My New Deck is Decked with Goodies from Canadian Tire

Since moving in our new house, there’s been one giant thing I’ve missing…being able to sit outside. Our front porch is a year out from completion, by the time we go for permit etc. and in the back, our patio doors were boarded up and sat waiting for a proper deck to take shape.

About a week ago, my builders set forth to get the outside enjoyment ball rolling by putting together the first phase of our long range deck goals…a simple landing like pad directly outside the great room/dining. In terms of design, I wanted something modern where I could create a really intimate little seating area and then load it up with plants and natural goodness. This part of the deck was designed at only 12’x11′ so not huge, but I definitely wanted it to be pretty. My plan started with a wall to give us some privacy…our neighbour to the west is very close to us thanks to our 100 year old house being set almost diagonally on the lot…part of the reason we could only go out 12′ in this section. I also wanted to keep things really simple by avoiding any kind of railing so in front of the doors, we did a built in planter, that extended down the full width stairs. Eventually, we’ll add a platform deck at the bottom of this one and then a pea gravel eating area past that. For now though, this phase one deck was dreamt up and put in motion to give us access to our backyard and somewhere to enjoy outside this summer.

Fast forward to today and my phase one deck is now in place. We stained the wall and planter black and will eventually do the boards in a pale grey…for now, they’re the brown pressure treated and to be honest, I don’t actually hate them.

In terms of what is actually on this little deck of ours, I decided from start that I wanted a big sofa…we’ve never had outdoor loungy stuff so I was super excited about this whole idea. After that, it was all about tons of plants, a rug to anchor the space, lots of pillows and layers of outdoor loveliness.

Thanks to Canadian Tire’s new WOW Guide, I was able to find and create exactly what I was after. To start, I ordered up the Canadian Tire Spartina Outdoor Ruga bunch of Obsidian toss cushions, a pair of Biltmore lanterns and a couple of the Cement Candle Holders.  I was so impressed with how easy it was to purchase all of these beautiful pieces through the WOW Guide app, and loved that I could pick up product directly at my local Canadian Tire store.  

After the decor pieces, it was really all about filling up the space with plently of plants…and then voila, our little deck was made.

Here she is…
























So excited to enjoy my new space with family and friends!

Because I want all of you to enjoy some outdoor goodness too, I’m super excited to be able to offer up a $200 Canadian Tire gift card to enjoy! To enter, simply leave a comment and I’ll draw for a winner next Friday June 3rd, 2016. And while we wait for the big draw, make sure you check out the WOW Guide here and pick out all the beautiful home and garden things you’ll be able to purchase if you win!

Good luck!!!


  1. Natasha

    I totally love / want the rug

  2. Caitlin

    The WOW guide is awesome place for inspiration, and Canadian Tire decor has been stepped up!

  3. sharon de fleuriot de la colinière

    Wow, love your styling and the high end look, that was achieved with Canadian Tire’s great new outdoor furniture. Their buyers have really hit the sweet spot. Love everything, especially the sophisticated black and white theme.

  4. Your space looks amazing! I’m always surprised with what you can find at Canadian Tire.

  5. Amy

    Love the new deck! And can we just pause for a moment for that marble table!!!

  6. Sarah Gunn

    You deck looks amazing. I can’t wait to come over and see it in person.

  7. Sharalee

    Looks fantastic – what a lovely outdoor sanctuary! All you need is a bit of wine and you’re all set for the summer 🙂

  8. Steph Reed

    I am heading to the Wow Guide right now…this has inspired me that there is still some hope for our small and barren yard this summer, thanks. Yours looks great! Enjoy.

  9. Amanda Jazic


  10. Felicia

    Modern furniture from Canadian Tire! There’s hope yet for us regular folks 😉

  11. Kryst

    Love the black & white items you chose.

  12. Katherine L

    I love how the outside is an extension of the inside! Gorgeous!

  13. Glenna

    I love that rug!!! Have to check out the Wow guide.

  14. I have just bought a house in Burlington and wondering what I can do with the 2 patios. I will take a look at the catalogue .I love what you have done. Very nice.

  15. Lynn Juhl

    Simply WOW!

  16. Karla

    On point as usual! Was v impressed with the wow guide, way to step it up CT!

  17. Dale Seymour

    That marble table is amazing! Agree that Canadian Tire has stepped up their game in the past few years when it comes to their outdoor line – love those lanterns.

  18. Carrie

    Tres chic, Christine! What a lovely spot you’ve created to while away the hours in the great outdoors. All that’s left is to christen it with a bottle of bubbly!

  19. Maggie Fay

    Love how crisp the white cushions look as well as the table.

