Art Fair Fridays – Liz Wolfe

Wohoooo…it’s Friday, which means it’s time for my favourite segment of the week!

Bijou & Boheme and Heirloom & Knot are both excited to share with you our second instalment in our collaborative Art Fair Fridays series, where we combine our shared love of art, fashion, literature and design into exclusive interviews and trend pages featuring the talented artists that inspire our creativity daily.

This week’s inspiration comes from the talented Liz Wolfe, whose eerily mesmerizing photographs are a juxtaposition between creatures and confections. Where vibrant candy-coated colours meet the inexplicable and your understanding of beauty in nature is re-evaluated. Liz is an expert in not only creating arresting imagery but of layering her subjects so that you are forced to look past surface beauty and into the bright bizarre.

Art Fair Fridays - Liz Wolfe

Liz Wolfe

How long have you been a professional photographer? About 10 years.

What is your biggest career highlight to date? Exhibiting my ice cream cone landscapes in sculptural format at the Architecture + Design Museum in Los Angeles and Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel was an amazing experience. It was my first time displaying the contents of my photographs in three-dimensional spaces – so much fun!

How would you define your signature style? Playful, colourful, sometimes grotesque.

Where do you find your greatest creative inspiration? Everyday life, the people I love, the observations of children. Also, plastic.

Where do you draw the line with pushing the envelope in art? Or do you? Honestly, it’s not something I’ve ever thought about. It’s hard to imagine what the world on the other side of that line looks like. There are definitely things I wouldn’t shoot, but it’s a challenge to articulate what they are – I think it’s a “you know it when you see it” situation 😉

Of all the delectable shoots you’ve done, what satisfies your sugar craving the most?

I love working with icing and sugar paste.

What would surprise people to know about food styling and photography? Creating an organza bridal veil for a Marshmallow Peep is not as simple as it sounds. Sugar gets everywhere. Altering a gingerbread house recipe involves a complex calculation best determined by a structural engineer.

How long does it take to set up a single shot? It depends on how elaborate the shot is and how many people are on set with me. When I’m doing my own styling in a low-pressure environment, three hours to style and shoot one image would be typical.

If you were one candy what would you be and why? A liquorice allsort with nonpareils! Because tiny things can be constantly falling off you and people are still okay with you as a concept.

Featured Product:

No. 1 Studio Mucci  – Misty Pink Tassel Garland – $45.00

No. 2 Net-a-Porter – Edie Parker Jean Diagonals Striped Acrylic Box Clutch – $2,024.65

No. 3 Indigo – Large Bunny Jar – $15.00

No. 4 Royal Doulton –  Set of 41815 Bright Colors Dinner Plate – $80.00

No. 5 Christian Louboutin – Pigalle Follies Strass – $3,945.00

No. 6 The Evolution Store – Rabbit Skeleton – $129.00

No. 7 Tom Binns – Yellow Bracelet With Orange & Purple Round Stones – $590.00

No. 8 Kathy Kuo Home – Red Pink Beaded Coastal Beach 3 Light Chandelier – $5,240.00

No. 9 J. Crew – Crystal Foliage Earrings – $90.00

No. 10 Anthropologie – Crown-Feather Taper Holder – $148.00


Isn’t Liz’s work divine? I’m so in love with how she balance sweetness and whimsy.

In addition to the amazing bunny piece, I’ve also got a few other of her pieces on my art acquisition wish list.  And in looking through her portfolio, I was thinking that as part of this series, I’d love to showcase with you my top 5 pics from each artist’s works, just so you get to see a little more of the fantastica they create.

So for this week, here are the Liz Wolfe pieces that in addition to Mr Bunny above, have me breathless…

liz wolf

liz wolfe unicorn

liz wolfe cat

art fair fridays liz wolfe christine dovey heirloom and knot donught

art fair fridays liz wolfe ice cream cones christine dovey heirloom and knot

Heaven in sugary confectionary art form.


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