One Room Challenge – Week Two

Hi and welcome back to week 2 of the One Room Challenge.

one room challenge christine dovey maude arsenault photograph

If you read my week one post, you know that there’s a real and true chance I might not finish this thing.  As of today, reveal is in exactly 4 weeks, and in that time, I still have basically an entire room to build. Thankfully, I’ve got an aces team and this post is dedicated to my lovey dovey mushy feels for the contractor/trade/sponsor peeps who are all working their behinds off to give me a room worth presenting come Nov. 11th.

Yup…I heart them all greatly and after this week’s events, it’s pretty hard to figure out who my heart really belongs to. On the one hand, I have major affection for this round’s amazing ORC sponsors…and then there’s my incredibly supercalafragistically awesome builder.

Let’s start with the sponsors.

Because my room is still very much not really a room, I’m very grateful that my orders for the room have already started to pour in so that I have something to actually show you this week.

Here’s what’s turned up or been decided on so far…

1. Flooring

I had a visit to Alexanian this week to arrange for delivery of my white oak floors

one room challenge christine dovey master makeover alexanian hardwood floor

…and while there, also un-rolled/viewed my fanstatical leopard carpet that arrived directly from Karastan for the first time….

one room challenge christine dovey master makeover alexanian binding karastan carpet

Sooooooo in love with both! And also very grateful that Alexanian has an amazing carpet repair/binding/serging service. I’m doing a light serge edge on this spotty goodness and having it custom cut to fit my space perfectly- happy days.

2. Artwork

If you’ve followed the ORC before, you’ll know that Minted is a sponsor with the mostest. For this round, I selected all this black and white yumminess…

one room challenge minted juniper briggs sable song christine dovey master bedroom

Sable Song

one room challenge minted sidewalk christine dovey photograph

Harajuku Sidewalk

one room challenge christine dovey master makeover minted artwork

Midnight Carousel

one room challenge christine dovey master makeover minted artwork

Lady Gray

one room challenge minted photograph christine dovey

Time Stood Still

one room challenge christine dovey master makeover minted artwork


In addition to all of these, I’m also waiting for this heaven to be delivered from one of my new favourite art sites, The Print Atelier

that morning by maude arsenault christine dovey one room challenge

Maude Arsenault in a genius…I want her entire portfolio.

3. Paint, Wallpaper and Walls…

Thanks to good folks at Para Paints, a Purlator delivery dude showed up with 3 gallons of good times in paint form…

para paints one room challenge christine dovey

…which equated to two cans of ‘Friday Night Lights’ in a semi-gloss finish for the millwork, trim and doors, and one can of flat ‘Chrysler Hall White’ for the ceiling.

one room challenge christine dovey master makeover para friday night lights drop it modern wallpaper

As I showed last week in my inspiration plans, I’m hoping to create wainscotting around the perimeter of the room with vertical panels on either side of the fireplace and bed.  To do this, I’ll be using the scene three fashion forward collection from Metrie

fashion forward room metrie designed by sophie burke one room challenge inspiraiton christine dovey

[Design by Sophie Burke]

…and as part of that, will be installing these beautiful doors at the entrance to the room and between the bedroom and bath…

metrie dvx fashion forward doors one room challenge christine dovey

[Design by Lisa Mende]

I can’t wait for all of this to happen…can’t wait.

Oh and Ps on that front…Metrie is hosting a contest right now to give away $2000 worth of moulding!!!! Check that out here.

5. Textiles Pillows and Drapery

I ordered up some Kravet leather cording

one room challenge christine dovey master makeover decorators best leather trim

…to trim out a pair of large Kelly Wearstler indigo ‘Mineral’ pillows…all from DecoratorsBest

one room challenge christine dovey master makeover decorators best kelly wearstler mineral fabric

Here’s the fabric, trim and my Drop it Mod Crystalline wallpaper, all in combo…along with samples from my new most loved pillows line, Park Blvd…and a peek at my Tonic Living linen drapery fabric

one room challenge christine dovey master makeover decorators best kelly wearstler fabric park blvd pillows tonic living fabric drop it modern wallpaper

tonic living tuscany pink one room challenge christine dovey

For the curtain panels, we’re keeping it really simple and doing a flat panel top…sort of like this…

flat panel drapery inspiration tonic living

…and I couldn’t be more delighted with the whole thing- so grateful to have Tonic Living as a sponsor!

Oh an re: the pillows, I can’t wait to see these Scottish wale

park blvd pillows one room challenge christine dovey

…and Tibetan Lambskin pillows in my room.

park blvd pillow tibetan lambskin christine dovey one room challenge

They’re going to play so nicely with the bolster Arianna Belle is whipping up in my all time favourite, Pierre Frey’s Kubus

kubus-whitebackground-570x570 arianna belle one room challenge christine dovey

And speaking of playing like long lost besties, this Drop it Modern wedding blanket has arrived and is well…all kinds of beuno…

drop it modern wedding blanket christine dovey one room challenge

drop it modern wedding blanket christine dovey one room challenge bed

6. Mirror

Bassett Mirror delivered Mr ‘Edwin’…aka the most dashingly handsome mirror of all time…

one room challenge christine dovey master makeover bassett mirror company mirror

…and I he’s going to look pretty swell over THIS!…..

