I Designed a Clutch with Brave Leather!!!!! Giveaway!!

You know those things that make you excited like a 5 year old on Christmas morning or a sweaty palmed teenager at her first video dance?  Well my friends, what I’m about to show you is one of those very things for this lady business.

Let’s start with the backstory….

A few months ago I was approached by Brave Leather to take part in a blogger initiative they were working on that would see me (along with two others) dream up and design a bag that they would then produce, market and sell.  Of course, I jumped like an Olympic high jumper at the opportunity because well…a little secret…I want products and stuff MORE.THAN.ANYTHING.  And if you know me at all, you know that there’s few things I love more than a good bag so….I most happily said yes and headed down to the Brave Leather headquarters and presented my ideas. After some discussion, hatching/plotting, leather looking and much skipping like a schoolgirl, my dream clutch was envisioned and the wheels set into gear to make it happen.

And then, just a short time later, right before I was headed to bed for the night, a courier knocked on my door and delivered this…

christine dovey  clutch brave leather

christine dovey leather clutch inside fabric brave leather

And I proceeded to run around my house in pure unadulterated glee.

That right there my friends is MY BAG. Yup…I designed it and the amazing people at Brave Leather made my clutch dreams come to life.

brave leather blogger ad christine dovey

To make things even better, this full grain Italian leather outer with a hand pleated cummerbund inspired front panel lined and graphic hand silk screened lining treatment, can be purchased!

I have more good news on that front in a jiffy but first, I want to show you the creations of the two other bloggers who took part in this fun.

First up, the always amazingly fabulous Gaby Burger

brave leather ad gaby burger

white cabana purse brave leather

I mean STOP. IT with this bag. In detail FYI, hers is a full grain vegetable tanned outer leather lined with the same full grain leather, the hair on front panel is Italian leather made front bovine (cow leather ) not pony as often assumed, and the chain is a solid brass detectable detail.  All of it is ridiculous in the best possible way.

Next up, the uber fashionable Gracie Carroll came up with this genius…

brave leather ad gracie carroll

gracie carroll bag brave leather

i.e….an Italian nappa soft outer leather and full lined with FULL grain natural veg.  The edges and seams are not folded but hand polished and painted for a old world quality finish detail with a decidedly modern style.  This bag = heaven in a the most delicious shade of blue I ever did see.

And now the super good news…

1. All of these bags are available for purchase and can be bought HERE

brave leather ad gaby burger gracie carroll christine dovey

2. For the next week, you have the chance to win all of them by entering GIVEAWAYS on each of our blogs!!!!!

Sooo…to win my clutch…

christine dovey clutch brave leather

christine dovey clutch brave leather

christine dovey clutch brave leather

christine dovey clutch brave leather

christine dovey clutch brave leather

…follow the instructions below to enter up to 5 times…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway will run for one week, and a winner will be drawn on Monday March 2nd.

Good luck and a huge, huge thanks again to Brave Leather for making this girl’s product dreams come to life!


A Party, A Hand, A Castle and A Magazine

Hi friends.

I’ve had a rather eventful few days so I though I’d give you the short version of highs and lows.

Thursday- My red-head organized a birthday party of her fish Twinkle…

fish party christine dovey

…and I couldn’t resist going slightly to town with the whole fish theme business…never mind the fact that my kid was researching cake designs online and planning snacks that went with the whole fish thing etc.  Ridiculously cute.

So…I had some fishy inspired balloons and a pretty adorable little cup-cake cake….

fish party cake and craft christine dovey

fish party christine dovey

I also decided early on to bring in the big guns re: activities.  I  had my amazing friend Darcy from the most fabulous little shop in my town called Tea With Gladys, come and do some crafting with the kidlets and it was the bestest…

fish party darcy allen crafting christine dovey

I mean they made freaking fishy pencil cases…so adorbs…

fish party pencil cases christine dovey

And after the cake, little Twinkly was un-expectedly showered with the most thoughtful/perfect gifts from Scarlett’s friends…


The whole thing did my heart good.

And then later that night, a little interview I did for Erika Brechtel (who in case you don’t know this, is the genius behind my website and branding) went live, and that was pretty happy like…

brand styled christine dovey ericka brechtel

So that was a beuno day.  And then Friday happened.

Friday- Well to start, it was Friday the 13th so I should have known.  Turns out Feb. 13th is also my husband’s birthday so I spent the afternoon flying around town with the kids picking up last minute party supplies and prezzies…and cooking.

