One Room Challenge – Week One

And so it begins…the wild ride we all have come to know and love, called the One Room Challenge.

one room challenge christine dovey maude arsenault photograph

You know the one…it’s that crazy roller coaster of fun that gives those who dare jump on, a mere 6 weeks to completely transform a room from start to finish.  I’m not sure what it is about me that makes me always want to jump on the biggest, scariest version of this adventure, but this year is no different my friends.  As of today, I have 6 weeks to complete a room that doesn’t even really exist yet. You see, this year, I’ve chosen my master bedroom…but not the master in the house I actually live in…instead, I’ve decided to go thundering down a crazy path that’s going to see me tackle a room that as of today, has basic framing, no roof, no floors, no wiring,  no plumbing, and no insulation.  Gods help me.

If you’re new to my blog, thanks so much for stopping in!!! To help catch you up on the house I’m working on, called Project Flip, it was built around 1910 and resides just down the street from our current home. Originally, the plan was to renovate and sell.  As of today though, we’ve decided it makes more sense to sell our current home and move into this one…for tax purposes etc. Also, I’m just ready for a  change to be honest. In any event, the house was/is a wreck. We basically gutted to to the rafters because there was quite honestly, nothing to save. We found the entire exterior coated in asbestos, so that was good times. Permits took forever…so many things seemed to delay everything.  And as it stands now, we’re about a month into actual construction.  As part of the plans, we’re completely re-working the existing 1600 square footprint, and then adding on an 600 square foot addition, which will contain the kitchen, family, mudroom and garage on the first floor and the master bedroom, enusite and closet on the second.  This new bit, is of course, where the bedroom that I’ve committed to do for the ORC resides. And yes, if you haven’t figured it out already, I am a total glutton for punishment.  I guess I just love a real challenge.  There won’t be any smoke and mirrors here my friends. What you’ll see about the space in the coming weeks, is what’s happening real time. There is a very distinct possibility here that I won’t finish…there are just so many variables I can’t control. BUT…I promise to throw everything but the kitchen sink at it and try my damn best to get this all done by Nov. 11th.  Thankfully, I have an amazing builder, who is very aware of the nature of this game and is on board.  I’m also relying on my experience in my past two ORC spaces, to help me along. In those, I tackled quite major construction on both (mind you nothing compared to this one but I’m trying to convince myself they’re all totally of the same scope lol,) and things did come down to the skinny, skinny wire on both.

For my first, I completed a client’s piano room


And then for my second, I did a complete overhaul of my master bathroom

one room challenge bathroom christine dovey style at home

As I said, the 6 weeks was a super quick ride on both and photographs might have been happening the night before reveal, but, they got done and I’m praying/hoping/planning/willing the same here.

So, with all of that background business, here’s the plan.

Let’s start with the pretty stuff…my inspiration for our bedroom is pretty much comprised of an Amanda Nisbet and Hotel Henriette sandwich.

So the lovechild of this…


amanda nisbet bedroom inspiration christine dovey one room challenge

+ this…

hotel henriette paris inspiration christine dovey one room challenge bedroom

hotel henriette inspiration christine dovey one room challenge

…which will hopefully land somewhere = this…

one room challenge design board christine dovey style master bedroom

Try to imagine the blue being a take on the Nisbet moulding/penling etc. and the grey marble wallpaper being well…the wallpaper lol.

Here’s a close of up the left to right…

christine dovey master bedroom design plan one room challenge

one room challenge christine dovey moodboard

As you can see from the board(s), my palate is pretty much made of grey, navy, lilac and leopard…with tons of art mixed in and a bit of good old fashioned pattern play.

And now, the not so happy news.

It turns out my room doesn’t actually really exist yet so when we consider the whole 6 week deadline situation, things get a little messy.

The master bedroom I’m working on is part of the addition we’re doing on a house we bought to flip, that we’re now considering moving into ourselves.  It involves extensive renovation of an old 1910 home, along with a pretty extensive addition.  The bedroom is part of the later. Here’s the floorplan for reference…

one room challenge upstairs floorplan christine dovey

As of today, this is where everything stands on the construction front.

