These Photographs Blow My Mind

I came across this on Facebook if you can believe and was immediately so struck by the ridiculous beauty of both the original photographs and their newly digitized/photoshopped counterparts.

According to the article I read…”Jane Long, a photographer based in Australia, took a collection of digitally preserved old glass-plate images that Romanian photographer Costica Acsinte took during WWI and updated them by adding color and a bit of Photoshop magic.”

The results are whimsical, theatrical and very enchanting…

jane long photograph 1

jane long photograph 2

jane long photograph 3

jane long photograph 4

jane long photograph 5

jane long photograph 6

jane long photograph 7

Jane actually did a tutorial on how she tackled these images in Photoshop and wowza…not exactly a few short clicks…

Again though…the ridiculous amount of work most certainly paid off with these…I’m in complete and utter love with them.  Can’t you just imagine the sailboat or horn one in a fabulous playroom?!?!  Or one of the adult ones printed in acrylic and HUGE on a big blank white wall? So, so good.

I love great art so ridiculously much…which I’ve been thinking a lot about lately by the way…I have a little mini-announcement coming up on that front so stay tuned.


Wall Bed Challenge- TechCraft Style

I was so excited when TechCraft Style contacted me and asked if I might be interested in taking part of their Wall Bed campaign designed to showcase not only how fabulous their Wall Beds are in terms of practicality, but also, how stylish they can be.

With $500 in hand, my challenge was to select a wall bed from TechCraft Style’s catalogue (I chose the Allegra Double Sideways model) and ‘make it pop.’ I had originally designated my upstairs landing for the bed but once it was delivered and realized how substantial it was, I  knew that wasn’t going to fly so I quickly diverted to Plan B, which was the long wall in our basement where my husband’s desk used to reside.

Here’s how that spot looked prior to Wall Bed…

christine dovey pine basement barcelona daybed anewall large portrait art gold brass chandelier fur throw black leather chairs

(photo by Ashley Capp)

After clearing things out so that the Wall Bed could be installed, this was the before situation… Closed bed…

Tech Craft wall bed closed Christine Dovey Style

Open bed…

Tech Craft Wall Bed open Christine Dovey

And then I went to the business of styling the thing.

To start, I had my Super Allen make a shelf out of IKEA pre-fab ones to sit on top of the headboard area so that I could art it up.

And after that, I had some plywood cut to shape and used a graphic black and white fabric to upholster the back. I then used some of my favourite art pieces from around my home to make the whole thing pretty styles.

And for the bedding, I chose to keep things simple with a pair of large wool cushions, a leather lumbar roll and a vintage Moroccan blanket for some restrained pizzaz. All of that came together to make this sort of business…


#TechCraftStyle leigh viner photograph christine dovey style

christine dovey style hanging light photography

christine dovey techcraft wallbed front shot

#TechCraftStyle nicole cohen photography ashley woodson bailey photograph vanessa paxton photograph christine dovey style

#TechCraftStyle moroccan blanket christine dovey style

christine dovey style techcraft wall bed full shot

#TechCraftStyle tush tush ane leigh viner photograph christine dovey style


christine dovey style wall bed techcraft stoffordshire dogs

tech craft christine dovey style

wall bed nicole cohen photograph hand cuff photograph julien armand marimekko chair

christine dovey style techcraft wall bed headboard and art

tech craft bed christine dovey style nicole cohen artwork ashley woodson bailey photograph vanessa paxton photograph

christine dovey style techcraft wallbed





So there you have it.

I tried to make my TechCraft Style wall bed fit its surroundings so definitely stuck to the black and white/graphic neutral scheme that I had going on in the rest of the space.

I’m really happy with how it came together and am feeling super duper lucky styles that a double bed that takes up virtually no space is now mine.

