One Room Challenge – Week Four

Hi and welcome to week 4 of my kick at the…

one room challenge christine dovey maude arsenault photograph


PS…so far said can has not been hit.  I’ve been swinging a lot but no direct contact has been made lol.

If you’ve been following my ORC game through weeks one, two and three, you know I probably bit off a little more than I can chew by deciding to make over a room in my #projectflip renovation that didn’t even really exist at the start of the 6 week challenge.

You’ve probably also come to the conclusion that making this decision renders me a tad nuts but to be fair, when I signed up for this challenge round a few months back, I really did believe construction would be farther along.  If things like permit delays and asbestos hadn’t gotten in the way, I’d sooooo be in a better spot.

As it stands though, I’ve been dealt a bit of a shizzly hand and started a few Wednesdays back with nothing more than some framed walls and a sheeted floor.

And after 3 tumultuous roller coaster weeks, here is where I now stand.

My incredible contractor (my favourite person on earth right now) installed a fake roof so that we could move forward on getting the room’s electrical and HVAC done…it also meant that drywall could go up this week…

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

Now because it’s October in Canada, a tarp was laid on top of the temporary roof so that we could keep the bedroom looking like this….

christine dovey one room challenge construction

…rather than like this…

christine dovey one room challenge construction

…on the ensuite side of things. Oy.

The drywall/rain/temporary roof situation was pretty aces in terms of letting us move things along but of course, not a permanent solution so when the most beautiful trusses of all time finally showed up this past Friday…

christine dovey one room challenge construction

…there was much rejoicing.

And then, as if the heavens actually opened up as if to reveal a giant warm hug, a real roof magically started to appear…

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

Which after two days of massive effort from the construction crew, brought us to last night at around 8pm and a completely trussed and sheeted roof.

All good news.

Except a giant monsoon like storm is scheduled for today (Wednesday if you’re reading later in the week) and plywood planks won’t keep that business out of dodge so once again, tarps are going up and nailed down.

So…hopefully as you read this, the tarps are holding strong and water is being kept out of my nicely drywalled room because you know…floors, moulding, wallpaper and the like is all supposed to start happening like yesterday…no biggie.

Deep breaths.

Of course, aside from construction adrenaline party, this week had other perks.

To start, Nuart Framing did a killer job on my Maude Aresenualt piece from the Print Atelier and alongside my Maja Cunningham car photo from Minted , it’s a nice little his and hers moment…

christine dovey one room challenge maude arsenault and minted photographs

Also, Hollie Cooper (my dear friend and the bestest pillow maker around) dropped off my Kelly Weartler Mineral Velvet/Robert Allen black leather pillows…

christine dovey one room challenge decoratorsbest pillows kelly wearstler velvet leather trim hollie cooper interiors

christine dovey one room challenge decoratorsbest pillows kelly wearstler velvet leather trim hollie cooper interiors

…and I’m obsessed with them…a huge thank you to DecoratorsBest on the fabric/trim front.

And while still on the topic of textiles, my Arianna Belle Pierre Frey Kubus lumbar pillow also arrived…and well, it’s delicious…

one room challenge christine dovey pierre frey kubus pillow arianna belle

Next up on the good textile news front…I made a little visit to Tonic Living headquarters to pick up my pink linen drapes.

1. The curtains are all kinds of awesome…

christine dovey one room challenge tonic living drapery

christine dovey one room challenge tonic living drapery

2. So is the store…

christine dovey one room challenge tonic living

And finally, on the gianormous plus side of ORC life, Trumeau Stones installed my hearth…

christine dovey one room challenge trumeau stones hearth

…and sent me these progress pics of my fireplace nirvana…

christine dovey one room challenge trumeau stones fireplace

christine dovey one room challenge trumeau stones fireplace

christine dovey one room challenge trumeau stones

And that alone, easily makes up for the stress of everything else.

So. In. Love.

PSA…if you’re in the market for a custom fireplace surround and live anywhere remotely close to Toronto, Trumeau Stones my friends…Trumeau Stones.

So…to summerize this week:

1. Construction continued to be a roller coaster ride of joy/terror.

2. My contractor continued to shock and amaze by pulling out every possible stop to try and make this happen for me…as of Tuesday at 8pm, he was texting me from a window store trying to find something temporary to put up so that we could seal the room and really push forward on interior stuff.  I call that DEDICATION.

3. More pretty arrived from fabulous ORC sponsors and I feel super duper grateful.

4. I still have a crapload to get done…and it’s more than just a little overwhelming…once again, the ORC has made me exceedingly happy wine exists.