First, here’s the addition from the backyard…the bedroom is the second floor..

one room challenge back elevation christine dovey

And as we move inside, here’s a view looking into what will be our master ensuite from the old section of the house…

one room challenge christine dovey

And then the bedroom itself in a sort of 360 circle, starting from inside the ensuite…

ne room challenge christine dovey construction

one room challenge christine dovey construction

christine dovey one room challenge master bedroom construction

one room challenge christine dovey

one room challenge master bedroom christine dovey

one room challenge master bedroom  christine dovey

one room challenge master bedroom christine dovey

ne room challenge christine dovey construction

ne room challenge christine dovey construction


As you can see, at this point, there’s no roof…or floor…or insulation…or drywall lol…nothing to panic about though right?!?! This is totally doable…in my head anyways…my contractor on the other hand, totally not feeling my magical unicorn positivity at this stage;)

So…instead of stressing about it, I’m going to choose to focus on the happy parts of this little undertaking…and by that, I mean the pretty stuff that will very hopefully end up in that room before Nov. 11th.

Here’s a glimpse of that business…all close up like…

karastan leopard carpet christine dovey one room challenge

project flip tonic living alt pink linen

time stood still one room challenge christine dovey art minted

one room challenge kelly wearstler mineral

christine dovey one room challenge drop it modern wedding blanket master bedroom


drop it modern crystalline wallpaper christine dovey one room challenge

that morning by maude arsenault christine dovey one room challenge

pierre frey kubus one room challenge christine dovey

And with that, I’ll sign off on week one with a prayer to the ORC gods that this one will not be my un-doing.

In the meantime, make sure you link over and spy on what my fabulously talented fellow masochists are up to…

One Room Challenge Fall 2015 Participants

… because duh…their transformations are going to be pure gravy train styles.

And speaking of great before and afters, there are also YOURS to look forward to if, if you’re bravely taking part in the ORC linking event…that fun starts tomorrow and I’ll so be following!!

PS…don’t you just love this whole blogging/ ORC thing?!?! It totes the revitalizes blogging like in the good old days…you know… the hayday, circa 2010ish…I just love spending the time visiting everyone and seeing updates etc. So fun.  Thank you Linda for dreaming it all up and making this happen!

As for me, stay tuned…I’ll very hopefully have a roof on the place by this time next Wednesday so wish me god speed on that front.


  1. OK Christine…..I think maybe you made this decision when you were off your meds:) Or did you go to Magician school this summer! You will be a legend on ORC land if you pull this off but crikey…..if anyone can do it then it’s you!

  2. Daiva

    Hahaha, this made my morning! I know you will get this finished, but are you crazy? I’m having a bit of an anxiety attack just thinking about everything that has to be done. I commend you and love what you have planned. I think you might be going through a lot of wine on this project!

  3. Bree

    You’re a genious! Can’t wait to see this come to life. The leopard rug/carpet isto die for!

  4. Lydia

    holy cow! This is going to be incredible! I cannot wait to see progress!!!

  5. Holy cow! Can’t wait to follow along on this endeavor! I’m sure you will knock it out of the park as always 🙂 And I couldn’t agree more about it revitalizing how I feel about blogs…ORC is getting to be my favorite time of year for blog viewing!

  6. Bellacor

    Can’t wait to follow along to see the complete transformation! Best of luck Christine. It is going to be BEAUTIFUL!


  7. No Roof! That’s awesome. I love your plan and can’t wait to see the transformation!

  8. Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my laptop. This is going to be absolutely stunning. I love the direction. You are such a style power house.

  9. Oh yes ma’am…this is going to be so good. The kind of good that only you can pull off!!! So excited to watch it unfold! Best wishes to your builder and UPS driver! 😉 xo

  10. Carrie

    You win for the challenge category! Holy smokes!! The pretty details are amazing, though! This is going to be an epic reveal!!

