One Room Challenge – THE REVEAL!!!!

It’s time!!!  I’m over the moon excited to share with you the room I’ve been working on for the past 6 weeks…and by ‘I’, I really mean a giant huge ‘we’, for there is now way on Holy Dinah’s green Earth that this makeover renovation would ever have come together in such a short time, had it not been for my team…more on those amazing people later.

For now, I want to get right to the pictures, with a quick little reminder of what I had hoped would be the final result….when I started this project, my grandeous dreams centered around the rather fabulous idea of creating an elegant and refined room befitting of my client’s amazing square grand piano…soaked in history and huge in both scale and presence, I knew that I needed to design a space that would allow the piano to take center stage but also give the rest of the room some sort of purpose…and of course, I wanted the place to be pretty…and by pretty, I mean: modern, layered, edgy and dramatic. What I really wanted was a room that made all the pieces in it feel important…and of course, I wanted art…lots and lots of art.

So with that little prologue, here’s what the piano room looks like today…as photographed very amateurishly by yours truly…

As you know, the design really started with the floor…

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

…though I had planned for a patterned marble all along, when my client’s husband chose my favourite option of the bunch, I was…this bold geometric really set the tone for the entire space and whose kidding who, us design aficionados dream of clients who let us do such things.

From the very start, I knew the walls were going to be moulded to the hills but when we made the mid-way plan change from black paint to pink, I knew that alone was going to make this space, officially my favourite of all time…and when my Super Allen put up the first few sections of the cornered boxes with rosettes, well…my heart literally skipped huge giant beats…

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

And then the fireplace…though I knew what I wanted it to look like all along, finding the right brick veneer was a challenge to say the least…now that I see the black herringbone in place, I really can’t imagine it any other way.

With a scheme of pink, black, white and grey, choosing furniture and accessories was totes fun-ma-goats…I wanted the room to feel thoughtful but a little whimsical too so the mandate was books, sculptural pretties and art, art and more art.

 christine dovey one room challenge piano room

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

one room challenge

The pieces I chose from our fabulous sponsors are aces in the space and make me so so happy, though at unveiling, I admittedly realized that I sort of wanted to keep them all…yes indeedy…the  man sketch and split photography from Minted (Eiffel Tower by Leigh Viner)…

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

…and the benches from Lamps Plus that I DIY’d (with the help of some amazing hand painted fabric a la Hollie Cooper,)…

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

one room challenge christine dovey

…are like bees to honey in this room…as is Mr Caesar there…a family heirloom of sorts he is…god knows I love an good bosom (bahaha…that ones’ for you Lindsay,) and this guy’s a real champ in the room.

If you asked me my most favourite thing about the room, it would sincerely be hard for me to answer…indeed, every single part of this is ‘me’ in a nutshell…I adore the floor…I adore the piano…I adore the walls…I adore the furniture…BUT really, what I love most is the art…choosing artwork for others can be challenging and this room was no exception…I sent many options to my client’s collective inboxes but at the end of the day, the collection we ended up with in EXACTLY what I had hoped for.

Along with the Minted pieces, there are the  Nicole Cohen photographs that lean up against the floor on either side of the sofa/bay window…

 christine dovey one room challenge piano room

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

…and then there’s the huge Ashley Woodson Bailey piece called ‘Dutch Love’ that came into the room for the photoshoot I did with Citizen Atelier and as I secretly hoped would happen all along, once it was up above the paino, my client’s instantly knew there was no way this beauty could ever come down…

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

…the little flamingos by the french doors are another of Nicole’s pieces and along with Patrick Cline’s Peacock…

christine dovey

…were first images I showed to my client that they fell in love with. And perhaps the happiest piece in the room, is the Krzysztof Wladyka ‘otters’ that my client’s husband and I secretly conspired to purchase as an anniversary gift from he to her…set on top of the mirrored console that I designed and Super Allen made…well…it’s happiness right there…

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

one room challenge christine dovey

And with all that art mixed amongst some pretty fabulous furnishings…

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

christine dovey piano room one room challenge

…it’s really a room I feel infinitely proud of and so hope you love as much as I do…though probably not everyone’s cup of tea, it is most definitely mine and I’m so blessed to have client’s who share my delight in the ‘not everyday’…I know they are as happy with the final result as I am and I feel so lucky to have been given the ability to create a space that’s truly reflective of what I’m about.

