One Room Challenge – The Reveal!!!

I’m writing this post the day before the official reveal because as you read this, I’m on a plane over the Atlantic heading for London and the Amara Blog Awards…cue MAJOR excitement!!!

I really can’t believe I’m sitting here hours before the car picks me up for the airport, actually ready to showcase my One Room Challenge bathroom.

For those of you have been following along, you already know that this reno has not been smooth sailing for me at all.  If you haven’t been reading these past few weeks, you can catch up with week one, two, three, four and five…after reading, you’ll understand why I’m more than just a little happy to be able to share this reveal with you on deadline.

Thanks to: 1. my amazing Super Allen who demoed the original space and started the groundwork for what was going to be the finished product 2. my husband for always always always helping…not matter what…all the time…he did picks ups/delivery, drove me around most weekends to source goodies, helped me with cleaning/scrubbing/gluing/scraping/hanging etc. etc. He’s pretty swell and I’m pretty lucky. 3. Jamie the Magnificent…aka…the contractor who swept in like a construction white knight and within 4 days was able to take a bathroom that was essentially half done and to one that’s ready for its spotlight 4. My electrician Ben from 2B Wired for again, swooping in last minute and getting all of that business done. 5. Peter the Painter who always, always comes when I need him…he’s a gem among gems who I can always, always count on. 6. Me…I’ve worked really, really hard on this bathroom- probably harder than on any space I’ve done before…the stress of the ups and downs and fear of not finishing, combined with the days and weeks of sourcing, overseeing, painting, cleaning, scrubbing, installing and cleaning some more, were hard….but so so worth it.

Like I said earlier, finishing this bathroom in time for reveal day was really touch and go with this one. As of this past Friday, I had pretty much thrown in the towel thinking there was no hope but the gods shone down on me and miraculously, though all is not completely finito, the bathroom is ready to show you what it’s made of.

So, here she goes….my master ensuite, Fall 2014 One Room Challenge styles…

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom taryn st michelle artwork

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom endeavour neaon sign

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom wayfair bench

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey bathroom

christine dovey one room challenge tray with perfume



one room challenge christine dovey bathroom




So there you have it:)

I wish I had better photos because honestly, these don’t do the space justice at all. It’s a super hard room to shoot because of the huge mirror and narrow dimensions…I can’t wait to have it captured professionally.

For now though, these will give you an idea of what the place looks like…minus a shower door…we’re still waiting on that so the professional shots will showcase it as well:)

In any case, I’m so thankful I took the leap again and took part in this round of the One Room Challenge…they don’t call it a challenge for nothing but when all is said and done, it’s a process/trip I’d never not want to take.

It feels pretty fantastic to have a vision for a room….

one room challenge christine dovey style master bathroom makeover concept board

…and see it come to life.

A huge thanks to my fellow ORCers for brining the shiz to this round and for being so awesome/inspirational…

ORC-Participant Fall 2014

Abby M. Interiors . Because It’s Awesome . Chinoiserie Chic . The Decorista . Design Chic . The Design Daredevil . Design Darling . Design Indulgence . Design Manifest . House of Turquoise . Jana Bek Design . Jill Sorensen . Maddie G. Designs . Mimosa Lane . A Piece of Toast . The Pink Pagoda . Stone Textile . Waiting on Martha . The Zhush

Trademarked by Calling it Home

And of course to Linda for organzing this whole thing.

I’ll be back after my trip to do a whole behind the scenes on the bathroom to show you the work that went into getting it ready to show you this past week.  I’ll also of course, go through all my sources.

For now, thanks as always for reading and stopping by. I’ll be away until Saturday so will draw for the winners of both my giveaways (CA/art and 219) then (sorry about the delay on the Gray Malin/Citizen Atelier one…just not enough hours in the day).

Oh and though I won’t be here, I’ll be posting all about my London adventures on Insta so make sure to have a peek over there.


