…though we did have a momentary laps when I discovered this newbie from Anthro…

anthropologie rug

The blue and green are all sorts of perfect for our room.

Thankfully, Anthro solved the debate for us by only offering this lovliness in 5×7 so…we’re going to do both!

That’s right…the large dark number will go in the bedroom and this Beni like thing will go in the pass-through space that leads to the ensuite…like this…

project greenbay sons bedroom and pass through room anthropologie rug rugs usa rug cb2 sofa manuel canovas fabric biscuit bedding

Happy days.

What else this week??

Oh yes… the girls’ bedroom…it’s about to get a whole lot of pretty come curtain time thanks to a last minute brainwave on the drapes…which really came from a last minute Pinterest inspiration find.

The new plan will involve this business…

project greenbay daughter bedroom nina campbell paradiso wallpaper fringe trim antique settee

Those House Beautiful curtains made my head sort of pop off when I first saw them so yup…we’re making our own version with the tassel fringe bottom left. Also…the sofa…I don’t really need to explain that…though I should tell you that we-re going to re-upholster in that pink leather right there.

And for the big girl, we’ve nailed down her bed. It’s real purdy…

project greenbay daughter bedroom designers guild peacock fabric gilt bed

Next up…main floor.

The dining/kitchen area has had a big kick in the pants when it comes to decision making.

Thanks to the amazing Jessica Waks, we were able to find a custom furniture maker here in Toronto called Carrocel.

Let me just say that they have been a JOY to work with and are able to do the sort of custom pieces that I’ve been dying to make.

For #projectgreenbay they’re making these things for us as we speak…

a. A pair of canopy chairs that will sit in front of the kitchen bar…we’re having them upholstered in Schumacher’s Gainsborough velvet…

project greenbay canopy chairs carrocel christine dovey style schumacher gainsborough velvet blush

b) Using Jessica’s dining chairs below as inspiration, we’re doing a set of Louis chairs in O&L blue/black Snake Charmer, with white and gold frames that will sit around a rather massive Saarninen tulip table…

project greenbay dining chairs carrocel osborne and little snake charmer jessica waks carrocel chairs christine dovey style

I just got a progress shot of how it’s all coming along and look!

carrocel custom chairs project greenbay christine dovey style

carrocel custom chairs for project greenbay christine dovey style

…so many pretty chairs!

Along with the Carrocel greatness, we’ve also ordered 6 of these beauties from Lawson Fenning...they’ll be finished in O&L faux white ostrich…

project greenbay lawson fenning stools osborne and little ostrich christine dovey style

And while on the topic of Lawson Fenning, a pair of these in Kravet Versailles Emerald velvet were ordered for the library…

project greenbay library kravet versailles velvet lawson fenning trousdale chair christine dovey style

…as was this set of thin framed brass chairs, which we’re doing in maybe the prettiest fabric of all time, Schumacher’s Prestwick Wool Satin…

project greenbay lawson thin framed brass chairs schumacher prestwick wool in pink christine dovey style chairs

And yes, I’m very much living vicariously through the joy that is this house.

Now…I don’t want you all to think that all projects that I work on are this epic in scope.

Sometimes people hire me on an hourly consulting basis to help them decide on finishes, fixtures, furniture etc. etc.

Such was the case with a bathroom remodel that we’ll call #projectbritney.

I was asked to help with the selection of mirrors, tile, grout, lighting and accessories.

Well, as some of you might have seen yesterday on Instagram, I just got some progress shots and holy moly…it’s definitely one of my favourite bathrooms to date and it’s not even finished yet…I’m sort of dying over the combo of the wall to wall subway, black paint, globe lights and Venetian mirrors…

project britney new christine dovey style subway tile venetian mirrors globe lights

project britney bathroom christine dovey style globe lights subway tile dark grout venetian mirrors marble counters

Stay tuned for a final reveal of that shortly.

And with that, I think we’re finito for today.

Super Allen is here working on my #oneroomchallenge bathroom because guess what?!?! After a week of delays, my tile is arriving this afternoon! Thank the gods. Here’s hoping I have beaucoup progress to show you next Wednesday.


One Room Challenge – Week Three

If you’re new to this little One Room Challenge gig, the basic gist revolves around transforming a room of your choosing in just 6 short weeks.

one room challenge christine dovey style tulum cement tile nicole cohen photograph gioia marble tile stephanie vovas endeavour neon sign

” Oh my goodness…that’s so easy- I’ve got this in the bag” …. said no one ever.

