My Weekend, a Giant Promo and a Winner

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  Mine was grand.  The family and I spent most of the day Saturday at a party hosted by my ORC clients.  Let me just tell you that hanging out in the piano room was infinitely civilized…when you close those two sets of french doors and sit in the swivel chairs with a cocktail, it’s very much a little piece of ‘grown up/you can’t hear the kids’ heaven.

Speaking of the ORC and those swivel chairs, I’ve got a little piece of very exciting news…my amazing supplier 219, who was responsible for the white horns, gold side table and pair of swivel chairs…

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

…has very thoughtfully decided to offer you B&B readers an amazing promo!!!!

219 promotion final

For the next week only, if you decide to purchase a Bacharach chair through 219, you will receive:

**a $300 store credit towards anything within the shop, and free shipping within the US and Ontario!!!!!!**

How’s that for some good news on a Monday morning!?!??

Gifts and free stuff are just so delightful aren’t they?

Speaking of…I was showered with loveliness for Mother’s Day…hubster surprised me with a brand spanking new fancy camera…I’ve been wanting one forever and am so happy that I’ll be able to share some better photos with you around these parts…I’ve been surviving on iphone shots for 4 years now so feeling very grateful to have a real camera of my very own.


And the kids of course made piles of the best cards, pipe kleener bracelets, songs and paper flower bouquets you ever did see.

Most importantly though, I got to spend the entire day doing nothing but soaking up these guys smiles…

mothers day kids

The shot above was taken at our favourite outdoor antique market…it was our first trip of the year, thanks to some truly sublime weather.

While there, I was just about to slap down some hard cash for these gargoyle dudes…

garden statues

…but the stupid owner gave me shit for taking a photo of that sale went out the window…trouble is, I still really want them but I can’t bring myself to give him the satisfaction of a sale after he was such a rude douche…annoying.

Anyhoo…on a happier note, we came home and had an amazing dinner outside on our deck…sweet/very missed big kid even joined us for that…

mothers day

Husband went to my fave restaurant to pick up the fish tacos of my dreams so all was very delightful.

I’m lucky x a lot.

And speaking of luck, I thought I should probably draw for the winner of my Friedasophie giveaway…a huge congrats to entry #76, Crystal Sell…this beauty is yours…


And I think that above wraps it up for today.

I’ve got some exciting projects and work to share this week, along with the some brand spanking new Ink & Reverie / #projectdreamhouse developments…my architect has been working away getting some renderings together so I can’t wait to share…he’s a real talent and our weekly 3 hour meetings are really starting to bring things together idea/planning wise…more soon.


One Room Challenge – THE REVEAL!!!!

It’s time!!!  I’m over the moon excited to share with you the room I’ve been working on for the past 6 weeks…and by ‘I’, I really mean a giant huge ‘we’, for there is now way on Holy Dinah’s green Earth that this makeover renovation would ever have come together in such a short time, had it not been for my team…more on those amazing people later.

For now, I want to get right to the pictures, with a quick little reminder of what I had hoped would be the final result….when I started this project, my grandeous dreams centered around the rather fabulous idea of creating an elegant and refined room befitting of my client’s amazing square grand piano…soaked in history and huge in both scale and presence, I knew that I needed to design a space that would allow the piano to take center stage but also give the rest of the room some sort of purpose…and of course, I wanted the place to be pretty…and by pretty, I mean: modern, layered, edgy and dramatic. What I really wanted was a room that made all the pieces in it feel important…and of course, I wanted art…lots and lots of art.

So with that little prologue, here’s what the piano room looks like today…as photographed very amateurishly by yours truly…

As you know, the design really started with the floor…

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

…though I had planned for a patterned marble all along, when my client’s husband chose my favourite option of the bunch, I was…this bold geometric really set the tone for the entire space and whose kidding who, us design aficionados dream of clients who let us do such things.

From the very start, I knew the walls were going to be moulded to the hills but when we made the mid-way plan change from black paint to pink, I knew that alone was going to make this space, officially my favourite of all time…and when my Super Allen put up the first few sections of the cornered boxes with rosettes, well…my heart literally skipped huge giant beats…

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

And then the fireplace…though I knew what I wanted it to look like all along, finding the right brick veneer was a challenge to say the least…now that I see the black herringbone in place, I really can’t imagine it any other way.

