My Master Bedroom – Before the One Room Challenge Hit

Since my master bedroom has been sort of destroyed post #oneroomchallenge, I thought it might be a fitting/funny time to show you the reveal of how it appeared hours before demo began on the ensuite.   I’m hoping I’ll be able to put humpty back together again in the coming weeks, which will bring to a close ALL RENOS/MAKEOVERS on this house…yup…I said it. With the bathroom and this room done, my house is completo, which is music to husbands ears let me tell you. I’ve promised him that nothing more will be done and hopefully, when we list it for sale next year, people will respond to this project of mine that has taken 9 years to finish, and pay up as it were;)

The master bedroom was the last room touched in my place…for a long time, it remained a white box with shifting furniture, piles of toys, cast offs from other room etc.  About 3 years ago, I made the decision to add moulding to the walls and when I decided to finally tackle this room, I knew I wanted the walls black so that the matched furniture set would be concealed. On the long wall opposite the door, there are a set of odd windows that are off-center and weirdly sized…the wall to wall curtains were selected to mask the irregularity of the windows…Hollie Cooper hand painted them for me and sewed together IKEA panels to create a custom look.  The other main feature in the room is the ceiling…I worked with Metrie to create an interesting graphic that complimented the wall moulding and again, served to add more drama/interest to the space. My Super Allen installed the design and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.  Other than that, most of the makeover involved finishing details like art, accessories, rug and bedding.  I shopped my house for a lot of what’s there…you ‘ll probably recognize the settee from the living room…I prefer it in the bedroom and that’s where she’ll live permanently in the new house. The long mirrors were stolen from the foyer, as were some of the art pieces that you can see in the Style at Home shoot…for some reason, I didn’t get a single good shot of the wall opposite the bed with my TV and dresser…nor did I get one of the guitars/Nicole Cohen art…both are in the magazine shoot though.  As for new stuff, I added in the Ashley Woodson Bailey floral photograph, that I had Super Allen frame in plexi. The IKEA side table lamps are new, as is the vintage overdye rug from Elte…bedding/blankets were also added.  And finally, my graphic pillows from Alexandra D. Foster are my favourite…adore the graphic hit they bring to the space.

christine dovey master bedroom louboutin book

christine dovey master bedroom wayland gregory dish elte flowers fiori

christine dovey style master bedroom alexandra foster pillows

christine dovey master bedroom settee

christine dovey style master bedroom

christine dovey style master bedroom target dish

christine dovey style master bedroom alexandra d foster pillows ashley woodson bailey art

christine dovey master bedroom louboutin book

christine dovey style master bedroom elte rug

christine dovey master bedroom ceramic zebra

christine dovey style master bedroom ikea lamps

christine dovey master bedroom settee

christine dovey style master bedroom

christine dovey master bedroom cherry blossoms

christine dovey style master bedroom alexandra foster pillows

christine dovey style master bedroom metrie ceiling


christine dovey style master bedroom alexandra foster pillows

christine dovey style master bedroom

{Furniture- The Art Shoppe . Rug- Elte . Settee- Les Bohemiennes . Mirrors – Aberfoyle Antique Market . Black and Gold Table – Nate Berkus for Target . Gold Dish- Nate Berkus for Target . Pouf – Elte . Table Lamps- IKEA . Floral Artwork – Ashley Woodson Bailey / Citizen Atelier . Bedding – Elte . Graphic Pillows – Alexandra D. Foster . Ceiling Moulding – Metrie . Curtains- IKEA/ Customized by Hollie Cooper Interiors . Chandelier- Schonbek . Flowers and Faux Cherry Blossoms . Fiori }

To see more of the room, make sure to check out the ‘Makeovers with Style’ issue of Style at Home. And….a TV preview of the room in 360 view styles will be coming up on Steven and Chris Nov. 25th at 2pm EST, so stay tuned for that as well.


  1. Abigail

    I see what you did there 🙂 Always the trendsetter and always one step ahead of the game, I just adore this room <3 <3.

  2. Jody

    No, no, no.

    Looks like a Funeral Home.

  3. I love this room it’s so layered, sophisticated, edgy & fun! Well done:) Thank you of raving me be apart of another amazing space. xo

  4. Dianne

    This room is so you!!!! Love it! You are a trend setter as the internet proves. Many this year on ORC followed the lead you set last year with the gorgeous piano room. I know this year’s challenge was extra hard on you. However, the end result was so special and I cannot wait for professional photos. Bravo Christine for showing us all how to do it with grace, style and a smile. You are the BEST!!!

  5. Beautiful!! The dark companion to you lighter pretty bathroom! Love the settee and artwork, but the walls and ceiling are stunning!

  6. Amy C

    Stunning! Once again, you are amazing and I am drooling over another beautiful space you’ve created! Great job!

  7. I love it- it’s like a beautifully edgy boutique hotel. The black wall and black moldings are great with all the light you get in the room. At first those splatter draperies….well, I thought it was totally out of place, but once I saw how it adds something unexpected to the design, I really enjoy them. Okay, I’ll stop now 🙂 Enjoy!

  8. Janine

    This room is drop-dead gorgeous. Does anyone know where I can get the black & white pillows (or the fabric for those pillows)? Any help would be much appreciated.

    • hala alghanim

      yeah she has a list of everything in the room under the last photo 🙂

  9. emel

    I love so much this room. Black & White so beautiful !

  10. You know… that is one hell of a sexy room. What i love most – how all the soft, feminine accents play against the dark wall, the lines and structure of the trim work and bold textiles. It really is divine Christine – though I wouldn’t expect anything less from you!

  11. a very stylish and chic room. I love the French settee at te end of the bed, it adds such charm. The ornate mirrors are fabulous features too :O)

  12. *gasp* Holy effing scheisse Christine. Unreal. Gorgeous, beautiful and detailed and so different from all the other bedrooms out there on the interwebs. Makes me want to paint everything black, as Jim sang. Sophisticated glamour.

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  14. Kendalls

    Black is really quite a trendy colour for walls nowadays. The room can be quite dark because of it but since you incorporated white, it just looked so classy and sophisticated. Beautiful job!

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  17. Tess

    Love this room! What color and finish was the black paint used here?

    • It’s Farrow and Ball Off Black in the Estate Emulsion.

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  24. Scarlett

    I have been following Christine’s design for so long. Your work is absolutely glamour, chic and sophisticated. You have a special eye. I have been trying to locate this settee and it’s truly become a challenge. Any idea where I can get the same one? I am obsessed with it.

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  35. Karen

    I see a lot of great ideas here. I cannot paint the walls because I’m renting but I have some ways around that. Thank you for sharing your beautiful space

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  41. Marni

    Who makes the sofa at the end of the bed and how can I purchase or for my room????

    Love everything about this bedroom!!!

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