Inspiration, Thankfulness and INCREDIBLE Home and TV

I’ve been admittedly feeling a little un-inspired lately.
Not really sure why.
Maybe it’s the whole #projectdreamhouse on hold situation.
Maybe its the changing landscape of blogging…less blog commenting/more Instagramming etc. etc.
Who knows.
The thing is though, tides can change.
And with a few recent events, this sort of blech train I’ve been on has decided to leave the station.
For one, I’ve got a ton going on in the design work department.
I’m currently working on 6 projects, which feels SO awesome.
Two of those are local guys and 4 are of the e-design sort…and all, immensely good.
On the full service end of things, my two neighbourhood clients have been making my brain sing with inspiration lately.
I’ll give you some more detailed updates on these projects soon but for now, I want to focus on a few things we’ve sourced for their spaces that are just making my heart sing.
For #projectbistrochic, we’ve been on the hunt for the perfect coffee table.
My fabulous client forwarded me a selection from one of my favourite Toronto design stores and just lookie what I found…
Inline image 1
If I didn’t have a baby who might kill himself on those corners and had extra money growing on trees, that beauty would so be mine.
In the meantime, I’m hoping she’ll give it the OK for her family room…if you remember, it’s the one I detailed here….think Hague Blue moody glam with a twist.
And if not, I’m going to show it to my other local client, whose known around here is #projectwholehouse…we’ve just begin work on her piano room and I can’t wait…it’s not often that you get to decorate a room entirely around a piano.  And the best part is that the space is completely closed off from the rest of the house so we can really do anything we want in there.
I put together a preliminary board…
Piano Room

…that looked like this and centered around a few key things:

1. black walls
2. that table
3. a large piano
4. one of the most stunning pieces of furniture I’ve come across in a while:

I mean have you ever?

It’s a recent addition to Black Rooster’s inventory and I’m DYING over it.


Thing is though, as you can tell from this post (aka #projectbistrochic,) I’m already doing a room with dark paneled walls and as much as I LOVE them to the moon and back, I of course want each of my clients to get something that’s new and fresh and not already in my portfolio as it were.

Which leads me to a discovery from yesterday.

Let me take a step back for a second.

Remember this post and this one from last week, where I was on a little soapbox about the importance of bloggers supporting each other etc. etc.?

Well, because good ALWAYS wins over bad, I came home yesterday after picking up my kids from school, to an email from a brand spanking new client who found me solely because of this amazingly sweet post from my friend Bailey over at Peppermint Bliss.

To have such kind words written about me, from someone I consider so incredibly talented, well, that just so made my day…to say the least.

And to add to the good day as a result of someone’s post fun, I was perusing the comment section and found one left by someone named Sam, who directed Bailey to a spread that she thought was very much her style.

And when I linked over out of curiosity, holy hell…I just about lost. my. mind…

First there’s the exterior that’s making me seriously consider grey over white…

And then there’s these 3 spaces in particular, had my mind racing with ideas…

1. Living Room- just when I thought I was maybe slightly tired of pink (and by slightly, I mean very slightly,) this room goes and makes me fall in love alllllll over again…


If #projectdreamhouse does indeed happen (which I’m meditating into being daily by the way) I will have a pink room that has this perfect hue covering all the trim, all the walls and the ceiling- absolutely nutzoid over this.

2. The kitchen- I’ve been wanting to use that DG wallpaper since the beginning of time and seeing it on the ceiling in this kitchen blew my mind in a very crazy way…

I’m also insanely in love with the pantries that are just solid large pieces of mirror…one of my absolute favourite things about my kitchen is the mirrored cabinets and if I do get to create a new one, some variation or love child of these ones and mine will happen…also the wallpaper again…thinking dining room…somewhere…anywhere…this photo has convinced me that I have to have it…for suresies.

3. The family/sitting room- again with the pastels…this time a gorgeous lavender….crazy about the colour palate…crazy about the vintage lighting…crazy about the rug…crazy about all of it.


It’s all just a little Wearstleresque but with some real life livability thrown in…daring but a little restrained…edgy and cool but not over the top.

All this to say that I LOVE EVERY SINGLE INCH OF IT…and PS, there’s more to this place that I didn’t show you…link HERE to see the whole tour.

After really letting this goodness soak in, I felt my brain shift a little….for the last little while, I’ve really been feeling white walls…everywhere.

But the colour in this place…holy shit…so beautiful and if when #projectdreamhouse does happen (the power of positive thinking;) I just might just might throw some colourly goodness up on those walls.

And in the meantime, and back to project stuff, I’m going to promote all kinds of pretty paint, starting with #projectwholehouse and the piano room I just showed you…thinking I just might try to convince my lovely clients to try something a little daring…aka, walls covered in pastel.

Also…a cement tile floor…

Cement Tile Shop - Encaustic Cement Tile Harlequin Big

…just saying:)

And finally, since we’re on the topic of #projectwholehouse and my design work, my most recent episode of Steven and Chris will be on today…I’ll be doing a full tour of Jasper’s nursery and #projectlittlemiss so if you’re in Canada, you can see that by tuning into to CBC at 2pm.  I’ll post the link for my US friends when it’s up on the Livewell site in a few weeks.

Oh and one more thing…a little ::whispers:: good news…come back tomorrow for a #getpublished reveal of a project I worked on last year…soooooo excited to share!

Happy day friends.


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  1. Love,love that kitchen!! Such a beauty! I’ve been missing so many of your posts, I have a lot of blog catching up to do! Have a great day!

  2. Julie

    good heavens those rooms and the exterior! I mean come on, how is that even fair?!!!! 😉 absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Good news central! Hoping to catch S&C today – congrats on everything lady!

  4. That house screams Christine all over it 🙂

  5. Glad to hear you’ve got you design mojo back! You are an absolute inspiration to me!

  6. Was just watching your room tours on Steven and Chris and you did an amazing job! People should keep their negative opinions to themselves… that white nursery was fabulous. The only person who has to love it is the person it was design for… you.
    I’m so looking forward to seeing more of you on the show. Please keep us updated when you’re being featured.
    BTW LOVE the new hair-do!

  7. Dianne

    You deserve all the goodness coming your way. Such talent!

  8. Wooohooo! I’ll have to catch you on Steven and Chris through the links when I get home tonight, wish I could be watching! Also, I know what you mean about blogging being less inspiring with the less commenting, glad its not just me.

    Six projects on the go?! Incredible! If you need an extra hand on install day for those local ones I’d really love to help out! xo

  9. Congrats on the Steven & Chris Expert gig, thats amazing my friend. All of your hard work is paying off!

  10. Tim

    congrats on the new projects and yes Good does overcome bad! You are an amazingly talented lady and we love you!!

    Can’t wait to follow along on your projects!


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