Citizen Atelier and an Art Giveaway!

I’m so excited to tell you all about one of my newest favourite art resources, Citizen Atelier

citizen atelier logo citizen atelier- styling and interiors by christine dovey

Founded by Montreal PR consultant and art dealer Alessandra Salituri, the site represents a collection of carefully curated works from amazingly talented artisans hailing from all corners of the world.

Taking the guesswork out of selecting artwork, this fabulous online shop allows experts and layman alike to bathe their walls in stunningly beautiful paintings, photographs and prints.

Here’s a look at some my favourite pieces, from the 8 artists currently represented on the site…

citizen atelier amanda stone talley

citizen atelier antonio mora 2

citizen atelier amy friend

citizen atelier ashley woodson bailey

citizen atelier eduardo mata icaza


citizen atelier magnus gjoen

citizen atelier vanessa paxton

I was beyond honoured when founder Alessandra asked me to do the styling for her site and was even more excited when she decided to do the location shots in spaces designed by yours truly.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of my styling and design work for the site (spaces can be seen in my portfolio for Pine Residence and Barringham,) as captured by the ridiculously talented Ashley Capp

citizen atelier - styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - styling by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - piano room - room designed and styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - entryway styled and designed by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - piano room console designed and styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - room designed and styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - console styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - piano room designed and styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

Please pay extra special attention to the last image above because I have some pretty fabulous news on that front.

To celebrate the launch of the site, Citizen Atelier has decided to offer up a piece from artist Vanessa Paxton’s stunning ‘Ballerina’ collection.

Yes that’s right…you my friends have the chance to win YOUR CHOICE of one of these insanely beautiful pieces…







To enter:

1. Leave a comment below…easy peasy…you will get one official entry just for saying hello:)))

For extra entries:  And remember that the extra entries only count if you leave a separate comment for each one because the winner is chosen my a random number generator…

1. Visit Citizen Atelier and tell me which piece in their current inventory is your favourite

2. Like Citizen Atelier on Facebook

3. Follow Citizen Atelier on Instagram

4. Pin one of the giveaway Vanessa Paxton pieces above with hashtag #giveaway and include the link to your pin in your comment

5. Tweet the giveaway {enter to win a stunning photograph on @bijouandboheme from @vananamoo and #citizenatelier}

6. Post your favourite Vanessa Paxton piece to Instagram {include @bijouandboheme @citizenatelier @vanessapaxton}

So there you have it- 7 chances to win!!!!

I’ll draw for the lucky duck on Saturday May 17th.

In the meantime, be sure to visit Citizen Atelier to get your art buying on…sooooooo  much loveliness to choose from.


  1. Ooooh! I love the ballerina pieces and would consider myself on lucky duck to win one. Thanks for such an AWESOME giveaway 🙂

  2. There are so many great pieces on Citizen Atelier’s site, but I’m with your client in that I love ANIMALY 24 by Krzysztof Wladyka.

  3. Dale

    I checked out the site after you provided the link in your room reveal last week – lots of amazing art but I am dying over the Eduardo Mata Icaza piece. Its stunning. I love that you are as passionate about what goes on the walls in a room as you are about what goes in it!

  4. I just liked them on facebook (Julie Wetsch Cook)

  5. And follow on instagram @thedailyjulie

  6. Aaaaaaand, I instragrammed it (under username @thedailyjulie). Thanks again for an AMAZING giveaway!

  7. M. McLean

    Animaly #14 is my fave.

  8. Brooke

    I really like Ballerina V but I also like Radiant by Ashley Woodson Bailey.

  9. Sarah Patenaude

    I love all of these. It is so hard to pick my favourite! Really digging BALLERINA V!! Just liked them on facebook 🙂

  10. Liked Citizen Atelier on Facebook (as Nicole Kennedy & Stylish Savings)

  11. Followed on Instagram @stylish_savings

  12. Amber

    I LOOOOOOVE Antonio Mora’s Cloud’s Walk! I wanted to buy it the first day the site went live, but couldn’t stomach the $60 shipping when the print was only $85 🙁 Too bad it ships from so far away, because I love Bye too. Oh well one day!

  13. Amber

    Any idea when the Elena Kalis piece you styled will be on the site? Dying over that one!

  14. Audra Kelley

    My favorite piece has to be Animaly 16.

  15. Oh man, I can’t choose! The ballerinas are definitely at the top though 🙂

  16. Audra Kelley

    I liked Citizen Atelier on Facebook.