With a scheme of pink, black, white and grey, choosing furniture and accessories was totes fun-ma-goats…I wanted the room to feel thoughtful but a little whimsical too so the mandate was books, sculptural pretties and art, art and more art.

 christine dovey one room challenge piano room

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

one room challenge

The pieces I chose from our fabulous sponsors are aces in the space and make me so so happy, though at unveiling, I admittedly realized that I sort of wanted to keep them all…yes indeedy…the  man sketch and split photography from Minted (Eiffel Tower by Leigh Viner)…

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

…and the benches from Lamps Plus that I DIY’d (with the help of some amazing hand painted fabric a la Hollie Cooper,)…

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

one room challenge christine dovey

…are like bees to honey in this room…as is Mr Caesar there…a family heirloom of sorts he is…god knows I love an good bosom (bahaha…that ones’ for you Lindsay,) and this guy’s a real champ in the room.

If you asked me my most favourite thing about the room, it would sincerely be hard for me to answer…indeed, every single part of this is ‘me’ in a nutshell…I adore the floor…I adore the piano…I adore the walls…I adore the furniture…BUT really, what I love most is the art…choosing artwork for others can be challenging and this room was no exception…I sent many options to my client’s collective inboxes but at the end of the day, the collection we ended up with in EXACTLY what I had hoped for.

Along with the Minted pieces, there are the  Nicole Cohen photographs that lean up against the floor on either side of the sofa/bay window…

 christine dovey one room challenge piano room

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

…and then there’s the huge Ashley Woodson Bailey piece called ‘Dutch Love’ that came into the room for the photoshoot I did with Citizen Atelier and as I secretly hoped would happen all along, once it was up above the paino, my client’s instantly knew there was no way this beauty could ever come down…

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

…the little flamingos by the french doors are another of Nicole’s pieces and along with Patrick Cline’s Peacock…

christine dovey

…were first images I showed to my client that they fell in love with. And perhaps the happiest piece in the room, is the Krzysztof Wladyka ‘otters’ that my client’s husband and I secretly conspired to purchase as an anniversary gift from he to her…set on top of the mirrored console that I designed and Super Allen made…well…it’s happiness right there…

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

one room challenge christine dovey

And with all that art mixed amongst some pretty fabulous furnishings…

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

…it’s really a room I feel infinitely proud of and so hope you love as much as I do…though probably not everyone’s cup of tea, it is most definitely mine and I’m so blessed to have client’s who share my delight in the ‘not everyday’…I know they are as happy with the final result as I am and I feel so lucky to have been given the ability to create a space that’s truly reflective of what I’m about.

When I first stood back and really soaked it all in…and then again when I first saw these professional shots that the amazingly talented Ashley Capp took for Citizen Atelier, I literally teared up…

citizen atelier - piano room console designed and styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - piano room - room designed and styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - piano room designed and styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

That right there my friends is the room I’ve always dreamed of creating and I’m a lucky, lucky designer for being given the opportunity to make that come to life.

So with that, I know I have to get all Academy Awards like and thank the people that made the above possible.

First, a huge hats off to Linda for organizing this crazy thing called the One Room Challenge…this was my first time being invited on this pony ride and I have to say, though ridiculously stressful at times, it was like a giant ‘Christmas morning when you’re 7’ for me…getting to plan and execute a full design plan in such a short time, sooooooo amazing/terrifying/invigorating etc. etc. etc.

Next, I have to wear my heart of my sleeve and pour some ‘tear in my eye’ gratitude at my partner in crime, Super Allen…when I say that NONE of this would happen without him, I truly mean NONE OF THIS WOULD HAPPEN.  My contractor/carpenter/welder/moulder/Mr Everything truly went beyond the call of duty and: moulded those walls to within an inch of their life, built and tiled my favourite fireplace of all time and fabricated the mirrored console table in a few days…all after business hours I might add…Super Allen has a day job and does all this for me on evenings and weekends…he’s a true super hero in my books and more often than not, is able to make things happen just merely from a photo I whiz by his phone or by some crazy description I ramble off to him while we’re sitting at my kitchen table over a cup of tea.  All this to say, he made this vision of mine a reality and I love him to the moon for it.

And because I’ve toted on about how big a part art played in this room, I want to thank Alessandra,  the founder of the newly launched (as of TODAY y’all) Citizen Atelier for introducing me to some amazing new artists and for working around my ORC schedule…the two large pieces that we purchase from her are truly heaven sent…and more than that, though our little collaboration, I truly feel like I’ve made an amazing new friend…and don’t get me started on what an incredible resource her site Citizen Atelier is…if you’re in the market for artwork and want a place that’s taken the guess work out of the equation for you, link there now people.  And on the topic of art, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say a huge thanks to Nicole Cohen and Patrick Cline for working their magic to get four of their pieces here on time…if you haven’t been on UPLO before, you need to go there now…amazing photography for days.