When I first stood back and really soaked it all in…and then again when I first saw these professional shots that the amazingly talented Ashley Capp took for Citizen Atelier, I literally teared up…

citizen atelier - piano room console designed and styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - piano room - room designed and styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - piano room designed and styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

That right there my friends is the room I’ve always dreamed of creating and I’m a lucky, lucky designer for being given the opportunity to make that come to life.

So with that, I know I have to get all Academy Awards like and thank the people that made the above possible.

First, a huge hats off to Linda for organizing this crazy thing called the One Room Challenge…this was my first time being invited on this pony ride and I have to say, though ridiculously stressful at times, it was like a giant ‘Christmas morning when you’re 7’ for me…getting to plan and execute a full design plan in such a short time, sooooooo amazing/terrifying/invigorating etc. etc. etc.

Next, I have to wear my heart of my sleeve and pour some ‘tear in my eye’ gratitude at my partner in crime, Super Allen…when I say that NONE of this would happen without him, I truly mean NONE OF THIS WOULD HAPPEN.  My contractor/carpenter/welder/moulder/Mr Everything truly went beyond the call of duty and: moulded those walls to within an inch of their life, built and tiled my favourite fireplace of all time and fabricated the mirrored console table in a few days…all after business hours I might add…Super Allen has a day job and does all this for me on evenings and weekends…he’s a true super hero in my books and more often than not, is able to make things happen just merely from a photo I whiz by his phone or by some crazy description I ramble off to him while we’re sitting at my kitchen table over a cup of tea.  All this to say, he made this vision of mine a reality and I love him to the moon for it.

And because I’ve toted on about how big a part art played in this room, I want to thank Alessandra,  the founder of the newly launched (as of TODAY y’all) Citizen Atelier for introducing me to some amazing new artists and for working around my ORC schedule…the two large pieces that we purchase from her are truly heaven sent…and more than that, though our little collaboration, I truly feel like I’ve made an amazing new friend…and don’t get me started on what an incredible resource her site Citizen Atelier is…if you’re in the market for artwork and want a place that’s taken the guess work out of the equation for you, link there now people.  And on the topic of art, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say a huge thanks to Nicole Cohen and Patrick Cline for working their magic to get four of their pieces here on time…if you haven’t been on UPLO before, you need to go there now…amazing photography for days.

Next, a huge thanks to the two suppliers who I really couldn’t exist without…a giant hug to Christine at 219 for getting those Jonathan Adler chairs and gold side table here in time…and to Nina over at Black Rooster, a smooch x a lot for figuring out a way  to showcase one of our giant sconces (the other is in transit and I promise some more photos once it’s up,) and for getting us the piano bench, floor lamp and pretty accessories.   Like I said, my business would not be much of anything without these two and I’m beyond lucky to have them both on the team as it were.

And most importantly of all, a MASSIVE love filled thanks to my clients…I am incredibly blessed that they were willing to let me take over their home and indeed lives for the past 6 weeks…they spent many a night up all hours doing what they could to help get the room done in time and most importantly, they trusted in my vision and let me make that room happen…I’m beyond lucky to count them as clients and more importantly, as friends. I love them like Sunday morning.

Finally, a big love you to my hubster for being super dad during this whole deal and letting me do what I needed to do to get it done…and to my sweet kidlets for not hating me for being a less than stellar mama these past few weeks.

And with that, I’ll leave this reveal post (and a promise of a full source post coming soon) with a final look at some before and after action just because seeing the transformation that happened in just six short weeks really does make this girl smile from ear to ear…

one room challenge christine dovey

one room challenge christine dovey

one room challenge christine dovey

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…and then accept my heart felt THAN YOU for following along week one, two, there, four and five and for the all the amazingly sweet comments and encouragement…this whole journey was such fun for me and I made so much sweeter by all of you.


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  1. Theresa B.