  1. whoa. like….whoa. prepare for your blog to explode in 3…2…1…..
    i need a pink neon light in my bathroom. i’ll bet it makes you look 10 times prettier than you already are.

  2. Christine!! This was my first visit today! I love, love, love it. The bathroom is spectacular. I love how cool and edgy it is. The sconces are really fabulous and that tile!! I DIE!! The neon signs, the styling, the art……a dream bathroom for sure. Congratulations! You should be so, so proud. And have an amazing time in London!! ENjoy you deserve a little break! xx

  3. Where to start my friend…’s so YOU! I went pretty crazy when I saw the floors because I have looked at that tile so many times drooling so I might hate you a little for having it. The marble is fabulous….all of it is and I can not believe you pulled it off after all the trouble you had! Gorgeous! Have fun in London!


    I love your vision and the fact that you didn’t compromise no matter how stressful it got. I am dying over those pendants. Love them!!! Other favorites are, of course, the tile, the neon sign, the towel bars, and Nicole’s print. Love you! Have so much fun with Holly in the UK. Cheerio girls! XOXO

  5. That neon sign! Love it. Seriously gorgeous and cheeky/fun space. Well done Christine. Congrats. Have fun with Holly overseas. Safe travels back!! xx

  6. Dale

    I have been in love with those lights since you first posted a pic of them – and they look even more fabulous now that they are up. Well it all looks fabulous! safe travels and enjoy London.

  7. Art Deco + Aztec + Athens = ADORATION! Wow this is truly a wonderful space. So glad that it all came together in the end. Although I see the pink wire wastebasket in some bathtub shots, I really love the wee gold dipped stool. I think perhaps you do as well.

    Can’t wait to see your London adventures.

  8. This is the stuff dreams are made of. First, a huge heartfelt congratulations to you for seeing this through to the end like a champ – the road was a bumpy one but makes the end result sooooo much more worthwhile and personal. Second, every detail is brilliant and perfectly you. The pink neon mixed with your signature black and white accents is nothing short of perfection. Those lights. Those lights. The tile. The marble. All. Of. It. Love you to the moon, peaches. Have fun in London Town.

  9. Dianne

    OMG! OMG! )MG!
    Perfection at it’s best. The lights just make it all sing. You have done it again Christine.

  10. Jana Bek

    INSANELY good! can not handle it! I mean even your heat vent is sexy! The lucite finishes, perfect artwork choices, your vintage light fixtures – I would never leave & feel like a rock star princess every day! You are so crazy talented Christine, I’m just shaking my head it’s so good. Fabulous lady! xx

  11. Well, you did it again! AMAZING job. Bathroom remodels are so stressful, I have been there. You really pulled this off and this space it so you. I am beyond obsessed with that floor tile. Great job and have a fabulous time in London!

  12. alison g.

    Trying to think of something that will make you feel as badass as this bathroom looks. But. You’re in London, so….yeah, I got nuthin’

  13. ashlina

    so beautiful!!!!!!

  14. Rachel

    Amazing! The lights! The tile! The unexpected neon! It turned out so great!

  15. Jessie

    Amazing transformation! Edgy and fabulous designs! The tiles, artworks, neon sign, lucite pieces and light fixtures are particularly my favorites. So glad you got everything done on time. Good job! Congratulations on the blog award, how awesome! Enjoy your trip!


  16. Rebecca

    The tile floor is perfection and that vanity shape is so lovely. Great work and enjoy your amazing award in London!

  17. Abigail

    Your just a miracle worker lady! This bathroom is AMAZE & just all sorts of beautiful. I love your choice of black and white with all my heart and you just can’t go wrong with marble and lucite, not to mention that amazing tile choice!

    Sigh… makes me wish I took part in the ORC this time…oh well maybe next year!

    Have an awesome trip! You deserve some relaxation time..

  18. The most gorgeously styled bathroom ever. Hello glam perfection.
    Love the floor tile so hard and the floor to ceiling mirror is perfection.