  17. Instagrammed it under @stylish_savings 🙂

  18. Audra Kelley

    I am following Citizen Atelier on Instagram @audilee

  19. Katie

    Love these!

  20. Francesca Newnham

    I love Vanessa Paxtons work Ballerina V

  21. Francesca Newnham

    Following @citizenaltelier and @bijourandboheme on Instagram

  22. Francesca Newnham

    Following @citizenaltelier and @bijourandboheme on Twitter

  23. Francesca Newnham

    Following them both on Facebook now 🙂

  24. Lucy Martin

    Ooooh! I absolutely have to have one of these.
    Crossing my fingers.

  25. Amber

    Love Ballerina V just posted it to Instagram! I hope I win!!

  26. Amber

    I (@amberkayd) have followed them on Instagram since you started talking about them, can’t wait to see more from them!

  27. Abby

    Amazing give away! Would love to win one any one of those pieces!

  28. Abby

    Following Citizen Atelier on Instagram! Fingers crossed 🙂

  29. jaclyn

    Following @citizenaltelier on instagram

  30. jaclyn

    Following @bijourandboheme on Instagram

  31. jaclyn

    I would love the girl with the flamingo but I can’t find it on the site!

  32. samantha

    I would die!

  33. Cecilia

    i love this series! beautiful

  34. Corrie

    Soooo pretty!!!

    Corrie B

  35. samantha

    Antonio Mora: EN LAS NUBES

  36. samantha

    Liked on facebook and following on Insta!

  37. Shevy Wright

    I would totally love to win this!

  38. oh my word, a thousand times yes!!! fingers and toes are crossed. mama needs one more piece of art for the formal, and several of these fit the bill. off to see the site…

  39. Shevy

    My favorite is Silver by Amanda Talley

  40. samantha

    following on insta

  41. samantha

    Pinned my favorite pic!

  42. samantha

    Posted my favorite Vanessa Paxton piece on Instagram

  43. Janessa

    These prints are gorgeous and so are the spaces!

  44. Janessa

    Followed on Insta and liked on FB!

  45. Ooo…YES PLEASE!!! Any day I can feed my art addiction is a GOOD day. My fav piece on Citizen Atelier’s gorgeous new site is Ashley Woodson Bailey’s “Radiant” (perfect for the living room transformation I’m currently dreaming up for my own space). But truth be told, I love it all. Very well edited and just my cuppa! xx

  46. Carlotta

    Would love to win.

  47. Carlotta

    Liked on Facebook.

  48. Lindsey

    Any piece by Amy Friend is my fave! I discovered her a couple of years ago and love the light infused in her art!

  49. Lindsey

    I liked on facebook!

  50. Carlotta

    My favorite piece is Krzysztof Wladyka Animaly 24.

  51. Lindsey

    Followed on Instagram!

  52. Seville

    Huge fan! I collect work from Lumas gallery in Germany and was hoping I find a gallery in a similar style. Citizen Atelier was such a great find and Vanessa Paxton is so incredibly talented!

  53. Seville

    Liked on Instagram 🙂

  54. Seville

    Followed on facebook

  55. Seville

    Pinned on Pinterest!

  56. Seville

    Can’t wait to see more work from Vanessa!

  57. Lindsey

    Posted fave to instagram!

  58. Kristen

    I am in love with the stunning floral skull piece. Xo

  59. jjeessiiccaa

    Fantastic contest- I adore Eduardo Mata Icaza’s Untitled 2 (tho I’m nuts about the girl with the pink flamingo)! This interior is ridiculous in its perfection.

  60. Jessica

    So excited for this contest. I love everything on the site, great job with the styling.

  61. Jessica

    My favorite piece in the current inventory has to be Magnus Gjoen’s Roses Are Dead Broken. It’s simply stunning!

  62. Jessica

    I liked Citizen Atelier on Facebook.

  63. Jessica

    I followed Citizen Atelier on Instagram (@Jaslovesyou).

  64. Lori Cykala

    Such a great giveaway! I love the ballerina prints!

  65. Ann Landry

    Love Love Love these prints, would look gorgeous in my living room!!!!

  66. Lori

    forgot to add my url!


    Ohh, they are so beautiful and would fit exactly on my strong white wall in my home in paris, france…

  68. Katherine

    I NEED one from Ashley Wood Bailey!
    But as a former dancer, these ballerina pieces stole my heart!!

