One Room Challenge – Week 6

And just like that, it’s week 6 of the stressful/exciting/invigorating game we all know as…

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Note that my title says week 6…not reveal…

If you’ve been following my play during this round and through weeks one, two, threefour and five you know that I’ve been tackling a room in a house renovation my family is completing.  And as you arrive today, I have to very sadly formally admit defeat and throw up a bit of a white towel. Finishing this one by today, was just not in the cards my friends and as positive and silvery liney as I try to be about the whole thing, it still feels like failure is getting me a bit in the downy dumps truth be told.

And as I type this post, what’s getting me even more blech like, is that I really don’t have a whole heck of a lot to show you because we’re still waiting for the damn roof membrane to go up and until that happens, the room is pretty much at a total standstill.  It’s honestly so incredibly frustrating. It’s been raining off and on around here so the roofer’s schedule keeps getting pushed but honestly, it just seems way to hard to nail down a timeframe. And when you’re working on a deadline such as this one, the frustration caused by this sort of thing is just amplified a hundred fold.

So, I wait…and continue to try to see the big picture and remember that doing this whole house correctly and in the right order is more important than a blog reveal.  And…while doing that/trying to stay positive /in the right head space, I play around with my collection of pretty stuff that will one day go in this room and take photos of it all to show you just because.  So for today, here’s that…a random little collage of snaps that will hopefully remind you (and me truth be told) of my space…and what is coming…not today…but a little down the line…

chrisitne dovey one room challenge kaylay rocca photography

chrisitne dovey one room challenge bassett mirror company mirror minted artwork

chrisitne dovey one room challenge tonic living curtains

chrisitne dovey one room challenge park blvd pillow

chrisitne dovey one room challenge maude arsenault photography

chrisitne dovey one room challenge decoratorsbest pillows

chrisitne dovey one room challenge karastan carpet

FullSizeRender (21)


chrisitne dovey one room challenge park blvd pillow

christine dovey one room challenge bassett mirror minted artwork

chrisitne dovey one room challenge tonic living curtains

chrisitne dovey one room challenge karastan carpet drop it mod blanket park blvd pillows

one room challenge trumeau stones fireplace

chrisitne dovey one room challenge park blvd pillow west elm pillows

chrisitne dovey one room challenge minted artwork

one room challenge drop it modern blanket

one room challenge christine dovey bellacor lamp

christine dovey kayla rocca photography one room challenge

Notes on this business:

1. The photos of me at the house are by the incredible Kayla Rocca…I’ll be doing an entire feature of her next Tuesday so stay tuned for that.

2. I exchanged my West Elm bedding for the light grey and also picked up one of their pink/lilac silk pillows…the colour is a perfect compliment to my Tonic Living drapes, which…

3. I hung up…yup…I couldn’t wait to see them up so I hung those pink linen lovelies in my living room and I’m obsessed with them.

4. My Karastan carpet arrived this week. Truth be told, it arrived directly from Karastan weeks ago but I took it to my friends at Alexanian to have bound and they did a fabulous job. It’s now happily residing in my master bedroom…so soft and cosy underfoot and of course, I lurv the spots.

5. There are still a few things to be decided for the actual design of the room. For one, I’m debating on adding some sort of settee to the end of the bed…I really want the room centred on the fireplace so I’ve been hunting.  Next, the bedside table decision has been made and I’m going for some version of the Lawson ones I showed last week…they’re hopefully under construction as we speak.  And finally, my drapes…I’m hoping to use a rounded rod and might even double it up with a little something, something…I’ll save that for next week’s post just in case you know…the room still looks the same (insert some sort of fire/devil face emoji here lol).

And with that, I’ll sign off this week and tell you to sign off from here and go as fast as you can to these wonderful places…

One Room Challenge Fall 2015 Participants

…to see what you’ve actually been waiting for…REVEALS!!! I for one, can’t wait to soak up all their magical makeover goodness.

As always, a HUGE thank you to Linda for putting this all together. It really is such an amazing ride and even though this one has definitely put a few years on me lol, it’s one I feel very lucky to have been a part of.


  1. All good things are worth waiting for! Such exciting sneak peeks.

  2. Don’t beat yourself up too bad, this is real life after all! I am sure the reveal will be just as great whenever it is ready!

  3. Christine it’s going to be so amazing when it’s all done!! I love that this is a real life post because things don’t always go according to a timeline! Especially when you’re starting from scratch! Can’t wait for the big reveal when it’s all done!

  4. Joy

    I have you bookmarked! I will be following along as your design becomes reality. Love the fabrics and textures – no doubt the room will be stunning! Good Luck!

