One Room Challenge – Week Three

Hi and welcome to this week’s instalment of the…

one room challenge christine dovey maude arsenault photograph

Things I did since my last update

One…I ventured into the city to pick up the West Elm linen bedding I’ve been lusting over forever and a day…

one room challenge west elm linen bedding christine dovey

Two…after buying said bedding, I felt guilty about the monies so returned sheepishly to my framer and asked for the 4 Minted prints that I had dropped of just the day before.  As much as I love custom framing, sometimes, it’s just not in the budget and my bedding through that option out the window so…

After retrieving my prints , I made a trip to old faithful IKEA, and used some of their new release frames to get these lovelies sorted…

FullSizeRender (8)

one room challenge christine dovey minted ar

one room challenge christine dovey minted art

FullSizeRender (9)


one room challenge christine dovey minted art

Now I know the mounts aren’t the perfect size on a couple of them but all in all, I’m pretty pleased…though the imperfection might start driving me nuts and if it does, there might be two custom mats in these print’s future…if it doesn’t ruin the money game.

Sidenote/public service announcement. IKEA has upped their game on the frame front.  I know we all mostly rely on Mounsieur Ribba (PS…I used one of their new Ribbs…it’s square and lacquer grey:) to get us by when we need to frame on a dime but their new offerings are pretty jazzy. The white Mossebo is my fave…it’s all 80s rounded like and even has a relief mount which makes it almost shadowboxy…same goes for the black one my carrousel print is framed in…it’s called the Gunnabo ( so I guess just remember the ‘bos’ when you’re shopping). Love them both.

Sidenote on the same sidenote…if IKEA could figure out a way to make their matts have the same width all around and therefore, work with most prints, I’d be one happy dappy camper.

Moving on…after saving cash on the framing of my pretty black and white Minted prints, I went back to my Nuart Framing to have him fix up my super awesome large Maude Arsenault photograph, from the Print Atelier.  The dollars needed to get a piece of art professionally framed in a quality/protected sort of way is no joke but it’s SO infinitely worth it when you have an original or numbered work. So in this save some/spend some ping pong reno game, I relinquished all the money I saved on the IKEA frames to get this lovliness done in the uber good way…

one room challenge christine dovey trumeau stones the print atelier maude arsenault nuart framing

Sidenote…the Print Atelier is amazing in many ways…one of which being they send these free postcards as a gift of purchase…

the print atelier christine dovey one room challenge

I’ll be hitting up IKEA again to frame these goodies up and will be running them along the upstairs hallway.

Happy days.

So…the above is the positive stuff that happened this week in terms of what I could do to move this bedroom along.

As for the major construction department, the past 6 days were not my favourite.

If you read last week’s post, you’ll remember that my super duper awesome contractor built a fake roof so that we could get to the business of insulating and drywalling the room in preparation for the trusses…which PS, STILL HAVEN’T ARRIVED:((((((

As part of that work, he also had the fake topper tarped…

one room challenge christine dovey trumeau stones rmsgta waterproofing

one room challenge christine dovey waterproofing

So that we cross things like HVAC and electrical install of this list…

one room challenge christine dovey  electrical

one room challenge christine dovey electrical


Unfortunately for his and my sanity, we had a few rain nights and the tarp didn’t hold. So today, instead of insulation and drywall going up, both things are still piled up in the dry section of the house…

one room challenge christine dovey roxul insulation

one room challenge christine dovey roxul insulation

 one room challenge christine dovey  drywall

Cue crying/hysteria/fear/depression/failure brain speak.

In an effort to remain hopeful that there’s any chance on god’s green earth that this room might get done by the reveal deadline, super duper awesome contractor (PS…that’s his new permanent name) has peeps over there as we speak re-tarping.  The Roxul (my favourite insulation for obvs reasons) will be going up tout suite with the drywall scheduled for after. My floors will then go down starting next Monday and then pray gods, the trusses will arrive and we can get to the business of mouding, paint and wallpaper.

Here’s the real truth though. If the trusses don’t show up by way Monday, I’m pretty hooped.  There just won’t be time to get all done that has to get done.

So pray for me please.  Positive vibes never hurt and I could use a bunch of them.

And on that note, let’s bring this post full circle back to happy shall we?!?

As noted above, this week was definitely not all bum city.

For one, my favourite interior finishing company Metrie rolled up with an epic moulding delivery…

one room challenge christine dovey metrie moulding

I mean these doors!

one room challenge christine dovey metrie fashion forward door

I can’t wait to see them blue…and hung;)

Then also in the good delivery bucket…a giant box of Drop it Modern showed up for a few rooms in #projectflip…

drop it modern wallpaper christine dovey

…including, my ORC crystalline in a custom warm grey colourway…

one room challenge christine dovey drop it Modern wallpaper

And last but most definitely not least, major progress happened on my Trumeau Stones limestone fireplace surround…

one room challenge christine dovey trumeau stones fireplace

one room challenge christine dovey trumeau stones fireplace

In this shot you can see both my living room and master surround…

one room challenge christine dovey trumeau stones fireplace

one room challenge christine dovey trumeau stones fireplace

And then there’s the almost finished picture…

one room challenge christine dovey trumeau stone fireplace

Just a little filling and sanding to go and then this piece of heaven is ready to be installed!!!  The hearth for the fireplace will be installed on the weekend before the floor goes in and then the box and surround will go in right before reveal. I truly, can’t even wait.

