#projectscarlett – The REVEAL

As promised, it’s time to reveal Scarlett’s room.
In my mind, the finished space is very much her and does fit in my original grande scheme of a Marie Antoinette inspired dressing room…though the wallpaper does add in a heavy dose of jewelry box glamour;)
She loves it, which is the most important part and I’m quite pleased with it too…sort of want to relocate there myself- ha!
Anyhoo…here’s the pics…
christine dovey pine girls room 1 ikea bed valance venini chandelier statue lamp beni rug mirrored side table hygge and west wallpaper gold
christine dovey pine girls room 2 painted ikea desk vintage french chair clothes racks beni rug pom pom curtains
christine dovey pine girls room 3 clothes racks gold floral wallpaper hygge and west
christine dovey pine girls room 4 french chair pom pom curtains pink desk
christine dovey pine girls room 5 handmade doll porcelain lamp gold hygge and west floral wallpaper
christine dovey pine girls room 6 vintage wardrobe gold hygge and west wallpaper stuffed animals dolls
christine dovey pine girls room 7 clothes racks pom pom curtains antique chair gold hygge and west floral wallpaper
christine dovey pine girls room 8 tissue paper bouquet tiffany pratt
christine dovey pine girls room 9 pom pom curtains gold hygge and west floral wallpaper
christine dovey pine girls room 10 pink settee beni rug pom pom curtains pillotopia pillow
christine dovey pine girls room 11 antique wardrobe gold hygge and west wallpaper
Photos by Ashley Capp
* I would lick the wallpaper if I felt it appropriate…very, very good.
Dresser, lamps and wardrobe
**PS, if you are looking for French inspired antiques in the GTA, this is a must stop…absolutely my favourite spot to find one of a kind treasures!
** A large and in charge thank you to Flik and Company for helping me find the PERFECT settee…adore it!
Antique Chair
*Trust me when I tell you that this store is going to be HUGE…I absolutely can’t wait for the official opening.  A giant/massive mwah to Christine and Sarah for helping make #projectscarlett infinitely better with my favourite antique pink chair of all time!!! xoxoxo
Duvet cover and shams- Bouclair Home (Akira in white)
* A large thank you to Bouclair for generously providing the Akira duvet cover set…I absolutely love how it finishes off the bed.
Sheeting- IKEA
* God I love that rug…it’s heaven in person- soooo fluffy good.
IKEA – Merete (put together/modified with the amazing help the amazing
* PS, I LOVE good friends and Ms Hollie is one of the best!
Settee Pillows
* You know you all want some intertwine pillows of your own…go get ’em boys and girls!
* Tim is my hero…that is all.
Side tables
Clothing racks
* Again, my house would be a mere shell of a home without Tim’s expertise painting/finishing help.
Moveline Liquidation (painted by me)
So there you have it…a little girl’s room a la Bijou.
Here’s hoping my red head loves it for years to come because god knows, it’s staying that way for as long as we own this house.
Also…the wardrobe is never coming out of that room so if we ever do sell, I hope the prospective owners like pink;)
Oh and if you’re interested in a little Bijou action of your own, my e-design services are available…check out the button on the right for services and rates.
  1. Jessie

    Wow! This room looks absolutely gorgeous, fits for a princess! Very beautiful, girly and totally chic! Love the window treatment, the pillows and the pretty pink settee. You did a fabulous job!


  2. Michaela

    Love everything, Christine! It’s perfectly girly, chic and glam. I just used this wallpaper for a project for school!

  3. Sarah Gunn

    It is absolutely stunning. So so gorgeous!! Love teeny girly detail. I think the wallpaper is my favourite.

  4. No way! I’m speechless!!! What a lucky little girl, I want to move there too!! 😉

  5. I kinda have nothing to say. It’s that good. Anything that I say just won’t do justice. You are the queen B, Christine.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! The wallpaper is perfection and just pulls everything together beautifully. I’m so sharing this with my readers tomorrow…

  7. Guuurrrrl, this is mahvelous! My love for that wallpaper is enormous. Can’t get enough!

  8. Oh my GOD Christine you are so insanely talented. What a wonderful space for Scarlett to grow up in! Will you do mine next?

  9. BTLover2

    You have talent in abundance! This room is a dream (for girls and women alike)! You amaze and inspire me! Scarlett is a lucky, lucky girl.