  19. This outcome only confirms why I am such a fan of what you do. I’m so glad it all worked out for you! I saw you heading off to London on Insta last night and all I could say to myself was “I don’t know how she does it!” All the stress of pulling that room together over the last few days and now off to cross the Atlantic! You are a wonder woman. It is another beautiful space Christine! I won’t even break it apart to tell you everything I love about it. It’s a supreme collection of perfect.

  20. Wallace

    Glad it all worked-out… It looks fantastic. Congratulations Christine!

    Good luck in London!

  21. Natasha

    Stunning! It all came together beautifully. I’m still crushing on that gorgeous floor. Enjoy London and take a rest!!!

  22. Christine, cheers on all your success and go enjoy London, what an honor! Secondly, WOW what a chic and sophisticated master ensuite! Honestly, watching you go through this bathroom this round has kept me going with my minor electrical problem with the chandelier. I got chills when I saw the Je t’aime sign because that’s what I’ve been saying to my mother since I was little. The white marble in contrast the black and white tile is just stunning! I love the touches of pink and gold and give it some GLAM! Hope you can enjoy this space soon! BRAVO!

  23. Just perfection, all the different elements just work so well together. Love the floor, the marble, the lighting, the towel bars. Wow!

  24. I knew it would be a stunner, but that tile – WOW!! The mirror behind the vanity was brilliant, and those pendants, love! You’re such an inspiration, Christine!! Enjoy!

  25. Carrie

    Christine, you take the most ordinary rooms and make them absolutely heavenly! This is so out-of-the-world gorgeous, and to think you accomplished all of it in six weeks… Have a fantastic time in London! Congratulations on your award! Xoxo

  26. Dangalang, I swear you never sleep! It looks fab, of course. I am still dying over that floor tile and love the neon sign.

  27. WOW!!! you never disappoint! this is black and white perfection. don’t even get me started on the lighting and the floors… cograts. Its amazing!


    SPECTACULAR is the word that comes to mind!!! I am such a fan of black and white bathrooms and yours is perfection with just the right touches of girly!!! The lighting both pendants and neon take this room over the top. LOVE~!

  29. Pam


    This bathroom is the best bathroom of all the bathrooms in the all the lands.


  30. Stacey

    I have no idea how you pulled this off in 6 weeks! I so love the floors and the marble and those pendant lights. Fantastic job.

  31. Absolutely stunning! Wouldn’t expect anything less.

  32. Terrye Holcomb

    It’s really beautiful, but am I the only one, at least after scanning the comments, who’s shocked, no pun intended, of a neon light over a bathtub? That long cord sure looks like a bump could cause the sign to drop into the tub.

    • Daiva

      I agree, this room is very beautiful, but I too immediately wondered if the neon light would be to code since it’s so close to the tub! I have to say that my favourite is the cement tile floors! Oh yeah and the marble and the Jonathan Adler canisters. A great job Christine!

  33. You made it!!!! I’m so thrilled for you and impressed you pulled together such an amazing space during the last few days. I love it all, but those pendant lights are exceptionally killer!

  34. YOU DID IT!!!! That neon sign is my favorite ever. Love everything in here. Congratulations!!!

  35. I love the lighting, the tile finishes, the lucite hardware, the neon signage, and the use of art through out the bathroom. I love it. Great job.

  36. You killed it with artwork in your bathroom!!!! Oh everything else!!! I kept scrolling down loving it all but I couldn’t wait to see the floor tiles!!! Holy cow! Those and those sconces…un-freakin-believable!!! Well done and have fun in London! 🙂

  37. Well hello there bathroom of my dreams. I’m so happy to finally meet you! So so gorgeous!

  38. autumn

    holy cow. this bathroom is GORGEOUS! the floors are insanely amazing. i have such a crush on them! the other details in the room are so well thought out and bring such life to a small space. those light fixtures and the lucite touches are fabulous as well. bravo! love it all!

