Project Kitchen Gorgeous – THE REVEAL

After a this post declaring the beginning of….
…on March 21, 2011, along with months and months of follow up #projectkitchengorgeous and #pkg updates, it’s FINALLY time to reveal the after shots.
As you know, the inspiration for my kitchen was absolutely a space that didn’t really look like one…instead, Meredith and I envisioned creating something that felt like a Parisian boutique, mixed with a little London/New York edge…in kitchen form.
I wanted a room that could showcase some of my collections (I’m sure you’ve read Meredith’s mentions of my slight hoarding tendancies), still function as a working kitchen and really set the tone for the rest of the house.
I wanted it to be feminine, but still approachable to the dudes in the house…of which there will soon be 3:)
But most of all, I just wanted it to be pretty…and unique…full of special things that felt collected over time…like modern and old got married and shot out one glorious kitchen love child.
And without any further ado, here are the results of our labour…

I couldn’t love it more, truth be told.
My favourite elements are:
1. The pantry and display cases that flank the one wall are my favourite aesthetic element in the space…the former is faced in antique mirror and is holds a bevie of pull out drawers that store all of our food…the later is backed in the same antique mirror and houses all much of my china, glass and antique collection.
2. My brand spanking new set of Electrolux Icon appliances- they are seriously the  BEST ones I’ve ever owned- the set of fridge drawers to the left of the big/main one are beyond…so happy I picked them over a wine fridge (and yes, this choice likely surprises you as much as it did me) – the bottom one is designated as the kid’s fridge and I load it everyday with drinks, fruit and snacks…no more little voices constantly asking me to get them something…did I mention I love the drawers?  All of the appliances are a dream- so happy.
3.  My Brizo Solna faucet and pot holder…they’re in a brushed gold finish and I lurv them- never thought about really owning a pot filler before but now I couldn’t live without it.
4. The lighting…some of you remember my epic lighting search, appropriately called Lighting Gate– I think I probably sent Meredith over 500 emails on the subject…thankfully, the endless search paid off.  The two fixtures above the table are vintage pink veninis that I found at my favourite local lighting haunt, Sam the Chandelier Man- he actually had one large one and created the matched pair for me by taking the glass pieces off of the big one and adding them to two smaller frames- adore…the one over the island is an antique basket chandy from a local antique store- Meredith spotted it, we ran over and picked it up just mere seconds before someone else was about to purchase- sooooo lucky.  I love how it works against the more modern island…and speaking of…
5. THE ISLAND- the whole waterfall edge/campaign deal makes me sort of dizzily happy and what’s more, it’s just do damn functional- holds all of my pots, the microwave, 3 drawers of toys, cooking/baking dishes and more…so much storage.
6. The Griffin and Wong chinoiserie panels in combo with the hand painted curtains a la Meredith.  The panels went in first and my original thought was that though extremely beautiful, they were a wee bit peachy…in came the perfectly pink  abstract curtains and well, I almost fainted- COULD NOT LOVE THEM MORE.
7. The marble…oh the marble…it’s proved itself as not only pretty to look at but gosh darn, it’s durable too- yes…’tis true.  The backsplash shelf was dreamt up once I saw some photos of vintage vanities and I love that it adds another place to display some pretty…and speaking of that, the open shelves are working out exactly as I had hoped- I will grant that there is a dusting issue but the trade off is that I get to constantly rotate my little treasures and give the kitchen a whole new look whenever it floats my boat- I’m thinking of adding a little more edgy black in the new year:)
All in all, I can sum the whole thing up by saying it’s absolutely/positively the kitchen of my dreams…with one tinsy/winsy exception…the hood…it’s going to be swapped out for this whenever I can so budget…
Brass- must have this hood!
…and with that, it will solidify itself as my perfect Cinderella kitchen story.
The fact that it ended up in the pages of Style at Home
…well, that doesn’t hurt either…totally added the cherry to the top of the kitchen ice cream cake…and speaking of that…if you’re in the US and just want access to a single copy, you can order the digital version of the January issue HERE…and if you missed the magazine reveal post, check that out HERE.
A huge mwah to all of the people who made my kitchen happen- of course, my biggest thanks goes to Meredith…she absolutely helped pull the dreams out of my head and turn them into reality- very thankful.
And of course, a giant thanks to you my dear readers for following along this process for the past year and a half…I know it was a long haul on the waiting for photos front…VERY grateful that you stuck around to see it all come together.
Hugs and juicy kisses,


