Blogger Ladies Whose Work is Rocking My Casbah This Week #3…and My Cards

There’s some work floating around the webs that just HAS to be shared.

1. I’ll start things off on a personal note….my graphic designer/brand maker extraordinaire Erika Brechtel proved her genius, thanks to delivery of these babies…

christine dovey business cards close up

christine dovey business cards

Needless to say, I’m pseudo obsessed and am going to be slutting them around to whoever will take one:)

 Erika Brechtel Brand Stylist = amazing.  Czar Press Print Shop= amazing.

(Also, a huge thanks to Citizen Atelier for the referral to the print shop!)

2. Numero uno leads me to dos…

When I opened up my box of cards, there was one of someone else’s included…the printer wanted to show me an edge option so sent it along…imagine my great happiness when I looked at the beautiful card belonging to J. Marx Atelier and then linked over to her stunning portfolio to find a whole lot of this kind of thing…

jmarxatelier bakery

jmarxatelier office 2

jmarxatelier living room 2

jmarxatelier office

jmarxatelier living room

jmarxatelier sitting area

Consider my house rocked Ms. Marx.

3. Did you see Alex’s feature in Style Me Pretty Living? Hellloooo bold fabulousity…

alex kaehler dining room

alex kaehler design office

alex kaehler bathroom and bedroom

That office makes me want a small room with wall to wall bookcases and paneling everywhere in a large and in charge way.

4. And finally, I know you all were blown out of the water and all the way to Egypt with the reveal of Fieldstone Hill’s nursery…I mean stop it with this layered, eclectic prettiness…





That Georgia Lu is one lucky little lady!

5. And finally, full circle and back to moi with this post. I rocked my own world by FINALLY making some progress on my master bedroom.

I’ve literally never shown pictures of this part of my house before becuase honestly, our bedroom has always been a total and complete tip…my good friend Hollie can attest to this…she’s seen the horror in person.

Anyhoo…a few things have got my ass in gear on this front, which I’ll tell you more about later…but for now, here’s a sneaky peeky of what I’ve accomplished in the past little bit, in the form of de-cluttering, painting, art situating and bed fluffing…

christine dovey master bedroom

There’s lots more to get done but it’s a start;))))

And that my friends, is some good blogging business for this week.

Happy almost weekend…I’m off to the Christie Antique Show tomorrow and literally can. not. wait.  Be sure to follow along my Insta feed for the many many ‘god I want to buy this’ moments.


  1. What an amazing lineup. Ummmm…. your Master????? AMAZING Christine! Love it! Dreamy sultry happiness. Here’s to many a sweet dream!

    And all this other goodness. Thank you SO much for sharing my space – so special to me, and such a joy to create – among all this dramatic and dreamy goodness.


  2. Those business cards are SO AMAZING. I just had to skip right over the other photographs (sorry!). The biz cards definitely deserved their own post. I’m going to keep Czar press in mind should I ever sufficiently get my act together that I should require business cards.
    I just can’t decide which one I love more!
    I also wanted to comment on that GOMI business you referenced in an earlier post. I think the fact that people are inclined to sit at their computers and discuss you (negative or not, though truthfully it didn’t sound that negative to me, mostly jealously motivated) means that you’ve made it in this blogging world, Christine! And please, I know “interior designers” who are bloody awful at what they do.
    I saw they also mentioned Meredith Heron in their post too. Honestly, I hadn’t heard of her before but I couldn’t help but be a bit offended by not only what she had to say about e-design but her generally self-important attitude about “interior designers.” And I had to wonder a little bit if you were also defending yourself against that type of attitude (but perhaps I am imagining things!)

  3. Love your gold foiled business cards ♥
    And I’m already a big if J. Marx Atelier achievements, her home is just gorgeous with this beautiful mix of vintage and modern pieces!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Erika is a GENUIS!!!!!

    I am so impressed by new-to-me J. Marx.

    My bedroom looks like a college dorm.

  5. Lysandra McGregor

    J.Marx Atelier is pure awesomeness #bookmarked !!

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