I for one am having a hard time accepting that we’re already here at week 3.

Oh vey as they say.

As you may know, I decided on my master bathroom.

In week one, I felt pretty excited and confident about the whole thing.

Week two was one of those weeks that just sort of felt like a hurricane…busy and crazy…up and down and all around again.

The foolery of it all resulted in a post that I hope didn’t come off too whiny brother like.

The good news though was that mucho progress got made and at the end of week 2.0, I felt good about where we were.

And then week 3 happened and well, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m a little scared I might not actually finish this business in time.

Here’s why….my marble wall tile was supposed to be delivered last Friday but some mix-up meant it’s been delayed until the day after tomorrow.

So, with no tile, we sort of hit a bit of a standstill in terms of what work could get done.

Thankfully, Super Allen did get every ounce of prep finished so that when the marble comes, we’ll be ready and able to slap that goodness up fast styles.

To review this week that was in terms of construction…

1. The drywall was repaired and re-hung in places that it needed to be…

christine dovey bathroom demolition drywall

2. The floor got a layer of scratch coat or whatever that stuff is over the existing penny tile and in the shower….

christine dovey bathroom demolition 2

christine dovey bathroom demolition shower

3. The foundation for the shelves for behind the tub got constructed and installed…

christine dovey bathroom demolition

And I guess things have to look worse before they can get better because right??!?!

Yikes…pretty sure it’s looking uglier in there now than last week but I’m hoping Humpty will start to get put back together again as of tomorrow, once the tile gets here.

In the meantime, and to help me feel better about progress etc., let’s now switch to less destruction shall we?

Re: that wood box that will become shelves…this is how I see that coming together in the end….

one room challenge built in shelves christine dovey bathroom marble

Imagine what’s there now covered in the marble tiles. We’ll be using the ripped up thresholds that used to sit on the back of the tub and on the shower to make the shelves out of.

And then there’s the stuff I ordered this week.

Because Allen was in full demo mode, and because there wasn’t much for me to oversee in terms of install, I concentrated on nailing down some finishing details because let’s face it…when you have extra time on your hands and aren’t able to really do much else, some good old fashioned online shopping always manages to lift the spirits:)

So…thanks to some amazing ORC sponsors, I signed on the dotted line for…

1. A ying/yang collection of soaps from Biscuit Home Goods.

one room challenge christine dovey style bathroom makeover sponsor biscuit home rance tuberrose soap blackbird licorice soap

2.  A pair of black and white framed photographs from Minted.

one room challenge christine dovey style bathroom makeover sponsor minted black and white photographs staircase one room challenge christine dovey style bathroom makeover sponsor minted black and white photographs

3. Some Jonathan Adler canisters from one of my favourites, 219.

one room challenge bathroom makeover christine dovey style sponsor jonathan adler canisters 219

4. A bench (that I might DIY depending on what that white fabric ends up looking like) and a pink Ferm Living Basket from Wayfair.

one room challenge christine dovey style bathroom makeover sponsor wayfair upholstered bench ferm living wire basket

5. The prettiest towel rack and toilet paper holder I ever did see from the extremely fabulous, Lux Holdups.

one room challenge christine dovey style bathroom makeover sponsor lux holdups lucite towel rack lucite and chrome toilet paper holder

6. A stunning piece of custom artwork in shades of pink, grey and white from Kontal – Kontil.

one room challenge christine dovey style bathroom makeover sponsor kontal kontil painting

I also finally decided on a toilet.

Sidenote on that one…I hate toilets. I find them uniformly ugly and think most look like Daffy Duck.  I had originally hoped we could do a wall hung number but because the plumbing wall is an external one, that’s a no go.

So…after MUCH debate and MUCH research, I landed on this Duravit one piece lady, that I picked up from PMF plumbing.

She’s very budget friendly and I like that the bottom part is clean and not all full of gobbly gook…I’m hoping the less fussed shape will make for easier cleaning etc…

one room challenge toilet duravit durastyle one piece

I also don’t hate that she’s modern but still sort of round, which I’m hoping will mean some good vibes alongside the traditional vanity and more clean lined stuff that’s also going to happen in there….like our shower door …

one room challenge metal framed shower door christine dovey bathrom makeover

We’re going to be use some sort of metal off the shelf channel stuff to fit around the piece of glass we ripped out and will be re-using for the shower.

