Trying My Hat at Pottery Design and Blog Podium

You know when they say that blogging really opens up doors you didn’t even really know existed before? Well…that’s happened to me a few times.  Most recently, I got the chance to do something I really never thought would be in the wheelhouse as it were.  As part as an initiative for this fall’s Blog Podium, I was asked to put my big girl panties on and try my hand at pottery design of all things…me…drawing and dreaming up vases and such.

Let me explain.

This fall’s Blog Podium will be featuring a local organization called Sistering whose mandate it is to serve the marginalized, homeless and low income woman of Toronto.  “Sistering  is an organization that offers practical and emotional support to women through programs which enable them to take greater control over their lives. Guided by the principles of anti-racism and anti-oppression, Sistering works to change social conditions, which endanger women’s welfare.”  

One of Sistering’s initiatives is Inspirations Studio

inspirations studio

…an amazing place that helps  provide woman develop potting and ceramic skills…

inspriations pottery

And it was with them, that I took my first spin at designing pottery.

Let me explain.

Earlier this spring Jordana of White Cabana and I were asked to design some pottery pieces that Inspriations Studio could produce and then auction off at Blog Podium, with all proceeds going back to Sistering.  After meeting at the studio and discussing possibilities/ideas, I came up with a pottery moodboard…

inspirations studio mood board

…drew them up and fired them off to the studio…

inspiraitons studio christine dovey style

And then shortly thereafter, I got a sneak peeks of my designs…

inspriations studio christine dovey sneak peek


The finished pieces will be available for purchase tomorrow at Blog Podium and I’m soooo excited.

And speaking of BP, I’ll be there and along with seeing my creations in person for the first time, will be sitting down with my very talented friend Sarah Gunn to do a little round-table discussion

blog podium christine dovey and sarah gunn

…on the ‘Entrepreneurship of Blogging’ so if you want to know how the two of us ladies turned this blogging gig into a business, we’d love to have you at our table:)

Hope to see many of you lovelies tomorrow!!!!


Update- Project Greenbay

It’s been a little bit since I updated the goings on at #projectgreenbay so I thought I’d share some progress as it were.

Since my last post on the subject, my clients actually moved into the home and as such, we’re slowly going through and figuring out which pieces of furniture will stay and which will go…this is really phase 4 of the work we’ve done to date.  The first was paint and wallpaper, then lighting, then fabrics/drapery selection and now we’re on to the actual furnishings.  Though it might sound a little out of order, I did have design plans for each space in mind right from the start and though many have evolved as we’ve gone along, that’s just the way I like it.  Design to me is such an organic (for lack of a better term) process…you formulate ideas and plans and then revisions happen, surprise purchases are made and somehow in an almost magical ‘poof’ sort of way, it all seems to come together…that’s how it works for me anyhow.

When I really site down and think about ‘my process’ it’s very often a piece of vintage furniture or lighting that keeps me up at night searching and searching and when found, totally solidifies a plan.  Such is the case in the little girls’ room for #projectgreenbay thanks to this vintage teal velvet fabulousity…

project greenbay girls room colour board

That thing is like unicorns dancing on rainbows made of candy.

In similar fashion, this Tonic Living striped fabric solved our drapes in the powder room dilemma…

project greenbay kids powder

Now in some cases, it’s your client who might see something that changes their idea about where they want a room to go.  You may recall that originally, our plan for the family room at #projectgreenbay looked something like this…

project greenbay family room old plan 1

…dark and moody.

But then we collectively decided that we wanted the room lighter and brighter so we toyed with the idea of pink…

project greenbay family room old plan 3

…and then moved somewhere in between to a pale grey…

project greenbay family room old plan 2

But then….my client went through my portfolio and decided what she really wanted was a version of my living room in white…which led me to the idea of ripple fold sheers covering one whole wall (where’s there’s a rather awkward basement like window that does nobody any good)…and great art that I myself have been lusting over forever…and then this plan was born…

project greenbay family room new plan

So as you can see, things definitely change and move and get revised…and in the end what you hopefully end up with, is a home both your client and you adore.

And on that note…here are some shots of where some of the spaces in the dream house that is #projectgreenbay….