    I’m a new reader and have been following the ORC, and all I can say is WOW!
    It’s a totally different room now, and just incredible! The homeowners must be pinching themselves 🙂
    Way to go!

  2. Sarah

    This is such a spectacular transformation….I knew it would be but wow, my friend, you have outdone yourself this time!!

  3. My first stop of the day! I could not wait another minute. I don’t know where to start…..A room fit for a palace or at the very least in St. Germain de Pres in Paris. The transformation is amazing…I love the glamor and the elegance in every little detail. The walls are so sumptuous and beautiful, the furniture….and I really love all the art. I love Woodson Bailey’s work and Nicole’s and Patrick’s. Dying to find out more about Citizen Atelier. I’m thinking this could be my Christmas present….You should be so proud of this amazing design. You are truly talented and combine things so beautifully and have a special sensitivity to create such elegant, peaceful spaces. I adore it all! I will be dreaming about this room tonight and I suspect for a few more nights after that!! xx

  4. Dianne

    I came here first because I knew it was going to be fabulous. I was not disappointed one bit! This room is the stuff dreams are made of. Your talent is beyond measure. I just want to stare at this photographs for hours and may do just that! Thank you for taking us along on this journey. I have loved every week’s post and progress. Hugs!

  5. Lisa

    I couldn’t wait to get to your site this morning, I knew it was going to be Grand and it did not disappoint. Congratulations to you and the homeowner’s. I cannot even imagine how they must feel to actually have this most spectacular room in their home. I will be looking at this over and over for a long time I can tell. Folks we have a ORC winner here!!! You hit this right out of the park and then some. Congrats Again!!

  6. That is one amazing before and after. The space is simply stunning and has your signature beauty all over it. So beautiful!!! Congratulations!!

  7. I’ve been waiting for your reveal — it is probably the best ‘silk purse’ from a cow’s ear transformation I’ve seen in a decade. Congratulations! I hope we see you in HB!

  8. cheryl

    what a gorgeous reveal, christine! the space is so lovely. congratulations.

  9. I won’t even try to name a favorite piece bc it would be impossible! This is so far from my style but I still look at it and drool. Definitely magazine-worthy!

  10. Andrea

    It is a thing of beauty. Glorious. What talent you have, my friend!!!

  11. Mind completely blown away here. I’m speechless! This is the best before and after I have every seen!

  12. Abigail

    This is beyond my imagination, so absolutely stunning!
    Totally channels Kelly Wearstler but with all the elements of your soft & edgy style.
    Classic, Modern & Elegant all thrown into one.
    An absolute masterpiece that I must write about on my blog.

    xox Abigail

  13. Elisa

    Truly an incredible transformation! I love the flooring, you just don’t see floors like that enough and I love that you kept the furniture clean and open so the floor could really shine and not be over powered. You had a beautiful vision and executed it flawlessly. congrats lady!

  14. Julie

    This is incredible. Absolutely incredible. You are a visionary!

  15. I’m in awe, Christine!! What you’ve created is truly stunning, and I can only imagine that you and your clients are beside yourselves with this one-of-a-kind room! I could linger over these photos and analyze forever.

    Also, I know you had so many other things on your plate during the Challenge and your kind comments and support of everyone week after week did not go unnoticed, you’re as amazing as your beautiful room!

  16. what a stunning and chic space! such a dramatic renovation. i love the paint color right down to the tile floor design. those chandelier sconces have my heart skipping beats! great job, dana

  17. There isn’t one detail here that I don’t want to make out with. I am in love with everything from floors (GASP!) to ceiling.

    You’ve outdone yourself! Amazing job!

  18. Christine, another coup! Fabulous. That floor and the wall treatment are EVERYTHING!!! I adore it all, and wish I had an ” Allen” on my team! How crazy talented is he!! congrats on such a beautiful room. It is so beautiful. xo Nancy

  19. My jaw has dropped, you performed a miracle! What a stunning salon that looks like it should belong in Paris, now can you please come to Brooklyn and do exactly the same to my living room?! Amazing work!!