The same metal border will also be used to frame the mirror that will extend beyond the console from floor to about 1′ from the ceiling…sort of like this…

one room challenge christine dovey style bathroom makeover mirror behind vanity inspiration

And finally, to close out this week on a super positive…my Endeavour Neon ‘reverie’ sign arrived and is maybe my favourite thing ever…

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom makeover endeavour neon sign

I can’t WAIT to see it in the bathroom.

Speaking of the later and being able to hang this thing of beauty…

As I mentioned earlier, I’m REALLY hoping that by the time next Wednesday rolls around, tile will be up on the walls so that the floor tile can start to happen. Did I tell you that the later is being delivered to Lewiston, NY? Well it is…saves major on brokerage and shipping to have it shipped within the US…my good husband will be driving down to pick that goodness up when it arrives.

Anyhoo…once tile goes up I know the ensuite will look WAY less like the bathroom waste-land that it does now.

I’m also optimistic that seeing marble will make me feel better about the ginormous to-do list that still needs to be conquered…

1. Tile walls, shower and built in shelves

2. Drive to NY state to pick up floor tiles

3. Tile floors

4. Order custom piece of mirror to sit behind vanity

5. Frame vanity mirror in black metal and install

6. Frame shower class in black metal and install

7. Purchase caps and cords for pendant lights

8. Move electrical and hang pendants

9. Frame any art that needs framing

10. Hang neon sign and art

12. Clean

13. Style

Praying has commenced;)

Please join along and cross your fingers and toes that I get my shizzle together before Nov. 5th…any positive vibe love that you could send my way would beaucoup appreciated.

And while you’re at that, please also make sure that you take some time to visit all my fellow ORC’ers to see what magic they’ve been up to this past week…

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Oh and one more request…don’t forget to check in with the ORC linking party… I’ll be checking in to see the progress those 90+ dudes have been up to bright and early Thursday:)

As always, thanks for following along and being the butter and jam on my toast.


New Work, a Small Bathroom Remodel, Wallpaper and a Video

I’ve got some newbie projects starting and I’m pretty excited that quite a few of them are local ones.

In person business gives me the opportunity to really get my hands in there…touch stuff…style stuff etc.

One of my newest clients is someone I met while visiting one of my fave shops, Black Rooster Decor...we were discussing mirrors and our conversation moved to the one she had seen of mine in the Style at Home reveal of my basement.  That convo quickly moved to whether I offered design services, which led to emails, which led to me getting to work on her insanely gorgeous home.

Behold the ‘befores…

projectlores great room before shots christine dovey style

projectlores hallway before shots christine dovey style

projectlores kitchen before shots christine dovey style

And by before, I obviously mean one already very STUNNING home.

An architect and designer were brought it to bring the house to where it is now and what I’ll be doing is furniture, art, window treatments, rug and lighting selections, along with a healthy dose of styling.

Fun, fun, fun.

To get things rolling, I sent these vintage Pace blue leather dining chairs over as a rather heavenly option…

pace dining chairs christine dovey style vern and vera

Crossing fingers on that one.

Stay tuned for more on developments on this fun, which will henceforth be known as #projectbraecrest.

As for new stuff, I also spent some time this weekend doing some quick wallpaper/lighting/mirror/flooring concepts for a powder room consult…the directive I was given was bold, bold and bolder so with that in mind, I sent these 4 scenarios over…

powder bath design concepts christine dovey style

(Art from Eleanors, Lumas and Citizen Atelier, floor from The Cement Tile Shop, Wallpaper from Flat Vernacular, Mirrors from Black Rooster and lighting from a combo of 219 and BR)

I’m not sure which one selection I’m hoping for most but super excited to see some of that happen.

And speaking things I want to exist, while searching for the above situations, I found some wallpaper that I’m considering for quite a few things, not the least of which is #projectdreamhouse…Cole and Son never gets it wrong…

wallpaper options from cole and son christine dovey style

…the combo of the black wisteria top left and the modern black/white geometric top middle is making my brain hurt from the combo possibility fantasies.  Same with the black and white weird floral and that geometric.  Or the bottom row far right two…they play well in the schoolyard too.

And on the topic of playing well together, but on a totally different note, I’ll leave you with the most recent holiday music video from my 4 smallish humans.

Happy Thanksgiving Canadian friends.