One Room Challenge – Week Five

Welcome to week 5 of my…

banner chrisitine dovey one room challenge art maude arsenault

…which will henceforth be known as the week where I admit defeat and have to very begrudgingly tell you all that my master bedroom in not going to be done by the deadline.


If you’ve been following my challenge along during weeks one, two, three and four you know that I’ve been tackling a room in a house renovation my family is completing. When I signed up to take part in this round months ago, I honestly thought everything would be much farther along but because of circumstances much beyond my control, such is not the case.

Last week, I was very hopeful that if we stuck to the schedule we were all working from, things would come together.

And then I got a call from my contractor (who PS, is just so amazing…I know he’s lost sleep trying to make this happen for me and I feel SO lucky to have him as my partner in this…seriously THE BEST.) last Friday that basically said this…because our steel roof is a month out (you can only order once the trusses and sheeting are up,) to make the house water-tight, we need to install some sort of membrane and said membrane, because of scheduling, can’t go up until the week of Nov 12th. As well, our windows have been delayed until Dec. 3rd. Those two points alone mean that we can’t move forward with any other step. I can’t have Super Allen put up my Metrie moulding if the drywall might get wet…I can’t put in my beautiful Alexanian hardwood floors if the humidity can’t be regulated…my beautiful Drop it Modern wallpaper…obviously the same thing…a Crystorama chandelier…bedding…my Karastan leopard carpet…you get the idea. Nothing more can happen without a dry roof.

So, I’m devastated. Honestly. So incredibly bummed. I’m not the kind of person who misses deadlines or admits defeat easily so this has been a really hard pill for me to swallow.

But, at the end of the day, it’s construction and reality is that this is exactly how that usually goes. Delays happen and like dominos, if one thing is out of line, the rest sort of comes tumbling down.

The silver lining side of things is that though I’m not going to finish by Nov. 11th, I’m going to continue posting every Wednesday until this sucker is done, which means, more than 6 posts on the project…I’m predicting upwards of 10 by the time we’re done.  Even before the window comes, I’ll definitely be able to start getting some of the pretty stuff moving so by next week, I very much hope to be able to show you walls with moulding and maybe even my fireplace installed. I hope.

For now, here’s where things are.

First, construction…not much has really changed in terms of looks since last week…the sheeting has gone up and the room has been cleared out…

one room challenge christine dovey construction

one room challenge christine dovey construction

one room challenge christine dovey construction


one room challenge christine dovey construction

one room challenge christine dovey construction

The super annoying piece to this puzzle is that this week, we’ve had the nicest November weather in history. It’s going to be 20 degrees celcius today…that’s practically summer.  I’ve been staring at this room and wondering if we shouldn’t just throw caution to the wind and get moulding up but…inspections are still happening and if we had to remove drywall for any reason, that would be the worst so…the holding pattern continues.

And while not much changes over there for now, I’ve decided to take control of what I can and set up some of the pretty stuff in my existing house just to see how things are coming together.

First, my Arianna Belle Kubus pillow got an insert and looks sort of awesome everywhere I put her…

one room challenge christine dovey arianna belle pierre frey kubus

Especially when in combo with my Park Blvd. lambswool pillow, that arrived via a very sweet hand delivery from the owner this week…

one room challenge christine dovey arianna belle pierre frey kubus park blvc pillows fur

one room challenge christine dovey arianna belle pierre frey kubus park blvc pillows fur

And speaking of Park Blvd, all 3 of my pillows from there are all kinds of heavenly…the texture is sublime and I’m honestly sort of obsessed with them…

christine dovey one room challenge park blvd pillows

The attention to detail on the trim and fabrication is just SO good.

And on the pillow front as a whole, with all 6 of my pillows now here, I had to play around with them in my existing master just to see them all happily hanging out together…

one room challenge christine dovey arianna belle pierre frey kubus park blvc pillows decoratorsbest kelly wearstler fabric


one room challenge christine dovey arianna belle pierre frey kubus park blvc pillows

one room challenge christine dovey arianna belle pierre frey kubus park blvc pillows fur

And then, I had to also add my West Elm linen bedding and Drop it Modern wedding blanket to the mix party…

one room challenge christine dovey drop it mod wedding blanket

one room challenge christine dovey drop it mod wedding blanket

one room challenge christine dovey arianna belle pierre frey kubus park blvc pillows fur drop it mod wedding blanket

one room challenge christine dovey west elm linen bedding decoratorsbest velvet fabric bellacor lamp

And as you can spy in some shots, my Bellacor Arteriors Harvest lamps got propped in too…

one room challenge christine dovey bellacor lamp

one room challenge christine dovey bellacor lamp

My lamps actually arrived a few weeks but because they are hand finished, weren’t a perfect match. Thanks to amazing customer service from Bellacor, I got a third delivered and was able to find a pair that are almost identical.