Next, a huge thanks to the two suppliers who I really couldn’t exist without…a giant hug to Christine at 219 for getting those Jonathan Adler chairs and gold side table here in time…and to Nina over at Black Rooster, a smooch x a lot for figuring out a way  to showcase one of our giant sconces (the other is in transit and I promise some more photos once it’s up,) and for getting us the piano bench, floor lamp and pretty accessories.   Like I said, my business would not be much of anything without these two and I’m beyond lucky to have them both on the team as it were.

And most importantly of all, a MASSIVE love filled thanks to my clients…I am incredibly blessed that they were willing to let me take over their home and indeed lives for the past 6 weeks…they spent many a night up all hours doing what they could to help get the room done in time and most importantly, they trusted in my vision and let me make that room happen…I’m beyond lucky to count them as clients and more importantly, as friends. I love them like Sunday morning.

Finally, a big love you to my hubster for being super dad during this whole deal and letting me do what I needed to do to get it done…and to my sweet kidlets for not hating me for being a less than stellar mama these past few weeks.

And with that, I’ll leave this reveal post (and a promise of a full source post coming soon) with a final look at some before and after action just because seeing the transformation that happened in just six short weeks really does make this girl smile from ear to ear…

one room challenge christine dovey

one room challenge christine dovey

one room challenge christine dovey

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…and then accept my heart felt THAN YOU for following along week one, two, there, four and five and for the all the amazingly sweet comments and encouragement…this whole journey was such fun for me and I made so much sweeter by all of you.


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The Busiest Five Days of My Life…

It’s the start of a new week and let me tell you, the last one nearly did me in…it was amazing on all possible work fronts but holy Hannah…it was BIZ-EEEEEE.

Let’s rewind to Wednesday…I packed up some new paintings…

christine dovey paintings

…and spent the evening at the new retail location for Black Rooster Decor, merchandising the shizzle out of everything so that all would be ready for the grand opening party on Thursday.

black rooster decor

black rooster decor









black rooster decor

black rooster decor

And then Thursday rolled around…I spent that day working on my One Room Challenge space…

I put together this lamp…

one room challenge christine dovey lamp

…and unpacked some glorious art…including this Elena Kalis materpiece (that I’m PS, am really hoping will eventually be mine)…

elena kalis

…and this Nicole Cohen/Patrick Cline/UPLO goodness…

nicole cohen art


nicole cohen photograph

(there was actually two more pieces in my UPLO delivery and after a small framing mess-up, which I can’t really get into because the mere thought of the crazy that took place on that front might throw this post into way too much of a whine fest, they have  been found s really pretty new home  in the piano room…more on that towards the end of the post.)

I also packed up a whole bunch of styling stuff and hauled it over to the #pianoroom so all would be ready come set up time.

And then Thursday evening rolled around and it was time for the Black Rooster grand opening party.

Because my life is so insane at the moment,  trying to get out the door was a nightmare…husband and I were supposed to go together but little Jasper wasn’t co-operating so I ended up leaving ahead of him and he met me at the party once babes went to sleep.  My dear friend Hollie came along with me and the night was soooooo amazing.

My sweeter than sweet friend Lindsay bought one of my paintings…


I got to chat with so many fabulous peeps…

black rooster opening party

And of course, was able to buy up plenty of Black Rooster fabulous for my #oneroomchallenge space…


But most of all, I got to be really proud of Nina for putting together a stunningly perfect store…

black rooster

I only wish I took more damn photos of the whole thing while I was there…too busy reveling I guess…and speaking of that, I drank about 50 glasses of champagne, which meant that I had to leave my car at the store and take a cab home…and this meant, that I had to drive into the city the next morning at 9 am with a crashing headache, to collect the car and as well, pick up the last few pieces of furniture I had ordered from BR for my #oneroomchallenge room. And because traffic was a total bitch, I sat in a very packed car for 2 hours…and since I literally had a PACKED day of work on the docket, I had to resort to this situation…


…and let me just say, that thing was a freaking god send.

I went straight from BR, to the piano room and helped un-pack the chairs that arrived thanks to the amazing 219, who worked her but off to ensure they arrived on time…

219 jonathan adler chair

…they’re amazing…and SO heavy- hauling just one of them from the garage almost did me in.

