Project Flip – The Befores…and I’m Hiring

So far, I’ve done a crap job with my resolution to be a better blogger in 2015.

I have good news on that front though.  I’m about to free up some mage time because, Christine Dovey Style is…


Yup…the time has officially come. I’m in DESPERATE need of an assistant so if you love design and want to help yours truly get her organizational shit together etc., please email me to set up a chat.

I’m hoping having an extra set of hands and one more brain trust in the mix will free up some time so that I can get back to doing some things I love, like keeping these here pages up to date.

And on that front, I’d love to really get down to brass tacks and start sharing progress on the…

project flip christine dovey style


I spent Friday morning with my architect going through the house and am meeting with a builder today to discuss options etc.

In my head, I’m seeing a total gut to the rafters, along with a garage and kitchen/great-room addition. Right now the house rings in at about 1600 square feet and we’d like to end somewhere around 2100. Here’s the catch though…I have $200k to spend and not a penny more.  I’m already feeling like things and ideas are going to chopped before they even start but we shall see.

For now, here’s the starting point…aka a cement cube of a house built in the early part of the century that lives 3 houses down from my current abode.

christine dovey project flip exterior

christine dovey project flip exterior 1

christine dovey project flip living room


christine dovey project flip dining

christine dovey project flip kitchen

christine dovey project flip staircase

I’ve got 8 months max to get this place gutted and renovated to within an inch of its life.

Excited/terrifed but mostly excited.

This is the last month the renters will be in and at that point, the fam jam and I will be eating peanut butter sammies for most of 2015 so the faster this gets done and sold, the better.

God speed to me as it were:)


  1. Dianne

    This is so exciting…like a ORC for an entire house!!!! I know you can do this better than anyone and the results will be fantastic. I will be cheering you on. Please lots of photos along the way! Hugs.

  2. Pam

    Christine, considering that you’re in charge, I KNOW this is going to be the most amazing house transformation of all time. I hope you’re able to share all of your ideas & progress with us here on the blog. Please don’t save ALL of it for print, although I’m sure this is going to end up being published somewhere when all is said is done. Super excited!!

  3. I feel like it has such amazing potential! Can’t wait to tag along and see what you come up with!

  4. Whoa you got some work to do. I want to be there to do it with you! Congrats on hiring… I am on my 3rd round of amazing interns… just trying to keep the growth, work, blog, family life in tact. Why must we feel the need to do it all? As ever, I remain, so proud of you… xo Whitley

  5. Bring on the flip! This is going to be a good one, I can feel it! Thanks for bringing us on along for the ride, Christine. Good luck with your assistant search…I have no doubt there are going to be a ton of great applicants who are keen to work with you.

  6. Lee

    Hi, I stumbled across your blog and was looking at some of your projects and spotted an amazing painting of flowers behind the piano in the Barrington room. Can you tell me the artists name please?

  7. Rebecca Dean

    Working for you… Hello dream job!! I wonder how long of a commute it is from Detroit? 🙂 Whoever you pick is one lucky girl!!

  8. Angela Phimsipasom

    Wow, I stumbled across one of your designs on pinterest and fell in love with it. It took me to your blog and website. I just can’t believe how stunning everything is ! You are truly amazing ! How do you come up with such great designs?! :O

  9. Chyna

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