A little backstory…the Mr and I have a pretty well-oiled machine when it comes to domesticity and division of duties etc.  He has jobs he likes and I have ones I like…on his list is dinner. I do actually love cooking but not all the time. I’m sort of one of those people who likes to go all out or not at all so the daily drudge of it just doesn’t appeal to me. Anyhoo…I always like to go all out on special occasions and do a coursed super yummy/fancy pants restaurant like meal.  And this b-day was no different.

So…I found my menu and bought all the stuff and spent the next part of 3 hours cooking appetizers, mains, courses etc.


All was going perfectly well until I went to drain the potatoes for the main course. I really can’t remember what I happened because I think I’ve blocked a bit of the trauma out but basically, I poured an entire pot of boiling water on my right hand, down my leg and onto my foot. I knew right away that the burn was bad and not like one I’ve ever had before but I guess I didn’t really totally grasp the grossness of it at the time because I got an ice pack on it, finished plating the food and sat down for our little meal.  As the time went on I guess I started to panic a bit as the pain got worse and worse.  So…being super duper not smart, I swallowed a glass of wine and tried to go to bed. By about 1am I was crying in pain…like in a slightly ‘hysterical ugly cry/ I have to call my mom’ so that’s when we decided a visit to the emergency room was in order.  Because it was the middle of the night and the hubs had to stay back with the kids, I had to drive myself there with my left hand…in a blizzard.

And 7 hours later….the basic takeaway was that I had burnt my hand bandly…


…like skin-graph/plastic surgery kind of bad. It’s going to be bandaged for at least a month so yeah…a total pain in the ass. It hurt’s like a mo fo and work is hard because I can only type with one hand etc. I can’t get the fudger wet so well, bathing isn’t the easiest…getting dressed isn’t the easiest…nothing is the easiest. I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself over the whole thing really but all I can keep thinking over and over again is how fucking grateful/happy/thankful to whatever gods there are that for the first time in recorded history, my little bean Jasper wasn’t standing at my side while I cooked.  It’s honestly like a ticker-tape running over and over again in my brain.  If you’re a mom, you know what I mean…just can’t get the horrific scenario out of my head.

Anyhoo…onwards and upwards as they say.

Saturday- Valentine’s Day…after my all-nighter in the hospital, nothing much happened on Saturday. I stayed in bed all day…

christine dovey instagram

…and because he’s pretty great, hubs spoiled me with care, flowers and a pretty little ensemble that I’ll get to wear once I want to get prettied up again;)

flowers valentines day christine dovey

Sunday- Malcolm had a photo shoot downtown so I wrestled myself together and headed out with the rest of the fam-jam for that…afterwards, I had a client meeting which turned into an impromptu playdate for the kids while the grown-ups talked furniture and the like.

Monday- Family Day holiday here in Ontario so though I reallllllllly wanted to not do a damn thing re: hand that is forming new blisters and a pretty rapid rate and turning black from deadness (insert wow is me fact,) we all piled in the car and headed into the city. The big kid is home for reading week so the 6 of us did the restaurant thing first…and PS, that business always cheers me up…I freaking love eating out.  We had a great lunch at Terroni, which is as pretty as it is yummy…



And then spent the rest of the afternoon at Casa Loma

casa loma

They put on this Pan-Am games thing for the day so the kids got to try out boxing, watch gymnastics demos, do wheel-chair basketball etc.  There were also crafts and games.

My favourite part besides watching them be all excited like, was soaking up the amazing beauty of the place…turns out castles are chalk-full of design inpso…

casa loma christine dovey chandelier


casa loma christine dovey floors


casa loma christine dovey

casa loma


And that was pretty much that.

As of yesterday, I’m trying my best to be back at work. I actually got tons of client stuff done yesterday and have begun meeting prospective interns in person so I’m really hoping, things like this blog start to happen at a better pace.

To end on a super high note, I ran into an old friend in the grocery store last week who told me she spotted my laundry room in the pages of one of my all time most FAVOURITE international magazines and sure enough…the space that Ashely Capp originally photographed for two of my other most favourites, Style Me Pretty Living and Style at Home Magazine…

christine dovey style at home basement 3

…is now up in the pages UK’s Living Etc

christine dovey living etc

And I couldn’t be more thrilled.

All and all, it’s been a week of highs and lows to be sure but that’s life of course and with the bad comes soooooooo much good.