  5. Hollie

    Please don’t be too hard on yourself – this is happening in real time. Now we all have more time to follow along on seeing this soon to be incredible space unfold & come to life! Hollie xo

  6. Hey….we aren’t curing cancer here so no worries:) When it is finished you will be glad for your patience because these things take time you know? I saw all of that pink/blush gorgeousness at WE….all of your selections are stunning so like I said before it will be worth waiting for:)
    xoxo Sherry

  7. I love that this is real life and great things are worth waiting for. It will be stunning and we will all be around to see it when is finished. I would hang those gorgeous pale pink drapes, too. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog today. xoxo

  8. Megan

    So far I love your pictures. So dramatic!

  9. It will be just fine. Ditto to what Sherry said. Can’t wait to see all of this together!

  10. Oh my dear, it was always going to be a massive undertaking and you started FAR FAR behind everyone else so please don’t stress. Great rooms take time – lots of time – and you have created such a stunning curation of objects that I have absolutely no doubt it will be worth the wait. xx

  11. I love Sherry’s comment! She pretty much summed it up! No need to worry.
    Love your detail shots. They are wonderful. So glad to read that you will be highlighting the photographer. Will be back….

  12. Don’t get down!! It will be amazing, stunning and well worth the wait. And you better believe we will all be here, when it’s complete!!

  13. While you truly would have been defying the laws of design gravity to get this room completed in 6 weeks, I’ll still be watching with bated breath to see it completed. You, my friend, are a superstar. Deadlines be damned. Your reveal will now get to stand alone, so perhaps there’s a little silver lining to be had after all. We’ll all be with you to the end! xx

  14. Love what Sherry said too! Love everything that you have chosen and cannot wait to see this when done. Your entire house, in fact, is going to be off the charts! Hope you are feeling better. It’s all good! Onwards and upwards!! xo

  15. Yes, don’t stress. Love everything you do and it will be amazing.

  16. I can tell this is going to be my favorite even if I have to wait for it. So many favorite textiles and the best leopard carpet.

  17. All that blush has my heart going pitter patter. I can’t wait to see it all come together. It’s going to be amazing. Forget the six weeks…we’ll all be chomping at the bit to see this final reveal!

  18. Those drapes and that rug are top notch!!! ? I’m still right here rooting for you, Christine, following your progress until it’s complete. ?

  19. Anneke

    I can tell that it IS going to be beautiful, and sometimes those things take a little bit more time. Don’t beat yourself up. I know how hard it is when you’re waiting on things you have no control over to make the next move. It will all work out! xoxo

  20. Something as fabulous as this will be and starting from scratch understandably takes longer than a short 6 weeks. So excited to see it come to life. Also, love the black and white photographs of you!!


    I know the room will be GREAT once it is completed. I cannot wait to see the finish product.

  22. McKenna

    Oh, Christine, we have all been there! But the pieces you do have (and it’s a LOT) look absolutely amazing! One thing you can’t rush and that’s the weather. OK, and roofers. But give us a big ol’ beautiful post when it’s ready!! And hang in there. You know it is going to be well worth the wait.

  23. Sarah

    Oh Christine, I love everything you’ve picked out and know this will be one beautiful master bedroom retreat! I feel your frustration and sorry to hear the rain delayed the roof to this soon to be AMAZING room! Keep on inspiring me and doing what you do so well, DESIGN! XOXO, Sarah

  24. Your art looks stunning, love everything you selected. And these b&w photos of you are gorge! Hang in there! Can’t wait to see the final room complete 🙂

  25. Life happens! And what I’m seeing is pretty amazing… we’ll all be here when the room is officially done, don’t you worry!

  26. Kathy Witzel

    Just look at all the love here!! We all support you!! Mother Nature had her way!! From the pictures you’ve posted Your room is going to be worth waiting for!! This is going to be one beautiful room!

  27. Mindi

    I am loving the photos of you, they are beautiful! I still can’t wait to see this room done, whenever that is it will be amazing. I love that you hung your curtains in the living room!

  28. Your room is going to be SO amazing, and I look forward to seeing the progress unfold in due time. I love everything you’ve selected for the room so far. Drooling! 🙂

  29. I’m so sorry you’re having such a frustrating time with this room – most of my most stressed out moments in life revolve around home renovations gone wrong so I feel for you. Your plans for the room are just amazing and I can’t wait to see it once it’s done – I’m 100% sure the wait will be worth it! Hang in there!

  30. I love all the peeks you showed us!!! I know this will be so fabulous and can’t wait till final reveal!! It will be a showstopper as usual! xx

  31. sharalee

    Don’t worry at all! Some times things are just meant to be – and I have a feeling it will be even better for having to wait just that little bit more 😉 Kick back, have a glass of wine and give yourself a break – it’s going to be just beautiful!

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