  1. OH my goooooooooodness Christine. Its beyond. Your little inspiration board has been transformed into the most beautiful work of art, even more fabulous than I ever could’ve imagined. And congratulations on being on THE COVER!! You’re famous and it is so well deserved. xoxo

  2. So gorgeous! I didn’t know I wanted pantry doors like that in my dream kitchen until I saw yours. I heart the lighting, too!

  3. absolutely gorgeous! So much thought went into every detail.
    One complaint (forgive me) is that you don’t show us your current range / range hood set up now. I’d still like to see it! I like to see all angles of a kitchen.
    That’s all though. Looks totally faboo.

  4. Amanda

    What a dream kitchen! Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. we finally see! its as glorious as i had hoped. bravo. those mirrored panels on the pantry KILL ME

  6. Brittany

    Christine, it is truly a thing of beauty and I think it suits you so perfectly. Congrats to you & Meredith on such a fabulous effort! You deserve all the accolades coming your way πŸ™‚ xoxoxo

  7. Natalie

    Gorrrrrgeous! Love all the marble, the open shelving, seriously stunning!

  8. Tiffany

    Fantastic! I love the chandeliers and your cabinet hardware. Oh, and the curtains. All fabulous.

  9. The prettiest kitchen ever. And that hood will be magical there too. But I wouldn’t sweat it, it’s perfect as is. The colors, the interest, truly the most breathtaking space Christine. Congrats!!!

  10. The sexiest kitchen I’ve ever seen. The cabinetry is beyond words. I bow to the awesomeness that is both you and Meredith.

  11. Erin

    Me too! I want to see the range and sink setups.

    So, the marble is easy to deal with and doesn’t etch and stain? Is it calacatta?

    Your kitchen is ridic. I want it all!

  12. alison g.

    Wait! Where’s your cooktop?
    No matter. It’s insanely gorgeous, and when you get that hood…well, I just might have a stroke.

    So happy it all turned out so beautifully for you, AND that you were gracious enough to share it all with us!


  13. Your kitchen is everything I could ever dream of. Bright. Cheerful. Glam. Clean. I am so jealous. You again have proven yourself to be the design genius. You know I love ya girl!

  14. Danielle

    I too am missing the pic of the range and hood! Otherwise, the whole space is stunning stunning stunning! The waterfall island is a dream of mine, and i might need to steal that backsplash idea for my space!

  15. can i please live in ur house for a day! – OMG that kitchen! – love EVERY single detail! – and the island *breathe taking*

  16. It’s perfect. The details are brilliant and I love how beautifully suited it is for you, your style and your family. xo

  17. Nancy

    Christine! So much to love in this kitchen, especially all the mirrored backing and the marble! and the brass..I love it. Congratulations on getting the kitchen of your dreams!
    Happy HOlidays.
    xo Nancy

  18. I am DYING over this kitchen. You did a great job, it is gorgeous. The island is my fave! I just love the campaign drawers / waterfall countertop. I’ll definitely be pinning!

  19. stunning, so luxurious and balanced perfectly for a kitchen. Let the cooking begin!!

  20. christine!!! this is AMAZING!! just so insanely perfect and beautiful!!! xoxo

  21. holy. cow. It was worth waiting every agonizing week for…just so so stunning, and so you, and so divine!!