Seeing skilled craftsmanship like this …well that’s just all sorts of golden.

And with that, I’ll reiterate that it was definitely a bit of a yay and nay sort of week.  Renovation is always like that though and somehow it always manages to come together…eventually. And even though my room pics look like maybe a week one update, there’s still totally a chance I can make this happen in the time that’s left. I mean 2.5 weeks is heaps of time to insulate, drywall, paint, mould, decorate a room…right?

Gurrrr/Positive thoughts;)

As for my fellow ORC friends…

One Room Challenge Fall 2015 Participants

I know they’re killing it and getting things done so make sure you check out their week 3 updates as well…

See you back here next week, when I’ll hopefully have an actual room to show you.  And in the meantime, make sure you follow along on Instagram…lots of updates happening there throughout the week.
  1. You are giving me hives. Period. I am seriously hoping this is all a hoax and you are further along than this cause I sense serious mayhem happening if not. I pray for you my child. Selfishly I want to see this room finished because of all the goodness you have shown us:)

  2. Christine!! Hoping those darn trusses arrive so you can get this done on time. I’m sure everything will turn out on time and beautifully.

    I have yet to see the new Ikea frames in person but glad to hear you like them. So disappointed though that they discontinued some of the larger Ribba frames with glass. All their larger frames now have plastic. Ikea is always my fallback but I always go to Micheals or Deserres for new mats the right size and in a white, not off white.

    Even though the shell isn’t complete, you sure do have a lot of pretty going in – namely, that fireplace!! Bonne chance my friend!

  3. OMG- I feel your stress and inability to form words. Praying those trusses show up. Where the hell are they anyway?
    meanwhile- art is perfection. Duh. Wouldn’t expect anything less from you.
    That wallpaper! The doors! This room is going to be so good.

  4. Emma

    belles images Christine. Votre maison va être belle! bonne chance!

  5. LS

    We will follow your work until it’s done! Don’t worry!!

  6. Leslie

    Oh, my. I hate that your lack of proper ceiling makes me feel better about my situation, I will be praying those trusses arrive on time, because your design looks amazing. Those doors!! That fireplace! I can’t even. I’m rooting for you and can’t wait to see it all come together. Meanwhile, I’m just hoping we can actually start laying that marble this weekend. Gosh.

  7. Bring on the trusses. Sending you such good vibes. Girl. . . . your taste is just impeccable and I am in LOVE with the MA photograph. It’s really gorgeous. Praying you see some major progress in the next few days. Hang in there.

  8. Heather

    You don’t mess around–this project is some SERIOUS BIDNESS!
    Fingers crossed that the big hiccups sort themselves out.

  9. Ivy Lane

    All I can say is WOW! Talk about cool, calm and positive under pressure!!! It will all come together! and it will be fantastic!!!



  10. I’d be in a mental institution right now if I were in your shoes, but I know you are going to pull this off amazingly!

    And, can we just talk about your wallpaper collection?! I’ve ordered samples. Must happen in my house!


  11. Lesley B.

    Seriously blown away every time I look at your designs. It will surely all come together, but brava for your attitude!

    I agree on the ikea frames/mats. I’ve always wondered what’s with the wonky sizes.

    I’m most excited to see those amazing doors in blue!!

  12. Stacey

    Oh my goodness! You’ve really taken this challenge to heart! You deserve a medal already.

    You were smart to go for the Ikea frames in a pinch. Definitely. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see how this all turns out.

  13. Jessica

    You are a beast. I love all the art and I cannot wait to see it all come together.

  14. I am so nervous for you. I hope that the construction gods shine on your project. Hang in there.

  15. The bedding you chose looks so soft & cozy. The art mix is perf. I am crossing my fingers super tight for you!

  16. Even without a ceiling or walls, I know it’ll be amazing…although I think I caught a sneak peek at dry wall on your Instagram…so hopefully that means trusses arrived. Love your style. The art is way cha-cha cool. Can’t wait to see more next week!

  17. Prayers and happy thoughts coming your way for Monday trusses. For you, and because I’m DYING to see this room put together!

  18. n

    Christine, you are absolutely amazing! You talent and creativity makes your blog the absolute best in the internet universe!!!

  19. Mindi

    Throwing prayers your way! You are so prepared that you will be able to make it, everything is just waiting to go in!! Your fireplace is going to be AMAZING!!

  20. Fabulous!! Love the art you picked and that fireplace!! I will so have to get one for myself in the next condo!! Fingers crossed for all the work to be done behind the walls and yay to drywalls going up! xx

  21. Holy smokes, this is going to be amazing. I can’t get over the art and the doors. LOVE them.

  22. Christine – this is going to be so great! Every detail you are picking out looks fantastic. And you definitely made the right call with linen bedding over custom frames. I’m with you girl!

  23. Praying for trusses! The fireplace surround is so beautiful!

  24. Christine I am so enjoying following your through this project. I can’t believe the scope of it and all the beautiful elements you have planned….that fireplace surround, what????? So gorgeous. And the doors! Can’t wait for next week’s edition.

  25. Your art selects are INSANE per usual. Pretty obsessed with the wallpaper, too. I wish I could commit to wallpaper! I honestly don’t know how this is going to come together by the deadline, Christine. Can’t even begin to wrap my head around it. Crossing fingers and toes that there’s been great progress this week! ox

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