Here’s the schedule of what still has to happen before reveal…if the construction photos weren’t clue enough lol…

Wednesday- inspections and install of a temporary window until the real one is delivered early December

Thursday- more inspections and installation of temperature control measures so that we can lay our wood floor; ceiling drywall

Friday- wood floor goes in…as does the fireplace; more inspections and hopefully the all clear to soldier on

Saturday- Monday- wall moulding install a la #superallen

Tuesday- painting

Wednesday-Thursday- wallpaper install

Friday- lighting and drapery install and the furniture moving from my house 3 doors down to this one

Saturday- more furniture install and styling

Sunday- photo shoot

Are you laughing yet? I am…it’s all I can do so as to not completely loose my mind. 10 days my friends…10 days. Glug, Glug, Glug.

Oh and my husband just left on a 9 day business trip…cue whatever song screams woe is me please.

Here’s hoping this talented lot is fairing slightly better…

One Room Challenge Fall 2015 Participants

…with all kinds of pretty non-construction photos to share with you this week:)
Oh…speaking of pictures..check back later if you feel up to it…because work finished after dark last night, I wasn’t able to take some snaps of the sheeted roof in place…I’ll do that after I drop the kidlets off at school and upload them to this post…I might even get super fancy and do a little Periscope action…we shall see.
  1. Best of luck to you! Really hope it all comes together without any more hiccups!

  2. Wow Christine! What a wild ride. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Can’t wait to see those drapes!

  3. Good vibes, my friend. Love that you swing for the fences each and every time you come to play. I have no doubt that it will all come together in a glorious, frenzied end. That hearth. Be still my beating…

  4. Progress with the trusses, yay! I still hold high hopes and much confidence that you will have this finished for the reveal date. I’m crossing all my crossable parts for you that all that’s left to do goes according to plan!

  5. These updates blow my mind Christine! I can’t believe how it’s all moving along from build to finish! The fireplace surround is A.MAZING. Can’t wait to see more next week!

  6. Holy wow!! That is serious work…and that hearth!!!! So jealous you live so close to Tonic…that’s like a candy store!! I have faith you’ve got this…sending you all the positive, productive mojo!!! xoxo

  7. So glad those trusses arrived! Hopefully your room is dry after the rainstorm this morning. The fireplace is amazing, the pink drapes so pretty (love Tonic!) and I cannot wait to see this all come together. Because I know it will and I know it will be beyond gorgeous! xo

  8. You are a very, very brave girl with a very understanding and compassionate contractor! All the same I am cracking open a bottle of wine at 9am to toast you in your endeavor. If you pull this all off you are the absolute shizz!!! Sending lots of good ORC vibes your way!

  9. Wow! That is going to be a beauty. The mantel is a stunner as are all the textiles. I am kinda stressed for you and the contractor. Praying for no rain.

  10. Arielle

    The crazy ORCers are my favorite! Love watching this come together. And what’s there is gorgeous! Swooning over the fireplace and pillows.

  11. Wow. I bow down to you. That schedule is Insane. Praying for you that it all goes swimmingly.
    I could never do it. I have to give myself the next 10 days to just move my furniture art and mirrors around. Indecisve Over here!


  12. This space has me on the edge of my seat. #YouGotThisGirl BTDubs, I did a little dance of joy for you when I saw drywall up on your Instagram 🙂

  13. Christine!!! My stomach is seriously in knots right now for you, but I KNOW you will finish this and that it will be over the top amazing!You are absolutely crushing this 🙂

  14. I have no words. I hope you get every lucky break you can. I’m exhausted thinking about this schedule.

  15. I was so excited when I saw your drywall, then might have stopped breathing when the drywall was open to the sky. Thanks for again making me feel better about my progress this week. Starting with an actual room is quite an advantage!

  16. OK…..since I am probably old enough to be your Mom if I was there I would grab you by the shoulders and say “girl are you cray”…….I have no business complaining because I can’t make a decision about something so in the next 10 days if anything goes wrong I am going to think of you:) BUT……I love how you get so excited about all the “pretty” that is sitting around your house waiting to be installed! You are a “glass half full” kind of girl!

  17. Mindi

    10 days of insanity…I wish you the best of luck, it will be epic…and then you can rest! Sending prayers your way! 🙂

  18. Hollie

    I am very hopeful that you will have a completed space in which to display all of this prettiness!

  19. Always Rad

    Oh, wow! You’re gonna be pretty busy for the next 10 Days! Good luck! Can’t wait to see the reveal 🙂

  20. tiina

    no words left my friend! everything so cool

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