  69. Lauren

    Wow, those ballerinas are breathtaking!

    Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  70. Christina

    I would seriously DIE to win one of these (not being dramatic….) but they are just SO GOOD. Thank you for hosting!! Beautiful ORC pics too, I had to restrain myself from pinning every image 🙂

  71. Christina

    I liked on Facebook, @Christina Manduley

  72. Christina

    “Silver” by Amanda Talley is truly stunning on the website

  73. Christina

    Followed on instagram! @cdmanduley

  74. Courtney

    Great giveaway and beautiful artwork options!

  75. Marcie

    I just bought the Ballerina 1 from Citizen Atelier the other day, but would love to add Ballerina V with it!

  76. Marcie

    Followed on instagram – @MARCIED4

  77. Marcie

    I liked Citizen Atelier on facebook!

  78. GREAT Giveaway! So many good pieces!

  79. andrea

    love this giveway! My favortite is the elena kalis print is my absolute favorite. I don’t see it on the site.

  80. andrea

    following on insta!

  81. Hannah

    Awesome give-away!

  82. Hannah

    I love “Cloud’s Walk” by Antonio Mora & “I Dream of That Day” by Amy Friend.

  83. Ashleigh Keller

    Hello! I just found out about the giveaway! (:

  84. Ashleigh Keller

    Just liked Citizen Atelier Facebook (Ashleigh Keller)

  85. Ashleigh Keller

    Also have followed them on Instagram! (@ashleighsaurr)

  86. Audra Williamson

    I love these ballerina pieces, and so many more. Feel like I have to have one, crossing my fingers.

  87. Audra Williamson

    Following on Instagram and its all lovely.

  88. Audra Williamson

    Posted a favorite to Instagram and tagged the three other names.

  89. Krista

    I would LOVE one of these for my house! 🙂

  90. Leslie

    These are absolutely beautiful! I would love one of them in my home so I can just stare at it all day long! 🙂

  91. Leslie

    I like “Dutch Love” and “Animaly 28” the best! 🙂

  92. Gorgeous collection! So hard to choose, but Pure Love, anything Amanda Tally, or any of the Animaly are my favorites. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  93. Love your beautiful styling Christine, and how it lets the artist’s work shine!

  94. Beth

    I love all the Amanda Talleys and also Gjoen’s AK-47 Delft!

  95. Beth

    Officially “liked” Citizen Atelier on Facebook! What’s not to like?!!

  96. Joan

    Ballerina IV

  97. Ashley


  98. Katherine Scaglione

    The images are breathtaking – I love the use of light. Completely ethereal…..

  99. Katherine Scaglione

    I have visited Citizen Atelier and love the pictures by Amy Friend…. If I had to pick one it would be Niagra. It’s on my wishlist!!

  100. TZ


    Antonio Mora (Spain)

  101. TZ

    Liked on FB.

  102. TZ

    Followed on Instagram

  103. barbara

    well, trying my luck a second time. maybe another win for me? I would love this in my neice’s room!

  104. Angela

    I was blown away by your One Room Challenge and especially found myself drawn to the unique and fascinating art. I adore the ballerina in splits.

  105. Angela

    Liked on Facebook!

  106. Angela

    Followed on Instagram! Love them!

  107. mildrey

    My favorite is Ashley Woodson Bailey’s Much Regard and Vanessa Paxton’s Ballerina I. Thanks!

  108. Tami

    Summer Fruit by Amanda Talley makes me sooooo happy 🙂

  109. Ashley Page

    Love these!

  110. Vel

    Yey! hope I win, this will be perfect for my nursery!

  111. Vel

    Would love the “Pure Love” art too by Ashley Woodson!

  112. Vel

    Following Citizen atelier and you on IG now

  113. Brooke

    Absolutely stunning!

  114. MelissaW

    I like “It Could Be Anywhere” by Amy Friend

  115. LOVE Flowers are Dead on the CA website…

  116. Maria

    Very difficult to choose only one favourite! I adore: Ashley Woodson Bailey’s “Pure Love” and Vanessa Paxton’s “Ballerina I”. Crossing my fingers!

  117. Hannah O'Leary

    I would love one of these pieces for my daughter’s room. She wants to be an artist and one of her favorite movies is First Position – a youth ballet documentary!

  118. Hannah O'Leary

    and following on instagram @hsoleary

  119. Kelly P

    Love the ballerinas – so pretty!