1. The eldest daughter’s room has just had some pretty magical drapes installed…

project greenbay daughter bedroom september 3

project greenbay daughter bedroom september 4

project greenbay daughter curtains september

2. The formal powder is coming along with mirror and sconces up and up…

project greenbay formal powder september

3. The son’s bedroom also got some drapery love with these crazy fantastica roman blinds going up…

project greenbay son bedroom september

project greenbay sons blinds september

And within a few days, drapery will be added to at least 4 other rooms, thanks to the amazing Hollie Cooper…I seriously don’t know where I’d be without this gem of a friend and business team-mate…she does the drapery for all of my clients and let me just tell you, she’s totally and completely amaze.  If you need further proof, get a load of these…

hollie cooper pillows chrisitine dovey style

I sent off a request last week for a graffiti/doodle/KW like pattern for some pillows for greenbay and for my own house and this is what got whipped up in the matter of days…DYING over them. I want them sort of everywhere. Another client of mine and I are already dreaming up ways to use those zippers on a settee or dining bench…with beaucoup doodles…sooooooo good.

Anyhoo…I guess the point of this meandering post is that design is such a process…it ebs and flows and takes a village as it were…I would be nowhere fast without my Hollie….my Super Allen…my wjb designs…my Peter the painter….my powerpoint;))))

And you know what, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Amara Blog Awards

Exciting times…I’ve been nominated for an award!!!

amara blog award bijou and boheme

And it’s a goodie…

A concept that was first envisioned in early 2013 has evolved into a reality and the first Amara Interior Blog Awards are finally here. Believing that bloggers are an integral part of the interior design community, the Amara Team have always worked incredibly close with these talented individuals and it is now time to give back to this vibrant community and award them for all of their amazing work.

We take pride in our worldwide recognition as a leading luxury retailer so we are hard at work to bring you the largest, most glamourous blog awards you’ve ever seen. With the award ceremony set to be hosted at the lavish Rosewood Hotel in London, sponsors such as Missoni Home & judges including Martin Waller of Andrew Martin, it will be an experience you will never forget.”

So yeah…I want to win this shizzle:)))

If you wouldn’t mind casting your vote for B&B, I’d be ever so grateful/happy/honoured…it would unicorns and rainbows everywhere for this cat.

Mucho love and thanks!!!


Fabric Nirvana – Heirloom and Knot

When I stumble upon greatness, I feel like it’s my duty to share it with you.

So, today let’s talk about this…

heirloom and knot banner 2

…aka a Toronto based boutique design agency that does all the things I love like curating artful spaces…mixing vintage and modern…incorporating bold design elements etc. etc.

And the cherry on this ice cream Sunday as that these people also do this…

heirloom and knot amalfi

heirloom and knot deco menagerie

Yuppers…they make insanely good fabrics that they then sell on Spoonflower so that all of us can make furniture, walls and pillows come to such beautiful life.


heirloom and knot 2

heirloom and knot 1 heirloom and knot 3 heirloom and knot 4 heirloom and knot 5 heirloom and knot 6

Can we talk specifically for a moment about the jellyfish!?!?!  If anyone out there wants me to throw a room together based on a pink and red scheme…with maybe a little faux croc in black and some gold in there for good measure, please get in touch.  Similarly, a flamingo sofa anyone? I’m SO down.

You can read more about Heirloom and Knot here and buy up this fabric heaven here.


Style at Home- My Basement Reveal

I’m so excited to share with you my latest feature in Style at Home magazine.

As many of you know, we renovated our basement last year, just in time for the birth of our little Jasper.  The space was gutted and re-built in hopes of creating: some much needed new space for a TV/family/play room; a new bedroom for our eldest daughter Natasha; a full bathroom since we don’t have a powder room on the mainfloor; a functioning laundry area; and most importantly, STORAGE.

With the help of my amazing team (wjb designs, Allen Dawson, Peter Fejzaj,) I was able to create a space that has truly transformed the functionality of our home.  And to see the whole thing featured so beautifully in Style at Home ‘s October 2014 issue…

style at home october cover

…is more than just a little icing on the cake…it’s a total unicorns are real moment for yours truly.

Here she is…

OCt 14 Dovey Basement_2

OCt 14 Dovey Basement_1

OCt 14 Dovey Basement_3

OCt 14 Dovey Basement_4

OCt 14 Dovey Basement_5

OCt 14 Dovey Basement_6

OCt 14 Dovey Basement_7

OCt 14 Dovey Basement_8

A huge thanks to the whole team at Style at Home…I always feel SO lucky to work with you all.