I’m a lucky girl, charred hand and all;)


New Work – Project Kenfield

I’m so excited to introduce you a brand spanking new project!!!

Some of you might remember this beverly hills dining room I did a few years back…

project kenfield Christine-Dovey-La-Peer-dining-room-1-vintage-gold-bamboo-chairs-velvet-curtain-panels-white-walls-beams-whitewashed-table-bernhardt-sideboard-tassel-lamp-murano-chandelier1

Well…my fabulous clients moved into a brand spanking new amazingly fabulous LA home and are wanting my help to transform it a bit.

The house is stunning as it stands but definitely has a mid-century bent and well, as you can tell from the dining room, my client’s lean a lot more regency/more is more etc.

So…with this as our starting point…

kenfield living room

project kenfield back yard

project kenfield dining area

project kenfield kitchen breakfast nook

project kenfield kitchen

..we’re hopefully going to make some edgy glamour come to life, beginning with the family room.

Here’s where we’re starting on that front…

project kenfield family room 1

project kenfield family room two

The plan is to wallpaper the crap out of the room, paint all the trim and doors black and add in some pretty fantastic furniture.

Here is the first concept I came up with…

christine dovey style projet kenfield family concept one

…which basically came together by way of that incredible Lindsay Cowles wallpaper…

lindsay cowles midnight wallpaper

…my new favourite item at Black Rooster

black rooster decor black leather chair

…sublime artwork from These Fine Walls and Chad Wys


chad wys project kenfield

…and perhaps the best sofa ever to get made…

abc pink sofa

Thankfully, my clients love the vibe and general direction so we’re happy days there.

For concept two, I was asked to switch out the sofa (cue designer tears) for a blue one and get the pink in some other way.

So here’s how I maneuvered that business..

casondra concept four b family room

I’m shocked to admit that though the sex in sofa form pink goddess has been nixed in concept two, I might actually prefer it.  The pink curtains just get me.

So we’ll see.

I’ll definitely be keeping you posted on all things #projectkenfield so stay tuned. And make sure you follow along via Instagram because I’m a zillion times better at updating work/life situations over there.


Update- Happenings at Project Greenbay

It’s been a while since I updated you as to the things happening at #projectgreenbay so here it goes.

1. The playroom has been re-invented as a media room. My clients decided that they wanted toys in the newly finished basement so this room is now a TV watching/loungy dark on dark oasis.  We’ve painted all walls/built ins in BM Dark Harbor and the curtains are being done in one of my all time favourites, Flying Ducks by Mulberry…

mulberry flying ducks

A new sectional has been purchased and is being uph0lstered in a dark teal velvet…

christine dovey project greenbay teal velvet

…a vintage burl coffee table will go in front of said sectional…

christine dovey project greenbay burl table

…and on the other side of the room will sit a Saarninen marble table with 4 lucite chairs upholstered in a classic, La Fiorentina.

christine dovey project greenbay la fiorentina

…or we might just keep them as is because well, they’re pretty awesome to begin with…

project greenbay media room christine dovey style

Oh and one last thing…the vintage sideboard we purchased from 219 has also had its makeover.


regency sideboard shop 219

And after…

sideboard 219 christine dovey style project greenbay

2. The living room is coming together with the arrival and re-upholstery of our vintage sofa from 219.  You might remember that this beautiful piece started off like this…

219 vintage sofa

…and with some magic in the form of Maraham velvet, she know looks like this…

christine dovey style projectgreenbay sofa

So so happy!

We’ve been playing around with some fabric options for the rest of the room and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our Lawson Fenning brass and pink silk wool chairs…

lawson fenning chairs in schumacher prestwick satin wool christine dovey style

Though not officially purchased, this is the coffee table we’re leaning towards to sit in front…

christine dovey project greenbay living room table

As for the floor, the search for a rug has not been an easy one.

Thankfully, I think I’ve finally come up with the one I’d LOVE to see in there, thanks to this amazing inspiration room front Sally Wheat

sally wheat bedroom

I’ll be a happy, happy designer if this Stark Bargello comes to be.

3. Family room…our Dwell Chester sofa in black leather has arrived, along with some pretty great Kelly Wearstler pillows…

christine dovey style project greenbay dwell chester sofa

And after seeing this photo by the amazing Bailey McCarthy

bailey quin benches

…my client and I have decided to move forward on bringing in one of her most favourite fabrics, that gorgeous black, white and blue silk…

christine dovey project greenbay family room fabrics

I can’t wait to see that business come together.