Things that look good and are practical to boot are most definitely a winning combo in my books:)

Oh and PS…I was lucky enough to take part in this challenge along with 3 other super talented designers.  Their wall beds are also being revealed so make sure you follow along with today’s twitter chat hosted by @TechCraftStyle (#DesignerStyle)…

techcraft chat

…to see what they got up to with theirs.


More Wallpaper Newness – Thoreaux

I’ve got another amazing new wallpaper line to share.

Ladies and gents, meet  Thoreaux

thoreaux sign

“Thoreaux is a new wallpaper company from Whitman Emorson, a Toronto-based design and communications consultancy., which features creative reinterpretations of historic images from across the globe. The brand’s debut collection comprises eight wallpapers, based on archival tiles, textiles and objects from North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Thoreaux wallpaper tells a story, blending authentic historical details with an unmistakably contemporary aesthetic.”

And all I have to say on that front is helllllooooooo gorgeous…

thoreaux wallpaper 6

thoreaux wallpaper 5

thoreaux wallpaper 1

thoreaux wallpaper 4

thoreaux wallpaper 2

thoreaux wallpaper 7

thoreaux wallpaper 8


Those parakeet feathers have me thinking of soooo many things…as does the gloriously saturated girly floral.

All extremely delightful.



Bad Blogger- Making Up for it With Wallpaper…Vousta

I’ve been a horrible blogger…I know.  Apologies.

To make up, I’ve got a pretty fantastica new wallpaper lines to show you.

Meet Vousta…

vousta sign

I’ll quote this whole ‘about’ thing entirely…”The first Voutsa wallpaper patterns were inspired by cave paintings, mimicking the movements of the human form.  I began on large scrolls of paper with nudes, then zoomed in on the body: hands, nipples, and ears. Transferring these paintings into digitally printed wallpapers presented a fresh combination of simplicity and chic.  As Voutsa grows, it remains my desire to create wallpapers that ignite the eye and activate a room, generating fantasy through brush strokes, abstraction and bold coloration.  My recent collection of flora, fauna, lips and jewelry continues this pattern, rendering fields of painterly imagery into suspended, isolated forms and collective populations dangling amidst solid planes of color.  In the end, I am merely bringing life to our walls, and our walls to life.  George Venson for Voutsa ”

Sounds pretty fabulous no?

Well..ta-da with that…

vousta 2 iris

vousta birds 2

vousta birds of paradise

vousta bunraku

vousta butterflies

vousta charlotte

vousta chinese print

vousta cockatoos

vousta cocks

vousta diamonds

vousta earrings

vousta ears

vousta foam trim

vousta grandiflora

vousta hands

vousta jellyfish

vousta koi

vousta lilies

vousta lips

vousta lotus 2

vousta moors

vousta nipples

vousta octopussi

vousta peacocks

vousta snakes

 Consider my MIND BLOWN re not only the wallpaper itself but the insanely fantastica graphics/website…I dare say all of the above a work of art.

 Check back tomorrow for another wallpaper into.



Boarding and Black Rooster’ing

I’ve been busy working away on some brand spanking new client projects.

First up, there’s an office re-design we’ll call #projectfield.

The befores…



And the plan…

christine dovey style #projectfield design board 2

…which centers on my client’s wish for femininity…and her love for the Flat Vernacular wallpaper I  used in the ensuite at #projectgreenbay.

I’ll admit that this board was actually my second go at it.  When I first saw the room, I wanted to go bold and glammy…mostly because of that insanely perfect desk…this was concept #1…

christine dovey style #projectfield design board 1

..but it wasn’t quite what my client was after so back to the drawing board it was an concept 2 was born.

My client has already purchased that amazing vintage commode…

vintage commode christine dovey style

…and the wallpaper is going up tout suite.