  20. Elaine Dilay

    So nice!!! Totally into black & white right now!

  21. Sadaf Durrani

    Gorgeous…..but I don’t expect any less from you… inspire every time… the marble table!!!!!

  22. Andrea

    I can’t believe this is from Can tire! It looks amazing. My deck could certainly use a little sprucing up 😉

  23. Laura

    Looks great! I have the same black planters!

  24. Carole Bouzide

    Your beautiful style and the lovely Canadian Tire products are a match made in heaven!

  25. Camille G.

    Love your deck – especially the rug. I would love to get one for my deck!

  26. Trish

    Lovely outdoor space — love the couch and rug!
    Where is the marble-topped table from?

  27. Deema

    You make your outdoor space look as chic and lovely as your indoor space! Love the black and white with the greenery….fabulous!!!!

  28. Hira

    I love the simple, black and white palette. Allows the beauty of the plants and nature to truly be the star of your deck! 🙂

  29. Love it all, especially the rug and coffee table. Classic and comfy!

  30. Looks very elegant, as usual, good job 😉

  31. Lesley

    This is fantastic! Love it. Sprucing up our deck is my number one goal when we get home in late June. Love the sofa (is it also cdn tire?!?) and the rug, and black privacy screen, looks fantastic!!

  32. Cathy

    I am all about black and white in my backyard and on my front porch. Can’t wait to have a look at the WOW guide. Might even have to stop at Canadian Tire on my way home.

  33. Abby Durand

    Love this space! And I think I might need to buy the same rug as well! Awesome work as always Christine!!

  34. Antoinette

    Love every little detail, so stylish. I love your creative talent.

  35. Alena

    Love it all!

  36. Anna

    Beautiful styling job!

  37. simply gorgeous. love black and white with all the lovely greenery. Nice touch staining the wall dark.
    very elegant but inviting too!

  38. Sharon Daniel

    That look amaze-balls. Please put up a wide angle shot so we can absorb the whole goodness in our gulp! Canadian Tire has really upped their game…good on them!

  39. Nicole

    I love this space! I need that rug as it will go perfectly with my Acapolco chairs in my backyard.
    Thanks for the inspo!

  40. Love the rug and sectional. Heck, I love the whole space. I want it!!

  41. Larissa Galloway

    Love this space and all your Canadian Tire goodness!

  42. Danica

    Love it all! I’m totally inspired.

  43. Eva

    Love! The table is magic…

  44. Marina

    Simply lovely! Love every little bit. Your work is amazing.

  45. Your outdoor space is just as chic as your indoor rooms! WOW is right! Nice execution once again, Christine!

  46. Aria

    Great photos! Love this design! Thank you for offer.

  47. Ann Vanwart

    Love the simplicity of black & white.

  48. Bobbi

    I love the timelessness of black & white! This looks so good.

    • lisa & rob leuschner

      love the black and white contrast……also the painted black horizontal wall is perfect. love it.

  49. Ana Vivas

    Your work is amazing!!! Love everything you do

  50. Ana Vivas

    I am remodeling a small house I just bought in Miami, Florida. It was built in 1934 and all your posts are inspiring and beautiful. Thank you for sharing this process with us

  51. Laura

    Love this space, especially the rug and sectional!! I need to work on my outdoor space!

  52. Ronda

    You hit it outta the park! I love that rug.

  53. P. McLean

    The Wow guide has some beautiful items. THe items on your new deck look lovely 🙂

  54. Holly

    Looks wonderful! I only opened the Wow guide after you suggested it, great collection.

  55. Wendy

    Looks great, we just bought a huge sectional and redoing our deck so you’ve given me inspiration ! I had already bought some black/white pillows but those ones from good old Canadian Tire are fab.

  56. Kate Allison

    My mom hooked me on your blog… I love the artists profiles you do. I am a 23 year old homeowner and I find your blog so inspiring. I am having my house waterproofed this year…so expensive so I would love to win a gift card as my decor budget is nonexistent. lol. Tx Kate

  57. May Macdougall

    So chic! Christine, your home is just as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. Then again, how could we possibly expect anything less?

    • May Macdougall

      Just had a look at the Wow Guide-I can totally see myself enjoying a cocktail in the Satori Lounger!

  58. misty vachon

    I need to pick up a pair of those candle holders!

  59. Anna

    Looks amazing very inspiring.

  60. Erin

    The styling looks great and very cosy indeed but as far as the layout next time can you please include far far less close ups of cushions etc and more of the actual space? The photos you have selected provide very little indication of that. It would be lovely to see all the hard work you put into styling it in context.

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