  11. WOW, this one will have us on the edge of our seats. Your direction is to die for!

  12. Convinced you are the only person on the planet who can make this happen because I’ve seen the previous masterpieces you’ve come up with on earlier challenges. You are a crazy talented magician to be sure! Nothing but love for the vision- all those patterns and texture. Wowsa! I’ll be following along (and joining in with Thursday’s group!)

  13. What the heck were you thinking? Oh.My! You are amazing, and this one will be a real challenge. Good luck.

  14. Geez C! Way to put the “challenge” in the ORC. But as everyone says, you will pull it off brilliantly as per usual. Could this room be even better than the Piano Room? I think so! Wishing you mucho magical unicorn positivity! xo

  15. Dianne

    You are the reason I even read this challenge. I have no doubt you will do a perfect job and come in on time. I love your selections, especially the photograph of the girl over the bed. Cannot wait until next week!! Hugs!

  16. Everything you touch is the epitome of chic! The leopard carpet is my go to favorite. Cannot wait to see this happen!


    So many variables. I am having anxiety for you. Other than that, how fun!!! Oh to build to your suit. Very cool. I have now doubt it will be utterly gorgeous or chic. Wishing you quick quick action with little delays and bumps.

  18. Elisa

    Yep, you win, hands down. No roof?? Get it gurl! I’m cheering hard for you and that sassy leopard carpet.

  19. OH MY GOSH. Heart palpitations happening for you. Happy thoughts coming for you and your contractor. Does he know how much we’re all dying to see your vision come to life? Still love your ORC bathroom and have happy dreams of that tile floor!

  20. Michelle

    This is going to be the best before and after! I can’t wait to see what you do with the space! I will be doing the linked challenge and am so excited!

  21. My fearless sister. No doubt you will deliver a showstopping master piece, right under the wire, in a blaze of fabulous glory. And that is what makes this thing so great. Will be cheering you on, with glass of vino in hand, from the safety of my couch.

    My mister has threatened literal death if I even whisper ‘ORC.’ Rude.

  22. This is going to be stunning. Can’t wait to see the finished product — you can do it!

  23. Wow, Christine this is going to be so exciting to watch this round! I love your design and your so talented for seeing potential in a space and transforming it! Each ORC the spaces get better and better and it’s hard to pick a favorite. I love the master has some pink mixed in with your chic and modern style. Looking forward to seeing how you transform your new master!

  24. Mindi

    Wow, you are going to KILL it, I believe in you! Best of luck, I love the pink and blue! Can’t wait to see where you are at next week! Thanks for the encouragement on my room, I appreciate it!

  25. I have never met you but I can tell…we would be fast friends! I like how you think! and I LOVE how brazenly daring you are. I cannot wait to see how your master bedroom turns out!! This blog and Project Runway will be on my Thursday to-do list!!!! Good Luck!

  26. Both of your other ORC makeovers came together so beautifully, and right on time. No doubt the same will happen again with this magical-looking room! So excited to see the end result, and especially to see more of the fantastic art you’ve chosen for the space!

  27. Sharon

    I’m awed by your sheer determination. The plan is stunning and I’ll be hoping the contractors move quickly because I’m desperate to see the end result!

  28. Roxanne

    You are definitely brave tackling a room that still needs to be constructed! I am in LOVE with the floors in your master bath shown from your previous challenge! I am really looking forward to seeing your reveal!

  29. This is going to be the biggest ORC ever! I can’t believe you are starting from (almost) nothing. Fingers crossed that your contractor can hurry along so you can get to the fun part! Your designs are always inspiring can’t wait to follow along on the transformation!

  30. Wow!!! I love the sophisticated yet playful vision you have for the room, and can’t wait to see this space come reveal day! What an undertaking… Excited to follow along!

  31. karolina

    wow, Christine!! It’s going to look amazing. Love Amanda Nisbet’s work as well. Love your blog design by the way. Can’t wait to see the progress.xx

  32. Whitney

    Hey Christine!!