7. Fireplace!!!!!!!!

trumeau stones fireplace christine dovey project flip

one room challenge christine dovey trumeau stones limestone fireplace

one room challenge christine dovey trumeau stones limestone fireplace

I feel extremely lucky to have met and now partnered with an amazing artisan and craftsman, Mark, the owner of Trumeau Stones.  This incredible talent constructs custom molds and hand casts the most divine stone fireplaces that are truly, the stuff interior design dreams are made of.

Our new little house is going to be the lucky owner of two of his works. The one you see above is actually the piece going in the living room. I cheated and am showing it here first, because it’s the one that’s already in production. My ORC bedroom one is actually going to get this handsome little devil…

one room challenge trumeau stones fireplace christine dovey


…all in blackened honed limestone.

I freaking can’t wait.

Also, sidenote…Mark’s farm showroom in Port Dover, Ontario is quite easily one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been and makes me want to move to the country yesterday…

trumeau farms christine dovey one room challenge

trumeau farms mantles

trumeau farms one room challenge christine dovey

trumeau farms

trumeau stones fireplaces christine dovey one room challenge

10. Furniture and Lighting

After going back and forth on what to put at the bottom of my bed, I discovered yesterday that Lazzaro Leather has introduced a new line at High Point which includes THIS….

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 4.51.33 PM

Hello ‘I’ll take two please’. You know I love my ruched leather and this is all kind of happiness. Love, love.

And speaking of affections, thanks to Bellacor, my bedside tables are going to each get an Arteriors Wheaton lamp in gunmetal

bellacor wheaton lamp christine dovey one room challenge

I’ve long admired this traditional lamp with a bit of edge so thrilled that I get to use them in this space.

And as a counterpoint to the sort of graphically hard lamps, I’ll be hanging this ornate beauty from Crystorama

crystormama chandelier christine dovey one room challenge

It’s just super duper girly and pretty, which makes me super duper happy:)

So as you can see from this long list of material utopia, I have reason to be pretty partial to the sponsor suitor in this little love triangle.

But then again, there’s still my contractor RMS, so I suppose we should full circle back to the tale of why my he’s also the bees knees.

That one started earlier this week when, upon realizing our trusses were likely not going to be delivered on time and knowing that such an announcement would quite literally throw yours truly over the proverbial cliff, sweet sweet contractor sent me this, which he titled ‘the contractor series’…

one room challenge christine dovey master makeover rmsgta

…and then within moments, he also sent me a text that outlined how he was going to take it upon himself to construct a temporary roof deck so that regardless of truss delivery, I’d be able to start work on my room and actually have a hope of finishing on time.

Yup…instead of just letting me shrivel up in a ball of defeat, sweet ‘going the extra mile of 50,’ organized a temporary roof build just in time for me to snap these pictures last night and then get this post up and live.

So thanks to him and this super awesome roofer dude…

one room challenge christine dovey construction

…by the time this post goes live, there will be a completed roof…

one room challenge christine dovey construction

one room challenge christine dovey construction

one room challenge christine dovey construction

one room challenge christine dovey construction

one room challenge christine dovey construction

IMG_4713one room challenge christine dovey construction

one room challenge christine dovey construction


…which means that we can use this week to run HVAC, electrical and even start on the drywall.

And all this means that by next week, I very hopefully might be even able to show you a room that looks like…well…a room.

Happy, happy days.

And speaking of ending on a positive, make sure you link over to all my fellow ORCers…

One Room Challenge Fall 2015 Participants

…and see for yourself how awesome they all are.  Also, keep praying for me please…I clearly good use the vibes;)
  1. Oh, Christine, this room is going to be divine! I adore that white mirror…and the art…Minted is such a gem of a store, isn’t it?

  2. Wow, so much goodness going on. I love the art (the new source of yours sent me down a rabitt hole the other night when I was catching up on your Insta). This is going to be an amazing space, cannot wait to see it unfold!

  3. Fran

    Yay to the roof even if its going to be temporary so you can finish your room!! That is one very helpful contractor! Wow, you’ve really moved quickly and all the pieces you’ve chosen are so cool!! Love the art selection and the Wheaton lamps!!! And, to think I am stressing over a little tiny bedroom that already has four insulated walls and a roof! ha!

  4. marcie

    So many great things … Love them all but that carpet?!? Oh my. It is

  5. Emma

    Hi Christine, I live in Kitchener and I am a big fan of your blog and your design style. We are currently converting an old building to residential and would like to share with you what we’ve learnt. The time spent most after the framing phase is drywall – you really need to find someone trustful and skillful to finish the job. From our experience – the best trades are from trades’ internal referrals, not from yellow pages/kijiji or road-side ads. Taping after drywall takes a long… time, at least three coats are required, each takes time and heat to dry – you may need to buy some construction grade heaters based on the weather we are having now.