4. Bedrooms…one of the daughter’s rooms is going to get a super pretty new addition with the arrival of this vintage rug…

christine dovey antique rug project greenbay

christine dovey project greenbay rug

…that will get mixed with all of this goodness..

christine dovey project greenbay fabrics girl's room

christine dovey project greenbay fabrics designers guild osborne and little

christine dovey project greenbay schumacher lace

christine dovey project greenbay cb2 sofa

christine dovey project greenbay fauz fur blanket

…to make one young ladie’s bedroom awfully sweet.

5. And last but not least for today, our Carrocel custom canopy chairs are in place in the kitchen/bar area…

christine dovey style project greenbay canopy chairs

…and I’m pretty damn excited about that situation:)

I promise more updates to come very soonly.


There’s Quite a Few Reasons Why I’ve Been a Shit Blogger the Past Few Weeks – A Secret Shoot, IDS Toronto, Canadian Tire and Steven and Chris

The past few weeks have been biz-to-the-izzy.

For one, I’ve been working a lot on some new local projects, which involve tons of shopping/meeting etc…there’s also been a pretty exciting top secret shoot.

Also, I’ve been lucky enough to attend some fabulous preview events.

For example, I spent one morning last week previewing Canadian Tire’s new goodies for spring…

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

canadian tire preview

So many good things. My kids need those doodle bikes and play structure…hubs needs one of the schmance BBQ’s…I wouldn’t mind some of the tent with real bed business..and the pretty outdoor equipments/lawnmowers/hoses might make doing all that stuff also more of a possibility around here;)

And speaking of good stuff…I reconnected with some of my favourite design/blogging friends at the gala for the Interior Design Show here in Toronto. I was admittedly pretty focussed on catching up with everyone…




…so didn’t see as much of the show as I would have liked but I did get a chance to pant over some pretty incredible IKEA kitchens…more on those in separate posts.

As for work itself, I’ve been sourcing my brains out lately…Elte and I have become very, very good friends…I think I’ve been there 6 times in the past two weeks alone…








The trips are always worth it of course…if you follow on Instagram, you’ve seen that all this sourcing is making these sorts of things happen at #projectgreenbay and #projectbraecrest…

project braecrest living room christine dovey style

project braecrest mirror christine dovey style

project braecrest pillows christine dovey style

project greenbay foyer chandelier christine dovey style

Ps…the incredible mirror and blue velvet chair are from one of my new favourite shops…Love The Design – so good.

As for secret shoot…well it’s a secret so sorry about not being able to give you much on that front…here’s a few wee peeks…

citizen atelier ashley woodson bailey art christine dovey style

flowers fiori oakville christine dovey style

mokuba light christine dovey style

sketch 42 photographs made into wrapping paper

these fine walls paper hat wall and deco wallpaper christine dovey style

wrapping christine dovey style mokuba ribbon sketch 42 paper

(Flowers- Fiori Oakville; photographs that I turned into wrapping paper- Nicole Cohen; Ribbon- Mokuba; Lamp- Morba; ‘Paper Hat’ photograph- These Fine Walls; Floral Artwork- Citizen Atelier)

Jasper joined in on this fun too…


jasper photo shoot christine dovey

And speaking of kids…in between of all of this work fun, I had ‘littles’ stuff of course too…Scarlett did some modelling business, including a fashion show on Canada AM

scarlett modelling canada am

scarlett modelling

…and I spent a day with Malcolm in his classroom doing science stuff..




…while this one of course…


christine dovey



…required some pretty constant attention as well:)))

What else…oh yes…I’ve been working on a little kitchen re-fresh at my parent’s house…we travelled to London (Ontario that is:) last weekend and installed the custom drapery made by Hollie Cooper…

christine dovey hollyhock drapery


We painted the walls Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter and had subway tile added as a backsplash…

christine dovey subway tile

…a few small changes made a huge difference so pleased as punch there.

And finally, though I taped this before Christmas, my latest episode of Steven and Chris aired this past Monday…

christine dovey steven and chris

…you can watch that HERE.

So yup…it’s been a whirlwind few weeks…thankfully, my little dude is starting 1/2 day school on Monday and I’m working my way through some pretty amazing resumes re: the assistant position I’m hoping to hire for.  Those two things in combo are hopefully going to mean way more time to blog etc.

Crossing fingers.

As always, thanks for checking in and sticking by this feed, even when I don’t post nearly as much as I should.