Very grateful to have them and see how pretty they look beside my bed…in love with their large scale and modern, graphic take on a traditional lamp shape.

As far as the other elements in the room and things that are under my control lol, I still have bedside tables to check off the list. I only have about 2′ on either side of the bed to play with so they can’t be large but my lamps are big, big, big so the scale will be tricky.

As of now, I’m looking at these options:

1. Something built in to the paneling that will be going on either side of the bed…sort of like this…


2. These vintage marble beauties from one of my favourite local stores, Patina

marble nightstands patina one room challenge christine dovey

…these would be a slam dunk if it weren’t for the fact that they’re 20″ wide so it will be tight for sure…also, they’re a little above my budget…but god I love them.

3. I might have Super Allen make up a pair of black powder coated frames with some grey antique mirror in them…sort of along the lines of the console I did for my piano room one room challenge



4. These Crate and Barrel aged brass and black goodies are pretty great…they’re the right size and the pricepoint is good…

crate and bareel pascal side table

…but as with option three, I’m a little worried they won’t look heavy enough to carry the large lamps.

5. My original design board included something custom in the style of these Lawson Fenning stacked nightstands…

lawson fenning stacked nightstand

…and truth be told, this is still probably my favourite of the bunch and now that I have more time to play with, they could work.


Also on my to-do list is to make a final decision on the bedding. I know…you’re thinking…she already has that.  You’re right…I splurged a few weeks back and bought a set of linen bedding and do really love it. After making everything up though, I’m wondering if I should have opted for the lighter grey duvet cover…the charcoal is looking quite dark in my black room…having said that, the new room is going to be navy and grey so perhaps it wouldn’t read so black on black etc.

Here’s a shot of the light grey shown in the #mywestelm listing (photo from @lloydmariano)…

west elm belgian linen bedding

And here’s the slate in my space…

one room challenge decoratorsbest pillow arianna belle pillow park blvd pillow west elm bedding

Platinum or charcoal? What say you?

I’m leaning lighter grey.

And while I mull on that and continue to cry in my cheerios a bit about not getting to show you the room itself with all this pretty stuff in it, have a visit to all my fellow ORC’ers…

One Room Challenge Fall 2015 Participants

…who I’m quite sure are MUCH farther along than me and able to show you peeks at fabulous reveals that are (aside from mine lol,) coming up next week! I for one am super excited to see all of that goodness.
  1. Oh no! I hate that. I’m thrilled to hear that you are going to continue posting though. I LOVE the direction of your space.

  2. Christine….you really gave it your best effort. And I was mortified that I did not finish my first one but hey….life happens! It will still be fun to watch this space unfold. And for realz your rooms are always worth waiting for:)

  3. Christine, I’m so glad you’re going to continuing posting your progress every Wednesday! You’re actually doing us all a favour and saving the rest of us from ORC withdrawal. Another silver lining to being delayed, you are keeping the ORC party going. 🙂

    My vote is on the lighter grey bedding.

  4. You worked so hard on this but sh*# happens. And we get to follow along for another few weeks! It will be incredible when done, so well worth the wait. xo

  5. Awe what a huge bummer!! But seriously, it was way out of your control.
    Meanwhile, all your loot is just gorgeous. Loving that wedding blanket. Yum Yum!
    Also, those Lawson Fenning nightstands are divine. Can Super Allen make you something similar?

  6. Oh girl, I’m so sorry! Sounds like everybody did the best they could! I’m excited to continue following along to see you to the finish line! xo, Andrea

  7. Oh Christine! You really are a trooper and I feel your pain. Love that you gave it your all and glad you’ll keep posting after the challenge. I vote for the step tables or the marble and lighter duvet. Looking forward to seeing it come together.

  8. Dianne

    Thank you so much for continuing and showing us step by step no matter how long it takes. I can feel how upset you are through your words. Truth is we love you and your work and we look forward to seeing it complete no matter the date! BTW, I vote for the lighter gray linen and the marble tables. 🙂

  9. Clearly this is going to be a design worth waiting for… your work always is. I know this must be such a bummer, but it is about more than just a design challenge – its about your home and better to ensure all the necessary construction happens as it should. We will wait (on pins and needles of course) to see this beauty come together. The pillow/bedding combo is already so delicious! You asked – so I will share that I’m a fan of the dark linens in the navy room and the original table option. I’m with Naomi- perhaps Super Allen can build you something similar to the scale you need? How lucky are you to have a Super Allen btw!

  10. Arielle

    Such a bummer, but so worth it to do it right instead of fast. The details are coming together beautifully (those stacked nightstands!) and I’m selfishly excited for more posts!