  39. dana casey

    those pendants look amazing…truly. such great hardware, artwork and accessories against that wonderful marble too. dana

  40. Amber @The Beautiful Savages

    Looks fabulous Christine! I love everything!!! As always..;-)

  41. Where to start? It’s so glam, so well styled, so uniquely you, so out of the ordinary, so artful and so pretty! Amazing job as always. Glad you were able to get it done- now go have a well deserved amazing time in my birthplace!

  42. Erin

    This bathroom totally rocks, Christine! I freaking love it!!! The marble and hardware is to die for, the artwork is perfect and don’t even get me started on the floor! I know you ran into some challenges with this remodel, but everything really did come together in the end. Congrats on a fantastic job 🙂

  43. Kristin

    I absolutely love the floors! You have such a great eye for mixing materials – it’s perfection! Bravo.

  44. the hell did you pull this off? Wowsers. You must have a superhero twin. It is amazing. Just breathtaking. Every single last detail. That floor and the accessories are the things that dreams are made of. Have the best time in London. Give ’em hell!xo

  45. Kristin

    As usually it is AMAZING! Wonderful job. The art is always spot on. Have a great time in Londontown!

  46. I was just going to say: HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO PULL THIS OFF? With all the tile problems and things that gone wrong, you’ve managed to finish it off and styled it beautifully BEFORE the deadline! That’s dedication and determination for one very talented lady who has the magic to turn an ordinary space into anything but!

    So where do I begin: I love the nook + shelves idea by the tub, the mirror behind the vanity just makes the space looks forever long (not to mention doubling as backsplash), the floor tiles look amazing and the floor to ceiling, wall to wall marbles are just insanely luxurious. The lucite accents also had me at hello!

    All the best at the UK and I know you and my dear buddy Igor are going for the same category, and I think you finalists are all winners!! Have a blast at the award!! XOXOXO

  47. Sue D.

    Another incredible room. To be honest, everything is great, but I’m still swooning over the tiles. So much awesome.

  48. White marble is my jam. Love the graphic tile and OBSESSED with the neon light. xo

  49. WOOOOW. This is incredible, Christine. So very much to love, but that marble + the tile. HEAVEN.

  50. The stuff of magazines!! The full length mirror is brilliant, and that floor!! Super elegant and restrained. Stunning.

  51. This room is so lux!!! That tile on all the surfaces…the pattern on the floor…the artwork…I can’t tell what I like more. You did a great job on this room. So glad you got everything finished in time!

  52. I mean, the thing is…you don’t just design a space. Like, I design a space. Everything goes together well and it feels complete and all, but you. YOU. You take fabulous to the nth degree with every last teeny tiny detail and it makes all the difference. There’s not a thing in here that isn’t fabulous. The world will spontaneously combust when this is captured professionally because it’s pretty darn awesome right now. Well done, lady. Hope you’re having a fab time over there! ox

  53. Summer

    This is incredible! I’ve never seen anything like that floor tile and I’m in love!!! And I’m drooling over the lights and the vanity. You rocked it out!!! Amazing!

  54. Karena

    Christine how smashing I love it all! Black and white is such a sophisticated look and your choices amaze me! That flooring!

    The Arts from Karena

  55. Wow, you really pulled it together. I was nervous for you, and it looks incredible. Love so many of your touches, but I think the lucite towel bar is way up there. Great job, and congratulations about London! So well deserved.