    Thank you so very much for sharing your projects with us – I really learnt a lot from you.

    I will continue to be your biggest fan here, good luck with all the projects!


  6. Heather

    You’ve got your work cut out for you–but as always, it’s going to be GORGEOUS!!!

  7. Bellacor

    All we can say is WOW! This is going to be such a fantastic transformation. We are thrilled to be partnering with you Christine! Work your magic!


  8. Ivy Lane

    WOWSA! You got a lot going on girl! This is going to be aMAYYYYzing! Keep on keepin’ on! It is going to be so worth it!!!



  9. So much goodness everywhere I look! Next level amazing right there. ?

  10. Lydia

    I really appreciate how you’re drawing from such different sources to come up with your final look! It’s beautiful! and you’re making amazing progress!

  11. Love love all the elements you picked out for your ORC. This is going to be a series edgy glam bedroom! And I am obsessed with that wedding blanket.

  12. Daiva

    WAIT…are you saying that Alexanian’s carries Karastan exotics carpeting???!!! No way! I’m sure it’s much more affordable than Stark. Everything looks crazy good. Still can’t believe you’re doing this, but good luck even though you don’t need it!

  13. Dianne

    I love everything in it!!! You are amazingly talented. No doubt you will finish on time and once again have all our jaws dropping. xo

  14. Arielle

    I’m loving what you’ve put together so far! The art and the ruched leather chairs – swoon. Good luck, you got it!

  15. tiina

    oh damn, my dose of ‘what-would-christine-do’ is being delivered again. can’t wait

  16. I’m so excited about this room you have no idea. It’s going to be incredibly rad.

  17. Looking good Christine. Loving all the details –like that blanket! The color scheme is incredible. Good luck for this new week!

  18. Always Rad

    Love all the artwork! Can’t wait to see this project as the weeks go by!

  19. I always get so nervous clicking over….my fingers and toes are crossed for you. Love all of your choices, and hope that the sun shines on your project.

  20. Hollie Cooper

    I love all of the art, the fabrics, the fireplace & the rouched chair. It will all come together. You will work you magic & pull this off – no problem!

  21. I’ve literally been waiting all week to check in on your room! The stuff you have gathered so far is uh-mazing. I’m in love!!

  22. Wow Christine you are ambitious and amazing!!!!! I can’t wait to see all your beautiful design pieces come together!!

  23. You almost have a room! Of all the fabulousness in this post, I keep thinking of the collection you pulled from Minted and how well they work together even though most of us wouldn’t have naturally paired them. You reign as the queen of art again this round!

  24. You honestly need your own show, Christine! Your house is going to be SUPER fab and I love everything you have chosen so far. That fireplace….so gorgeous. It’s beautiful architectural details like that which make a room extra special! So excited to watch your progress on this xo

  25. Wow, this is a huge project! I am also taking part in the challenge and was thinking I am doing too much by incorporating build in bunk beds for my boy’s bedroom. This is going to look amazing! I love the flooring you have picked, that colors is stunning!

  26. Jana

    Leopard, morroccan blanket, DOUBLE doors ahhh double doors…going to be major sexy town!

  27. Hello Christy,
    Looks like you have great ideas for your ORC. In reading your blog, I see one of my designs featured.
    I honored to see my work for DXV on your blog, but respectfully ask that credit be given to me for the design and to Kendall Studios for the photography.

    Thanks so much, Lisa Mende

  28. Laura

    How did you order that amazing carpet? Through Alexanian or you are just getting it sized there?

    Love how it is all coming together!

  29. Karena

    Christine I am stunned! As soon as I saw the leopard carpet I knew your room would be smashing, adn it kept getting better and better!! I know you will finish it!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Palm Beach Chic!

  30. Danielle

    You have an awesome contractor! This room is going to be beautiful and I have total confidence that it will get done in time!

  31. You my friend are making me nervous….although I am just ordering some things from our sponsors now:) Crikey…where does the time go. Here’s hoping we both finish on time:)
    This space will be drop dead gorgeous!

  32. McKenna

    Wow, Christine, this is going to be incredible! Loving those doors and the molding, and those lamps! Can’t wait to see it all come together. Good luck!
    McKenna @Twolittlelimes

  33. When I saw those chairs on the new Lazzaro site, I thought to myself, I bet Christine will want those! They are ultra cool and so you and what sets you apart. And the fireplace! Cannot wait to see this unfold. It’s going to be ridiculous! (in a good way)

    • Actually was a similar chair without the ruching that I saw.

  34. alison g.

    I don’t know how you’re going to pull this off, but I know you will, and it’s going to be be-YOND good.

  35. You have the greatest contractor ever! Between his determination and your design wizardry, you are to finish in time, I know it. 🙂
    Love all the material selections!

  36. so so so many gorgeous selections I don’t even know where to start. Well maybe those Lazzaro chairs. dang a lang, I Missed those. SEXXXY

  37. Mindi

    I missed checking in last week, so I stopped here first before spying week 3! Still loving your inspiration and Wow they got so much done!! Yay!!!

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