The after shots will be coming pronto on this one:)

Moving on…I also just finished a  quick consult on a nursery in California…we’ll call this #project13th…

The befores on this blank slate…

before shots project 13th

…and some of the owner’s ‘keep/re-use in the new room’ items…

keep items project 13th

My inspo…

project 13th inspiration christine dovey style 1

project 13th inspiration christine dovey style

And then the plan options…

project 13th design board christine dovey style

taira two

Client is going with option A, which will include wall to wall Stark Antelope…that Black Rooster daybed everyone knows and loves, the Anthro fabo wallpaper on one wall, that incredible bear photograph from Citizen Atelier and some bold black and white stripe curtains…will be beuno when it’s done.

Next up, there’s a living room zhush I’ve been working on, with the royal name #projectwestminster…which is PS, also in California! My mainstay clientell has mostly been Toronto, Chicago and NYC up to this point so excited to be seeing some west coast action as well:)

Anyhoo…the not so before befores on this place…

project westminster before 1

project westminster before 2

And with a mandate to add in tons of femininity and lots of brass and blush, this is what I came up with on that front…

#projectwestminster concept board christine dovey style

I’m soooooo in love with the combo of these Black Rooster console tables, the mannequin artwork and the West Elm lamps…

art black rooster console west elm art christine dovey style

Like HARD CORE love.

I’m not angry at the vintage chairs either…

gold gilt vintage chairs

Note that black and white stripe resin BR table

bw_striped_close_up_grande black rooster decor

…I own it and admittedly plunk it in many design boards because it’s 100% the most awesomely versatile table ever. If I had to invest in one piece of furniture for any home that I knew would work anywhere and make any space better, that table is is.

And on the topic of BR and this room, can you die happy over a blush Beni? I sure as hell can…

Tasmanian_Rug_Salmon_grande_grande black rooster decor

And finally for this week, work continued on #projectgreenbay with a solid concept for the playroom.

The wallpaper is up and all the built ins are painted…

project greenbay playroom progress shots christine dovey style

…and with a desire to add lots of colour and fun, we’ve decided on this…

project greenbay playroom concept board christine dovey style

…the centerpiece of which is the incredible artwork from Sarah Ashley Longshore and that rug…my golly that rug…it almost makes me weap.

As with the last board, BR is plenty represented with the floor lamp, zebra rug, Love sign, giant cherry (which is PS, really giant at 2′ tall!)….

black rooster decor giant cherry

ceiling light and pink leopard pillows.

And though I love love love the burgundy, pink and teal action, we might swap out a pair of chairs and use these vintage ones of my clients…re-upholstered in this Tilton Fenwick fabulousness…

project greenbay tilton fenwick fabric christine dovey style

Stay tuned…as you know, lots and lots is happening with this project:)

And with that, I think that pretty much sums up what I’ve been up to the last few days.

Lots of fun busy as it were:)


Get Published

I’ve had a pretty fabulous few weeks in the #getpublished department.

First off, the September issue of Style at Home just hit newsstands…

style at home September christine dovey style

…with a glorious little story about my Scarlett’s bedroom…

style at home christine dovey style tickled pink

style at home christine dovey style tickled pink settee

style at home christine dovey style tickled pink scarletts room

Such an honour to see my work on the pages of this fabulous magazine:)))

And then on the weekend, I opened the Style section of the Globe and Mail to see this…

globe and mail christine dovey style

( Apologies for the crappy photos…my phone is being dumb lately and can’t take a clear photo for its life)

…and proceeded to literally jump up and down…this is the first time I’ve seen my designs in a national newspaper so it’s pretty dang exciting to say the least.

A HUGE thanks to Alessandra at Citizen Atelier for putting me in touch with the paper (and for being my fave online art shop for that matter) and as well to Ashley Capp for always managing to capture the rooms I design in the best possible way; she did the photos for both of these shoots.  And as always, a ginormous thanks to the entire team at Style at Home for always being so so supportive on my work…I heart you all greatly.  And of course, a ginormous thanks to all of you a hundred times for liking what I’m dishing out…I’m feeling so blessed these days in the work department and it’s all because of you readers really- couldn’t have found what I love to do without you.