  10. Absolutely amazing. You really are so so so talented! I want to move right in.

  11. Leah

    stunning!! seeing Scarlett’s tiny clothes hanging in the room is one of my favorite things! you are super talented & she is a lucky little one!

  12. Christine, your talent for creating gorgeous feminine spaces is unreal. Every angle of this room makes me happy! I can’t even decide what I love best. My favorite shot is that insane armoire with the teddy bears up to and the gold rack with the tiny pink tutus peeking out. Little girl perfection!!!

  13. Wow I want to live there too! What a dream room for a little girl! Love the wallpaper.

  14. Oh my god, it’s STUNNING! So beautiful and feminine (the teddies all piled up on top of that gorgeous piece of furniture really made me smile) – what a lucky little girl you have to have such a talented mummy! xxx

  15. Andrea

    heavenly. nuff said.

  16. Rosamapose

    This room is completely stunning! It feels fit for a princess. I love the combination of fun & girl with rich details. You have a fantastic eye, thanks for the daily inspiration!


    Blonde In This City

  17. Mr.Secret
  18. Nikki

    This bedroom is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. That wall paper is to die for. I am madly in love with the whole thing. I wish my bedroom looked like this.

  19. brando

    Ya. I agree with Mr. Secret.
    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  20. Lucky little ducky! It’s just the most Christine, really. It’s the bedroom of my little girl (and big girl dreams). Well done lady.

  21. I am freaking dying. Your daughter is beyond lucky. When do I move in?

  22. alison g.

    Woman – it is SO good! Like a little Ladurée boudoir! Congratulations on an impeccable job!

  23. Bromeliad

    Awesome! Can I please be one of your kids?

  24. The Now

    CHRISTINE!!!!! This room is perfection. I would die if I was one of your children!!! Will you adopt me?? Fabulous job, my love! xoxo

    The Now Style Book

  25. ohmy, I don’t know where to start! This would have been my dream room as a girl, who am I kidding, this is my dream room now!! Amazing job!

  26. Dying overhear…STUNNING!!!! Love it all C, you did an amazing job on her room, what a haven!!!!! xoxo

  27. Natalie

    In. Sane. Absolutely in love — it could not be more perfect! I want to move in!

  28. STUNNING! What a lucky little girl!

  29. Dee

    Beautiful! So girly and perfect for a little redhead! I must say though – one thing seems to be missing. A frilly bed skirt! I think it will make the bed feel even MORE luxurious, and soften up the lines a bit! Though – if thats the only thing missing in the space (for me), you’ve done a FABULOUS job!

    Can’t wait to see what you do with the nursery!

  30. Aw, Christine it’s so precious. I love her little horsie over the mirror. Such a little ladies room. It’s cute and pretty and fancy all in one.

  31. Amanda

    Oh my goodness! Talk about heaven. This room is absolutely stunning.
    You did an amazing job and I must say this is what every girl’s dream room must look like!

  32. It’s breathtaking! I would never leave if that was my room. The pink settee area is my favorite!

  33. Stunning, stunning, stunning. You do glam feminine like no one else. BRAVO! That wallpaper is a show-stopper, no?

  34. How2home

    Omgosh we’ve been waiting for this moment!! Scarlett’s room is beyond AMAZING! It’s the perfect little girls room. So chic and artistic. Such a lucky little girl 🙂

  35. Lea Barcus

    Absolutely breathtaking and i can definitely see the Marie Antoinette inspiration! If I was 5 again Id die for a room like that…who am I kidding I’d die for it now!

  36. so incredibly beauuuutiful! i hope she adores it! xo

  37. looks BEYOND fab!! Glad we could help add some prettiness to the space! xo


  38. Wozwers! I loved seeing all the sneak peeks on Instagram, but seeing it all together has me drooling all over my desk!
    Scarlett is one locky littel girl!

  39. I have no words for how beautiful this is. It’s so beautiful I could cry. 😉

  40. Christine, what a successful execution, ahem, Marie Antoinette would really lose her head over this space. 😉 Sorry, can’t resist a cheesy history joke.

    This is so delightfully lovely and full of child fantasy and wonder. You did such a fabulous job!

  41. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous… No shock, but always able to catch me off guard!

    One day apart? YAY! I missed your announcement, too. 🙂 How exciting!! Congrats to you, friend. Glad we can share in the fun together. (Have you found out what you are having yet? No luck here!)

  42. bravo it looks fabulous. just fabulous. she is such a lucky girl!!!