  22. Wow! It’s breathtaking! You should be so proud!!!

  23. Christin,Congratulation on the feature!

    I am so stunned at the beauty of your home. The kitchen and dining are so you! Adore!

    Love and Hugs
    Art by Karena
    $75 NOVICA Giveaway

  24. Anonymous

    I second (third?) the call for photos of the range and hood as they are now. Also, the sink! Want a look at that faucet and pot filler you were talking about πŸ™‚

  25. Michaela

    WOW WOW WOW. Love it so much. It’s perfectly you. It’s beautiful, but still cozy. Unique and stylish. I think that’s a definite job well done, my friend πŸ™‚ I’ll come visit any time πŸ˜‰ xoxo

  26. I was so excited when I got my Style at Home in the mail with your feature and cover. Great job!

  27. I’m moving in. Hope you don’t mind. I don’t cook much but I can dance…

  28. waosaw!!! amazing! I love the mirror you incorporated in your cabinet door. What a stylish kitchen..totally inspires one to just hang out and cool all day. Congrats! Good things come to those who wait….so happy today was reveal day.

  29. Hannah

    So so so perfect. I love when a design tells a story, and this kitchen certainly tells a story!

  30. Lauren

    oh my gosh, it looks absolutely gorgeous! You must be in heaven!

  31. Lisa

    I can’t get enough of your kitchen. Did a blog post about it and I keep reading my Style at Home over and over like a crazy design nut. Please get that hood soon!

  32. Linda

    Just stunning!

  33. Stacey

    definitely worth the wait! really stunning!!

  34. Seriously amazing; you created kitchen perfection. It is all so lovely, feminine, yet glam and so very you. Well done lady; it must be a dream to use it everyday! xx

  35. Kristen

    Seriously beyond gorg. LOVE this space on too many levels. Such a dream.

  36. Soooooo pretty! I’ve been waiting forever and a day to see this! I love everything! The pink, the marble, the gold…oh my! Those curtains, chinoiserie panels, and glass cabinets…swoon! Simply gorgeous!


  37. escapade

    Amazing Christine!! So happy (+ only a tiny bit jealous) to see you kitchen fantasies come true. Looks beautiful – well done!! xo

  38. So pretty, Christine. I saw the spread in Style at Home magazine and I’m definitely crushing- you lucky girl!

  39. Such girly glam *perfection*…SO worth the wait!!! Those Venini chandys have stolen my pink and shiny lovin’ heart (c: Seriously, you should be bursting with pride and smug as hell about this gorgeous space, it’s my idea of kitchen heaven! Now on to pin the *crap* out of this…

  40. So glamorous!!! And, so worth the wait. Job WELL DONE! This will be my kitchen in heaven.

  41. Irene

    Oh my i think that is a girls DREAM come true! I’m sad im a day late being totally out of pocket on technology for the past 48 hours… YOW! I can’t say what my fave thing is about it all… it’s all so incredible… the antiqued glass that you have for your pantry is SO unique, your brass hardware, the waterfall counters, all just beautiful. Truly one of the most amazing kitchens I’ve seen. The perfect mix of sleekness with traditional classic elements. and… GOLD and PINK!

  42. Christine, your kitchen is beyond gorgeous, I can’t even think of a word…maybe sublime? It’s all so wonderful. Could I pick a favourite element? No, but maybe a top 3… Love the marble, love the brass accents, love the lighting, love the refrigerator drawers, love the chinoiserie panels, love the drapery. Okay that’s 6 things, but can you blame me?

  43. aLena

    Christine your kitchen is exceptionally beautiful!!! I LOVE your mix of vintage, glam, & modern & of course L-O-V-E all of the PINK!

  44. Wow. Absolutely stunning! It is just absolutely drop dead gorgeous. You did an amazing job dreaming up this beauty!!!

  45. Hey,just found your blog and I absolutely love it. Your kitchen is fabulous. I’ll be following!


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