One Room Challenge – Version 2.0…Week Three

Well hello and welcome back to my second go at finishing off a master bedroom as part of the…

one room challenge christine dovey

If you’re new here and feel like catching up on this room’s ORC history, you can catch up on weeks one and two, and/or my failed attempt at the last 6 week round.

For today, I’ve got some debate updates on some selections to discuss, since not much has changed with the room itself.

Last week I talked about how I wanted to switch up the original design plan a bit to incorporate a little more black and perhaps some burgundy goodness.

Like if these two rooms…

one room challenge christine dovey colour palate

chrisitine dovey one room challenge colour palate


…got together and had a traditional/modern love child.

I spent this week trying to nail down my fabrics to make it all happen.

On the burgundy front, I’ve wanted to use Gretchen Belliger’s velvet foreves…

gretchen bellinger raise the curtain velvet christine dovey one room challenge

…so that’s happening on my Stellar Works chairs…

christine dovey master bedoom one room challenge stellar works chairs

For the settee, I’ve been pouring through black vinyl options. Originally, I wanted to channel the leather but I completely forgot that there’s a loose seat cushion so that just won’t work. So…cool vinyls for the win. At the beginning of the week, I convinced myself that I could finally take the plunge on my favourite animal printed fabric lovlieness of all time…Dedar Croco…

dedar croco christine dovey one room challenge

Unfortunately, the monies on this bad girls are just too high so I’ve been looking around for some alternatives. These dudes are all in the running…

chrisitne dovey one room challenge vinyl designer fabrics

chrisitne dovey one room challenge vinyl designer fabrics

chrisitne dovey one room challenge vinyl designer fabrics

chrisitne dovey one room challenge vinyl designer fabrics

Option 1 or 2 are probably my favourites. We shall see.

On the fabric front, I just got a sneak peek at my hand painted Hollie Cooper curtain magic and it’s well…


MAGIC! So excited to see this turned into drapes!

What else!?!? Oh yes…I had a bit of a set-back on the sconce front. Originally, I sourced these Lambert et Fils beauties…

lamert et fils cliff sconce christine dovey one room challenge

…but it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to get them in time. Normally I’d choose what I really wanted over the pressure of a reveal but I’ll be damned if I’m not going to make this 6 week deadline again so the search continues.

I got pretty excited when I found these amazing things from Worksted…

worksted wall light christine dovey one room challenge

…and thought my perseverance had paid off, but alas, same problemo with production times…there’s just no way I’d get them in 3 weeks.  My search is actually doubly limited…both because of time, but also because I’m looking for plug ins.

If the darn lack of electrical box think wasn’t an issue, I’d bag these Kelly Wearstler nirvanas up and call it a day…

kelly wearstler forma sconce

But alas it is.

So to sum the lighting situation up, I’m sort of back to square one and looking at more off the shelf options. The knock-off Mouille is always a possibility but I’ve used those quite a bit and really want something a bit different. Any suggestions at this point would be very welcome:)

And with that last little assistance request, I’ll call this week a day.

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  1. I have a sad lighting story, too!!! Mine isn’t lead-time… I just should have jumped on a vintage piece and didn’t. ARGH! Have you ever checked the Restoration Hardware Modern line? Somehow the Charlton Sconce seems like something you might like (look at me pretending to know you!) I just think he has handsome lines and, if scale was right, could be worth a look… CB2 sometimes has fun things too… I’ll be watching to see what you end up with! Good Luck! – Stephanie

  2. Jana Bek

    Love the addition of burgundy & those curtains are amazing, you and Hollie are a dream team!

  3. Mary Poppins

    Check out the West elm + Rejuvenation Cylinder Sconce – Adjustable, back up option is the Mid-Century Sconce in black and the Pelle Sconce. All plug-in.

    Big props for going balls to the wall on your designs and being fearless with your choices.

  4. Tricia Baker

    An electrician could easily turn the hardwired sconces into plugins… or if you know somebody handy they could do it!

  5. J Moore

    Just came to say the same thing as above 🙂 Grab the Wearstler fixtures and have them wired to plug in. It’s cheap and simple! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  6. Alicia

    I am so excited to see the final reveal.. I’ve been wanting to use Burgundy (with blush) in a room forever so this makes me very happy! I know this sounds a bit cray but Urban Outfitters has two nice plug in sconces I stumbled upon recently, the Ditte Sconce (white) and the Iris Dome (black). Can’t be mad at those prices either. = )

  7. How about you just abandon one of those Stellar Works chairs and ship it south to Oklahoma as is asap? An accent chair is the last major piece on my to buy list and I’m thinking the blush-ish chair against my blush-ish walls is the perfect solution to my light vs dark for the chair dilemma. I’m also dying over those Ditte Scones from UO now. Seriously. They might be ordered for our bedroom tomorrow. So Adler-esque on a non-Adler budget.

  8. Christine…this ORC will be the death of us yet….all these deadlines and decisions are killing me:)

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