  120. Kelly P

    I liked on Facebook.

  121. Kelly P

    I followed on Instagram too (@kellykaboo)

  122. Larissa da Luz

    Would LOVE to win one of these works of art!! <3

  123. Larissa da Luz

    My favourite piece is Vanessa Paxton Ballerina V!

  124. Larissa da Luz

    Liked on Facebook!

  125. Emily

    So cool! The art really made that room you did, so it’s nice to feature this. 🙂

  126. Melissa Koch

    So beautiful!

  127. Kristie


  128. Margie

    I love it all…especially Ballerina II!

  129. Lindsay

    Love! Thank you for sharing … Dying over the second image! Ballet legs!

  130. Jodi K

    Posting a hello!

  131. Jodi K

    I really love “Animaly 01” by Krzysztof Wladyka! Elephants are one of my favorite animals, and reminds me of the book I read called, “Hanna’s Dream.”

  132. Jodi K

    Liked CA on facebook!

  133. Jodi K

    Followed on instagram (@lilbumbles)

  134. Lindsay johnston

    Oh how lovely!!!!!! These ballerina prints would surely add romance to any abode. Love love…..

  135. Lindsay johnston

    I love all of the flower art from Ashley Woodson Bailey. That “Dutch Love” piece is so dreamy and stunning!!!

  136. Alexandra A.

    They are all beautiful but my favorite is BALLERINA III. It’s stunning!

  137. Sarah G

    Gorgeous artwork! I would love to get some of that ballerina in my house. Please pick me! I never win anything.

  138. tracy

    So beautiful!

  139. carrie

    I love everything by Krzysztof Wladyka

  140. Olga Hormaza

    I LOVE this site!

  141. Olga Hormaza

    SO hard to pick a favorite! BYE from Antonio Mora and Animaly 24 from Krzysztof Wladyka are my absolute favorites!

  142. Vanessa

    Awesome giveaway!

  143. Vanessa

    I follow on instagram (van09m)

  144. Vanessa

    My favorite piece is Animaly 16 by Krzysztof Wladyka 🙂

  145. Dayna

    Love. The black and white photographs are all hauntingly beautiful…but my favourite are the florals, especially Ashley Woodson Bailey’s “Much Regard”. Gorgeous moody spin on a traditional image.

  146. Dayna

    “Liked” Citizen Atelier on Facebook (under Inspiration for Decor)

  147. Melissa Kingston

    There are some really beautiful pieces of art here! So amazing!

  148. Jessica Sawyer

    Beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway!

  149. Olga Hormaza

    Liked on facebook!

  150. Heidrun Finnbogadottir

    Just love the ballerina collection!

  151. Karina

    Obsessed with the ballerina pieces!

  152. Karina

    Followed on Instagram: karinagraf

  153. Heidrun Finnbogadottir

    My favorite is Animaly 3 by Krzysztof Wladyka.

  154. Erika

    Beautiful, lovely artwork! Thank you for sharing!!

  155. Dawn

    I just “Liked” on Facebook

  156. Dawn

    I am over the moon with this giveaway!!

  157. Dawn

    I can never pass up a beautiful flower collection. Loving on “Dutch”

  158. Megan C.

    My new bedroom is in desperate need of art!

  159. Megan C.

    The Confettical Landscape #13 is my favorite.

  160. Francesca Newnham

    I am in love with Citizen Atelier, cannot stop stalking the website!

  161. Helen

    Me please!!!! Yay thank you!

  162. Kirsten

    Wow such amazingly beautiful pieces!! I LOVE the ballerinas my favourite
    is the last ballerina.

  163. Kirsten

    Liked on Facebook 🙂

  164. Kirsten

    Radiant by Ashley Woodsten Baily is my favourite piece

  165. Kirsten

    Followed on Instagram

  166. Nicole

    Did anyone win? 🙂

  167. Laura

    Christine, where did you get that phenomenal white chaise in the one photo? It’s spectacular!

  168. Johnk698

    Fantastic beat ! I wish to apprentice while you amend your website, how can i subscribe for a blog web site? The account aided me a acceptable deal. I had been a little bit acquainted of this your broadcast offered bright clear concept dedecfegkeef

  169. jassell


    i was wondering if you can tell me the designer of the daybed against the white walal with two black lamps overhead?, 9th pic from the bottom. -Thanks!

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  171. Julie Brooking

    I love these beautiful ballerinas. The first one is my favorite.

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