After leaving the #oneroomchallenge room, I went home to work on my DIY Lamps Plus benches…first order of business was re-upholstering the tops…

diy benches christine dovey

…the fabric Hollie Cooper painted made that job surprisingly enjoyable (though still hard,)…

hollie cooper fabric

And then I got to work on the bases…because these were for my clients, I took WAY more care with the painting than I would for something for myself…I sanded the bases twice, with a wash in between each round…sprayed with primer and then applied about 10 coats of the black matt top coat…

diy benches hollie cooper fabric christine dovey

And I have to say, the final result made me pretty happy…

christine dovey benches

…especially when I first saw them in the actual room…

christine dovey one room challenge

After the benches were done and delivered, I had the most fun of my day when I got to deliver a giant piece of art to my client…to make a long story short, her husband wanted to surprise her with her favourite photograph as an anniversary gift so we worked in secret to get the piece and have it framed…and when I dropped it off Friday night and he told her it was hers…well, let’s just say that was a beuno movement all around….no pictures of that right now though…you’ll have to wait for Wednesday and the very exciting One Room Challenge reveal:)

After this final delivery and visit to the piano room, it was about 5pm…from there, I raced over to the train station to meet up with an artist named Vanessa Paxton so that I could collect some of her beautiful wares…

vanessa paxton

..and from there, headed to my local flower shop and came home with this sort of business…


…and piled it up with some pretty styling goodness…all of which brings me almost to Saturday.

Before turning in for the night though, I had to clean and style most of my house, which again brings me to the next day and how I spent the rest of my weekend.

I haven’t told you all about this fabulous little project I’ve been working on behind the scenes so here goes that.

A while back I was contacted by someone I now consider such a fabulous friend and inspiration…to make a long story short on that one, I was asked if I’d be interested in doing styling work for a new site in the works…called Citizen Atelier, the shop will be an online destination for a curated collection of amazing art.  Knowing me as you do, I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was by the mere concept of the site…and to be able to be a part of it…well, let’s just say I was just a tad thrilled.

After many discussions, we decided that a few spaces in my house and the piano room I’ve been working on for the One Room Challenge, would be the perfect backdrops to showcase some of Citizen Atelier’s art in actual rooms…so, again, long story short, I spent the entire weekend with the site’s creator and the amazingly talented photographer Ashley Capp and her assistant (who is an amazing photographer in her own right) Claire Foster, styling, propping and shooting beautiful artwork in beautiful spaces.

christine dovey design citizen atelier art

christine dovey design citizen atelier art

christine dovey design citizen atelier art

ashley capp christine dovey claire foster citizen atelier

The shoot was at my house on Saturday and the piano room on Sunday…and yes, this meant that my ORC space actually had a deadline of 4 days earlier than the actual reveal…and because painting and final construction was just completed on Saturday, I arrived at my client’s house at 7:30am to finish off the space before the cameras arrived.  It was hectic to say the least but I have to tell you, walking into the piano room early morning on Sunday and seeing the foundation of the space all done…it literally made me cry.

And after a few hours of final zhuzhing and some art placing of many pieces, including those two other Nicole Cohen masterpieces I was telling you about…

nicole cohen art christine dovey one room challenge

nicole cohen art christine dovey one room challenge

…the room was done just in time for it to be taken all apart again for the Citizen Atelier shoot:)

It was so amazing to see so much beautiful art change the room with each piece…and at the end of the day, my client’s decided on a final piece from CA to complete there room and I can now say, that with the exception of one thing we’re waiting on delivery wise, the room is officially done!  My only regret is that I didn’t have the foresight to have the actual room professionally photographed as well…I was so focussed on the CA site shoot, that I sort of forgot about my own photos…so, come tomorrow, I’ll be at the piano room again shooting away and hoping I can capture at least some of what has happened in there.

In the meantime, check back tomorrow for the Friedasophie giveaway winner…I was supposed to draw on Saturday but as you can probably tell form this post, there just wasn’t time and though I thought about doing it today, this post is already ridiculously long…so tomorrow it is on that front.  That’s good news for you because you still have another day to enter;)

And then, that will bring us to Wednesday…I’m  SOOOO happy to tell that when I reveal my less than professional ORC shots, the amazing Citizen Atelier will also be launching! I know you are going to fall madly in love with this site…so much  art that’s been so carefully chosen and so beautifully photographed!  So Wednesday = a big day all around…art site and  my One Room Challenge REVEAL!!!! Me = excited on all fronts.


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