  20. Christine what a spectacular job you and the team did. What a dream room!! PS: I love the art so much- and every room needs a little Leigh Viner! That’s one of my favorite photos of hers. Again, great job. I hope you’re relaxing with a MONDO glass of wine (with Allen of course!).

  21. Ah-mazing!! I love it! You must be so proud. The room is fantastic and elegant! Really well done. Congrats!

  22. alison g.

    I think you’ve taken the ORC to another level. What you accomplished in six weeks is just incredible. The space is flawless! You are a force to be reckoned with, and I’m just so damn excited for you!!

  23. Hollie @The Pink Zipper

    I’m giving you a standing ovation right now! This is truly am amazing transformation – I am so jealous of that amazing floor, chairs & the art is pretty fab too! I can’t wait to see the room in person Saturday!

  24. Sherry

    This is magnificent! The floors are jaw dropping gorgeous! Awesome job!

  25. Miranda

    SLAM DUNK girlfriend. Everything about this room is WIN. Your talent amazes me. Happy for all the love and praise you are surely going to get!

  26. Wow, I’m in love with this piano room ♥
    And I know I already said it but this marble floor is absolutely stunning!!!!!!!
    Congratulations Christine and thank you for making my day with these beautiful pictures!

  27. I am blown away! Everything is truly perfection. The floor has me drooling. Great job!

  28. I can’t believe I was nervous for you. Your undertaking was so enormous, and then those tiles were not cut right….AHHHMMMAZING! I am dying over the smallest, and the prettiest of details. The wall detail, fabric, accessories….all of this. Great job and so pretty.

  29. I knew this was going to be amazing, but I had no idea I would be rendered speechless. It is stunning, honestly. There are no adequate words for how gorgeous this turned out! Well done!


  30. Christine, this room is positively exquisite… Architectural Digest is going to be calling!! The transformation is absolutely unbelievable! I love all of the architectural elements you added, and those marble floors are divine! And I seriously think that may be the most perfect pink paint ever… so light and sophisticated! Every element of this room make it such a masterpiece! Congratulations on an amazing job!

  31. Cindy

    I found you through “Design Indulgence” while reading the One Room Design Challenges.
    This room is insanely beautiful. What an extraordinary, extraordinary space. Seriously, this HAS to be one of the coolest design jobs I’ve ever seen. The artwork is beyond perfect. The seals are amazing as are all the art pieces. What a total visual treat this is. I can’t wait to go back and look at the pictures again!


  32. Cindy

    Oops, I meant the Otters are amazing… not the seals!


  33. Eris

    Christine, you could’ve given me those walls and those floors and I would be over the moon – you’ve give so much more! This is so my cup of tea. That before and after business at the end is some kind of awesome.

  34. Stacey

    Totally magazine worthy! Your clients must be so incredibly happy. Amazing job.

  35. Oh Christine! You out did yourself!! It is complete perfection. The floor- amazing! You always source the best decor. I love it. xo Kristin

  36. Jessie

    This room looks amazingly good! I love everything in the room but the real showstopper are those incredible marble floors! You did a fantastic job, Christine!


  37. christina

    i am dead! this room is so incredible and inspiring. simply fabulous!

  38. Carrie

    I am feeling teary-eyed for you, Christine. This is the most beautiful transformation. It’s been such a pleasure to follow along through the ORC. Thrilled for you and your clients!

  39. Sarah Hepburn-Smith

    What a fantastic transformation!! Just beautiful!!

  40. Ian Dovey

    What a completely fabulous space! I can’t tell you how proud I am of you and the work you’ve done on this project. This is really a complete renovation of a room in six weeks, not just a makeover….. unbelievable really. You’re an outstanding talent, and heading to the top of your profession in a hurry! I’m just a hanger-on.
    All my love!

  41. Lindsey


  42. tara

    this is incredibly stunning!! It doesn’t even look like the same space. Love the black and white….well really every single thing about it!! xoxo.


  43. Christine

    A-MA-ZIIIING!!! I want! Your vision and talent are beyond words. Thank you for the visual candy! Love, love, love!!!