    I’m so excited to see how your space turns out – I know it’s going to look amazing!! My favorite one room challenge project, is your bathroom project. I’m always inspired by it!!

  33. Christine

    Oh my Wow! Seriously, I already love everything about your design, and that leopard carpet is the icing on the cake! My bet is on you to finish in 6 weeks! Good luck! I’m super excited to follow along!

  34. Everything you touch turns to gold Christine! I’m super excited for this transformation! I’m such a fan of your style.

  35. Christine, I love how bold you are! You chose a room that isn’t even a room yet. I have seen you make magic happen before, and let me tell you with my full confidence – it is going to happen again! Really looking forward to watching this room come to life. 🙂

  36. Leslie

    Wow! Just, Wow! I love the contrasting colors and the mix of patterns and the stone! This room design screams sexy! Love it.

  37. ange

    Wow! What some awesome inspiration/ideas you have for this room! I am excited for this new home for you and can’t wait to follow along and see what happens with it all! And yes, I get all nostalgic for the old days of blogging when it was one big family and we all knew each other and commented on posts. Now everyone is too busy to comment, myself included but when I take the time to do it, I get all nostalgic. Anyways, love all the pattern and color going on, that cheetah print has me excited!

  38. Wow, Christine! I give you total props for going ALL OUT. You’re taking the “challenge” part of One Room Challenge to a new level. The whole new house an incredibly exciting project, though! I absolutely love your inspiration for the bedroom. Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!

  39. I think I just read every word of this post with my jaw open. UM, HOLY COW. My mind is blown. I am so excited to watch this one unfold…you are a superwoman for going for it! And I love the plan SO so much- dreamiest bedroom ever. GOOD LUCK girl- I am cheering for you!!!

  40. Girl, if anyone can do this, you can! I was blown away by your past ORC rooms and I’m sure this one will be no different. Can’t wait to see you put this fabulous space together!

  41. Oh my! As if getting a room designed in 6 weeks wasn’t enough of a challenge….you have no walls. Still, if anyone can pull this off it will be you!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  42. Abigail

    One word…WOW!
    This is going to be incredible.

  43. You is crazy girl. But if anyone can pull it off, it’s you!

  44. Oh. My. Gosh. This is quite the undertaking. The thought of transforming an existing room in 6 weeks freaks me out, so I can’t imagine doing a room that doesn’t even exist yet! Good luck, and I’ll be following along!

  45. Dear Lord this is too good for words. I can not wait to see you make this happen!! So fun to be along side you for this amazing ride! xo, Paige

  46. I join the chorus of OMG and WOW…you are really starting from BEFORE!!!! love the inspiration and you ARE going to be legend ( if the pink piano room didn’t already make you a superstar, haha) WHEN you show us the final reveal! Pulling for you all the way!

  47. the zhush

    Here’s hoping you have a roof and walls by now! Your selection of pretty things is as usual so chic and amazing!


  48. Everything you do inspires me and I always can’t wait to see what you come up with. Love all your inspiration

  49. Just keep saying, “I DO believe in unicorns,” and I will say it along with you 🙂 Wishing you the best of luck on this room, and I cannot wait to see it! xo, Andrea

  50. I loved how your bathroom turned out last time, so I’m excited to see how your bedroom turns out. I know it’s going to be fab! I just painted my master bedroom a dark navy color and now I’m obsessed with dark walls, so I love your mood board. You can do it!

  51. Jessica

    Wow!! You are taking on a lot!! There aren’t even walls yet. Oh my gosh, I’ll pray for you!

  52. Jana

    Of course you would take on your master bedroom that does not exist! Love all the textures you are pairing together, can’t wait to see more! XXX

  53. Well, I’m pretty sure that is the most unfinished room I’ve seen at the start of a ORC! Which only means that it is ready for a wonderful finale! Good luck as you tackle this room over the next few weeks. Cannot wait to see where you end up!

  54. Deena

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