  43. Linda

    That looks so incredibly fabulous! Wow Wow Wow….it blows me away! She must feel like a princess in there. Wonderful job!

  44. wow, it’s amazing, I love everything, so much eye candy…I wanna move in too!

  45. This. is. amazing. I love it! You did such a fabulous job. I’m inspired! 🙂 New follower. Found you through instagram


  46. sooooooo beautiful! Glad Scarlett loves it, it is gorgeous! I like how you kept the art kid focused so it tones the room down a bit. Oh, and the tutus. Looks fab!

  47. Ok.. finally commenting after looking, I mean devouring, it 5 times already. It is so unbelievably perfect and makes it so special that she loves it! It’s so fun and girly with her teddies but will grow with her as well. Lucky little girl!!

  48. Oh to have had you for a mother so that my room could have looked like this…it’s absolutely stunning!

  49. Miss Iris

    WOW my all time favorite little girls room…your little red head is beyond lucky. Great job….once again, thanks for the inspiration. Xo

  50. Lindsey

    Little girl room? Scale some of the furniture up a bit and you have the perfect big girls room….um, and by big girl I mean me.

  51. Hollis

    What a lucky girl, Scarlett is. The room looks amazing, I really have no other words! Well Done.

  52. Jamie

    Oh.My.Lord. That is amazing!! Job well done, hope your daughter loves it!

  53. Such a beautiful jewel box of a room! I adore it, thank you for keeping us so updated along the way. It’s been so fun! You are incredibly talented

  54. Johanna

    This is beyond words. What a lucky little girl. I want to live in this room! The colors are so beautiful.

  55. Oh em gee this room is just as fabulous as I imagined it would turn out!!! She is one lucky little girl and if she is looking for a sister, I am up for adoption okay? haha Great job….it’s amazing!!

  56. Julie

    Oh my goodness, Christine! What an amazing room! Love, love, love it, all of it! Stunning, just stunning!

  57. Christine!!!!! I Loooooove it!!!
    The wallpaper, the fabulous chair, the wardrobe, OMG, I’m dying over ALL of it. Great job, C, and may Scarlett enjoy many, many years enjoying this room fit for a princess 😉

  58. Shannon

    OMG it looks fabulous! She is one lucky girl.

  59. Shannon

    This is GORGEOUS!
    You are the COOLEST MOM EVER!

  60. Irene

    I’m finally chilling playing a bit of catch up as I cant sleep and its 2 am! Holy smokes it turned out amazing!!! The wallpaper I’m sure will taste great, lick away! Us gold lovers appreciate that! Thank goodness that piece made it in. Little miss princess is a lucky girl!!!

  61. This bedroom is every little and grown-up girls’ dream! Congrats on such a fantastic design job, Christine. I am having you decorate my future nursery. 🙂

  62. Tim

    wow Christine!!! What a room and so pretty for the little princess! Love the gold wallpaper and you’ve totally rocked it by wrapping it all around the room! Bold and hugely dramatic!!!!

    Love that settee and that antique chair … the pink is just perfect for the space and that black and white drapes with ball fringes. .. divine!!

    Tim is ever amazing in his transformation and I used that rug at a project as well! so soft on feet.

    Christine, I love that elephant print!! where is that from?

    Chandelier .. you know how much I want that for myself and love the way how you address the “headboard” issue. Genius!

  63. Could you ask if she would mind switching to bunk beds so I could move in?? Every little detail is perfect. The chicest of all girl rooms. You did a truly amazing job! xo

  64. Wendy

    Absolutely stunning! Everything is just gorgeous… every detail perfection. I don’t know what I love more… the wallpaper, the drapery, the wardrobe – oh my!

  65. I can’t believe I missed the reveal and am jsut coming to it!!! What a transformation!! It is beautiful!!!

  66. Kahli

    Christine this is beautiful!

  67. Wow, stunning bedroom!
    I’m working on a makeover project for 2 little girls so it’s great to find amazing inspiration like this one ♥
    Christine is a very lucky girl!

  68. I’ll do you one better…I would eat it! Dang ass cute room….I love the attention to detail. Just don’t know where to start….so many favorite things! You got some talent girl!

  69. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. ESP the hot pink pop. xoxo shel

  70. SO good, Christine! Like, SO good. Can I relocate to that room, too? I need a fabulous closet or something to use that girly wallpaper in. It’s been one of my favorites for awhile!

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  75. dale

    this is fantastic how can I subscribe for regular emails

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