  44. Fully expect to see this in a magazine someday! The floors and furnishings are absolutely fabulous!!

  45. Wow! Just wow! This looks like the lobby of some very FABulous hotel, and it was, I’d be making reservations today! I am in awe of the space you’ve created, and the before shots are so dramatic- I can’t believe the changes you were able to make in 6 short weeks! It has been so much fun following along with the ORC (and participating in the link party). I can’t wait to see what you do next!

  46. Woot woot what a transformation!

  47. Noelle

    There are no words. Holy stunning! Every. Last. Detail.

  48. Lysandra McGregor

    I have been counting down to this day since I read your last post and saw all the progress you were making…and even though I knew it would be amazing this is incredible beyond words!

    You did an amazing job and as much as the room is beautiful it also looks like a home!

    You are an inspiration!

  49. Jenna S

    I’m in LOVE with how this turned out. Those floors are amazing. Great job!

  50. Tiffany

    CHRISTINE! My jaw is on the ground. This is absolutely, balls to the walls, STUNNING. Not only does it not look like it’s the same room, it looks like it’s situated in a whole different country. Hello Parisian elegance with edge. It’s instantly recognizable as your style, which is important, and your clients sound like absolute dreams. You are going to be BIG TIME famous lady. I can feel it. I am literally tipsy after looking at this room, like I just drank a glass of champagne I like to call INSPIRATION.

  51. Just astonishingly perfect. Every single detail is beyond beautiful — I absolutely adore it ALL. BUT THE FLOOR. Gasp and sign. What talent!!

  52. Christine, I have been anticipating this day for the last 6 weeks. The room is absolutely stunning! That floor! The moulding! That piano! The fireplace! The furniture! The art! Oh my, the art. Maybe the room is not everyone’s cup of tea, as you say, but I would for sure drink out of that cup – anyday and often. 🙂

  53. Ok Christine, first off…you room is by FAR the most highly editorial one of the bunch! All the rich layering of textures and finishes, the flooring is clearly the star but how you’ve managed to style the space without taking anything away from the b/w color story is fabulous!!! Elle Decor worthy in a heartbeat! I really can’t wait to see your work published in the glossies supaSTAR!!!

    xo- Julie
    Peace! Love! LOL!
    Haute Khuuture Blog

  54. You are a miracle worker Christine. This room is amazing, original, breathtaking… and nothing short of the kind of work we’ve come to expect of you. Incredibly well done, lady!! xo

  55. Edyta

    That is one amazing transformation. Enjoy this super chic and beautiful room! xxx

  56. Faygie

    Oh. My Goodness. I knew it was going to be amazing, but… WOW! This room is beyond stunning.

  57. Vel

    OMG, your room is absolutely stunning Christine!!!! So elegant and sublime!!!! That piano fits right in and those floors? I could ‘eat’ in them – perfect! Fabulous job dear!

  58. You nailed it Christine!! I was eager to see your reveal today and of course, it’s ridiculously amazing!! Everything from the floors, to the colours, to the furniture and art is just perfection. Way to go girl!

  59. Jen

    I said it last week and I’ll say it again…this room is like walking into one of my dreams! Breathtaking! You liking a few of my instagram posts makes me feel like I’m doing something right, lol! Thanks for encouraging me 🙂

  60. Gurl……shut your mouth right now [as we say in the south]….this is so much more that I ever imagined it would be. Every detail. The art. The art. The art… words. You are so good at that and I suck. The styling…edited and the color of those walls. I am trying to pick a favorite and it just might be the fireplace shot with that mantle….and well just about everything. Your clients must be drooling over this room! Christine….you will be famous someday:)

  61. Kimber

    Christine, this room is out of this world. Exceptionally well done. I’m speechless.

  62. Reichel

    Oh my god, this is so good. Like SO good. I love how you were to follow your grand scheme from top to bottom in every way. Dream room and dream client! LOVE everything about it! xo

  63. Ok I was so impressed with the initial after photos but then when I saw the befores I was completely dumbfounded – in the best possible way! AMazing transformation – and in just six weeks. Awesome job!

  64. Completely and totally gobsmacked. Stunning from top to toes, my friend. This is AD spread worthy. You are so insano talented. For once, I have no words, quite literally. A masterpiece in its own right. Brava!!!!!