  56. It turned out amazing! That floor is absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy London!

  57. Alessandra

    Girrrrrrl, you rocked it! WOW! You never seize to amaze me with your ridiculous talent, vision, perseverance and hard work! I had no doubt you would pull it off in time. Hope you are at some amazing little bakery in London drinking high tea and eating overpriced scones, enjoying the fruits of your labour and the amazing accomplishments of this past month- inspiring S & C segment, Style at Home, Interior Blog Awards and this gorgeous space! Congrats! xoxoxo

  58. What a dream bathroom! I am so happy for you. This was so stressful and you persevered! STUNNING! The towel bars, obviously all the tile and stone, the pendants!! Thanks for sharing this with us and enjoy your trip. xx

  59. Amy C

    Holy marble! This bathroom is LEGIT! I can’t stop staring at those floors and beautiful finished. FANTASTIC job and safe travels!!!

  60. This floor is my new love! It is so funky and classic and just down right beautiful! Congratulations on finishing with all of the setbacks, you certainly wouldn’t have known you had any from these photos! Best of luck at the awards, the nomination was well deserved!!

  61. AMAZING!!! This bathroom is spectacular! How original, beautiful, and fun! Congrats on an amazing job! Glad it all worked out in the end!! Have fun in London 😉

  62. YOU DID IT!!! I had no doubts you’d make it happen. The final result is so beautiful and so you in the best way possible – because it’s fabulous! Have a great time in London! Fingers crossed for you!!!

  63. You could have just posted a picture of the floor and I would have been happy. So many amazing details Christine, and such a reflection of your incredible style. Amazing.

  64. INCREDIBLE bathroom. Those floors are the things dreams are made of. Lucite fabulousness!
    Great job !!!

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  66. Finally made it over to see your reveal, and it’s phenomenal! I love it all – but hands down my favorite thing are the light fixtures. Stunning!! Very Art Deco, my fav. Keep wowing us!!

  67. Heida

    I an Flabbergasted,overawed and gobsmacked!!! Chicest bathroom ever!

  68. Lysandra M

    I don’t even know where to start! This is beautiful and the floor truly have my heart!!!! Stunning

  69. Bradley

    This looks stunning. Do you maybe have any tips for my condo, I moved to Miami and I like it very much, but I think that with your help I might make it look even better. Here you can find a gallery, if you find time for it:

  70. Ok, first things first, oh my god this is GORGEOUS!! I love the floors and the lighting and the beautiful pieces you’ve chosen – black and white are just so endlessly chic!! Gah! Stunning!!

    Secondly, I am absolutely beyond GUTTED that I didn’t see see/meet you at the Awards. I am now beating myself up because it was such a missed opportunity to meet someone I so greatly admire. Genuinely heartbroken here (and I totally voted for you because you are a favourite) but I hope you enjoyed yourself – the hotel was amazing, no? 😉


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  72. tara

    who puts an ottoman in the shower? totally staged ridiculously. otherwise, unique space but self-proclaimed designer trying too hard.

  73. Erin

    This is so good. I love it. Honestly, sometimes I can’t even read your blog because I am just filled with JEALOUSYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! Your rooms just tickle me.

  74. Heather @ interiorgroupie

    Wow zeros. This whole space is incredible and the addition of the Reverie sign is so you. The floor is STUNNING (and I don’t use that term lightly!)

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  77. Kathleen Tweed

    This bathroom is beyond anything! It is so fabulous! Can’t say one thing I love because I love every single thing. Like nothing I’ve seen. You are such a talent!

  78. Vel

    Absolutely heaven! Love it all Christine and so in love with your towel bar!!!!

  79. Tiffany

    Wow,wow,wow! The marble, the floors, the lights, the art! Yes! Absolutely gorgeous.

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  81. Yelda

    This is too darn gorgeous. I can’t handle it. Those floor tiles are wow. The pink neon sign is out of this world. The artwork couldn’t be more perfect. And that black and white striped Jonathan Adler canister has got to be the cutest thing I’ve seen lately (besides my twin baby girls, of course!). Everything you touch transforms into utter beauty, Christine! Not even kidding.

    P.S. You may have seen on Instagram that I launched my new blog–– would love if you dropped by whenever you get a chance. Would love feedback from you, who I consider the queen of design!! xoxo, Yelda

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