  11. I think there’s such an upside/ downside to the ORC–I LOVE what gets accomplished and of course deadlines help us all, right? This is the first time I am participating (in the link up), and its interesting to see how the timeline forces decisions–for good AND for bad! So I think it’s awesome that the challenge got things moving AND that you can now slow down and take your time. What a huge, ambitious project!

  12. Always Rad

    So happy that you’re gonna continue posting! It’s better to do a job well (especially if it involves construction), than to hurry it, so don’t feel bad. All the furniture and pillows and fabrics are absolutely breathtaking! Can’t wait to see more in the weeks to come 🙂

  13. Girl! So excited you’ll keep posting. Things will unfold just how they should. I am in LOVE with those pillows. I can’t take my eyes off of them.

  14. Oh no! I’m so sorry and bummed for you, but even though you’re not able to finish on time, I’m so coming back for updates lady! This room is going to be sublime when it’s all said an done. I for one can’t wait to see it. As for nightstands…yes to the Lawson Fenning. No question about it. And yes to the platinum duvet.

  15. Christine,
    I’m so super bummed for you, but totally agree that these delays happen in construction and interior design. I think its good for readers to know the reality of the process – HGTV 24 hour makeovers are not realistic!

    The textiles, lighting and other elements are fab!!! Keep posting!!!


  16. I am so bummed that I will not get to see your reveal next week, but I will absolutely continue to follow along because I am *SO EXCITED* about your space! You took on by far the most extensive ORC transformation I’ve seen, and 6 weeks is a tight timeline for any design project, let alone one that involves construction! I agree with the others: it is so much better to take the extra time to do this right. I have no doubt that your bedroom will be an absolute stunner once complete, as everything you’ve selected thus far is fabulous. Leave the stress behind and just keep marching forward with a smile. This is going to be amazing!

  17. Everything you’ve chosen is so stunning…your taste is always impeccable. And bummer about the deadline, but you’re still going to have a stellar room in the coming weeks/months, and we’ll all still be here excited to share it with you!!! xo

  18. I know how disappointed you are, but everyone will come back week after week…until! Hang in there, and know that Sherry Hart posted for 137 weeks to finish her ORC. Joking, sort of. Love all your choices and will continue to follow.

  19. Yours was the update I was most curious to read today because I knew you were trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Looking forward to following your continued progress over the next few weeks.

    As far as the bedding, I agree the lighter gray may look better with dark walls. And for the nightstands, I like the idea of a chunky floating dealio, or those marble lovelies, but I think custom stacked tables would be the most striking.

    As far as my ORC studio makeover, I have all the materials in hand but haven’t done any of the labor yet, so I have less than 7 days to do a whole laundry list of things that will take many hours. But at least I have a roof and walls. Hang in there!

  20. Khrystina

    #DoveyCanDo, there’s no reward without risk… It was risky to commit to a space that only existed on paper, yes? But so is selling all your furniture & starting from scratch! The room will be impeccable in due time, but what’s more is the rich character you’ve found in your partners on this project that money can’t buy. You wouldn’t have learned the lengths they’d go to for you if you didn’t find yourself in this jam sammie so cheer up!

  21. Aw, so sorry about the delays and disappointment. It will be fantastic when it’s completed. Best wishes!

  22. Ah, sad for you! I’m sure I won’t be the only one coming back to check in every week and anxiously waiting to pin the final space like crazy!

  23. Oh no! Hang in there, Christine. I’ll be following along until the room is complete. For nightstands, I love the Lawson Fenning style ones…they scream Dovey style. And for the duvet cover, I actually think you’re right about going a bit lighter. Is it too late to exchange? LOVE where you’re going with this. Can’t wait to see more updates! xo

  24. Mindi

    I am so sorry to hear about your construction issues, but it will be for the best. I know you could have made it if things would have panned out! I will still follow along and it will still get done, I like the lighter grey! Good luck! Enjoy your nice weather, we are getting the rain/flurries.

  25. Megan

    I’m so sorry for your bad news but happy you found a silver lining. I love what you’ve done so far and am glad you will continue to post.

  26. n

    Listen, you are so f’ing brilliant , please do not feel pressure to sub come the pressure of the ORC deadline!!! You give so much to your blog readers, you can take your time!!!!! Love all your work, like mad!!! Thank you and happy Fall!

  27. adrienne

    So sorry to hear about your news but boy do I get it! Our house is a construction zone right now and I’m still holding out hope that I don’t have to give up to defeat! love the progress so far and can’t wait to see it when it is done. And do you know what the best part is? You love it! That is all that matters!

  28. alison g

    You know, as cool as the ORC is, I think it’s so much more important to get it right, rather than “on time.” Obviously, you’d rather not choose between the two, but you know what I mean. I believe things happen for a reason, and there’s some reason the timing has happened on this. Something really cool will come of you having to push your deadline. I have no doubt. 😉

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