  65. Ashley

    This is THE most beautiful room!! Simply amazing!

  66. Completely brilliant and beautiful, Christine. I don’t even know where to start. The architectural elements… the floor, black herringbone, wall moulding, fireplace mantel design are all stunning. I LOVE the art over the piano. The mix of furnishings is wonderful. Bravo, friend! Thank you for continuing to inspire me.

  67. Speechless. But if I could utter a word about this absolutely gorgeous room, I would hope that I could craft a compliment worthy of such a brilliant space. So well done! (I love the little triangle black tiles that border the hearth, like little vampy spikes on such a sweet fireplace.)

  68. Christine, WOW! I am absolutely going nuts over the floor and panel work, you are seriously one talented designer, your furniture selections, art work doesn’t get any better than this, well done x

  69. Mallory

    The only thing that makes me actually believe you when you say it’s the same room are the windows. It is absolutely incredible in every way…the moulding work, the tile, the textures….I can’t even pick a favorite element! But I sure am glad that the piece above the piano is staying put…it belongs there 🙂

  70. Tiffany

    I’m doing the slow clap over here. This room is so opulent. I just want to cry tears of joy looking at it. If I lived in Canada and had the money you would be designing my entire house. You are amazing!

  71. Emma

    Stunning would be an understatement…I’m speechless!!! Bravo!

  72. I CANNOT believe it’s the same house. It’s like you have this magic wand or maybe it’s the insane talent you have to transform. Bravo to you for another beautiful job! I’ve enjoyed this journey with you- looking forward to reading more on other projects you do! Best regards! Krystine

  73. Are you kidding me? This is FANTASTIC!! The before and afters are shockingly amazing. Congratulations on a beautiful, beautiful job.

  74. Looks amazing Christine! What an elegant piano room, the molding and floor creates the most elegant backdrop! I want to play piano in there!

  75. Courtney Deyle

    OH. MY. GOD!!!!! This room is stunning!!! I really don’t know what to say because I’m speechless. You really have done an amazing thing here Christine. Your talent is unexplainable… Congratulations on such a gorgeous project! 🙂

  76. Stacey

    Super stunning makeover Christine! The floor looks amazing and the addition of the mouldings really brought the space from ordinary to extraordinary! All the accessories and art are perfection!

  77. Lynda McKinven

    The space looks so much larger! There I so much in the room to look at. Truly amazing, the way the pieces all come together. Great job Christine!

  78. The trim work on those walls is the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen!!

  79. Brittany

    WOW! What an incredible transformation! So gorgeous!

  80. ashley

    Christine! This room is unbelievable!! Like, get this in a magazine immediately, unbelievable! You are insanely talented 🙂

  81. dear god, christine, transformation is an understatement. i could cry this is so good. seriously. just HOW. and i’ll bet photos couldn’t possibly do this space justice. tell your client the peeper outside the window is me because i had to see it for myself (except don’t worry, client, i don’t live near you). well done, m’lady. well done.

  82. Christine, everything you touch turns to gold! This is a gorgeous room! That floor tile is to die for!!!

  83. Christine Ralston

    Hello Christine-What is the fabric that you used for the sofa pillows?

    Room is gorgeous!

  84. OMG. You make it hard for others to do the ORC, you just crushed it. The gorgeousness of the room is almost, almost too much to bear. It is just stunning, and Elle worthy. You are like Glenda, the good witch in Oz. Omniscient and beautiful.

  85. Kristen

    I can’t even begin telling you how amazing this room is! From the floors, to the pink walls, the piano and all the moldings I am seriously in love. My dream space.

  86. Julie

    This room is to formal for me in my life ( mother of 2 1/2 year old twin boys) but it is absolutely fabulous! Of all the ORC reveals your is definitely the most dramatic. You have truly shown that you can take a builders grade, basic room and turn it into something spectacular. Thank you for sharing.

  87. Heidrun Finnbogadottir

    What a stunning creation! I am just afraid, that you will not have time for your blog after this epic reveal. Phones will be ringing…

  88. I haven’t commented until now because the room is simply so stunning, I didn’t have words. Christine! What a dream room. This is insanely good and it was worth all of your stress and insanity. Congrats on such a magnificent space. xx

  89. Danica

    You know that song….”If I had a million dollars…………I would hire Chirstine Dovey with my home”

    That’s pretty much how I felt after looking at your reveal! So amazing!

  90. Dale

    Wow Christine – just drop dead stunning. When you mentioned you were going to paint the piano I was a bit skeptical I admit – but it looks gorgeous, as does everything in the room. The floors and tile in the fireplace are just beyond!! So great of you to thanks your whole team, I am sure they were essential, but you really pulled off magic in a short time with this. And yes Danica when I win the lotto I will be calling Christine too 🙂

  91. Oh wow. This room is just too amazing!!! Everything in this room is so perfect! I’m sure magazines are going to be fighting to feature this room. Congratulations!!!

  92. Really and truly one of the most spectacular transformations that I have ever seen! Well done and what lucky clients you have! Bravo!

  93. OK, I am so late to the party b/c I finally just linked my room up yesterday and now have been dying to sit down and see this room! I scrolled down as fast as I could soaking up all the photos and freaking out and then went back to the top and went through it again reading it and analyzing every photo. My first thought was $%#&@ the freakin ART!!! Unbelievable! Killed it! So I’m convinced the art is the show stopper, but then u really look at this room and it’s everything…the freakin moulded walls, the fireplace, the furniture choices that piano, love freakin floors!!! Have I mentioned I love this freakin room!!! Hands down favorite part is the anniversary print and that console, but then the floral one and the piano…I can’t take it! I have to stop now b/c I have to go back up and look at the photos again. Well freakin done!! 🙂

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  95. I’m not sure if I commented already so I’m commenting again! This room is beyond words and you are so talented. The paint colour, moulding, console and floral art are my favourite things. And your clients sound like the perfect clients – trusting in your vision. This must have been out of their comfort zone a bit judging by the Before photos. Congrats Christine!

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  97. Hi Christie…so happy I did not miss this reveal even though I am a little late to the starting gate..WOW this left me speechless..what a transformation. I am uber impressed…and I can imagine you are enjoying the room IMMENSELY! Well done my friend!!

  98. Vel

    Christine, I can’t stop thinking about your fabulous room and chose it as one of my ORC faves! Check it out if you have the time! 🙂 Have a nice day! New stalker here.

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  100. Brandi

    Wow, what a gorgeous room. Absolutely stunning!!!

  101. Heather

    When I began scrolling through your images, my first thought was “OMG this house must be some billionaires home – the floor – the fireplace – the pictures – everything perfectly awesome!!” Then I seen the before photos and thought – they are normal people just like me!!! What you did was complete magic. Incredible.

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  103. Absolutely beautiful! I love everything about it…especially all the ART! Bravo! Sorry this is a bit late.

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  105. Theresa

    Just perfect and something I would love in my own home…..

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  107. Kathryn foley

    Hands down, the most stunning makeover Evah!!!
    There are no words.
    I am now going to pick up my jaw, face, body off the floor from all the gorgeous details!!!
    Congrats on a job well done!!!

  108. Winnie

    WOW! You are everything!!!

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  111. Literally my mouth dropped open when I saw the before. What a style flip! Great job it looks fantastic.


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  113. Monika

    OH MY! I just found your blog and this entry is jaw-dropping. I scrolled and then scrolled again, green with envy, then pink with admiration. Damn, lady! You are good!

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  115. Victoria

    Extraordinary transformation! Perfection!

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  117. Beth

    What a beautiful room for a beautiful focal point – that amazing square piano! My grandmother had a piano very similar to this one – I wish I had it now, especially if I had a room I could design around it like this one!

  118. Brandi

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  119. Tracey

    Jaw droppingly Gorgeous!! Every single element is stunning. I would consider myself the luckiest person in the world to have that space as my own. There is not a single thing that you have done that I do not love, or would change in any way! Kudos!!
    I’m signing up as a new subscriber. I jumped over from Better After.
    Have a wonderful day!

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  124. Love the dusky pinks with the monochrome, it creates such a brilliant effect!

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